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Thursday, October 6, 2022

This Is How Media Foments Caste Hatred, Divides Hindu Society

A Times Of India (TOI) reporter Shoeb Khan was caught spreading falsehoods, with an intent to foment caste hatred, over a shocking incident in Rajasthan wherein 3 ST (Scheduled Tribe) youth caught stealing a bike were stripped and beaten up by villagers. It began with a TOI story, titled: “3 Dalit teens stripped, beaten for stealing bike in Chittor”. According to the report, the boys stole a bike of an upper caste man, and later a mob thrashed them:

They were accused of lifting a motorcycle of an upper caste man in Bassi town. The mob tied them to a tree, thrashed them and later paraded them for an hour in full public view.

The incident is condemnable and definitely needs to be reported. But notice how the news report sees it entirely through the lens of caste. This is the same media that was preaching common citizens not to view the Dr. Pankaj Narang lynching through lens of religion, and tried their best to suppress the fact that the prime accused in that gruesome crime were Naseer, his brother Amir, and their mother Mesar! In fact, we were told that the dentist’s lynching was a case of ‘road rage’. But this case of barbaric mob justice from Rajasthan was promptly given a caste angle. Next, even before police had arrested or released names of those who thrashed the boys, Times of India journalist Shoeb Khan claimed that the boys were beaten by Upper castes.

TOI Reporter Spreads Caste Hatred

This lie of his was instantly picked up and spread like wildfire in the entire media ecosystem and Adarsh Liberal gang. Prominent among those found excitedly spreading the fake news were Rifat Jawaid (Founder and CEO of AAP mouthpiece ‘Janta Ka Reporter’), Prashant Sareen (co-founder of ‘media watchdog’ NewsLaundry.com), and the usual gang (Barkha Dutt, Christian supremacist Anna Vetticad, Congress digital communication in-charge Gaurav Pandhi and others).

But the lie was busted when the facts came out. Police arrested six of the accused who had thrashed the Kanjar boys – 4 of them  belong to Meena (ST) and 2 to Dhakad (OBC) communities. The other accused also belonged to SC or ST category. None of those who thrashed the Dalit boys were from upper caste. Even the age of the Kanjar boys who were assaulted was found to be between 15-18 years, unlike the 11-15 age group reported by Shoeb Khan.

Shoeb Khan silently deleted his original tweet, without uttering any apology for spreading a poisonous lie. You can read detailed reports on the entire incident in MediaHitJobs.com and OpIndia.

Another Example of Media Lies to Create Caste Tensions In Hindu Society

Such distortions to play up the ‘caste angle’ are so common in our media, that the observant news watcher can spot these gross or subtle twists at least a couple of times a week. This time it was ‘India Today’ who initially reported that a Dalit woman was thrashed for chain-snatching in Gujarat

Within 18 minutes of the initial tweet, they removed the ‘Dalit’ label prefixed to the accused woman! Was it lack of basic fact-checking, or an over excited Hinduphobic employee handling their twitter handle?

With so many examples around, and the high-decibel false propaganda like ‘Church Under Attack’, ‘Intolerance’, ‘Students under attack’ which media has hyperventilated over the last year, if any person in this country still blindly trusts our media, he/she needs to get their head examined.

What explains this hatred for Hindus in our media?

It seems the first rule of journalism taught to all budding journalists in Bharat is : Hindus are all about caste, and caste discrimination is the defining feature of Hindu society. The second rule is: Minorities (read Muslims and Christians) are always the victims. Third rule is : Hindu majoritarianism is the biggest threat to the nation, and secularism (read as separate legal and administrative mechanism for Muslims and Christians) is the only antidote.

This is not to say that caste discrimination does not exist in the country. It does. For eg, the initial TOI report says that Kanjars (an ST community) mostly stay at outskirts of villages, engage in menial occupations and are also linked to crimes like robbery. But has our media every discussed the criminal branding by British colonials of 1/3 of Hindu society as ‘born criminals’ through the Criminal Tribes Act, which led to exclusion of such peopleQuoting from the above linked article –

“Among the tribes declared as hereditary criminals were groups of  Bhils who had fought against the British oppression on the banks of  Narmada and in Khandesh. There were the Kanjars,  the Sansis, the Nats of Rajasthan, Chharas of Gujarat,  Satnamis of Chhatisgarh, the Konds and Sabors of Odisha (who fought battles against the British in Kandhamal region). Also included among the so-called criminal tribes were the Meenas of Rajasthan who had fought against the Muslim invaders shoulder to shoulder with Rajputs.”

So the same British Christians who, we are told by our elites, ‘gifted’ us our Constitution, our laws, our railways, the ‘wonderful’ idea of secularism, and most of all our ‘modern’ education system – they were actually the ones who codified discrimination by law upon such a large body of  Hindus! Makes you wonder what a critical examination of the other ‘gifts’ bequeathed by our erstwhile White Masters would throw up, doesn’t it?

However, the British are not around anymore and Hindu society has to fight its own battles. The Congress brand of divide and rule politics, later emulated by casteist outfits like RJD, SP etc, and the disastrous Nehruvian economics which kept our nation poor for so many years post Independence, have all delayed the process of social justice in our country. But what our liberal media and intellectuals don’t want to accept is that we are not living in the 1970s anymore. Bharat has moved on – the political empowerment of hitherto oppressed sections of society has resulted in social empowerment as well. There is a fair distance to go, but resorting to spurious reporting to divide Hindus and keep urban Hindus (who are the consumers of these English news outlets) in permanent guilt trip mode just smacks of an ulterior agenda – i.e of Hindu bashing at all costs. The deep penetration of media by journalists sympathetic to Christian missionary, Islamist and Congress agendas has added impetus to such false reporting.

Media desperation to stoke caste passions has increased since May 2014

It is perceived by many that the absolute majority attained by the BJP in the 2014 elections is due to Hindu consolidation; also, data from the ground suggests that BJP ruled states on average provide superior governance to non-BJP ruled states. This has increased the desperation in media circles as they see their projection of Hindu nationalists as an evil, reactionary, backward force being rejected by the masses. Halting this Hindu consolidation is priority # 1 for our media and assorted Adarsh Liberals. Never mind that Hindus  are consolidating only to seek good governance, development, and the right to a dignified existence – Hindus are not interested in forcing anyone to convert, or overturn the Constitution, or impose a rigid religious worldview on their fellow citizens. All this is immaterial for media – their core belief is that Hindu society is fundamentally flawed, hence any news which can generate pride in Hindus must be avoided, while even manufacturing atrocity literature is ok as it keeps Hindus in perpetual self-loathing mode.

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