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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Muslim man (36) slits throat of wife Rupali (20) for refusing to wear burqa, asking for divorce: Mumbai

Taxi driver Iqbal Mohammad Sheikh (36) brutally murdered his wife Rupali Chandanshive (20) by slitting her throat for not following Islamic traditions and demanding a divorce. The incident occurred late on Monday night in the Tilak Nagar/Chembur area of Mumbai.

Sheikh and Rupali had been married three years back, and the two have a 2-year-old son. Rupali had apparently converted and changed her name to Zara for the marriage, which raises questions around the legality of the conversion and marriage as she would probably have been a minor aged ~ 17 at the time. The massive age gap between the two indicates that Rupali was groomed by Sheikh from the time she was clearly a minor, possibly from the age of 14-15.

Rupali’s family said in their complaint that Sheikh and his family used to pressurise her to follow Islamic rituals and wear burqa from the first day of their marriage. However, Rupali did not agree to it. This often led to altercations between the two and Rupali had left her marital house and was staying separately for the last few months.

“At around 10 pm on September 26, a man identified as Iqbal Mohammad Sheikh killed his wife by slitting her throat and injuring her hands with a knife. As per the complainant, the accused and his family members used to pressurise her to follow Islamic traditions and wear clothes that Muslim women wear. However, a family dispute started after the woman refused to do so,” said Vilas Rathod, Inspector of Tilak Nagar Police Station.

“They were staying separating for the last few months. However, they used to speak over call and used to quarrel. On Monday, when the couple was speaking over the phone, the woman asked the accused for a divorce but the latter refused. The man then asked for the custody of their son which the woman opposed. This led to an argument between them which led to the murder,” said Rathod.

After quarreling over phone last night, Sheikh went to meet Rupali to persuade her to return home. But Rupali was adamant about her decision to divorce. Sheikh then dragged Rupali to a nearby lane and slit her throat and stabbed her hands with a knife leading to her death. He fled the scene after committing the crime.

Upon hearing Rupali’s screams, locals rushed to help her and informed the police about the matter. Police reached the spot and sent her body for post-mortem. Soon after, they launched a manhunt and nabbed the accused. He is being interrogated in connection with the incident.

Such cases show the urgent need for a nation-wide anti-conversion law like we have in UP and MP, and to mandate that all inter-faith marriages take place under SMA (Special Marriage Act) only which doesn’t require either party to convert and better safeguards women’s rights. It also shows that talk of increasing marriage age to 21 is foolhardy given the growing risk of grooming jihadis preying on Hindu teenage girls, and the legal mess that our courts have created by repeatedly upholding sharia law which allows Muslim girls to be married as soon as they hit puberty or turn 15.

Tragically, Rupali becomes yet another addition to a long list of Hindu women who end up dead or severely traumatized for life, after the initial honeymoon period post marrying or being in a relationship with a Muslim man ends and the true Islamist barbarity rears its head – Apoorva Puranik, Anjali Arya, Pratheeksha, Rachna, Priya Chaudhary, Ekta Deswal, Priya Soni, Mahima Vitole, Khushi Parihar and countless unnamed victims like this one from Bulandshahr, or from Gwalior, or from Narsinghpur.

Of course, many of these girls are trapped by Islamists posing as Hindus and later blackmailed using obscene photos and videos or threats to kill them and their family. Some Muslim men even do faux marriages in Arya Samaj mandirs to fool the victim. Other girls are led astray by notions of romance and ‘rebelling for love that conquers all’ which are drip fed to them by Bollywood/Urduwood and mass media. The majority of Hindus, both male and female, don’t even understand the basic difference in personal laws that places a Muslim woman at mercy of her husband and in-laws for divorce, maintenance and child custody.

Those who resist the love/grooming jihadis also run the risk of ending up dead like Ankita Singh, Nikita Tomar, Ritika Sahni, Shivani KhobiyanNaina KaurPriti MathurRiya Gautam, Vaishnavi Ingle and others. Even when male family members of the targeted Hindus girls or other member of public intervene and try to talk sense into the Islamists, these criminals are so emboldened by the apathy of the secular Indian state and judiciary which often releases them on bail or commutes their sentences, that they don’t fear in killing them as well – Dhruv Tyagi, Dharam Sahu, Aditya Tiwari, Raju Rajput being some recent cases.

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  1. No inter-religious marriage should be allowed, especially those who claim that they follow the path of peace. The Hindus should be careful while moving around with the people. Before talking to anyone, especially other religious people, steps should be cautious and careful. Falling in love is dangerous, especially, one has to convert to their religion. If love is blind, it should be blind on both sides. You cannot convert Hindus .

  2. Very well written article Vikramji! So many issues brought up in this one article.

    A couple of points if I may add:

    – note that the man had a knife when he went to meet Rupali. In other words, it is not the case that the thought of killing her only occurred in the “heat of the moment” during the argument. It was something he had already planned for: if she disagrees, kill her.
    – we will never know now whether Rupali was also coerced into the marriage in the first place using the standard trick of love jihadis: namely, obscene pictures or videos. Late Tapan Ghoshji had said that this is a feature of over 90% of love jihad cases.
    – two previous high profile love jihadis were also taxi drivers: the killer of Riya Gautam and the man who brutally stabbed a Hindu lady from a prominent family in Hyderabad. In general, many love jihadis are barely literate, and do low end service jobs. Yet, they are able to target, in many cases, educated Hindu ladies from educated families. This itself is somewhat surprising, and shows to what extent these people feel emboldened in our soft state.


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