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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Hate speech? Here is a compilation of hate speech that Hindus face daily

A massive controversy has erupted over anti-Muslim hate speech allegedly made at an event in Haridwar. It has set Lutyens’ media abuzz, and as expected the same is being amplified by Western media outlets – New York Times, DW, BBC.

The outrage is not surprising, and given the mainstreaming of Hinduphobia in Bharat and the Western world, it would be unreasonable to expect the objectivity and empathy required to understand what is driving such desperate comments from Hindus who are fighting an existential battle for their civilization.

The truth is that Hindus are faced not just with hate speech, but ongoing ethnic cleansing in various parts of the Bharatiya sub-continent. Within Bharat, Hindus are under attack from Islamists and Christian missionaries, both of whom are driven by supremacist notions of religious superiority and exclusivity, but also face hate and violent pogroms from so-called ‘secular forces’ – a collection of communists, left-liberals and corrupt feudal chauvinists.

The discourse is skewed and Hindus are facing asymmetric information warfare. Our enemies have honed their narrative skills for centuries, and Hindus are just beginning to wake up from secularism-induced stupor. In this article, we are sharing a compilation of hate speeches inciting violence against Hindus, denigrating Hindu Dharma and Hindu deities, erasing Hindu identity or threatening to cripple and partition Bharat (again).


MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi, brother of AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, said that “Remove police for 15 minutes, we could finish off 100 crores Hindus”. In the same speech, Owaisi had made objectionable comments about Hindu religion, mocking Hindu deities and questioning the birth place of Sri Rama.

Radical Maulana Abbas Siddiqui from West Bengal, who made an entry into politics earlier this year by founding the ‘Indian Secular Front’, had wished for the death of upto 50 crore Indians from Coronavirus.

Tablighi Jamaat’s global head Mohammed Saad was found preaching to his lakhs of followers that the novel coronavirus was Allah’s curse on ‘kaafirs‘ (non-believers of Islam).

Asaduddin Owaisi, said in a speech “when we decide to wear our color green (a traditional color of Islam), no other color in the country will be able to stand before it”, an indirect threat to Islamise the nation and wipe out Hindus. He has also referred to police as ‘khatmal‘ (bedbug) and  threatened the country with a ‘third wave’ of Muslim radicalization after the 2013 Assam riots.

AIMIM leader Waris Pathan incited Muslims to take-up violence against Hindus saying, “Muslims are just 15 crores in the country. But we can still dominate over 100 crore Hindus”. He had also warned Hindus of the consequences if they confront Muslims, and to be scared of them.

A Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind (mainstream body of Deobandi Sunni clerics) rallyist in Bihar warned ‘Hindus will be wiped out’ if illegal Rohingyas immigrants are not protected.

“Why should we feel sad when the Hindu brothers choose to leave our country? Do we mourn when we have indigestion and materials leave our bodies?”: Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, vice-president of the Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh and one of the prime accused in the 1971 genocide in Bangladesh. 16 Muslim organisations held a massive rally in 2013 in Kolkata in support of this war criminal when he was sentenced to death by Bangladesh. The rally was held at the same ground from where Jinnah-led Muslim League had announced ‘Direct Action Day’ (violence against Hindus) in 1946 to press their demand for Pakistan.

“We are 30%, they are 70%. If Muslims unite, we can create 4 new Pakistans. Where will the 70% go?”: TMC leader Sheikh Alam

“We have ruled over you (Hindus) for centuries. Don’t try us or we will rule over you again”: Sufi leader of Ajmer dargah, Khadim (chief server) Syed Sarwar Chishti

“We are the rulers of this country, not loyal dogs. We are Muslims first, then Indian. If Islam clashes with any law or Constitution, we will abide by Islam”, Samajwadi Party (and ex-Congress) leader Mavia Ali in 2017.

“Muslims are more in number in Assam now. If things continue like this, Muslims will attack..they just need some time” – ex-MLA Sheikh Shah Alom, AIUDF.

Former Delhi Minorities Commission chairman Zafarul Islam Khan threatened Hindus with an ‘avalanche’ if Indian Muslims appeal to the Arab world.

AAP leader Amanatullah Khan has given threats of violence: “If Muslims are silent today, then, it is only because they are tackling the issue (of alleged blasphemy). If Muslims hit the streets, they wreak havoc (eent se eent baja denge).“

One Maulana Jarjis Ansari Hafizullah openly threatened to wage ‘jihad’ in India over CAA and NRC.

Crowds at the Shaheeb Bagh anti-CAA protest site were seen demanding Jinnah Wali Azaadi – i.e. freedom (from Hindus) to be won through violence and another partition of the country.

JNU “student” leader Sharjeel Imam asked Muslims to rise in rebellion and block the strategic “chicken’s neck” to cut off and isolate North-east from mainland Bharat.

World famous Islamic televangelist Zakir Naik, now absconding in a terror case, has said multiple times that “Islam is superior to all other faiths. Non-Muslims should not be allowed to have places of religious worship in an Islamic country”, “Muslims have the right to have sex with their female slaves” and many such objectionable statements.

“Hindu don’t go to heaven as assumed (by them), but burn in the hellfire forever. We Muslims know it all too well:” Maulana Kalim Siddiqui, recently arrested for running a nation-wide illegal conversion racket. Siddiqui is also on the Sharia Advisory Council of Zakat Foundation of India (it’s not known if he continues to hold the post) that is famed for coaching Muslim IAS/IPS aspirants.

“If any relation has to be kept between Muslims and Kafirs (like Hindus), it is akin to the relation of a man with a latrine (toilet). It may be a necessary evil, but it should be seen as such. Because, Rasool Allah (i.e., Mohammed) has already made judgement  on who is to enter heaven, and who is to enter hell; and that while Muslims will enter heaven, Hindus will enter hell”: Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi, a well known and popular Pakistani Islamic scholar from Sunni Barelvi school of thought.

A Pakistani-American Dairy Queen (ice cream chain) owner in US installed signs comparing Hindus to monkeys. “Hindus don’t follow any limit or law, they follow desires like an animal – that is the foundation of Hinduism,” Mohammad Dar said. Such attitudes are deep-rooted in Pakistan where even school textbooks dehumanize Hindus as sinister, superstitious,backward,cunning, scheming, deceptive or something equally insulting. The textbooks ignore the pre-Islamic history of Pakistan except to put the Hindu predecessors in negative light. 

 “They (Hindus of Bharat) can never have large or pure hearts like what Allah has given to us Muslims”: Pakistani ex-cricketer Shahid Afridi. Another ex-cricketer Shoaib Akhtar is a fervent believer of the Ghazwa-e-Hind, an Islamic prophecy about conquest of the entire Bharatiya sub-continent by Muslims.

“Hindus will be wiped out in a Pakistani nuclear attack. Pakistan will also be destroyed but 58 Muslim countries will remain:” Pakistani politician Ahmad Raza Kasuri.  A similar sentiment has been shared by ‘liberal’ Pakistani commentator Hassan Nisar.

“If anyone looks askance at Pakistan, those eyes will be gouged out. Then neither grass will grow, nor birds chirp, or bells ring in temples, because Pakistan is that fortress of Mussalmans which Muslims across the world look up to”, Pakistan minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad threatens Hindus of Bharat with a nuclear holocaust.

“So what, start worshipping Dogs. It would be a good addition to the list of animals you Hindus worship…from snake to monkey to elephant to rat and not to forget the sewerage laden waters of Ganga”: Pakistani ‘journalist’ Durdana Najam who writes columns for Arab News PakistanThe Express Tribune and Roznama 92 News, went on an anti-Hindu rant on Twitter.

Bangladeshi Islamists often use the slur Malaun for Hindus. The word Malaun is derived from the Arabic “ملعون”, meaning ‘accursed’ or ‘deprived of God’s Mercy’. Political leaders from religious parties frequently abuse Hindus as Malaun during election rallies. Persecution of Hindus is such a daily occurrence in Bangladesh that it is hardly noticed, unless there is a big pogrom like the Durga Puja violence that recently broke out over a manufactured blasphemy incident.

Christian clergy, missionaries and evangelists

Ezra Sargunam

Evangelical Church of India Bishop Ezra Sargunam exhorted his followers to punch Hindus in the face, make them bleed & tell them ‘there is no Hindu religion’.

Ezra Sargunam said to his congregation “Our aim must be to convert them (Hindus) from worshipping their disgusting idols, Vigrahas, their stupid customs and make them accept Jesus, that’s how we converted many tribals and other people in Gujarat”.

He also provoked SDPI into getting violent against Hindus wondering how they were remaining silent so far. He promised the support of MDMK chief Vaiko, DMK chief and CM MK Stalin and VCK chief Thirumavalavan.

Mohan C Lazarus

“Temples are forts of Satan” said Mohan C Lazarus while denigrating murti puja saying “vigraha aradhana and prostitution invite the wrath of god…which is the reason for Bharat’s  poverty.”

“Christianity came to India 2000 years ago. But huge Hindu temples like Madurai Meenakshi, Kanchi Kamakshi were built only in the last 1000 years,” claimed the evangelist. Hence, ‘Hinduism came to India in the last 1000 years only’. He also claimed that wherever Vigrahas/Murtis are worshipped there is an ‘increase in prostitution’

At another instance he encouraged his followers to convert Hindus of Tiruchendur, one of the six abodes of Karthikeya. He said “Among the 60 Lakh Pentecostal Christians, if each member converts one Hindu to Christianity every year, then by the next year it will be doubled. In the third year the count will become more than 2 Crore”.


“The majority (Hindus) are nothing but mosquitoes..they can be swatted away”: a Christian Bishop said at event organised by DMK candidate.

Another Bishop wanted to bring Bharat under Jesus and supported DMK in elections to achieve that. He said “Dear Christians, to perform our ‘religious duties’ with absolute freedom, to bring a great change in this country, Christians should be united and vote. We will bring the gospel to India..we will bring India under Jesus”.

Catholic priest George Ponnaiah degraded Hindu deities and customs, saying “TN government distributes free chappals so that we don’t get scabies from Bhooma Devi (Mother Earth). Bhooma Devi is a dangerous person. You’ll get scabies and psoriasis from her. That’s why you should wear chappals”. He also dared Hindus to stop Christians from growing and predicted a gory end for PM Modi and HM Amit Shah.

Pentecostal pastor from Andhra Pradesh, Suresh Kathera abused Hindu Dharma saying, “Hinduism promotes witch craft and black magic”. He called temples as the biggest place for ‘idol worship and witchcraft.

Other ‘secular’ politicians and intelligentsia

Muslim politician of DMK’s alliance party said that Pongal/Makarsankranti should be rid of Hindu customs and identified only as a Tamil festival in order to save ‘Tamil Unity’ and not be a hindrance for Abrahamics to celebrate the festival.

The Dravidar Kazhagam leader Suba. Veerapandian said Sabarimala pilgrimage came into existence ‘as a method to smuggle rice from Tamil Nadu to Kerala’.

The Dravidar Kazhagam president K.Veermanai said if one has to book people for sexual harassment, the first perpetrator would be Sri Krishna.

The current CM of TN and the chief of DMK, the so-called atheist party has abused and denigrated Hindu dharma and its beliefs at many occasions. In a non-Hindu wedding ceremony he called the traditional Hindu way of marriage ceremony as indecent and obscene. He claimed that nothing can be as obscene as the shlokas recited during the Hindu marriage ceremony. He repeated the same lie in many marriage ceremonies. He also vowed to “Uproot Sanatana Dharma” along with his ally Thirumavalavan.

While addressing a gathering, VCK chief Thirumavalavan said churches have tall beautiful structures, mosques have dome like structures but temples have towers with ugly/obscene idols.

Congress leader P.Chidambaram who coined the term ‘saffron terror’ when he was the Home Minister in the UPA government called “Sanatana Dharma a toxic ideology”.

“Decision on CAA will not happen in Supreme Court or Parliament, but on streets:” Left-liberal activist Harsh Mander incites Muslims to revolt. A similar sentiment in support of street violence was echoed by leading ‘public intellectual’ Pratap Bhanu Mehta.

Lutyens’ lawyer activist Prashant Bhushan called Sri Krishna ‘legendary eve-teaser’.


Hate for Hindus and genocidal campaigns to wipe them out have existed for centuries. Here we list a few such actors/ideologues-

“Impregnate them…create true Muslims”: Order by Pakistani President Yahya Khan and General Tikka Khan to rape Hindu women with the intention of building a “pure Pakistan” during the 1971 East Pakistan/Bangladesh genocide. An official estimate of 200,000 to 400,000 women were raped by the Pakistani military and the supporting Bihari and Bengali Razakar and al-Badr militias.

“Islam is a revolutionary ideology and a revolutionary practice which aims at destroying the social order of the world totally and rebuilding it from scratch”: Islamic ideologue and scholar Maulana Abul A’la Maududi, founder of Jamaat-e-Islami in pre-partition Bharat. He was the first one to dream of an “Islamic State” in modern times in which Islam will eventually “rule the earth”. He advocated jihad to attain that goal and explained that the loss of lives in such a jihad was a lesser evil than the greater evil of living under un-Islamic rule This jihad would establish a worldwide Islamic state and eliminate all un-Islamic rule. This would result in non-Muslims being reduced to second class citizens, who would have to pay jizya in exchange of right to life. His successor organisation in post-independence Bharat, Jamaat-e-Islami-Hind (JIH) advocated Muslims to boycott elections until recently and has spawned radical orgs like now-banned terror outfit SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) which called for sharia to be enforced over entire Bharat.

“All Tamil Brahmins must be killed and all temples and murtis destroyed”: EV Ramaswamy (aka ‘Periyar’)

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If one starts listing down Hinduphobic/Hindumisic hate speech, coded or otherwise, in popular media and social media, the level of anti-Hindu hate and the desire for a ‘post-Hindu India‘ (yes, a book by that name exists and was being openly promoted in mainstream left-liberal circles around a decade back) will leave one dumbstruck.

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  1. I have read anti Hindu articles in Western media. They deliberately hate hindus and Hinduism and distort facts when writing about hindus and Muslims in India. The picture the Western world like to portray is that the Muslims in India are suffering at the hands of hindus. What nonsense? The Muslims in India have trived very Well.
    Do the Western media ever write or compare about the hindus in Muslim countries, like Pakistan or Bangladesh. Why don’t they look at facts and figures, why have the hindus numbers in both Islamic countries gown down to 1per cent?
    The Western world does not write the truth, often biased, twisted, to make hindus and India look bad.i have given up watching BBC and don’t buy the Guardian newspaper in U K. Why support groups that are deliberately attacking Hinduism?


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