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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Silencing Hindu Voices

Are Hindu voices being silenced in Bharat? Over the last decade, murders of Hindu activists/leaders have become a regular occurrence in different parts of the country – but reportage of these murders is muted and socio-political analysis to understand the underlying patterns is totally absent.

Kerala, Western UP, Southern Karnataka, Tamil Nadu are the hotbeds of this violence targeting prominent voices of the ‘majority’ community. Of course, there are regions like Kashmir and West Bengal where Hindus have either been ruthlessly driven out, or are living in such a state of abject fear that Hindu activism is totally absent, thereby escaping such systematic targeting.


In Marxist Kerala, this report mentions that “267 people related to the RSS were killed in the last 50 years, of which 232 were killed by the CPM. After 2010, sixteen RSS workers were murdered by CPM. The number of injured – with limbs chopped off, blinded, bedridden due to injuries – is almost six times the number of those murdered”.

The count of murders has kept on increasing since the above report was compiled – 33 year old Pramod, and 27 year Remith being the latest ones whose life was brutally snuffed out by the so-called progressive, secular Left (CPM).

It makes one wonder with dismay on why the national media and judicial commentators are not up in arms against this massive slaughtering of Hindu leaders in a typical Stalinist-Marxist regime.

Western UP

Vishva Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) Agra city vice-president Arun Kumar Mahaur, a Dalit, was shot dead in Feb 2016. His brother voiced out that he was killed for fighting against cow / cattle trafficking, but this was summarily dismissed by UP administration.

In June 2014 (just months after the 2014 LS election), 3 BJP leaders (Vijay Pandit, Omveer Singh Fauji, Rakesh Rastogi) were assassinated in Western U.P. in just 10 days, and several more murderously attacked, including BJP MP from Fatehpur, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti.

Recently, there was yet another attack on a senior BJP leader – Brijpal Tevatia was attacked in Ghaziabad from Uttar Pradesh, with about 100 rounds of ammunition fired on him in just 2 minutes with an AK-47 and two 9 mm pistols.

Southern Karnataka

In March 2016, BJP leader K Raju was hacked to death in broad daylight at a tea stall, in communally tense Kyathamaranahalli, Mysore. In August, RSS Swayamsevak and autorickshaw driver Praveen Poojari, aged 32, was hacked to death in Kushalnagar town, Kodagu (Coorg) district.

Yogeesh Goudhar, a BJP local leader and Zilla Panchayat member of Hebballi constituency, Karnataka was brutally murdered by a group of men in June 2016. Another Hindu activist, Prashant Poojary, was hacked to death in Moodbidri, Karnataka last year in October. According to this statement by Sharan Pumpwell, Regional Convener, Bajrang Dal – Poojary had been actively involved in preventing illegal cow slaughter and trafficking.

Recently, Abid Pasha, a 34 year old carpenter associated with the Islamic fundamentalist group Popular Front of India (PFI), was arrested by Karnataka police for 8 murders over a span of 6 years, including that of K Raju. Pasha’s arrest was glossed over by national media – there were no passionate 9 PM debates or interviews with the family members of those murdered by Pasha.

Tamil Nadu

This HinduPost interview with Suryah SG, Vice-President TN State BJYM (BJP Yuva Morcha), reveals the clear and present danger facing Hindu activists in Tamil Nadu.

In Sept 2016, there were 3 attacks in just one week – Hindu Munnani spokesperson C Sasikumar was hacked to death in Coimbatore;  VHP Hosur unit secretary R Suri was hacked to death; Shankar Ganesh, a Hindu Munnani member from Dindigul district, was attacked and is in critical condition.

In 2012-2013 Tamil Nadu had witnessed a series of hackings in which 6 Hindu leaders  were murdered, including BJP General Secretary Auditor V Ramesh, and several more injured. 3 terrorists from Islamist org Al Umma – ‘Police’ Fakruddin, Panna Ismail and Bilal Malik – were arrested for some of those earlier murders, but now, after a gap of 3 years, the same pattern of targeted murders is repeating.

Other Attacks

RSS Vice President, Brigadier Jagneja was shot in Punjab on August 6, 2016 – he recently passed away due to his injuries. Local BJP leaders were murdered in Bharuch Gujarat in Nov 2015.  News reports mentioned later that Dawood’s aide had paid 50 lakhs ‘supari’ for those killings. It was reported that they had made a list of Hindu leaders to be targeted in order to ‘take revenge for atrocities against Muslims from 1992 to 2002’.

In Feb 2016, BJP Bihar Vice-President Visheshwar Ohja was shot dead in Bhojpur, and that same morning, another BJP leader Kedarnath Singh was shot dead in Chhapra. In the same month, LJP leader Brijnathi Singh was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Patna. 3 killings of opposition leaders within a month, but no aggressive debates on TV channels? The parliament and the national media should have taken the ruling coalition, led by Lalu Prasad  Yadav and CM Nitish Kumar, to task aggressively on this, but we only saw very diluted discussions.

BJP leader, Roopa Ganguly was attacked by TMC workers in West Bengal in May 2016.

The pattern of murders of Hindu activists across the nation reveals that it is Islamists and Communists who are the perpetrators in most cases – both these ideologies approve of murderous violence against their opponents, and this pattern can be seen across the globe.

The overview provided by us in this article is aimed at highlighting a deep-rooted intolerance against Hindu activism, it is not an exhaustive list and it is possible that we have overlooked violence in other areas, since many such attacks barely make it to mainstream media. We request our readers to share any information about such attacks by sending an email to [email protected] We are also trying to create a database of all human rights violations against Hindus across the world – it is a huge undertaking and requires active participation of the entire community.

Not outrage worthy for media

While mainstream media constantly dilutes discussion and avoids elaborate mentions of murdered BJP and Hindu leaders, these attacks and killings are becoming more and more noticeable. Of course the leftist and ‘secular’ outrage is hugely selective and disappears totally when Hindu leaders get brutally targeted in ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ states.

The English language media in particular identifies its audience as the urban yuppie who is westernized, metro-centric, secular (irreligious/’spiritual’), social ‘progressive’, anti-politics and an individualistic ‘good life’ seeker. This fascinating interview with the CEO of Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd (BCCL), the media colossus which runs the English news daily/tabloid ‘Times of India’ reveals the mindset at work in media corporates today. Hence it is no surprise that stories like ‘Church Attacks’, ‘FTII Stir’, ‘Rising Intolerance’, ‘Award Wapsi’, ‘Rohith Vemula Suicide’, ‘JNU Protests/Kanhaiya’, ‘They Hanged Yakub’, ‘Cow Terror’ etc have dominated the news cycle over the last two years. In the mind of media editors and their corporate management, anything related to Hindu Dharma is inherently regressive and assumed guilty of promoting ‘fundamentalism’. So murders of Hindu leaders are not considered ‘news worthy’ or ignored as they are deemed too ‘polarizing’.  

BJP/RSS failure to inform

But the media silence does not absolve BJP and RSS for failing to create a narrative to highlight the fact that their own leaders, workers and supporters are being systemically eliminated. The PM has a bully pulpit to bring up issues in the national consciousness that mainstream media ignores. When Congress and other ‘secular’ leaders talk in Parliament about random murders or crimes like Mohammed Akhlak’s death, why don’t BJP leaders in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha bring up the issue of targeted killing of Hindu leaders (most from BJP & RSS) across the nation?

This political conspiracy of silencing Hindu voices is staring us in the face, but is somehow not taken up aggressively by all pillars of democracy. While certain heavily politicized issues like Dalits being harassed and ‘Cow Vigilantes’ running amok keep making it to headlines in loops, these murders of Hindu activists don’t receive due attention and action.

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  1. Hindu lives are cheap, have always been cheap, no one supports a Hindu cause, not even in India. I as a Hindu have more rights living in U K , than as a Hindu in India. Many people don’t know but Hindu temples are under government control in India, hindus have no rights to teach about Hinduism at school in India while the minority groups have Sunday schools and madrassa schools.
    Indian government turns a blind eye to basic human rights for hindus in India. Yet the Western media continually and blindy attack hindus and Hinduism from all fronts. Hindus are a soft target, always have been and always will be, if they don’t get their act together. More to the point, there is real danger that the minority groups will destroy Hinduism in India.

  2. And yet top brass of RSS/BJP has not asked for enquiry. Now BJP in center it’s still happening and truth is none of RSS/BJP leaders care for death of workers.


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