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Monday, September 26, 2022

“Kill Kafirs, attain Jannat:” what mobs mobilised by Tahir Hussain and others shouted during Delhi riots

The Delhi police charge-sheet has exposed the role of AAP leader Tahir Hussain in instigating Muslims against Hindus and calling for the massacre of the latter. Mobs instigated by Hussain were heard shouting “Hindu hai, maaro” (kill them, they are Hindus) by a survivor. In his disclosure statement, Hussain has admitted that mobs whipped into a frenzy by him were shouting ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ and ‘Maaro Maaro Kaafiro Ko Maaro’. (kill the kaffirs, i.e. Hindus). Hussain himself threw stones and petrol bombs at Hindu properties in Chand Bagh area from his rooftop.

In February this year, Islamists had triggered anti-Hindu riots using the anti-CAA protests as an excuse. The riots which saw 53 people being killed, including IB staffer Ankit Sharma, and more than 300 injured, were both well planned and funded by AAP councillor Tahir Hussain and other conspirators who also ensured that fake alibis were ready to mislead the police.

As reported by Hindupost earlier the Delhi police charge-sheet has stated that Hussain spent around 1.30 crores rupees to fund the north-east Delhi riots.

Several eyewitnesses have also testified the involvement of Tahir Hussain and his cronies who specifically targeted Hindus. It was these testimonies that helped the police nail Tahir Hussain. It must be noted that videos shot by locals which had gone viral at the time of the riots clearly showed Tahir Hussain on the terrace of his house carrying a stick, calmly talking to other rioters.

As investigations proceeded the nexus began to unravel and some very interesting links emerged. Tahir Hussain employed the services of Khalid Saifi and Umar Khalid to instigate the mobs besides being involved in riotous acts himself. It is pertinent to mention that Saifi met radical Islamist preacher Zakir Naik in Malaysia to raise funds for the riots.

Now the role of Tahir Hussain as the mastermind of the entire riots systematically targeting Hindus and their establishments has become clearer than ever in the charge-sheet filed by the Delhi police. FIR number 114 details the role of Tahir Hussain and his accomplices.

The charge-sheet specifically mentions the burning down of an E-rickshaw Godown known as Aman E-rickshaw owned by Harsh Trading Company on the 25th of February. The charge-sheet further says “accused Tahir Hussain was leading a mob from his house and also from the Masjid near Chand Bagh Pulia on 24th and 25th February and gave it a communal colour. He provoked and instigated Muslims against Hindus and promoted enmity between Hindus and Muslims on religious grounds saying that Hindus have killed many Muslims and set their shops on fire, and they (the mob) should not let any Hindu go scot-free”.

Several other startling details have been revealed in the charge-sheet. It states that shell companies were used to route foreign funds into Tahir Hussain’s accounts who had drawn the entire roadmap of the riots as early as the first week of January along with Khalid Saifi and Umar Khalid. Islamist outfit People’s Federation of India (PFI) was also involved in funding and organizing the riots.

Another charge-sheet filed by Delhi police over the violence at Shiv Vihar Tiraha in East Delhi’s Karawal Nagar, says that the riots were preplanned by local Muslims of the area who targeted Hindus from the roof of the Muslim-owned Rajdhani school – the school owner Faisal Farooq is presently in judicial custody. Here too, a survivor has reported hearing hateful chants from the Muslim mob such as, “kill Hindu kaffirs, we will get jannat (heaven).”

A BBC Hindifact check‘ by one Kirti Dube had claimed that HinduPost and OpIndia had both ‘distorted’ the news about Muslim-owned Rajdhani school being used to target the Hindu-owned DRP school next to it, along with other Hindu homes in the area. The charge-sheet filed by Delhi police and the arrest of the Rajdhani school owner yet again exposes the agenda of such ‘secular’ fact-checkers.

Elaborately planned alibi

Although Hussain had cited security reasons to send his family away to Mustafabad on the night of 24th, he stayed back so that he could supervise the situation and guide Muslim mobs to attack Hindus the next morning as planned.

Besides smartly switching off CCTVs, Hussain kept making calls to the Police Control Room from time to time as a decoy so that suspicion about his involvement in the riots would not be raised.

In addition to two of Hussain’s employees turning witnesses and revealing details about the conspiracy, the disclosure statement of Hussain signed on the 5th of May, brings out information that testifies the fact that there was a deep and deliberate conspiracy to target Hindus.

As per his confession, having learnt of rallies in favour of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) amidst the anti-CAA protests, Hussain got together with other conspirators to hatch a plan to “teach a lesson to those supporting the Act”.

His house was chosen as a base because it was the highest in the area and also stacking bricks and stones would not have raised any suspicion since construction work was already going on. According to his statement, he and his co-conspirators had already gathered all the ammunition for the riots well in advance including getting his pistol released from police custody.

The extent of the preparedness can be gauged from the fact that Hussain had instructed his men to ensure that all private and government cameras in the area were broken well in advance so that no evidence would be found of their involvement.

His confession also shockingly reveals that not only was he present at the site from where the riots were launched along with his brothers Shah Alam, Abid, Arshad, Shahid, Irshad and others but also that his men launched the attacks on 24th afternoon while raising slogans like “maaro kaafiro ko maaro” (kill the non-believers) and “Allah hu Akbar”.

As a lame excuse to justify his act, Hussain has stated in his disclosure statement that he was angered by the information that Muslims were being killed by Hindus and hence he asked his men to attack Hindus. However, it is important to note that Hindus didn’t begin retaliating in self-defense until the 25th, and Hussain’s own confession states that he had been preparing for the riots as early as January.

Leftists had attempted to defend him using his calls to the Police Control Room (PCR) as evidence showing that he was being targeted whereas he was the one providing information to the police. Hussain even tried to play the Muslim victim card using this excuse to ‘prove his innocence’.

This excuse stands discredited as Hussain himself revealed in his disclosure statement that calls made by him to PCR were merely an alibi to protect himself from police action over the riots which were being fuelled by him.

He not only misled the police through his calls but also pretended to patrol the area with them and appeal for calm on the night of 24th while continuing to engineer the riots on 25th. Besides misleading the police, this was his way of sending a secret message to his supporters that they should continue targeting kafirs the next day.

His confession in the disclosure statement also reveals how he put his family out of harm’s way and returned to mobilise the mob on the morning of 25th. However, on seeing policemen he slipped away and returned in the afternoon. He says that a huge Muslim mob gathered at the Masjid on his appeal. However, Hindus had also started gathering and raising slogans and that is when he signalled to his men to target Hindus, their homes and establishments.

He ends his disclosure statement asking for forgiveness.

How AAP and media outlets enabled Hussain’s deception

As part of his plan, Hussain had spread stories on 24th evening about a ‘mob barging into his house and taking control.’ This story was duly carried by India Today and others – back then, we had analysed the timeline of events and found that media eagerly lapped up what Hussain and the AAP spokespersons were telling them, without properly corroborating those claims.

After videos showing him orchestrating riots from the roof of his house went viral, a rattled Hussain and AAP’s social media team went into damage control mode and a series of videos of Hussain protesting his innocence were released in the following days by AAP. Outlets like Alt News, Newslaundry continued to defend or lend credibility to Hussain’s version of events.

But as pressure mounted, Hussain went into hiding. AAP quietly suspended him from the party, and he was arrested on 5th March. Still, on 10th March AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan, a close confidante of CM Arvind Kejriwal, issued a blood-curdling threat over Hussain’s arrest, “If Muslims are arrested and sent to jail and labelled as rioters then riots will continue unabated in the country”.

This detailed confession in Hussain’s disclosure statement shows the extent of planning that went into fuelling anti-Hindu riots in Delhi and also discredits attempts by leftist media and liberal intelligentsia like Javed Akhtar to paint Hussain as a victim who was being targeted by the authorities only because he was a Muslim.

Arvind Kejriwal has maintained a stoic silence on this matter all along. It is hard to believe that such an elaborate plan by his party’s councilor to stoke riots could have escaped his notice in a small city-state like Delhi. There were unconfirmed reports at the time of multiple phone calls between  Kejriwal, Sisodia, Sanjay Singh and Tahir Hussain in the days just before and during the riots.

Did Kejriwal turn a blind eye to Islamists taking ‘revenge’ over the CAA law and ‘teaching Hindus a lesson’? Was this the quid pro quo they demanded for supporting AAP in the Delhi state elections of 8 Feb? Did Kejriwal calculate that rioting during Trump’s visit to Bharat would prove more damaging for Modi, and thus bolster Kejriwal’s national ambitions? Did he calculate that Hindus would forget about these riots by the time of the next Delhi elections in 2025, and were thus expendable? All these questions can only be answered after a thorough probe by CBI or NIA.

AAP’s blind supporters meanwhile, including some ‘educated’ Hindus, continue to cheer for the party supremo. Will they wake up now and smell the coffee?

(Featured Image Source: OpIndia)

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