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Friday, September 30, 2022

Javed Akhtar defends AAP councillor Tahir Hussain, accused of master-minding anti-Hindu pogrom

Bollywood writer-lyricist Javed Akhtar had exposed his Islamist leanings long back, but he has plummeted to new lows by defending the alleged mastermind of anti-Hindu pogrom and IB operative Ankit Sharma’s gruesome murder, Tahir Hussain, AAP councillor from Nehru Vihar in Delhi.

In a tweet, the enraged poet expresses his ludicrous claim that Tahir Hussain is being ‘targeted because of his (Muslim) name’. He firmly believes that Delhi police is after the AAP leader solely due to his religion.

In these Islamist riots, Delhi Police Head Constable Ratan Lal was shot dead, DCP Amit Sharma was lynched and had to be admitted in ICU, constable Deepak Dahiya showed extraordinary bravery in staring down a gun-wielding Mohammed Shahrukh with just a lathi in hand, dozens of policemen have suffered injuries, security personnel had acid thrown on them. Yet, Akhtar is casting aspersions on the force. Just because the only action which is bothering him is the sealing of Tahir Hussain’s house, he is blind to the fact that a total of 148 FIRs have been registered and 630 people either arrested or detained so far in connection with the riots.

Does Javed Akhtar also believe that Tahir Hussain must not be prosecuted at all, even if found guilty of plotting the murder of the 26-year-old Hindu security personnel and at least 3 others (2 men, 1 girl), and for leading a pogrom against Hindus of his locality? That the religious identity of Tahir Hussain must absolve all his crimes? Seems the septuagenarian poet has forgotten that he is a citizen of a democracy where Hindus still have a voice. He does not, yet, live in a country where Islamists enjoy the luxury of slaughtering Hindus at will and getting away with it.

The minority-privilege this closet Islamist – who has been hiding under the garb of atheism all this while – assumes, is appalling. Is he under the fantastic impression that Muslims in this country should be treated differently, preferably acquitted, by the law even if found guilty of slaughtering another man? This is a clear example of how Islamism fills you with hate and makes you blind to the suffering of the other; it blinds you to reason and makes you view only your own as perpetual victims of kafirs.

The murder of Ankit Sharma is one of the goriest killings of recent times. Numerous reports, eye witnesses, and videos suggest that the 26-year-old was dragged inside the house of councillor Tahir Hussain. He was reportedly stabbed 400 times for 4 to 6 hours, possibly by multiple people. His intestines were ripped apart, his eyes were stabbed, and then his body was flung in the gutter.

One stab is enough to kill a man, but the it was the burning Hindu-hate that made those beasts use their weapons on him repeatedly. The forensic doctors who carried out the autopsy say they haven’t seen such a nightmarish mutilation in their lives. And here is a renowned poet, eminent member of Bharat’s intelligentsia, Rajya Sabha MP (nominated to the upper house of Parliament by Sonia Gandhi in 2009), claiming that an accused with a mountain of evidence against him is being targeted for his religion.

Javed Akhtar often posts his biased opinions on Twitter. Netizens who have been following him since the past few years are well-acquainted with his bigoted views. However, very few know that Javed Akhtar has been an Islamic apologist from long before Modi came into the picture of national politics.

He had once lambasted a female police officer for raising her voice against molestation and other blood-boiling acts committed on 11 August, 2012 by Islamist rioters at Azad Maidan, Mumbai. 3 people were killed, including one policeman, and 63 injured, including 58 police personnel, in the riots which broke out during a rally organised by Raza Academy and Madina Tul Ilm Foundation to protest riots in Assam and Myanmar. Injured constable Santosh Hande (36) developed a brain infection and died nine months later.

During the Azad Maidan riot, Mumbai police allegedly had directions from higher-ups in the Congress-NCP government to not interfere in the rampage. Taking advantage of this impunity, the rioters molested and stabbed at least 5 policewomen who were trying to manage the law and order situation. Male policemen were beaten with hockey sticks, iron rods, stones, and wooden mace with nails. Media vans, police and private vehicles were burnt and property of around Rs. 2.7 crore was damaged.

Here are few glimpses from the riots to refresh your memory.

Sujata Patil, a policewoman, poured her heart out in a poem titled ‘Azad Maidan’ which was published in the Mumbai Police magazine Samwad:

Hausla buland tha, izzat lut rahi thi …
himmat ki gaddaron ne Amar Jyoti ko haat lagane ki,
kaat dete haath unke toh faryad kisi ki bhi na hoti…
Saanp ko doodh pila kar, baat kare hain hum bhai-chare ki .

Instead of standing and supporting a fellow citizen, expressing her grief and anger over vile actions by brainwashed Islamists, Javed Akhtar slammed her on twitter and demanded she be suspended. Film director Mahesh Bhatt, another Islamist cheerleader, echoed his thoughts. The lady official was forced to tender an apology.

Hindutvawadis recognised the true face of Javed Akhtar back then, but the innocent people of Bharat took time to come to terms with his reality which was so distanced from his poetry he had fooled people with. All credit goes to the man himself for now taking the mask off and showing us his real colors.

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