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Friday, June 9, 2023

Hindu youth Raju Rajput shot dead by goons hired by grooming jihadi Md. Asif Ansari: Bhopal, MP

Grooming jihad has claimed yet another Hindu life in Bhopal. On February 24, Raju Rajput (25) was found shot dead and his body was discovered near Vidisha, 60 km north of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, where he lived. Police investigations revealed that local goons Shakir (29) and Farhan (41) killed Raju at the instance of one Mohammed Asif Ansari (24), a furniture trader from Bhopal. 

The Motive

Superintendent of Police Dr. Monika Shukla narrated what happened. Raju was a goods auto driver who lived near Chola in Bhopal. Until a couple of years ago, Raju used to live in a rented house near Ansari’s house and that is when Ansari had laid eyes on Raju’s sister and started pursuing her. 

Even after Raju shifted houses, Ansari was not ready to let go and continued stalking. In January, Ansari confronted Raju and his parents but all of them opposed and rejected the proposal. This angered the grooming jihadi and he decided that Raju had to be eliminated somehow. 

The Murder

Ansari then contacted the local criminals, Farhan and Shakir, and offered them 5 lakhs to murder Raju. Both of them had a history of violence, had committed another murder in 2013 and SP Monika Shukla confirmed that Farhan had 25 criminal cases pending against him. Asif also told them where Raju lived and informed the killers that Raju used to buy fruits from the Karond market in Bhopal and sell it in smaller markets on the outskirts of Bhopal. 

A week before the murder, the goons contacted Raju and did a trial run. They offered Raju good money and the three of them took a load of fruits to Sironj, 110 km north of Bhopal. Farhan and Shakir told Raju that the fruits are for charity and gave them away to Muslims in a madrassa.

More than anything else, this was some kind of a trust-building exercise. The donation was just a dirty jihadi trick that was employed to impress Raju. The Hindu auto driver fell for it, without knowing that the noose was tightening around him. 

On that fateful day, February 23, the killers contacted Raju and they loaded oranges, went to Sironj, and donated the same. It was on the way back when they reached Vidisha that the murderers asked Raju to stop somewhere. Raju was then shot at point-blank in the head and killed. 

Police later recovered his goods vehicle, some 3 km away from his body. His body had a single bullet mark that had pierced his brain and exited his forehead. 

The investigation

Investigators found a few fingerprints that didn’t match Raju’s, from his vehicle and a couple of caps. There were no other clues to resolve the murder. They checked with several traders and laborers at the Karond market and came to know that Raju had indeed gone to Sironj with some fruits. 

CCTV cameras in Karond market showed Farhan waiting near Raju’s auto, wearing similar caps. Police officers cross-checked the fingerprints found in the auto and they matched. Farhan’s criminal record meant that they already had him in their records.       

When the police raided Farhan’s house, he was found missing and this strengthened their suspicion. Farhan was caught shortly afterward, and he spilled the beans on Shakir. He too was arrested and when the duo was interrogated, they confessed to Ansari’s role. Ansari was arrested and the pistol used in the murder was also recovered.

By the time police caught up with the accused, Farhan’s wife tried to extort an extra 5 lakhs from Ansari and the contract killers demanded a total of Rs. 10 lakh. This clearly shows that the lady too was part of the whole conspiracy. Police are investigating her role in the murder.

SP Monika confirmed that Ansari had paid Farhan and Shakir a ‘supari’ (money to kill) to eliminate Raju. Farhan, Shakir and Ansari were presented in court and were sent to jail. 

For the prompt investigation, the state government rewarded all the officers involved in the team an amount of 10,000 Rupees, each. It was a combined effort that involved Bhopal police, the crime branch, and officers from Vidisha police. 

Recurring lesson for Hindu society

Grooming Jihad has got nothing to do with ‘love’. It is driven by a sense of religious supremacism or bigotry and the prey (non-Muslim girls) are targeted remorselessly as sexual objects or tools of a demographic war. If anything or anyone comes in their path, the religious indoctrination is so high that they are willing to go to any lengths.

We have seen how such targeting of Hindus girls is normalized, and even religiously promoted, in Muslim society by radical clerics like Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, Hafiz Firoze Alam and others. The grooming jihadi is brainwashed into considering the kafir as sub-human, and many believe they are doing a ‘favor’ to the kafir girl by bringing her into the ‘light of Islam’.

In fact, every Hindu woman who is converted carries a price. While some are just used and discarded, others like national-level shooter Tara Shahdeo are pursued for marriage before the true face emerges. While one empathizes with minors trapped by cold-blooded predators who assume fake Hindu identities, we are also left wondering about the basic street smartness and lack of awareness of more mature girls, and the kind of parenting, or lack thereof, in the modern Hindu household. 

History teaches us that 99 times out of 100, they will be ditched faster than they were groomed. At best, she might end up being the third or the fourth wife and lead a life of misery, in case she is not killed that is. Hence the phrase ‘My Abdul Is Not Like That,” is used to convey the delusions that such girls harbor. But we must not forget the part played by mass media and Bollywood in creating ‘example setters‘ and seeding ideas like ‘love conquers all’.

Keralite poet Kamala Das better known for her pen-name Madhavikutty is a perfect example. Born in a conservative Hindu family, she was a proper ‘intellectual.’ She was groomed by a highly influential radical Islamist politician and she converted to Islam. She was used and abused and the marriage did not even take place. 

The same national media that praised her when she converted and became Kamala Surayya went silent when she was dumped. What was also neglected by the media was the fact that she regretted her decision to convert to Islam and wanted to return to Hindu Dharma. Unfortunately, conversion had changed her brave personality and she feared for both her and her family’s life. She led a wretched life and died even more miserably. 

In the case of the poor Hindu driver Raju, he had to pay with his life for looking out for his sister. He is survived by his wife and parents. The sheer number of grooming jihad cases being reported from MP, the heart of Bharat, shows that no place in the country is safe today for Hindus, and all the left-liberal talk of ‘dara hua minority’ (scared minorities) is pure hogwash.

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  1. This is happening on very large scale. I have seen it even in my locality where recently one girl has been converted.

    I think the default choice for a Muslim male is to try to trap a Hindu girl. Only if that does not succeed he goes for Muslim.


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