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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Christian Pastors campaign against Modi & BJP to bring “India under Jesus”

As the election season approached, it became increasingly apparent that it is going to be a do or die national election for the majority, the Hindus, who get beguiled into believing that they are born oppressors while the reality is anything but.

Hindu festivals and practices are being banned; their places of worship desecrated & access restricted, invaded in the name of social justice; deities denied rights & followers getting treated unfairly in the name of secularism. But it is the much pampered minorities that cry persecution every time, and communal messages are sent out as calls for unification to vote en masse against the current ruling party.

Even though there have been instances in the past of minorities, particularly Christian organisations asking their fellow Christians to vote for or oppose a specific political party, this time some of them have been doing it outright without worrying about their hypocrisy becoming public.

Here is a preacher calling fellow Christians to vote for anti-Hindu DMK so that their ‘religious duties’ can be performed without obstacles and to bring Bharat under the rule of Christ –

Here is a translation of what this Bishop is saying –

“Dear Christians, to perform our ‘religious duties’ with absolute freedom, to bring a great change in this country, Christians should be united and vote. Our votes are our weapons. We should use it in the right way. Please don’t miss it. I request you to vote for sure. In this election, Indian Christian Rights Movement supports DMK. We support their alliance. We have pledged them our support and received some promises. We have gotten some promises from their politicians. Leaders and brothers who lead the party have assured us that they will protect Christians. This time we are endorsing DMK. We are ready to fight the war through legal means. But foreign elements are banning us. So you must keep this in mind and support All India Christian Rights Movement and Minority People’s party.

Let us pray for that. Oh god who loves us all! You told that you have placed this nation in front of do not be afraid, the lord wishes to hand you over this worry about us and this nation oh lord! Help us gain the authority to get this Christians involve in such work..bless us oh father! Give us this nation! We will bring the gospel to India..we will bring India under Jesus”

Another hate monger went ahead to reveal what’s been the driving force behind the abuse of power by Chandrababu Naidu and K Chandrashekhara Rao in appeasing minorities. One should remember that Naidu passed a resolution in his assembly asking for Dalit Christians to be given SC status, while KCR has been leading the entire country in sectarian funding and schemes to appease the Muslim votebank. Here comes the proverbial cat out of the bag –

In this video, Bishop Godfrey Noble in pink robes asks for Congress to contest with ‘non-corrupt’ people unlike DMK. He says the Christian population will support Rahul Gandhi in his attempt to become the next Prime Minister, and adds that though officially Christians are said to be 20% of total population of TN (census 2011 says Christians are just 6%), since many haven’t changed their names after conversion they are actually around 35% (2 Crore) in reality. In another video, he calls upon the believers to pray for the victory of Christian representatives from Tuticorin, Kanyakumari and Vellore. He calls for them to work on the ground, to either send their own representatives or someone who will do what they ask for in order to establish the kingdom of Christ in Bharat.

To casual onlookers, this might look like a lone man making statements which may not reach and impact a large mass. They are suggested to read how the Church works when it comes to assembling people, from this older tweet –

This above video shows Mohan C Lazarus, a very influential missionary who claimed to have converted MDMK chief Vaiko, boasting that he has planted many churches in an area in Rajasthan and converted enough people to decide the fate of a candidate fighting for the assembly seat.

Church organisations and religious figures issuing diktats to their laity is not a new thing. But it was only hearsay so far, other than when the Bishops council openly called for supporting DMK in the 2016 assembly elections.

However, this election season has brought out many such organisations and influential individuals to campaign for dethroning Narendra Modi, and to gain influence through political power by electing Christian candidates or the ones who would help their ‘cause’. In other news, church goers from Chennai and Kanyakumari took offence to being advised to not vote for BJP by priests.

Chennai Egmore church’s laity retorted that they came to listen to a sermon not a political campaign, and that the pastor should rather campaign along with the candidate he supports than preach at the church. Christians of a Kanyakumari church on the other hand felt that it would be appropriate for the church to issue diktats if it was a Christian candidate. Since the current MP Pon. Radhakrishnan has done many developmental works and UPA candidate Vasantha Kumar is an outsider, people can make their own decisions about whom to elect, they said.

While there seems to be a swing of votes towards Vikas (development), it’d be only because of the absence of a Christian candidate. Will the church and its organisations succeed in sending a representative propped up by them to the Parliament like in the north eastern states? If these two events are to be believed, the image of TN’s anti-Modi mindset portrayed by the media becomes questionable.

Even though Modi government’s so-called crack down on NGOs is negligible, it seems to have triggered the conversion mafia all the same. One can only hope he comes down heavily on them in his next term and tears down their secular mask and truly separates the church from the state.

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