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Thursday, December 1, 2022

What happened in Tahir Hussain’s house?

The disrobed body of a girl has been retrieved from the drain outside AAP councillor Mohammed Tahir Hussain’s Chand Bagh house, as per eyewitness testimony to Sudarshan News. IB security assistant Ankit Sharma’s mutilated body was recovered a day before from the same drain. Women undergarments, clothes and other personal belongings like ladies bags, including some in burnt condition, were also found in the multi-storey house which is now being called ground zero of the savage anti-Hindu Delhi riots.

It is being said that the girl whose body was retrieved from the drain was dragged into Hussain’s house by a huge mob of Muslim rioters. IB security assistant Ankit Sharma and at least 2 other Hindus youths were also dragged into the house on the 25th and brutally murdered – Ankit’s autopsy revealed 400 stab wounds and mutilation which shocked doctors.

Reports are emerging that Ankit Sharma’s blood has been recovered in or near Tahir Hussain’s house.

In more disturbing news, local Hindu residents of the Chand Bagh area have said that their daughters returning from tuition were disrobed by the Muslim rioters. The rioters even exposed themselves to the girls, made indecent gestures and sent them home naked, with the intent to humiliate the Hindus of the area and provoke more rioting. Multiple women garments can be seen in the report filed by Sudarshan News, corroborating the locals’ account.

Video footage (see below) shows how Tahir Hussain’s 4-storey house, the tallest building in the area, was used to shoot, pelt stones, petrol bombs and other projectiles at surrounding Hindu homes. In a video shot by local residents, Hussain is himself seen holding a stick in hand while calmly talking to the rioters. He is also seen talking on his mobile. At one point, a woman is seen in the video collecting something and talking to one of the rioters.

Let’s take a look at a compilation of the various video clips related to this shocking episode, which includes testimony by Ankit Sharma’s family and local eyewitnesses all blaming Hussain for the violence –

Tahir Hussain’s “defence”

In media interviews on Wednesday/Thursday, and in a video released by AAP social media team’s Abhijeet Dipke on 26 Feb (Wednesday) night, Tahir Hussain claims that a mob stormed into his house on the 24th and he & his family had to be rescued by police. Police searched his whole house and asked him to move to a safer place which he did that same night, he claims. He further adds that he requested police to remain stationed in his house even in his absence to prevent the mob from ‘misusing’ his house. Police remained in his house the whole night and the whole next day (25th), Hussain says in the video, before inexplicably pulling out and thus allowing the mob to take over his house as he ‘feared’.

Another video of Tahir Hussain was posted on Thursday (27th) by AAP’s UP spokesperson Prince Soni. This video shows Hussain standing on the roof of his house on the evening of the 24th with riots raging in the background. He says riots have been raging in the area since 1.30 PM (of Monday, 24th Feb), but despite multiple calls to police no force has arrived. He says, “people have broken the main gate, barged into the house and climbed onto the roof”. He adds firing has started from ‘both sides’ and ends by appealing police to control the situation.

There have been some claims on social media that the video is doctored, but left-wing ‘fact-checking’ site AltNews has claimed that the video is ‘genuine’ and that it was sent at 6.44 PM on 24th February by Tahir Hussain to AAP spokesperson Deepak Bajpai, for the purpose of sharing it with Aaj Tak correspondent Sushant Mehra. Aaj Tak and its English-language counterpart India Today had carried an update by their Delhi bureau reporter Sushant Mehra on the Live Update page at 5:57 PM on 24th Feb that a mob had ‘barged into Hussain’s house and damaged property’. At 6:48 PM, Sushant Mehra also filed a separate report under his own byline titled ‘Protesters barge into AAP’s Nehru Vihar Corporator’s house, damage property’

Now, let’s take a look at the external facade of Tahir Hussain’s house, courtesy News Laundry

The following questions arise-

1.) In the video that the AAP councillor shared on 24th, he claims the ‘mob barged into his house and climbed on to the roof’. Why was there no one to be seen on his roof when he made the video that same evening, as he and AAP’s Deepak Bajpai claim? Why did the mob generously decide to leave, even before police arrived, when they had gained control of the house?

2.) There are no signs of arson inside or outside Hussain’s 4-storey house, while the house right next to his is burnt and blackened. Why did the mob spare Hussain’s house, if they had ‘forcefully taken possession and damaged property’ as Hussain claims?

3.) The construction of Hussain’s house is clearly not finished – the bricks on top two floors are not even plastered. Inside footage of the house reported by several channels confirm the same. So can Hussain specify which property was ‘damaged’, any why is there not even a single scratch on his body if an angry mob barged into his house?

4.) How did India Today & Aaj Tak reporter Sushant Mehra verify Hussain’s claim that a mob had barged into his home? On the 24th, did Mehra a.) visit Hussain’s house? b.) talk to him on phone? c.) Confirm with police? If Mehra and Hussain were already in touch, why didn’t Hussain directly send the video to Mehra instead of routing it through Deepak Bajpai? And why was Hussain sharing a video with Deepak Bajpai at 6.44 PM, for Bajpai to forward it to Sushant Mehra, when Mehra had already reported at 5:57 PM about the ‘attack’ on Hussain’s house? Who told Mehra about this ‘attack’ – did he do basic due diligence to corroborate the news?

5.) Did Delhi police actually come to Hussain’s house, as he claims, and if they did come did they find any mob presence? As per the video shared at 6.44 PM on 24th with Deepak Bajpai, it was clearly dusk when Hussain made his appeal to police to come ‘save him’. So it is safe to assume that police only arrived when night had fallen. Assuming Bajpai forwarded the video immediately to Mehra, how did Sushant Mehra file a report at 6:48 PM (just 4 minutes later) in which he says ‘Police are yet to identify the people responsible for damaging property in the AAP corporator’s house’. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to report ‘Police are yet to arrive at the scene, despite the corporator’s appeals’?  Delhi police needs to verify all this – if the facts don’t add up, then Hussain’s story is just a wonderfully fabricated concoction to build plausible deniability, with likely involvement of AAP’s social media team and India Today’s Sushant Mehra.

Actually, the above questions are just for starters. The only question Hussain really needs to be asked, and which left-liberal media is brazenly ignoring, is this –

Why Mr. Hussain are you seen on the roof of your house, wearing the same maroon-sweater you were filmed in on 24th and 26th, holding a stick while calmly talking to rioters? Why is every Hindu in the neighbourhood saying that you are responsible for bringing the mob that brutally murdered IB security assistant Ankit Sharma, and at least 2 other men & one young girl whose undergarments, clothes and personal belongings were found in your house?

AAP’s social media team and supporters are still defending Tahir Hussain, but he has since been suspended from primary membership of the Aam Aadmi Party. An FIR has been filed against Hussain for murder and kidnapping. He has gone missing as per latest reports.

Despite the mountain of clear evidence against the man, left-liberal outlets like NewsLaundry (run by one of Lutyens Delhi’s leading lights – Madhu Trehan, sister of India Today owner Aroon Purie and wife of Dr. Naresh Trehan) are staunchly defending Tahir Hussain. Others like journalist Harinder Baweja have realised that the body of evidence against Hussain means it’s futile to defend him (for now) – so they are drawing false equivalences between Tahir Hussain and Kapil Mishra who as per liberals delivered a ‘hate speech’ by demanding police clear the Jaffrabad road blocked by anti-CAA protestors within 3 days.

The Delhi riots have comprehensively proven that for left-liberals, a Hindu life means nothing. The liberal worldview has completely dehumanised Hindus – for them the only good Hindu is a dead one or one who meekly accepts his/her fate.

(Featured image source: News Laundry)

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