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Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Hashtag #JusticeForGeetaBhabhi Shows the Inhumanity of the Islamist Mindset

After a 10-year old girl was imprisoned and raped for over a day in a Ghaziabad madrasa, common citizens held a candle-light vigil demanding justice for the girl and strict punishment for the accused. The protesters gave a fictional name “Geeta” to the victim, and used the hashtag #JusticeForGeeta. BJP MPs Maheish Girri and Manoj Tiwari also participated in the protests.

In response to this, certain social media handles started a hashtag #JusticeForGeetaBhabhi (bhabhi  means brother’s wife) – we reproduce some of the unimaginably disgusting tweets made using this hashtag below –

Most of the above tweets are saying –

“Geeta took a vow on the Gita (holy book of Hindus) that <accused juvenile> is my love and I will marry only him”

“Get them married, you oppressors”

“This is not a rape case, but love…get them married”

“When will BJP stop supporting such fraud causes”

Here are a few more –

“Geeta bhabhi (brother’s wife) you keep struggling, your brothers-in-law are with you! Keep the faith Geeta bhabhi, we will get you justice!”

“The girl (Geeta) recorded her statement in front of the magistrate that she is in love with <juvenile accused> and that she was not raped, but had come to the madrasa of her own free will” (the tweet attaches what seems to be a forged NDTV India screenshot)

Looking at the timelines of these handles, one can surmise that most of them are supporters of political parties like Congress, AIMIM, BSP. Some of the tweets have got multiple retweets from handles – a sample of such retweeters is –

In latest news in this case, maulvi Ghulam Shahid (34) of the madrasa where the crime took place has been arrested.

It is hard to even comprehend the sick mentality of those who believe a 10-year-old should be married,  that too to her alleged rapist, and address a child as bhabhi. It is pointless to talk with such people about laws like IPC 375 which classify any kind of sexual activity with a minor under 18, with or without consent, as rape. They are bred in an environment which scarcely cares for law, and which idealizes sharia law, as per which the moment a girl hits puberty (even if that is as young as 9) she is fit for sex & marriage.

This is the same mindset that leads to crimes like the Ajmer mass rape/blackmail saga of early 90s involving Khadims of the Chisti dargah, and the repeated instances of Love / Rape Jihad we see in places like Western UP. The mindset persists even when Islamic fundamentalists migrate to Western countries, and leads to horrific crimes like grooming of underage non-Muslim girls as we have seen in UK. In Islamist countries like Pakistan, the mindset leads to abduction and forced conversion of girls like 12-year-old Kajal Bheel who was abducted, converted and forcefully married to a man twice her age.

The fact that this Islamist mindset exists and is in fact thriving in Bharat, is something which our liberal-secular stalwarts have repeatedly denied. The denial has meant that significant pockets of our country are already under the control of the Islamists. We can continue to adopt an ostrich-like approach towards this problem only at our own peril.

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