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Friday, June 9, 2023

Dharam Sahu lynched by Muslim mob for opposing niece’s stalking: Bihar

Another young Hindu man has lost his life to a Muslim man who views Hindu girls as nothing more than a piece of meat or maal-e-ghanimat. And yet again, the secular state and its police have tried to brush the matter under the carpet and made a mockery of the notion of justice. This case is one month old, yet not one mainstream media outlet or political leader has bothered to turn the spotlight on it. That is how cheap a Hindu life has become.

If not for the dogged persistence of Swarajya journalist Subhi Vishwakarma, the painful details of this story would never have come out.

Dharam Singh Sahu and his brothers had confronted a Muslim man who was stalking his niece Kajal and interfering in her married life. The stalker Mohammed Azmal Nadaf was so incensed at this ‘defiance’ that he gathered a Muslim mob within minutes and they launched a vicious attack on Dharam and his family while chanting the Islamic war-cry “Naara-e-takbeer…Allah-o-Akbar” and saying “Hindus are rising up too much, let’s halal them.”

The mob included many Muslim women.

The attack occurred over a month back, on 15 June, and an FIR was lodged by the family at Ghanshyampur police station of Darbhanga district the next day. Dharam sustained the most injuries and was taken to a government hospital in Ghanshyampur from where he was referred to the Darbhanga district hospital, where he died.

Dharam was married just one year back and is survived by his wife and 3-month-old daughter. He and his brother Ajay used to drive auto-rickshaws in Gurugram and had returned to Bihar for their father’s barsi (first death anniversary).

The pattern is all too familiar. A young, unsuspecting Hindu teenage girl is targeted and befriended by an Islamist. Soon, she is pressurized for a ‘love relationship’. When her family counsel her to stay away from the unsavory character and instead arrange her marriage to a suitable groom, the Islamist is enraged at this ‘betrayal’. He starts stalking the happily-married girl, and sends morphed photos to her husband.

When the girl’s brothers confront him, the Islamist rallies a Muslim mob (women included) at a moment’s notice to ‘teach the kafirs a lesson’. All the while, our liberal elites are sipping on their mocktails and single malts in the luxurious confines of Lutyens’ Delhi, preaching the virtues of religious tolerance to Hindus like Dharam and Ajay who live in a colony consisting of 7 Hindu and 250 Muslim families.

Dharam Singh Sahu and his wife with their baby daughter (Image Source: twitter)

Anti-Hindu secular state

The unsurprising apathy of local police has been well documented by Swarajya in their heart-rending report. Only 13 people have been arrested, that too after Hindu protests, despite more than 20 persons (half of them women) identified in the family’s complaint. To prevent the news from spreading, the administration cut off the internet.

A PFI module imparting weapons training was just busted in Bihar, and a vision document to Islamize India by 2047 was unearthed. While talking about this operation, a senior police official compared the PFI terrorist training to RSS shakhas. Opposition RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav termed RSS as a ‘threat to the nation’. Even the BJP is now talking more about wooing Pasmanda Muslims and reversing partition, than about safeguarding Hindus. To our knowledge, no major BJP or JDU leader has spoken up for Dharam Singh Sahu and his family.

Such crimes are never raised in legislative assemblies or Parliament, but dead thieves like Tabrez Ansari are talked about and elicit comments from the PM.

Why aren’t Hindu MLAs and MPs of all parties and regions raising this issue? At least the caste-outfits which claim to be leaders of whatever jaati Dharam belonged to (we presume he was an OBC), should be demanding justice for him? But no, appeasing the Muslim votebank or maintaining a ‘secular’ image matters more than anything in our electoral system, so people like Dharam will continue to be sacrificial lambs.

Dharam’s brother Ajay told Swarajya that he is not in a position to go back to Gurugram as he fears for his family.

“Many attackers are still roaming freely. They are murderers. They have killed my brother. How can I go back to work? It was a targeted murder, my brother was killed for opposing ‘love Jihad’,” he said, adding that he would not go to Gurugram until the “killers are hanged”.

People like Ajay and his family must be admired for continuing to trust our secular state and its institutions. These simple, hard-working, devout Hindus are the ones holding this country together. But little do they know that forget hanging Dharam’s killers, lawyers like Sibal and co. will ensure that Azmal and others get off with the lightest punishment possible if the case ever reaches Supreme Court.

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