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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Islamist pedophile aged 30 follows Class 6 Hindu girl into school, forcefully celebrates her birthday – Gujarat

The targeting of Hindu minor girls by Islamists emboldened by the laxity of the ‘secular’ Indian state continues unabated. While Islamist girl students are aggressively demanding right to wear hijab in school classrooms, their male counterparts are stalking and harassing 11-year-old Hindu girls whom they likely consider ‘shameless’ and ‘immodest’ for not sporting the Muslim headscarf.

30-year-old Rahim Hanif Shaikh entered a school in Rapar, Kutch district of Gujarat on February 21. When questioned by teachers, he said he is the ‘uncle’ of an 11-year-old Hindu girl studying in grade 6. Shaikh then forcefully celebrated the girl’s birthday in her classroom, took a selfie and gave her a gift box.

Shaikh was arrested by Guj Police under POCSO charges (Source: Twitter)

After the girl reached home and informed her parents, they found chocolates and a ‘I Love You’ note inside the box. The girl’s family immediately contacted the school, but it is alleged the school tried to suppress the matter and failed to notify police. Only after the news reached local media did police swing into action and arrest the accused on February 23 under various sections of the POCSO Act.

Locals and Hindu organizations are upset with the school on allowing this serious breach of security, and are demanding that district education department take action on this serious negligence. There are reports that Shaikh also threatened teachers at the school – maybe they failed to report him to police because of that.

How much longer will we tolerate state’s inability to protect our children?

The question now is – how long before our broken criminal justice system – comprising of police & judiciary – let this dangerous pedophile back on the streets? We have seen in case after case that such criminals are not easily deterred and go back to targeting their victims with renewed vigor, nursing added vengeance that the victim dared to report them.

The problem of stalking, sexual harassment and murder by jilted suitors has grown exponentially in the last few decades. Bollywood junk and degeneracy promoted by our West-influenced elites has played a large role in normalizing this anti-social behavior.

But when we consider the subset of cases where the two parties belong to different communities, a chilling pattern emerges. Overwhelming majority of those cases involve Islamists targeting Hindu girls, the reverse is hardly ever seen. Fundamentalist and bigoted attitudes bred in Muslim communities by their religious and community leaders, wherein ‘uncovered’ non-Muslim girls are overtly or covertly declared as targets, plays a big part in this.

A pujari’s teenage daughter was raped by a Muslim stalker in MP just few days back – the accused was furious that the girl had reported him in the past due to which he spent 8 days in jail. He had also been targeting several other girls over social media, it later emerged.

In 2018, a 10-year-old Hindu girl was gang raped inside a madrasa in Ghaziabad by a juvenile (17), the maulvi of the madrassa and others. Later, a disgusting hashtag #JusticeForGeetaBhabhi was trended by Islamists and neo-Ambedkarites, to mock the girl and imply that ‘she was in love’ with her 17-year-old Muslim rapist and should be married to him.

It is increasingly becoming clear that Islamists all across Bharat are getting as emboldened in targeting Hindus as their counterparts in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The abduction, rape, forced conversion and ‘marriage’ of minor Hindu girls is a state-sanctioned industry in Pakistan – many parts of Bharat are now headed in the same direction.

The secular state is failing to protect Hindus and create meaningful deterrence against this systemic targeting. The multi-pronged approach required to tackle this menace – swift and deterrent punishment, de-radicalization of minority communities currently in grip of a hate-mongering clergy and supremacist Ashrafi class, Dharmic value-based education in schools, sensible community policing, proper rehabilitation and constant monitoring of sexual offenders – all of these are ignored by the state and elites who oppose all these moves under guise of minority rights, free speech, human rights, resisting ‘majoritarianism’ etc.

It is up to the larger Hindu society to wake up to this threat and tackle it , preferably by changing the fundamental anti-Dharmic nature of the secular state through peaceful means.

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  1. Missionary education institutions to be informed the constitutional freedom of expression / practice of religion is under human rights, cannot stop from chanting Jai Shri Ram, otherwise Hindu/ parent associations will take the control of these institutions, and run smoothly…Missionaries/ old management will be prosecuted & jailed…


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