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Friday, September 30, 2022

Muslim woman expelled from Islam by clerics for celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, family receives death threats: Aligarh, UP

Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb or the much-hyped composite culture that our liberal intelligentsia gushes about is a mirage, a one-way street at best. And the reason is simple, albeit kept hidden in plain sight by the same elites: Islam is an exclusivist, monotheist creed where ‘idol worship’ is declared the biggest ‘shirk’ (sin), whereas Hindu Dharma is accepting of diverse spiritual paths for moksha i.e. self-realization/liberation.

As per a report in JagranTV, a fatwa has been issued by maulanas against the family of a Muslim woman named Ruby Asif Khan in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh after she installed a murti of Sri Ganesh in her house to celebrate the ongoing Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Death threats have also been issued to burn the entire family alive, and she is heckled and called a Hindu when she steps out of home. The woman now lives in fear and is asking for more security cover.

Undeterred, Ruby, who is also a member of BJP Mahila Morcha, said that she will continue celebrating the festival. She said, “I have installed the murti of Sri Ganesha in my house for 7 days….I celebrate festivals of all religions. This is the faith of my heart. I like to do all this.”

Ruby added that she had demanded security from the district administration, but a police constable comes to her house only for two-three hours a day. One the day of visarjan, the police station sent two policemen to protect her. In the video above, Ruby and other Muslim woman can be seen carrying the murti, accompanied by two policemen.

Taking the maulanas, who exercise a vice-like grip on Muslim society, head on, Ruby Asif Khan said, “True Muslims don’t talk like this. Those Maulana and Maulvi who are issuing fatwa are not themselves Muslims. His thinking is to divide the country. They have not been able to change their thinking even by staying in India.”

Unfortunately, even a cursory glance at the Quran will tell us that for a Muslim, worshipping anyone other than Allah is a sin. Similarly, most Islamic schools of jurisprudence tell us that the punishment for apostasy (a Muslim who leaves Islam or even partially follows other religious traditions) is death. Seminaries like Deoband and movements like Tablighi Jamaat were started with the express purpose of ‘purifying’ subcontinental Islam and to remove un-Islamic (i.e. Hindu) influences.

So the issue is not with the maulanas who are acting as per the fundamentals of their faith, but with the secular state and our elites who try to brush these inconvenient truths under the carpet and who have failed to create a truly just society where people like Ruby Asif Khan are able to live freely. To make matters worse, the Indian State has an acute anti-Hindu bias. It panders to the most fundamentalist Abrahamic institutions, while looking down upon Hindus and trying to continuously ‘reform’ Hindu religious practices.

Cases like Ruby Khan’s are not a one off. There have been multiple instances of Muslims who show respect for Hindu Dharma and Bharatiya traditions being targeted by clerics and Muslim society – for eg., Muslims who have participated in Kanwar Yatra along with their Hindu friends have been assaulted and barred from offering namaz; A Muslim man and his family were persecuted and called ‘kafir’ (non-believer) for singing the national song ‘Vande Mataram’ and wearing tricolor clothes;

Every Bharatiya needs to be told the fundamental difference between Dharma and Abrahamic faiths like Islam and Christianity. Islam and Christianity can never accept Hindu Dharma as their equal. And Hindus need to view the Abrahamic faiths in the same way.

The Dharmic tenet of ‘Sarv Dharma Sambhava’ has been misinterpreted by vested interests to sow confusion in Hindu society. It does not mean all religions are equal, but only that different Dharmic spiritual paths which adhere to fundamental Dharmic principles can all lead to moksha/nirvana. It teaches us to develop mutual respect for different Dharmas like Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Bauddha etc. But if a dogmatic religion doesn’t respect you and instead wants to convert you, Dharma demands that we treat it as a falsehood.

In short, Hindus need to learn to tolerate Islam and Christianity for the sake of social harmony, without respecting these religions as equally valid paths to the divine. They need to stop frequenting dargahs of Sufi preachers who played a big part in the violent and forced conversion of many Hindus over the centuries.

We need a State which puts Dharma first, and which keeps a tight check on Abrahamic fundamentalists so that they can’t threaten Indian Muslims and Christians like Ruby Asif Khan who want to assimilate and celebrate Dharma without fear.

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  1. Oh My God! Indian Constitution says every India has freedom of religion i.e. an Indian has the birth right to follow any religion of his/her choice. That means, you can follow Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Jainism, and Sikhism….etc. at your own will. And it’ll be an offence if anybody is forced not to do so.


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