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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Brother murders sister over her relationship with Hindu youth: Barabanki, UP

Yet another honor killing has come to light from Barabanki, UP. Israr Ali has confessed to killing his own sister, because she refused to end her relationship with a Hindu youth. The incident has been reported from Jaisapur village, Ramnagar tehsil.

The girl was going to meet her boyfriend on January 25, and got into an argument with Israr when he tried to stop her. Enraged, he picked up a stick and repeatedly struck her on the head till she died. Initially, he his the corpse in the house and told other family members that she had gone out. Later, he disposed off the body in the nearby river.

On January 26, Moharram Ali filed a report about his missing daughter. Police lodged the FIR and started investigating. Shortly afterwards, the victim’s slippers and stole were found near the river. On February 2, some villagers noticed a corpse floating in the Subli river and informed police. Moharram Ali identified his daughter, and post-mortem revealed that she had died due to blows to her head.

Upon investigation, police found out about the victim’s relationship with the Hindu youth and her ongoing arguments over this with her brother Israr. SP Anurag Vats said that when Israr was questioned, he first tried to mislead by claiming his sister had run away but soon broke down and confessed.

While it is true that such honor killings are sadly also reported within Hindu communities, their occurrence is far higher among Muslims in proportion to their overall population. In any Muslim woman-Hindu man relationship, either the man (exhibit 1, exhibit 2) or woman (exhibit 3, exhibit 4), or both (exhibit 5, exhibit 6) are at risk. For that matter, Muslim girls are not safe even when they want to marry someone of their choice within the community, as we saw in Badaun, UP recently.

While there is no dearth of cases of grooming jihad, i.e. cases where a Muslim man lures a Hindu girl (often using a false Hindu identity) for sexual exploitation and/or conversion and marriage, the reverse i.e. Hindu boys faking Muslim identities to entrap Muslim girls is non-existent.

Even if Hindu parents are initially opposed to their child marrying a Muslim, many try to make their peace with it only to be shattered at a later date as was the case with Apoorva Puranik‘s parents. But even if a Muslim family is willing to let their child live with a spouse from another community, fundamentalist Muslims and clergy never forget and make life hell for all involved.

Islam’s dehumanization of the non-Muslim

In any country, one would expect that the minority adapts to the majority way of life. But in Bharat, it is the complete opposite. Hindus are far more accepting of Islam and visit dargahs, Sufi urs festivals etc. But the feeling is hardly mutual, and there are frequent instances of temple and murti desecration by Muslims. This happens because Islamic clergy and community elders drill the idea of Islam’s supremacism from a very early age, and denigrate Hindus as ‘superstitious idol worshippers’ and kafirs. Islam also prohibits a marriage between a Muslim (boy or girl) and a polytheist (Hindu), so the onus is always on the Hindu to convert in any ‘inter-faith’ relation.

Due to this idea of Abrahamic/monotheistic supremacy, we have a unique situation in this country where the minority (Muslims and Christians) openly proselytize and try to convert Hindus, believing that they are doing a favor by leading Hindus ‘out of darkness’ and into a ‘true religion’. What is more, most of our nation’s elites, despite their Hindu-sounding names, nurse the same contempt for Hindu religion and provide cover fire for this minoritarian bigotry.

This overt and covert dehumanization of Hindus has created a situation wherein Hindus today are not safe even in Bharat, despite their numerical majority.

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