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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Despite warnings, Islamists try to enter Garba event to harass girls; ejected: Gujarat

Islam teaches that ‘idol worship’ is the worst possible sin and that worshipping any deity other than Allah is shirk. Hence, Navratri celebrations when Maa Durga and her various forms are worshipped is not a venue that you would expect Muslims to turn up. Especially when Muslim males unaccompanied by Muslim females turn up for the Garba dance that accompanies Navratri, it should and does raise red flags.

Having seen how Islamists have in the past used Garba dance events to molest and harass girls (refer this horrific 2019 incident from Pali, Rajasthan), festival organizers across Bharat have had to come up with measures to keep such anti-social elements away. ID document checks are now being instituted at several venues, although with the proliferation of fake Aadhar and other govt.-issued IDs that Islamist criminal networks are adept at generating, this too has its limits.

In Amdavad’s (Ahmedabad) Sindhu Bhavan area, organizers found that 4 Islamist youth had sneaked into a garba event with nefarious intent. Unfortunately, the proclivity of law enforcement and judiciary to overlook such threats to Hindu society has become common knowledge by now. This makes community policing an essential and urgent need. Public at the venue decided to teach the Islamists a lesson in the hope that it would dissuade them from repeating such acts in the future.

To prevent people from other religions entering Garba events and carrying out unwanted acts, Gujarat VHP spokesperson Hitendrasinh Rajput said that Bajrang Dal volunteers carried out checks at two venues on Tuesday night. Despite earlier warnings, they found four youth from another religion at a venue – the four were grabbed and ejected from the venue to prevent love jihad, he added. In the past, Islamists in Gujarat have even been known to enter schools while stalking children.

While the English-language media is up to its usual tricks in projecting the Islamists who infiltrated the garba event as ‘victims’, commoners understand that such measures are essential to protect Hindu society given our secular state’s utter failure to create necessary deterrence.

As Dr. BR Ambedkar had perceptively observed –

The contemptuous attitude of Islamists towards Navratri and Hindu girls performing the garba-like dance can be seen in this video from UK (warning: abusive language)

This is how a former Twitter executive and Muslim journalist from Kashmir views Navratri celebrations –

Given the high degree of radicalization among the Indian Muslim community due to the supremacist indoctrination by mosque-madrasa networks, it is best that cool heads on all sides ensure that a safe distance is maintained between communities.

Unless the centers of Islamist radicalization are dismantled, any interaction between communities – including something as mundane as buying vegetables or fruits, delivering pizza, ordering food, eating out, attending birthday parties, calling a plumber, newspaper delivery, making sworn brothers/tying rakhi – is fraught with risk for non-Muslims. Left-liberals might dismiss this as ‘paranoid scare-mongering’, but they are sitting in ivory towers and have no skin in the game.

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  1. Very nice article Vikramji. All the previous references should serve as proof of what Hindus like us have been saying now for at least a decade.


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