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Friday, March 24, 2023

Why did Shahrukh burn Ankita Singh to death?

Shahrukh in Jharkhand approached Ankita for relationship and ultimately marriage to convert her to Islam. Ankita was very firm and refused point blank. He then burned her to death. But why?

It is because Islam is considered the only true religion by its followers. The greatest good that a Muslim can do is to bring more non-Muslims to accept Islam. Marriage is a way to do that. To refuse such an offer is considered an offense to the RoP. Hence the crime.

While even Muslim girls are allowed to marry non-Muslim boys provided the boy converts to Islam before marriage, it is mostly the job of the Muslim boys to seek young Hindu girls for marriage due to a differential in social life of both communities in past 2 decades.

Hindu society was brought upon on secular poison which resulted in them seeing themselves not as part of a group, but as individuals. Hindu generation fed on secularism kept teaching their kids that there is no difference in Hindus and Muslims.

With the arrival of sexual freedom Hindus started considering even sexual contact between Hindu girls and Muslim boys as something natural. Mostly it was out of their hands, but more tragically, out of their minds. Even parents had become indifferent.

All this while, Muslim society was becoming more conservative because they had a state within a state, where through the agency of Ummah, Waqf board, and special rights under Indian constitution they kept defying all fashionable individualizing trends that Hindus lapped up.

Consequently, while Muslims started seeing themselves as less individuals and more as a unit of Islam, Hindus started seeing themselves as nothing but individuals, and seldom as Hindus.

Soon, there were very few Hindus left. Most were HINOs (Hindus for name’s sake only).

While Muslims were becoming more fundamentalist, they were also rising in numbers. Hindus were falling in numbers and those that remained were more HINOs by every passing day. Things reached a tipping point around the turn of the century.

Sexual grooming of Hindu girls for their ultimate conversion became a huge thing for young boys of Religion of Peace. At best they would get conversion out of the game. At the least, they will get some sexual pleasure.

All modern culture was pushing Hindus to not just ignore what was happening to their daughters and sisters, they were being shamed for thinking about ‘protecting’ their ‘sisters’ for that was ‘patronizing’ in a horrible ‘patriarchal way’.

Any boy ‘illiterate’, ‘boorish’, ‘ganvaar’ enough to think in terms of protecting Hindu girls was branded as Bajrangi and automatically evil. Gradually even brothers were encouraged to be more ‘progressive’ and not ‘presume’ to ‘protect’ their ‘powerful’ sisters.

Muslim women were encouraged by their community but also by ‘modern’ NGOs and ad agencies to wear burqas. With Arab money flowing into coffers of ad agencies, burqa became a fashion statement. Regressive became hip. Muslim women went into burqa en masse.

To sum up: Muslim women became more conservative, shunning all Hindu men. Hindu women became more ‘liberated’, seeking more contact with Muslim men.

Muslim men became more confident of keeping their women in burqa, and of seeking Hindu women.

Hindu men were shamed and slandered for evening thinking of protecting Hindu women, in the name of 'down with Brahmanical patriarchy'.

Guidelines were issued in Ajmer for sexual grooming of Hindu women. And in many other places. It is then that a minority section of Hindu society woke up. Some noises were made and India woke up in some ways to ‘Love Jihad’. Which led to a bad turn.

Like Nikita Tomar and Ankita Singh there is a trend in Love J!had cases. When the Hindu girl is conscious and refuses the advances of Muslim men, then it is thought better to end her life. If Religion of Peace cannot have one plus, then let us do one minus to Hindu dharma.

That is why Ankita Singh was burned to death. Until our state wakes up to the point where it is destructive for the entire family of the perpetrator to do such a thing, the initiative has to be taken by the Hindu society to do something about the situation.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread originally tweeted by Pankaj Saxena (@PankajSaxena84) on August 29, 2022.

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