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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Stalin’s Hatred For Hindus and Hindu Traditions

Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) has always been an anti Hindu party though it likes to call itself as a secular and social reformist party. From the founder CN Annadurai who abused Madurai Meenakshi asking why the goddess needs a diamond nose stud to M Karunanidhi who abused Shri Rama asking where did he get his engineering degree to have built Setu bridge the party and its leaders are anything but secular. MK Stalin, son of Karunanidhi seems to have taken the responsibility of proving his worth by following in their footsteps.

Abusing Traditional Hindu Marriage

MK Stalin is infamous for his public speech gaffes. That he is the son of a supposedly great Tamil scholar fails to be justified especially when he uses proverbs in his speeches. With such reputation he has the gall to interpret vedic rituals and mantras chanted in a Hindu marriage. Here is a transcription of his speech repeated in many non-Hindu marriages word to word.

“Vedic marriages happen in a sad environment as the smoke from the fire lit for the yagna hurts not only the bride and groom’s eyes but of those who have come to bless them as well. And then the Purohit invokes all the devas (uses a wrong phrase instead of the one that means 33 crore devas), kinnara, kimpurusha, avataras, ishta avataras and some extra avataras to conduct the marriage ceremony. What he chants, neither the bride and groom nor you people who have come to attend this marriage understand. Even the Purohit who chants it, if you pull him aside and ask, wouldn’t know the meaning of the mantras. So he chants something no one knows or understands. But if you observe closely, there can be nothing as obscene as its meaning.”

In a different event, ex-MP Trichy Siva spoke the same things claimed to be the words of EV Ramasamy Naicker also known as Periyar, the founder of self-respect movement.

It goes as “..the bride and groom don’t understand it. Neither their parents who brought him (purohit) here know the meaning of it. If they do they’ll thrash him and chase him out of the venue. The meaning of one of the mantras chanted here is that the woman sitting here was first owned by the God who creates, protects and destroys us and then by Agni and then by Soma, reaches you through me who is sitting here as their representative. ‘I ask you Tamils who grab the shirt of the one who look at your mother and sister in a wrong manner, do you accept it when he (purohit) makes your wife be owned by everyone in the town?’ asked Periyar”.

It appears that Stalin used Periyar’s interpretation of mantras to make fun of Hindu customs.

Pandering to Christians

In a Christmas celebration organised by DMK, Stalin spoke this, “when they approached my father, he said I would even change the school but not my son’s name. If you think about it Stalin is a Christian name. I like you, you like me because my name is Stalin and there is need not be any other reason for the love and friendship between us”

“It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that I wonder whether this is DMK’s state/district conference or a Christmas celebration. This makes me happy.”

“Not only to the Archbishop Chinnappa seated here but to everyone who organised this function, I tell you, you shouldn’t ask me for dates and make me uncomfortable. You have the right to decide the date on your own and put my name on the invitation. To be frank, I’ll come here even if you don’t put my name. This is a Christmas celebration event. This is also an election campaign”

Uproot Sanatana Dharma

In a meeting organised by VCK party in January, VCK leader Thirumavalavan made the cry ‘Uproot Sanatana, Save democracy’. Stalin who spoke in the meeting endorsed it and exclaimed that the 2019 Lok Sabha election is a fight between Sanatana and democracy. “To be truthful, we can’t forget that the war going on in Bharat is between Sanatana and democracy. What Ambedkar and Jyoti Rao Phule did in Maharashtra and Periyar and Ayodhidasa Pandithar did in TN for social reform, we are doing today to save the democracy. In the times of Ambedkar and Periyar, Sanatani powers were not in power. But now they have come to power. So we should protest even more vigorously.”

Wishing for Hindu festivals

Like his father M Karunanidhi, Stalin also does not wish for Hindu festivals and their TV channels telecast special programs on the occasion of Hindu festivals as holiday special. While some speculated that it was the complete wash out in 2014 Lok Sabha election that made Stalin wish for Vinayagar Chaturthi, he retracted it saying that it was a mistake made by the admins of the page without his consent.

Stalin erasing Chandan applied on his forehead while on his visit to Srirangam

While this has been his nature all along, once the video of him mocking Hindu marriage came out on social media during the campaign period for 2019 LS election and went viral over all forms of social media. He had to lie that he is not against Hindu Dharma or any other religion for that matter.

One wonders if he thinks Tamil Hindus are so ignorant as to think the words Sanatana and Vedic have nothing to do with Hindu Dharma. He has been repeatedly claiming in his campaign speeches that DMK is only against culprits occupying temples; not the temples themselves. How can someone who talks derisively about Hindu Gods and customs understand the value of temples and work for the betterment of Hindu society?

If he is only against corrupt people and not Gods, then what is preventing him from accepting prasad and wearing tilak and erasing it immediately like something unpleasant, while gladly donning the symbols of abrahamic religions?

DMK people should not take Hindus asking such questions as Hindus expecting acceptance or favour from DMK or its leaders. It’s rather for the benefit of the unsuspecting Hindu DMK cadres and voters.

Stalin will be forced to clear the air on one more thing in the coming days. From Annadurai to Stalin the proclaimed principle of the party is ‘Ondre Kulam, Oruvane Devan’ (One clan, one God). Both abrahamic religions that DMK cosies up to are monotheistic while Sanatana Dharma is polytheistic. Would he care to frankly tell which one god their principle means?


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