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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hindu Human Rights Watch

Hindus are facing severe human rights violations all over the world. These violations occur in various forms like religious persecution, religious cleansing, targeted riots, murder, sexual violence, physical assaults, hate crimes, hate speech, legal & racial discrimination, forced conversion, cultural assaults etc. Many Hindus remain ignorant about these violations as they are often sidelined in mainstream media, thus allowing concerned governments to get away with an apathetic response.

HinduPost is attempting to remedy the situation by building a database of human rights violation of Hindus across the world. We will be tracking crimes and human rights violations driven by anti-Hindu sentiment and/or perpetrated by non-Hindus. The project is huge, and envisioned as a community driven effort. We need the active participation of informed Hindus around the world to submit any news of such violations through this form. Or send us your report at our email id [email protected] (Note: wait a few seconds for the table below to load)

Human Rights Violation
Secondary Category
Noakhali Massacre : how systematic killing of Hindus was unleashed to force partition in East IndiaGenocide1946-10-10BangladeshNoakhalihttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noakhali_riots
Persecution of HindusNoakhaliIn Noakhali, which was not much affected during the Calcutta killings, the violence started on 10 October mainly in Noakhali District – Ramganj, Raipur, Begumganj, Chhagalnaiya, Lakshmipur and Sandwip. Tipperah District – Chandpur, Faridganj, Hajiganj, Chauddagram and Laksham.
The perpetrators were Muslim National Guards and private military. They targeted Bengali Hindus. Unfortunately, the Muslim League government of Bengal, headed by Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy did not actively check the rioters. Some believe this was to send the message that the partition of the country was warranted. This was in line with the communal propaganda by the League leaders who had asked its supporters to ‘take Pakistan by force if needed’.
Even though the violence started on the 10th, enforcers were sent to the affected areas only on the 14th. An earlier intervention from the government might have prevented thousands of deaths.
It is estimated that about 5000 Hindus were killed during these riots. Thousands were forcibly converted and many women were raped. aniketProperty was ransacked and houses and shops looted and burned. Temples were desecrated. Lalmohan Sen, a revolutionary leader who had participated in the Chittagong Armoury Raid and had been imprisoned for 16 years by the British, was killed by a mob during the riots.
Muslims killed seventy-four Hindus and Sikhs near Jalalabad, north of the Ludhiana-Ferozepur roadMassacre1947-08-08BharatPunjabhttps://www.jstor.org/stable/311867Persecution of HindusJalalabadMuslims killed seventy-four Hindus and Sikhs near Jalalabad, north of the Ludhiana-Ferozepur road, in Ferozepur District (Jeffrey, 1974: 503). During the first week of August, casualties are estimated at an average daily killing of about 100 people with sporadic raids killing 70 to 80 people (Brass, 2003: 87).
Thousands of Hindus fled after Kalshira massacreMassacre1949-12-21BangladeshBagerhathttps://www.storiesofbengalihindus.com/why-27-march-remembering-the-bengali-hindu-genocide/
Persecution of HindusKalshiraThe Kalshira massacre began when four police constables raided the house of Joydev Brahma in the village of Kalshira in the district of Khulna, in search of some suspected communists. After the constables failed to find evidence, they tried to rape the wife of Joydev Brahma. In a desperate bid to save his wife, he attacked the constables, one of whom died on the spot. On the next day, the District Superintendent of Police arrived in Kalshira accompanied by armed police contingent and the Ansars (paramilitary force) and attacked Kalshira and other neighbouring Hindu villages mercilessly. Within a month of the massacre 30,000 Hindus fled from Khulna to India. The Kalshira massacre was just one of the many in that year.
A 2,000 strong contingent of Pak armymen, police and the East Pakistan Ansars set fire to twelve Hindu villages and killed HindusMassacre1950-01-07BangladeshRajshahihttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1950_East_Pakistan_riots#Nachole_massacrePersecution of HindusNacholeOn 5 January 1950, five policemen from the Nachole police station were killed by the Santals in Chandipur village after they opened fire to disperse the villagers who had gathered to protest the arrest of one of the villagers. The Government of Pakistan responded to this incident by sending a 2,000 strong army contingent along with the police and the East Pakistan Ansars on 7 January. They set fire to twelve villages, ransacked the huts and killed many villagers on their way to Chandipur. In Chandipur, they tortured the men, raped the women and set fire to the dwellings. Hundreds of Santals and Hindus were killed. At Rohanpur, Ila Mitra, one of the leaders of the movement was arrested with hundreds of peasants. After being taken to the Nachole police station they were tortured by the police to extract to the name of the leaders. Around 70 to 100 peasants died of police excesses. Ila Mitra was tortured and raped for four days before being transferred to Nawabganj police station.
In Dhaka, 90% Hindu shops were looted and many of them burntMassacre1950-02-10BangladeshDhakahttps://wikivisually.com/wiki/1950_East_Pakistan_riots#Kalshira_massacrePersecution of HindusDhakaAt 12 noon on 10th feb 1950, a rally was held at the park where the speakers, some of them employees of the Secretariat, made fierce anti-Hindu speeches. At around 1 P.M., as soon as the rally broke, the crowd began to loot Hindu shops and houses and set them on fire. The Hindus were killed wherever they were found. By the evening, 90% Hindu shops of Dhaka were looted and many of them burnt. The Hindu jewellery shops were looted in the presence of police officers. An estimated 50,000 Hindus were displaced in seven hours of murder loot and arson. According to the PTI reports, the worst affected areas were Banagram and Makims Lane. Most of the houses in the two predominantly Hindu localities were completely looted, many completely burnt down and places of worship desecrated. Tajuddin Ahmed, who travelled in the different parts of Dhaka between 1 pm to 6 pm acknowledged the destruction and loss inflicted upon the Hindus by the Muslims in the localities of Nawabpur, Sadarghat, were stabbed.
Hindus attacked in broad daylight in the town of FeniMassacre1950-02-10BangladeshNoakhalihttps://wikivisually.com/wiki/1950_East_Pakistan_riots#Kalshira_massacrePersecution of HindusNoakhaliOn 10 February, the Hindus were attacked in Noakhali town. On the afternoon of 13 February, the Hindus were attacked in broad daylight in the town of Feni, within 200 yards of the S.D.O., the police station and the courts. The Hindu quarters of the town like Masterpara, Ukilpara, Daktarpara, Sahadebpur, Barahaipur and Sultanpur were attacked and looted and then set on fire. Gurudas Kar, an influential member of the Hindu community was killed. After the destruction of the Hindu areas of the Feni town, the violence spread to the nearby villages under the Feni and Chhagalnaiyan police stations, mainly inhabited by the Nath community. The villages of Banspara, Rampur, Madhupur, Srichandrapur, Basikpur, Chakbasta, Shibpur, Baligaon were burnt to ashes. In the attacks, 45 Hindus were killed, 205 Hindu houses were burnt to ashes and huge amounts of assets were looted. The Hindu women were abducted and forcefully married to Muslims. Harendra Kar's teenage daughter Mila Kar was forcefully married to Sultan Mian, a civil supply contractor after her father, grandfather and son were slaughtered. A married Hindu woman named Ranubala was forcefully married to Rahmat Ali, the son of Honorary Magistrate Barik Mian.
Anti-Hindu riots started in Chittagong, instigated and organized by Fazlul Quader ChowdhuryMassacre1950-02-12BangladeshChittagonghttps://wikivisually.com/wiki/1950_East_Pakistan_riots#Kalshira_massacrePersecution of HindusChittagongOn 12 February anti-Hindu riots started in Chittagong. The riots were instigated and organized by Fazlul Quader Chowdhury. At night the city went up in flames. Hindus were killed in Chittagong proper and adjoining areas such as Noapara, Chowdhury Hat, Patiya, Boalkhali and Sitakunda. In one incident, almost all the Hindu passengers of a train were killed in Pahartali. The Hindu pilgrims who had assembled in Sitakunda
Anti Hindu riots reported from BarisalMassacre1950-02-13BangladeshBarishalhttps://wikivisually.com/wiki/1950_East_Pakistan_riots#Kalshira_massacrePersecution of HindusGournadi, Jhalakati and NalchitiIn Barisal, riots started on 13 February. Hindus were killed, raped and abducted indiscriminately. According to the press note of the Government of East Bengal two unidentified youths began to spread provocative rumours on the afternoon of 13 February in the town of Barisal. As a result, many of the shops in the market closed down. Another rumour was spread that Fazlul Haque had been murdered in Kolkata. At the nightfall eight places were set on fire. 30 houses and shops were reduced to ashes and ten persons were severely burnt. The situation further deteriorated after 16 February when indiscriminate loot and arson of Hindu properties started in Gournadi, Jhalakati and Nalchiti under Sadar sub-division of Barisal district. The Hindu passengers on the water route between Barisal and Dhaka were killed within the steamer and thrown in the river.
Hindus attacked in Vikramganj & Lohajganj in February 1950Massacre1950-02-15BangladeshDhakahttps://wikivisually.com/wiki/1950_East_Pakistan_riots#Kalshira_massacrePersecution of HindusVikrampurThree days after the massacre started in Dhaka, the villages of Vikrampur and Lohajang were attacked. On 15 February, Simulia market was set on fire and the Hindu shops were looted. Between 15 February and 1 March, there were 15 instances of stabbing on Hindus reported from Dighali and Lohajang.
Prominent Hindus killed in Muladi massacre in February 1950 by Islamist mobsMassacre1950-02-16BangladeshBarisalhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muladi_massacrePersecution of HindusMuladiAs the news of killings in Dhaka reached Barisal district, tension began to mount. On 14 February a peace meeting was held at the Jinnah Club where the Muslim leaders assured the Hindus and Christians of protection. In spite of the assurances Kazirchar and Khaserhat were attacked on 15 February. On the night of 16th the village of Satani was attacked and set on fire. Madan Nandi, a well-to-do Hindu and his brother were killed. Two eminent doctors, Dr. Prafulla C. Gain and Dr. Kallol B. Banerjee were victims too. When the villagers went to lodge a complaint at the Muladi police station the Officer in Charge asked the villagers to cremate the dead and tell their family that they had died of disease. The insensitive and nonchalant attitude of the O.C. scared the villagers.From the night of 16th, cries of 'Allah ho Akbar' and 'Kill the infidels' could be heard from a distance.[citation needed] On the morning of 17th, terrified Hindus and Christians began to rush towards the Muladi police station. The O.C. however refused to provide any shelter to the terrified people. At around 3 P.M., a 3,000 to 4,000 strong mob attacked and looted the warehouses in the Muladi port. The Hindus/Christians ran helter-skelter and the armed mob pounced upon them. They killed the men indiscriminately and violated the women in broad daylight in public. The orgy of loot, murder, rape and arson continued till the evening, when they departed with the loot and the abducted women. Christian churches were vandalized and looted. The streets, ghats and the river were full of corpses. In the betelnut orchard of one Hindu, more 300 dead bodies were found.[1]
Hundreds of Muslims attacked S.S.Sitakunda and massacred the unarmed Hindu passengersMassacre1950-02-16BangladeshIlsaghathttps://wikivisually.com/wiki/1950_East_Pakistan_riots#Kalshira_massacrePersecution of HindusS.S.SitakundaOn 16 February 1950, the S.S.Sitakunda of the Royal Steam Navigation Company anchored at Ilsaghat on her way to Chittagong. At Ilsaghat, several Hindu passengers from S.S. We've Gone boarded S.S.Sitakunda due to atrocities perpetrated on them by the crew. Around 8 P.M. that night, hundreds of Muslims attacked S.S.Sitakunda while still anchored at the steamer station. They massacred the unarmed Hindu passengers and threw them into the river. 30 Hindus were killed in the massacre, while three survived.
Jihadi Mobs kill 2-300 Hindus in Madhabpasha during riotsMassacre1950-02-17BangladeshBabugunjhttps://indiankanoon.org/doc/189180864/?type=printPersecution of HindusMadhabpashaAt Madhabpasha, under Babugunj Police Station, some two to three hundred Hindus were rounded up by a bloodthirsty Muslim mob, made to squat in a row and had their heads chopped off one by one with a ramda...(Roy, My People Uprooted, pg 218).
Roving Muslim men indulged in looting from the villagers living close to the border who were trying to cross over to India. Uniformed East Pakistani civil defence personnel, known as Ansars participated in the looting and snatching of women. (Roy, My People Uprooted, pg221) Post 1971 was the first period when the history of the brutalities on the Hindus were documented. The gory details of the mass murder in Dhaka University has been recorded in the book Dacca BishshobidyalayeGonohatya: 1971, Jagannath Hall. During the Liberation War Pakistani army targeted the Hindus. Lt.Col.Aziz Ahmed Khan, Commanding Officer of 8 Baluch, said in his deposition before the Hamidoor Rahman Commission "General Niazi asked as to how many Hindus we had killed. In May there was an order in writing to kill Hindus. This order was from Brigadier Abdullah Malik of 23 Brigade."
Bengali & Rajbanshi population massacred in Shukhanpukuri of greater Dinajpur district on 23 April 1971 by the Pakistani ArmyMassacre1971-04-23BangladeshDinajpurhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jathibhanga_massacrePersecution of HindusJathibhangaJathibhanga massacre (Bengali: জাঠিভাঙ্গা গণহত্যা) was a massacre of the Bengali & Rajbanshi population in the Jathibhanga area of Shukhanpukuri Union under Thakurgaon sub-division of greater Dinajpur district on 23 April 1971 by the Pakistani Army in collaboration with the Razakars. The collaborators included members from Jamaat-e-Islami, Muslim League and Pakistan Democratic Party. The victims of the massacre were all Hindus. It is estimated that more than 3,000 Bengali Hindus were killed in the massacre within a few hours. On the early morning of 23 April, the Hindus from the twelve villages of Jagannathpur, Chakhaldi, Singia, Chandipur, Alampur, Basudebpur, Gauripur, Milanpur, Khamarbhopla and Sukhanpokhari set out for India. On their way, thousands of them gathered at a place called Jathibhanga for the onward journey. Soon after their arrival, the local collaborator blocked their exit routes out of Jathibhanga and informed the Pakistani Army. The Hindu men were led in a procession towards the Jathibhanga grounds. The Pakistani army who had by then arrived in two military trucks, forced the fleeing Hindus to stand in lines and burst fired them using machine guns. The killing spree started in the morning and went on till afternoon. After the military left, the collaborators moved the corpses to near the Pathraj river and covered them with earth.
The estimated casualty varies between 3,000 and 3,500. However, it is generally accepted that more than 3,000 people died in the massacre. An estimated 300 to 500 women were widowed.
Razakar Bahini and Pakistani army of killing 33 Hindu civilians in TangailGenocide1971-05-07BangladeshTangailhttps://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/court/2019/06/27/rp-saha-killing-ict-sentences-tangail-s-mahbub-to-deathWar CrimesMirzapurThe war crimes tribunal framed the three charges of crimes against humanity — genocide, abduction, and torture — against Mahbubur on March 28, 2018.
The first one accused him and his associates from the Razakar Bahini and Pakistani army of killing 33 Hindu civilians on 7 May, 1971 in Tangail’s Mirzapur and adjoining areas on south bank of the Louhajang River. Prior to that, they had also carried out attacked the Kumudini Complex, located on the other bank of the river.

The second one accused Mahbubur and his collaborators of committing genocide at the Hindu dominated localities in Mirzapur on the same day. They also abducted Ranada Prasad and his son Bhabani Prasad Saha from their home on Sirajdikhan Road at Khanpur, Narayanganj along with three others and killing them.
RP Saha killer wanted Hindus in Mirzapur annihilatedGenocide1971-05-07BangladeshTangailhttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2019/06/28/rp-saha-killer-wanted-hindus-in-mirzapur-annihilated-war-crimes-tribunal

Persecution of HindusMirzapurIn April 1971, during the Liberation War of Bangladesh, despite a good working relationship with the Pakistani authorities as well as all preceding and successive governments, Saha, with his 26-year-old son Bhavani Prasad Saha, was picked up by the Pakistani occupation army. They returned home after about a week, but were picked up again a day later on 7 May, after which they were never heard from again. Saha's daughter-in-law, Srimati Saha, was widowed at the age of 20, four years into her marriage. Her only child, son Rajiv, was three years old at the time. The death of Ranadaprasad Saha remained a mystery as his body was never found, and neither was his son's
Razakars abducted 24 Hindu civilians from MirzapurGenocide1971-05-14BangladeshTangailhttps://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/court/2019/06/27/rp-saha-killing-ict-sentences-tangail-s-mahbub-to-deathWar CrimesMirzapurRazakars abducted 24 Hindu civilians from Mirzapur on May 14, 1971 and they were taken to Tangail Circuit House. Afterwards, 22 detainees were killed while the two others somehow managed to survive.
Chuknagar massacre, a forgotten GenocideGenocide1971-05-20BangladeshKhulnahttps://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/nation/2020/05/20/chuknaga-genocide-remembering-the-massacre-of-10-000-unarmed-people?War CrimesChuknagarThe Chuknagar massacre took place on May 20 when a Pakistan army contingent and their local cohorts – paramilitary razakars - unleashed an unbelievable terror on a sleepy rural hamlet in Khulna’s Dhumuria upazila.
On the day in 1971, not least than 10,000 people including men, women and children mostly belonging to Hindu community were slain by the Pakistani military and their collaborators. The forces sprayed bullets on them in broad daylight from light machine guns and semi-automatic rifles killing them on the spot within hours. The victims of the massacre hailed from Khulna, Bagerhat, Satkhira, Jessore and Gopalganj districts. They had assembled at Chuknagar, a small frontier business town under Dumuria upazila of Khulna district to flee to India through any available border route.
Riots in and aorund Moradabad from Aug to November 1980 killed 400Riot1980-08-13BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://goo.gl/7QcYM7Uttar PradeshThe 1980 Moradabad riot happened during August-November 1980. The root cause was the kidnap of a Dalit girl by Muslims. Situation escalated when Muslims pelted stones and murdered a local policeman for his refusal to remove a pig from the local Idgah on 13 August. The police responded with firing.
72 Hindus Massacred in Sikh Assaults on 3 BusesMassacre1987-07-07BharatHaryanahttps://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1987-07-07-mn-1643-story.htmlKhalistani TerrorismChandigarhSuspected Sikh terrorists today shot to death as many as 34 Hindus on two buses in Haryana state, less than 24 hours after 38 Hindus were killed by Sikhs on a bus in neighboring Punjab. The Haryana home secretary, Munish Chandra Gupta, said in a telephone interview that police reported 12 dead, but the United News of India later quoted police as putting the number killed at 34.
Today’s attack took place as the Haryana Roadways buses, apparently traveling together, were between Fatehabad and Sirsa, about 150 miles southwest of Chandigarh. “The modus operandi of the killings is the same as the one we had inside Punjab,” Gupta said.
In that attack Monday night, Sikh terrorists ambushed a bus outside Chandigarh and shot to death 38 Hindu pilgrims, including five women and four children; wounded 32 other people, and vowed to carry out more killings.
Moga Massacre: When 25 Swayamsevaks sacrificed their lives to Khalistani terrorists while defending the RSS flag 32 years agoMassacre1989-06-25BharatPunjabhttps://www.opindia.com/2021/06/moga-massacre-khalistani-terrorists-had-killed-25-swayamsevaks-in-1989/MogaKhalistani terrorists opened fire at RSS workers who were participating in the daily shakha conducted at Jawahar Lal Nehru Park in Punjab’s Moga district, killing 25 Swayamsevaks and leaving 35 members of RSS injured. A short while later, a powerful bomb, apparently planted by the Khalistani terrorists exploded in the park, which killed a couple and two policemen.
Murder of Sarvanand Kaul 'Premi', a Kashmiri Pandit school headmaster and popular litterateurMurder1990-05-01BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/why-did-terrorists-kill-my-father-kashmiri-pandit-poets-son-recalls-night-clock-stopped-ticking-for-him-1676956-2020-05-12Islamic TerrorismAnantnagOn May 1, 1990, 66-year-old 'Premi' and his younger son, Verinder, were gunned down in Anantnag, a day after being abducted from their village. Five days later, the grief-stricken Kaul family left Kashmir. Never to return.

May 1 is now observed by the Pandit community as Shaheedi Diwas, or Martyrdom Day. Thirty years on, Rajinder Kaul, eldest of his three sons, who's getting through with minimal resources, is now planning a mammoth mission, to re-publish his father's cherished work.
Kashmiri terrorists free Indian official held for 54 days
Abduction1991-08-20BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)https://www.upi.com/Archives/1991/08/20/Kashmiri-militants-free-Indian-official-held-for-54-days/8572682660800/Islamic TerrorismSrinagarMuslim militants in the northern Kashmir Valley released an Indian oil executive Tuesday night after authorities yielded to the kidnappers' demands to free eight Kashmiri rebels from prison, ending a 54-day hostage ordeal.
K. Doraiswamy, the executive director of the state-run Indian Oil Co. , was freed by the Muslim Brotherhood militant group about 10 p.m. after the government pledged to release a total of eight Kashmiri rebels from prison, a state official said.
Hindu leader killed in front of wife by CPI-M workersMurder1996-04-01BharatKeralahttp://goo.gl/uG6Yt5Political ViolenceKeralaBJP Kannur district general secretary Panniyanoor Chandran was killed while he was riding a motorbike along with his wife; the killers did not betray any mercy in killing the BJP leader brutally in front of his wife.
In the first-ever incident of its kind in Himachal, 35 persons gunned down and 11 injured in terror attackMassacre1998-08-03BharatHimachal Pradeshhttp://www.jammu-kashmir.com/archives/archives1998/98august02b.html
Islamic TerrorismChambaIn the first-ever incident of its kind in Himachal Pradesh, 35 persons were gunned down and 11 injured by suspected Jammu Chamba district - Kalaban and Shatrundi - in the early hours of Monday.
Chief secretary O P Yadav said the incident at Kalaban took place at 3 a.m. The same group of militants was believed to have struck at believed to be mostly labourers. Kalaban is about 30 km from the state's border with Jammu and Kashmir and the nearest road head from the village is 15 km away.
Official reports said the militants, who are suspected to have crossed over from Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir, first struck at a near Kalaban village where they fired with automatic weapons at labourers who were sleeping. Twenty-six of them were killed.
The militants are then believed to have gone to Shatrundi where too some labourers had camped for the night. After killing nine persons, they escaped under the cover of darkness. Unconfirmed reports said the militants first tied all the labourers in Kalaban to trees before killing them.

The district authorities came to know of the incident six hours after the incident when two of the injured, Naseerudin and Dhyan Singh, managed to reach the Mansa police station after undertaking a trek of 8 km. By that time, the militants might have crossed over to Doda. The militants are suspected to have targeted the labourers to disrupt the work on the Bairagarh-Shatrundi link road which would ultimately make the remote areas of Chamba accessible.

The militants are believed to take refuge in these remote areas during summers when the snow melts and also when security forces mount pressure on them in the neighboring state. Besides, the inhospitable terrain and the thick forest cover provide a perfect hideout for the militants.

Chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal, who was in to the two villages. He is reported to be in touch with Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah and suggested a joint operation to nab the militants. A unit of the Rashtriya Rifles, camping at Bhaderwah in the Doda region of Jammu and Kashmir, was being rushed to assist the Himachal Pradesh police.

President K R Narayanan and Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee condemned the killings by militants in Chamba district.

In a statement, the President said: "the hope the authorities would take all possible steps to stop this cold-blooded carnage and apprehend the culprits to ensure communal harmony." Condemning the incident as outrageous, the Prime Minister called upon the authorities to take sternest measures to deal with such elements who were out to disturb peace and harmony.

It may be recalled that militants had recently killed four persons from Himachal Pradesh who had gone to the neighboring Doda district to collect herbs. Their bodies were seen by a Gujjar who reported the matter to the police.

Only last week, the chief minister had informed the Himachal assembly that he had asked Union home minister L K Advani and Mr Abdullah states against the militants with the help of Central forces. Mr Dhumal had said that when snow melted, people living in the higher areas of Chamba moved to the plains in search of work.

Their empty houses were used by the militants from Jammu and Kashmir as hideouts. Red alert has been sounded in six districts of Jammu and Kashmir - Doda, Rajouri, Poonch, Udhampur, Kathua and Jammu following the massacres, inspector-general of police of Jammu zone Kuldeep Khuda said.
Hindu Youth Leader KT Jayakrishnan Killed by Communists while teaching in classMurder1999-12-01BharatKeralahttp://goo.gl/cBNbC2Political ViolenceKeralaBJP youth wing state vice president KT Jayakrishnan was hacked to death in a East Mokeri (Kannur) Upper Primary School classroom where he was teaching children. Before departing, the assailants left a threat on the blackboard warning the terrified children not to give evidence against them. Many of the traumatised children later needed years of psychological treatment.
Indiscriminate firing at Amarnath yatris in PahalgamMassacre2000-08-01BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)https://mea.gov.in/in-focus-article.htm?18987/Fact+Sheet+on+Jammu+amp+KashmirIslamic TerrorismPahalgamOn August 1, at about 1845 hours, two terrorist armed with AK rifles appeared near the foot bridge in Lidder Nallah in Pahalgam and started firing indiscriminately on Yatris (pilgrims or the annual Amarnath pilgrimage) and shopkeepers. In the firing by the terrorists resulting exchange of fire, 32 persons were killed, some on the spot (excluding 2 militants) of whom 20 were yatries (including 2 unidentified bodies), 10 were locals and 2 were police personnel. 42 persons sustained injuries (out of which 18 were locals).
Terrorist outfits struck on 21st July 2001 at Sheshnag Amarnath Yatri Camp, in Anantnag District. Massacre2001-07-21BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)https://mea.gov.in/in-focus-article.htm?18987/Fact+Sheet+on+Jammu+amp+KashmirIslamic TerrorismAnantnagTerrorist outfits struck in the wee hours of 21st July 2001 at Sheshnag Amarnath Yatri Camp, in Anantnag District. A grenade blast took place at 1.30 a.m. near Yatri Camp at Sheshnag. Police personnel headed by Dy. SP, Shri Praveen Kumar rushed to the spot and after half an hour another grenade blast took place followed by firing by a militant from a tent near the Yatra Camp. After the initial burst, the militant continued firing occasionally. The area was cordoned and segregated and at about 7 am one terrorist ran out of the tent firing indiscriminately. The intermittent firing by the terrorist resulted in the death of 6 pilgrims, 2 security personnel and 4 local civilians and injuries to 8 pilgrims, 5 security forces personnel and 2 local civilians. The security forces shot down the terrorist. The slain militant belongs to Lashkar-E-Toiba and 1 AK 56 rifle, 4 magazines and some ammunition were recovered from this person. He also had some incriminating document.
15 year Hindu girl Purnima gang raped by 25-30 MuslimsGangrape2001-10-08BangladeshSirajgunjhttp://goo.gl/v8nt3JSirajgunj15 year old Purnima Rani Shil was gang raped by 25-30 men, including BNP members. An armed gang attacked their house at night in East Delua village, Ullahpura thana, Sirajganj on 8 October. They beat her parents mercilessly when they tried to stop the men. Purnima was taken to a nearby place and gang raped by Altaf, Jalil, Mannan, Malek, Litton, Rezaul, Rauf, Hayven, Majnu, Asif, Momin, another Altaf, Bablu, Jaharul, Hossain, Yashin, Abdul & a few more.
Fidayeen attack on Jammu’s Raghunath temple on March 30, 2002, 12 people deadTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2002-03-30BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)https://www.tribuneindia.com/2002/20020331/main1.htmIslamic TerrorismJammuFidayeen attack occurred on 30 March 2002 when two suicide bombers attacked the temple. Eleven persons including three security personnel were killed and 20 were injured.[1] The attack occurred around 10:20 AM when the terrorists arrived and fired at the guards killing them on the spot. They then stormed the temple, threw a grenade and fired indiscriminately at the worshippers. After expending his ammunition one of the attackers who was wearing a suicide vest blew himself up.[2] Then Minister of State for External Affairs of India, Omar Abdullah, blamed Pakistan for the terrorist attacks on the Raghunath temple in Jammu and ruled out withdrawing troops from the border, saying Islamabad had done nothing to warrant it
Terror attack in Qasim Nagar kills 27 laborersMassacre2002-07-13BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)https://www.tribuneindia.com/2002/20020715/main2.htm

Islamic TerrorismRajiv NagarWith the help of the civil authorities, 27 persons, including 13 women and one child, who were killed in the terrorist strike in the Rajiv Nagar-Qasim Nagar locality yesterday night, were cremated at Jogi Ghat today.
The entire cremation ground was kept under a heavy security cover when the bodies were brought from the mortuary for mass cremation.
Labourers from the locality were present to perform the last rites and were inconsolable.
Those cremated included Gita Devi, Ram Das, Kundan, Kadi Devi, Subash, Chandni, Sunita, Jyoti, Nisha, Radhu, Sankhov, Deekus, Vijay, Ramesh, Dev Das, Santosh, Trado, Chanda, Sri Devi, Suneeta, Mahesh, Barsati, Rampu, Mousmi, Munna.
Several prominent citizens were also present when the bodies were consigned to the flames.
Meanwhile, a day after the gruesome incident, people in the locality were seen wailing for the dead while a number of labourers were moving to safer places.
According to Kaka Ram, an eyewitness to the carnage, more than three militants, in the guise of sadhus, sneaked into the locality near Qasim Nagar. One of them hurled a grenade, which was followed by indiscriminate firing.
Vicky Malhotra, another eyewitness, said a group of people praying in a temple in the locality were the first victims of the firing.
The rebels, equipped with assault rifles, showered bullets from a close range on women who were busy preparing supper and on those who had tuned in their transistor sets for listening to the commentary of the triangular series cricket final between India and England.

Before their guns fell silent, 23 persons had died on the spot. Two more succumbed to their injuries while being carried to hospital while two others died early this morning in Government Medical College.

According to doctors, of the 30 injured admitted to the hospital, the condition of five was still critical.

In a number of jhuggis, this correspondent found cooked food lying in pans as a majority of the people in the colony had not taken their supper. “We sweated in the day and my relations and friends bled in the night”, said Kaka Ram.
12 Persons killed in attack on Jammu's Raghunath temple and anotherMassacre2002-11-24BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Terrorists-attack-Jammu-temples-12-dead/articleshow/29444046.cmsIslamic TerrorismJammuTwelve persons were feared killed in fidayeen attacks on two temples located about 300 metres apart in Jammu. A CRPF constable and a militant were among those killed. After three hours of gun battle, security forces killed one of the terrorists in Raghunath temple. The exchange of fire however continued in the other temple.
24 Hindus killed in Nadimarg MassacreMassacre2003-03-23BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)https://www.hindupost.in/history/nadimarg-massacre-a-13-year-wait-for-justice/Islamic TerrorismNadimargIt was the final act of brutality which forced the remaining handful of Hindus to finally quit their ancestral homeland, giving a final stamp of completion to the religious cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits which had started in the autumn of 1989. On 23 March 2003, 3 heavily armed terrorists dragged out 24 Hindus – 11 men and an equal number of women and two toddlers – from different houses in the hamlet of Nadimarg in Pulwama district of J&K. The terrorists abused them as kafirs and then opened indiscriminate fire with automatic weapons. Many died on the spot. Some, though grievously injured, tried to flee. But to no avail. The killers disfigured the bodies of the victims, looted their houses and took away the ornaments from bodies of the dead women
Hindu priest killed by suspected Maoist in NepalCommunist Terrorism2005-05-05NepalRupandehi https://www.dawn.com/news/138110MurderButwalSuspected Maoists shot dead one of Nepal’s top Hindu priests on Friday as he chanted hymns before a sacred fire in what was believed to be the first such killing since the rebels took up arms in 1996, police said. Narayan Prasad Pokharel, chairman of the World Hindu Council-Nepal, was killed in Butwal in Rupandehi District in the southwestern Nepal by three to four attackers, police and state radio said.
However, they did not know why the 50-year-old priest had been targeted. “Maoist suspects shot dead the priest while he was performing a religious ceremony,” a police official said.
Mafia Mukhtar Ansari sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for murder of BJP MLA Krishnanand RaiMurder2005-11-29BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://navbharattimes.indiatimes.com/state/uttar-pradesh/ghazipur/mukhtar-ansari-and-afzal-ansari-court-verdict-today-live-update/articleshow/99859175.cms
Ghazipur On 29th April 2023, the MP-MLA court of Ghazipur sentenced mafia Mukhtar Ansari to 10 years in prison. Mukhtar Ansari will also have to pay a fine of Rs. 5 lakhs. The court will also pronounce the punishment for Mukhtar Ansari’s brother Afzal Ansari shortly. Government advocate Neeraj Srivastava represented the State. A case under Gangsters Act was registered against Afzal Ansari on the basis of the case registered against him in connection with the murder of BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai. Ansari was booked for his involvement in the kidnapping of Vishwa Hindu Parishad office-bearer and coal tycoon Nandkishore Rungta in 1996 and the murder of Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Krishnanand Rai in 2005. In 2007, a case was registered against the two brothers at Muhammadabad police station. Alka Rai, the wife of BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai, remarked just before this decision was pronounced. She said, “I believe in the judiciary. The era of goons, mafias is over. They will either stay in jail or perish.”
JMB asks Hindu Welfare Trust in Habiganj to stop its activitiesPersecution of Hindus2005-12-04BangladeshHabiganjhttps://bdnews24.com/politics/2005/12/04/jmb-asks-hindu-welfare-trust-in-habiganj-to-stop-its-activitiesHabibgunjThe Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) in a letter has asked the Hindu Welfare Trust to stop its activities in Habiganj district and implement the laws of Allah.
Habiganj, Dec 5 (BDNEWS) – The Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) in a letter has asked the Hindu Welfare Trust to stop its activities in Habiganj district and implement the laws of Allah.
The letter sent by post mentioned that assistant director of the Trust Sanjoy Kumar Pal and all his family members would be killed unless the Trust stops its activities. A piece of shroud was tagged with the letter that bore the sender's name as "JMB and Bangla Bhai."

Soon after receiving the letter, Sanjoy Kumar filed a general diary (GD) with the Habiganj thana seeking security for himself and his family members.
Death Penalty for 2006 Varanasi Blasts Convict Waliullah Khan after 16 yearsBombing2006-03-07BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.opindia.com/2022/03/the-uncanny-symmetry-between-the-2006-varanasi-bomb-blasts-and-the-2020-delhi-anti-hindu-riots/Islamic TerrorismVaranasiOne of the holiest cities of Hindus, Varanasi, came under the attack of Islamic terrorists. A series of bomb blasts took place in the city on 7 March 2006, leaving at least 28 dead and over 100 injured. A Pakistani terror outfit, Lashkar-e-Qahab, took responsibility for the attacks. The first bomb blast took place at the hallowed Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir that is located in the vicinity of the Banaras Hindu University. The location of the attack was specifically chosen presumably to inflict maximum damage and send a message to Hindus given that it was Tuesday, an auspicious day regarded by Hindus to worship Lord Hanuman. Hundreds of devotees had gathered in the temple in the evening to offer prayers when the bomb went off.
The explosives were planted near the temple’s gate, where women usually sat for worship. At 6:20 pm in the evening, when the temple was teeming with devotees, the bomb exploded, causing the death of 10 people while causing grievous injuries to at least 40 others. In 2022, the mastermind Waliullah Khan was sentenced to death by Ghaziabad court.
22 Hindus massacred in Doda
Bodies of 9 kidnapped from Udhampur found
Massacre2006-05-01BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)https://www.tribuneindia.com/2006/20060502/main1.htmIslamic TerrorismDodaIn a pre-dawn attack, terrorists raided seven hamlets around Kulhand village in Doda district and massacred 22 Hindu men, women and children.

Eleven persons were wounded and nine of them were flown to the medical college here for treatment. The police confirmed the killing of 19 persons. The jungle nearby was being combed, from where bodies of some persons trying to flee were recovered.

Police sources said nine more bodies of Hindus, who were kidnapped from Basantgarh in Udhampur district yesterday, were spotted near Lolan Gala.

Reports said a group of heavily armed terrorists belonging to the Lashkar-e-Toiba in combat uniform asked residents of these hamlets to come out of their houses around 2.30 am and divided them on the basis of religion.

They were taken to the house of Jagdish Lal Bhagat in Goila hamlet and shot dead. Several persons tried to escape, but were fired upon indiscriminately by the militants.

By the time Army and police personnel reached the village in the morning, the terrorists fled.

Villagers carried the injured to the district hospital at Doda as the village was a three-hour trek from the road.
Suspected Christian fanatics broke into a small Hindu temple in Daringbadi in Odisha’s Kandhamal districtTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2008-06-07BharatOdishahttps://www.firstpost.com/long-reads/8-years-after-swami-laxmanananda-saraswatis-killing-kandhamal-is-still-a-ticking-time-bomb-2-3274766.htmlKandhmalOn the night of 7 June 2008, suspected Christian fanatics broke into a small Hindu temple in Daringbadi in Odisha’s Kandhamal district. The 'Ma Bana Durga' temple, which the locals say was at least 50 years old, was just a shrine under a tree till two months earlier when a proper brick-and-mortar structure was created around it. This was the second time the shrine/temple had suffered damage; earlier also, in 2007, when clashes erupted between two main ethnic groups of Kandhamal – the Panos (a Scheduled Caste community, a majority of them converted to Christianity) and the Kandha tribals (most of them converted to Hinduism), the shrine was vandalised.
Shashikumar, a Bajrang Dal member hacked him to death in the salon over alleged relationship with a Muslim girlMurder2008-07-12BharatKarnatakahttps://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/abid-pasha-mysuru-murders-revelations-religious-leaning-carpenter-bajrang-dal-2991215/Islamic TerrorismMysuruPasha was allegedly a central figure in murder of Shashikumar, a Bajrang Dal member who owned a hairdresser’s salon in Mysuru and was in an alleged relationship with a Muslim girl. A gang hacked him to death in the salon on July 12, 2008. The then BJP government ordered a CID probe but the case remained unsolved until Pasha’s arre
Murshidabad beheading: Hindu husband beheaded by Muslim girl's familyMurder2008-07-14BharatWest Bengalhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Murshidabad_beheadingWest BengalShailendra Prasad, a native of Bihar worked as a construction labourer in Mumbai, where Munira worked as a maid servant. They fell in love and married in 2006. Munira came from an orthodox village, where a shalishi court had fined her father Ansari Sheikh a sum of two hundred rupees for sending his daughter to work in Mumbai
2008 Ahmedabad blasts case: 38 convicts get death sentence, life imprisonment to 11Islamic Terrorism2008-07-28BharatGujarathttps://hindupost.in/law-policy/2008-ahmedabad-blasts-case-38-convicts-get-death-sentence-life-imprisonment-to-11/AhmedabadA special court on Friday awarded death sentence to 38 convicts and life imprisonment to 11 in Ahmedabad serial blasts case in which 56 persons were killed and over 200 injured in 2008. The court sentenced 38 of the 49 convicts to death under provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) and Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. The 11 others were sentenced to life in jail till death.
Judge A R Patel also awarded compensation of Rs one lakh each to those killed in the blasts, and Rs 50,000 for each victim with serious injuries and Rs 25,000 each for those with minor ones. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 2.85 lakh each on the 49 convicts.
Swami Lakshmanand and his disciples brutally assassinated in their ashramMurder2008-08-23BharatOdishahttps://swarajyamag.com/politics/when-will-swami-lakshmananandas-killers-be-brought-to-justiceLeft Wing/Evangelical TerrorismKandhmalOn the evening of 23 August, 2008, Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, a much-revered Hindu leader of Kandhamal, was killed in his quarters in his ashram in Jalespata. It was the day of the Hindu festival of Janmashtami, and the evening celebrations were about to begin for which a pandal had been erected on the ashram grounds. Around 20 masked men, wearing black uniforms, kicked the gate open and headed straight towards Saraswati’s quarters, opening fire. As he heard the gunshots, Saraswati locked himself in the bathroom adjacent to his room. The gunmen broke into his room and killed two of his associates: Ma Bhaktimayi and Kishore Babu. Then they tore through the bathroom door and fired at Saraswati.
Another associate of Saraswati, Baba Amritananda, was shot dead in the adjacent room. One of the guardians of a girl student who happened to be in the guest room, Puranjan Gaunta, was killed as well.
The Kanya Ashram housed 130 girls on the day of the Janmashtami festival and many of the girls were eyewitnesses to the crime.
Right wing activists Ashok Pai and Ramesh brutally attackedMurder2009-06-09BharatKarnatakahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/islamist-radical-murdered-8-including-bjps-k-raju-other-hindu-activists/Islamic TerrorismMysuruPasha’s gang allegedly attacked Pai, an employee of Vikranth Tyre factory, and a colleague, Ramesh, while they were riding a two-wheeler on June 9, 2009. Ramesh died while Pai, who was the target according to police, escaped with injuries.
3 Muslims gang rape 17 year Hindu girlGangrape2009-06-15BharatGujarathttps://goo.gl/Ts0fHaGujaratSurat police arrested three Muslims - Shahid Saiyad and Tarik Saiyad (both sons of policemen), and Abu Bakar who kidnapped and gang raped a school girl in the city
Abid Pasha gang attacked V Giridhar, president of the BJP’s Mysuru Yuva MorchaPhysical Assault2009-07-03BharatKarnatakahttps://citytoday.news/no-safety-for-hindus-in-karnataka-giridhar/Islamic TerrorismMysuruFollowing communal clashes in 2009 over a dispute between a masjid and a temple over a piece of land at Kyathamaranahalli, Mysuru, the gang of Abid Pasha attacked V Giridhar, then president of the BJP’s Mysuru Yuva Morcha, that July. Giridhar was seriously injured and was in hospital for 41 days. “The gang of communal elements targeted BJP leaders to disturb the BJP government,” said Giridhar, now state secretary of the BJP’s SC Morcha.
ACP & constable stabbed in violent protest by PFI jihadistsAttack on Police / Government Representatives2009-07-10BharatKarnatakahttp://www.newindianexpress.com/states/karnataka/article93127.eceMysuruMysore witnessed a fresh wave of violence on Thursday after a protest march by Popular Front of India (PFI) and allied Muslim groups turned violent in the city.
ACP A K Suresh and a constable received stab wounds while a photographer was seriously hurt in the violence.
The Mysore – Bangalore Road remained cut-off for about three hours near Tipu Circle as protesters went berserk.
More than 150 protesters were arrested.
Trouble started when PFI and Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD) activists gathered near the Fountain Circle to condemn the arrests of their members. When the police asked protesters to vacate, the crowd disregarding the warnings, advanced, shouting slogans against the police. The Rapid Action Force (RAF) was summoned to the spot to restrain the 2,000-member strong crowd.
During the ensuing clash, Narasimharaja Mohalla ACP A K Suresh received a stab injury on his face. Miscreants also grievously injured constable Mahesh attached to the V V Puram police station.

Lensman Madhusudan sustained head injuries during the stone pelting. All three have been shifted to various hospitals.

The situation was brought under control after RAF lobbed teargas shells and opened fire in the air. Earlier, there was panic when miscreants pelted stones on shops on Ashoka Road.
The murtis of Hanuman, Sita-Ram and Laxman at the Hanuman temple located in Malsai Madhi village of Thana Gangiri were broken and thrown out of the temple by unknown miscreants on Sunday night. The murtis kept in the other four temples have also been broken. On Monday morning, when the villagers found broken murtis in the temple, the people of the village got enraged. Reacting to the situation, CO Charra Shubendu Singh and SDM Atrauli Mahima Singh explained to the villagers that by Tuesday, new murtis will be installed in place of all the broken ones in the temple. On behalf of the Pujari, a complaint was given against the unknown for breaking the murtis in the temple. Later, SP Rural Palash Bansal said that Umesh, a resident of the village, had a dispute with the Pujari of the temple in the night, after which he angrily damaged the murtis. The police have taken the youth into custody.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2010-01-20BharatKarnatakahttps://www.hindujagruti.org/news/8605.htmlBagalkotPolice today lathicharged a crowd during a protest organised by Hindu outfits against desecration of Murits in a temple by some unidentified persons in Guledagudda in the district today, officials said.

Police said one Murit was desecrated and another from the same temple removed and placed in a place of worship of another community (Muslims) by "mischievous elements".

No one was injured in the lathicharge, police said, adding, six protesters were taken into custody.

Prohibitory orders have been clamped in the town for today as tension prevailed, but the situation was under control, police said.
Attempt to kill advocates Shanti Prasad Hegde and Jagadish Shenava by PFI activist Abid Pasha
Physical Assault2010-05-05BharatKarnatakahttps://starofmysore.com/mastermind-behind-murder-series-finally-arrested/Islamic TerrorismMysuruA team of the district crime intelligence bureau (DCIB), headed by inspector, H N Venkatesh Prasanna, nabbed Mohammed Iqbal (30), and Altaf (22), for plotting to kill two Hindu lawyers, as a revenge for the killing of lawyer, Naushad Kashimji, last year. The arrests were made on Wednesday May 5.
The two have been accused of hatching a conspiracy to murder lawyers, Jagadish Shenava from the city, who is associated with the Sangh Parivar, and Shantiprasad Hegde from Moodbidri. Some arms were recovered from the possession of the arrested men.
Two students Sudeendra and Vignesh, killed by Islamists gangMurder2011-06-11BharatKarnatakahttps://www.deccanherald.com/content/170708/shadowy-outfit-cadres-killed-hunsur.htmlIslamic TerrorismChikkaballapur On June 11, 2011, Sudeendra and Vignesh, two students of Mahajana College from Hunsur town, were brutally killed near Chikkaballapur after their parents declined to pay a ransom of Rs 5 crore. Bengaluru CCB police had arrested six persons while Pasha was absconding. Disclosing details of the sensational twin murder, state Home Minister R Ashoka said the six KFD suspects who were arrested on the charge of murdering the two students—Sudheendra and Vignesh—executed the abduction plan to raise funds for their organisation.
Minor girl from WB raped by 4 - Muhammad Shareef, Muhammad Salid, N.I. Jamsheer, Biju Gangrape2011-12-23BharatKeralahttp://goo.gl/J57xoqKeralaThe victim, from a village in Murshidabad district in WB, along with her two relatives was waiting at a bus stop at Perumbadi, near Virajpet in Karnataka, on the night of December 23, 2011 to board a bus for Kannur when they were offered a lift in a mini-lorry by the accused. They drove to an isolated area and pushed out the girl’s relatives and gang-raped her.
17-year-old gangraped for 10 days by 5 Muslims.Rape / Sexual Assault2012-01-12BharatWest Bengalhttp://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/Accused-ransack-rape-victims-house/articleshow/12027450.cms?West Bengal17 year-old school girl abducted and gangraped by 5 - Gopal Khan, Monohar Khan, Sattar Khan, Laltu Sk and Raju Sk. The girl was was confined in a dark room and raped repeatedly over 10 days. Over a month after the rape, the victim's father Jalal Mullick lodged a complaint on February 17, after the traumatized girl broke down and spoke of her ordeal to her family.
35-year-old widow travelling with 11-year-old daughter.dragged out of train at gunpoint and gang-raped by Farid Seikh, Kalam Seikh and 6 others near the tracks. Rape / Sexual Assault2012-02-25BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/niEo6nWest Bengala 35-year-old widow travelling with her 11-year-old daughter, was dragged out of the Katwa-Ahmedpur local at gunpoint and gang-raped by Muslim criminals at a deserted place near the tracks. All five accused in this case, that was dubbed "sajano ghatona (concocted incident)" by CM Mamata Banerjee, were acquitted by fast-track court judge Kazi Abul Hasseon November 27 2015. http://goo.gl/0qASPn
Muslim man kills Hindu parents for refusing to allow marriage with daughterMurder2012-04-06BharatWest Bengalhttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/Girl-arrested-for-killing-parents/articleshow/12552099.cmsChinsurahPolice on Wednesday night arrested Mousumi Sarkar , 22, was arrested on Wednesday night for having plotted the murder of her parents along with her fiance. in connection with the murder of her parents. The girl had plotted with her fiance Rippon to kill her parents as they had opposed to their marriage. her desire to marry for killing her parents as they opposed her wish to marry her fiance. Mousumi was produced in a Chinsurah court on Thursday and sent to her to jail for 14 days of jail custody. The court had earlier turned down her bail plea. Mousumi was her parents' only child. She wanted to marry Sk Moidul Alam alias Rippon, her classmate at Burdwan Raj College . Her parents did not approve of their relationship. An angry Mousumi thus told Rippon to "teach her parents a lesson". The youth allegedly hired four goons from Howrah and promised to pay them Rs 30,000 if they killed Mousumi's parents. On the night of March 18, the goons murdered Mousumi's father Mohit Sarkar a retired Army officer and her mother Lata. Though police immediately arrested Rippon and Rajesh Verma , - an extortionist at the Howrah's Mullickbazar market - they chose not to arrest Mousumi then. They did so only last night.
Rebel Marxist leader T.P Chandrasekharan was hacked to death by CPI-M goonsMurder2012-05-04BharatKeralahttps://goo.gl/fFhQCiKerala51-year-old Chandrasekharan was attacked by assailants while he was riding a motorcycle alone after participating in a wedding. Country-made bombs were hurled at him and he was hacked to death with sharp weapons mainly focusing on his face.
Armyman's wife raped by cab driver Mumtaz Khan in KolkattaRape / Sexual Assault2012-06-09BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/wmBDweWest BengalThe 26 year old wife of an Armyman and a mother of two, was raped by cab driver Mumtaz Khan who was assisted by another driver Habib Rahman.
Vishal Kumar, a bright 19-year old ABVP activist murdered by Islamists in Kerala Murder2012-07-17BharatKeralahttps://www.opindia.com/2020/07/vishal-kumar-19-year-old-abvp-activist-murdered-by-islamists-in-kerala-campus-front-of-india-pfi/AlappuzhaOn the 17th of July, 2012 Vishal Kumar, a 19-year old ABVP karyakarta, was murdered in Kerala by goons associated with the Campus Front of India. He was one of the three ABVP karyakartas who suffered injuries during the unprovoked attack on them. The said attack occurred the previous day during the welcome to the first-year graduation students by the ABVP unit of the Chengannur Christian College at Alappuzha district.
Reportedly, things were going on smoothly until a group of Muslims from outside came to the college gate and started abusing the ABVP and Goddess Saraswati. Vishal Kumar was among the indivudlals who attempted to diffuse the tension. However, all of a sudden, the group of Muslims started attacking them with knives, daggers and other such weapons.
The police later arrested one Ansar Faizal in connection with the murder. Nazeem, the college unit secretary of the Campus Front, and Shafeeque, a Popular Front sympathiser, were also arrested in connection with the gruesome incident. Five years later, as per reports, a chargesheet was finally filed in the matter. 20 person were indicted in the incident.
Hindus' houses looted, torched in DinajpurPersecution of Hindus2012-08-04BangladeshDinajpurhttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2012/08/04/hindus-houses-looted-torched-in-dinajpurChirirbandar Zealots set on fire at least 20 houses belonging to Hindus and looted their valuables following a dispute over building a mosque in the minority community-dominated area at Chirirbandar upazila in Dinajpur district on Saturday. The incident took place at Rajapur village under Amarpur union council and its adjacent Majpara village under Abdulpur union council at 10am, although Section 144 had been in force in apprehension of deterioration of law and order situation in the area.
Eight people have so far been arrested for their alleged involvement in the arson attack and vandalism. However, the locals have blamed none other than the UNO himself for allegedly instigating the attack.
Dinajpur Deputy Commissioner (DC) Jamal Uddin told bdnews24.com: "A lot of people gathered suddenly and launched the attack. But no incident like killing took place as the law enforcers were ready."
Muslim mob ravaged Buddha park, attacked bystanders and media in LucknowRiot2012-08-18BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/tlWnozUttar PradeshViolence erupted after Alvida namaz (on the last Friday of Ramzan) in Lucknow as a mob indulged in large-scale violence, targeting mediapersons and bystanders who were caught unawares. They damaged several Buddha statues at Buddha Park. Jamiatul Ulema Hind had organized the 'protest' against the "atrocities on Muslims in Assam and Myanmar".
A 62-year-old Hindu doctor was beaten to death by Sheikh Jamaluddin and Sirajul Islam -illegal Bangladeshi immigrantsMurder2012-09-05BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/CTlg5WWest BengalBikash Bondhu Mullick was attending to his patients in his chamber when the two youths – Sheikh Jamaluddin and Sirajul Islam – started a drunken brawl outside his chamber. Mullick went out and found the duo passing lewd comments at the teenage daughter of his neighbour. Mullick protested against the duo’s behaviour, who then brutally assaulted and killed him
Shruti Menon murdered by her boyfriend Azeem and her mother also stabbedMurder2012-09-23BharatTamil Naduhttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/coimbatore/Jilted-lover-stabs-classmate-to-death-commits-suicide/articleshow/16511015.cmsCoimbatoreA 21-year-old youth, jilted by love, killed himself on Saturday evening after stabbing his classmate to death and burning her body using kerosene. The victim's 48-year-old mother, Latha Menon , is now battling for life at a private hospital after sustaining more than nine stab injuries when she tried to protect her daughter. The incident occurred at Thoppil Nagar, a residential area in Vadavalli on the Coimbatore-Maruthamalai Road. The deceased girl was identified as Sruthi Menon
Eight to die for Biswajit murder, 13 get lifeMurder2012-12-09BangladeshDhakahttp://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2013/12/18/eight-to-die-for-biswajit-murderJagannatg UniversityBiswajit was hacked to death by Bangladesh Chhatra League activists on Dec 9 last year near the Bahadur Shah Park in Old Dhaka during a strike called by the BNP-led 18-Party alliance. Case investigation officer Tajul Islam submitted the chargesheet against 21 people on Mar 5, three months after the murder. Eight of the accused had been arrested while other 13 are still absconding. Witnesses deposed that several handmade bombs went off when an anti-blockade procession of JnU Chhatra League unit on Dec 9 reached the northern side of the Bahadur Shah Park. Chhatra League activists from the procession chased Biswajit and attacked him. Tajul Islam, who was the final investigation officer (IO) in the murder case, told the court, “Chhatra League activists from the procession shouted ‘grab him, grab him’ and chased Biswajit up to the Intensive Dental Care’s first floor. There, accused Shakil, Yunus and Rajon slashed him with machetes and swords.”
“Then he was brought to the ground floor where the other accused including Emdad, Nahid and Kaium beat him with metal rods and sticks.” Biswajit tried to run away despite serious injuries, but fell down at Shankharibazar lane, rickshaw puller Ripon Sarker said in his deposition. Sarker had rushed him to the Mitford Hospital in critical condition where doctors declared him dead. During his deposition, Sarker also identified the arrested eight of the 21 suspects in the murder case.

Two other witnesses, transport workers Yusuf Bepari and Abdur Razzaq also identified one of the suspects, Rafiqul Islam Shakil in court.

They said they surely saw Shakil hacking at Biswajit with a machete.
Muslim political activist shoots dead West Bengal copMurder2013-02-13BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/fVOSgdWest BengalSheikh Suhan, an active member of the TMC, was caught on camera firing at the Sub Inspector Tapas Chowdhury,
More than 200 Hindu homes torched and looted in four villages in BangladeshArson2013-02-18BharatNaliakhali, Herobhanga, Gopalpur and Goladogra in South 24 Parganas District.http://www.chakranews.co m/muslims-torch-and-loot- 200-hindu-homes-in-west- bengal/3645Naliakhali, Herobhanga, Gopalpur and Goladogra in South 24 Parganas District.More than 200 Hindu homes torched and looted in four villages. Almost two dozen Hindu shops fully damaged and looted in Joynagar police station area.The headmaster of a local school reportedly incited the mob, and soon Hindu homes began to be attacked from the early hours of February 19. 2 police vehicles destroyed & some policemen seriously injured.
Shibir-Jamaat activists attacked around 2 pm after the verdict, setting fire to 8 houses and vandalising and looting 46, vandaisin15 shops and 7 temples incuding arson and smshing Murits, stole gold, injured 50 people.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-02-28BangladeshBainbari, Napitbari, Aladinnagar, Kalirhat, ChayaniAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Protom Alo, and Ittefaq newspapersBainbari, Napitbari, Aladinnagar, Kalirhat, ChayaniShibir-Jamaat activists attacked around 2 pm after the verdict, setting fire to 8 houses and vandalising and looting 46, vandaisin15 shops and 7 temples incuding arson and smshing Murtis, stole gold, injured 50 people.
Jamaat-Shibir activists reported to have vandalized and torched several Hindu houses and a temple leaving six minor injured at Begumganj upazila.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-02-28BangladeshBegumganjhttp://www.banglanews24. com/English/detailsnews.p hp?nssl=8acb8082f029fa1a 362d7fbff1caaae5&nttl=03 03201365136ArsonBegumganjJamaat-Shibir activists reported to have vandalized and torched several Hindu houses and a temple leaving six minor injured at Begumganj upazila.
Temple attacked, 1 Murti vandalised.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-02-28BangladeshBrahmanpara, ComillaAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Protom Alo newspaperBrahmanpara, ComillaTemple attacked, 1 Murti vandalised.
Attacks on 2 Temples and 1 Ashram.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-02-28BangladeshCanshat ChapainawbaganjAi o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Ali of 24/3/13Canshat ChapainawbaganjAttacks on 2 Temples and 1 Ashram.
Jamaat- Shibir activists reported to have atacked 1 house, 5 shops and 2 Temples.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-02-28BangladeshChandragonj BazarAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Bhorer Kagoj SamakalPhysical AssaultChandragonj BazarJamaat- Shibir activists reported to have atacked 1 house, 5 shops and 2 Temples.
Jamaat -Shibir Activists reported to have set fire to 30 residences, 40 shops looted and vandalised and 3 Temples, 15 people injured and 1 killed.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-02-28BangladeshDhoppara South, Jaldi, Gunagari Banskhali, ChittagongAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Protom Alo, Samakal and Sangbad newspapersArsonDhoppara South, Jaldi, Gunagari Banskhali, ChittagongJamaat -Shibir Activists reported to have set fire to 30 residences, 40 shops looted and vandalised and 3 Temples, 15 people injured and 1 killed.
Jamaat-Shibir men reportedly attacked a Temple and vandalised. A case has been filed.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-02-28BangladeshGopalpur Chigrikhali, Morelgonj, Bagerhat,Ain o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo, Jugantor and SamakalGopalpur Chigrikhali, Morelgonj, Bagerhat,Jamaat-Shibir men reportedly attacked a Temple and vandalised. A case has been filed.
Jamaat-Shibir men reportedly set fire at stalk of hay, 14 houses and vandalised business establishments.Arson2013-02-28BangladeshMoheshpur, Khansama, Cirirbanda, Dinazpur SadarAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Bhorer Kagoj 4.3.13
Sangbad 4.3.13
Prothom Alo 24.3.13
Moheshpur, Khansama, Cirirbanda, Dinazpur SadarJamaat-Shibir men reportedly set fire at stalk of hay, 14 houses and vandalised business establishments.
Attackers set fire to 30 housesand a Kali templeTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-02-28BangladeshRajganj Bazar,Noakhalihttp://www.reuters.com/art icle/2013/02/28/us- bangladesh-tribunal- idUSBRE91R0AN20130228ArsonRajganj Bazar,NoakhaliAttackers set fire to 30 houses in which 76 families were living.They also set fire to a Kali temple. And Bdnews 24 says Hindu temples at Rajganj Bazar,Thakur Barhi and Bainnabarhi areas were vandalised after Shibir/Jamaat procession. BBC said: Police reported that a Hindu temple and houses belonging to Hindu families had been attacked in Noakhali. AFP also reported attacks on Hindu homes.
Attackers vandalised a Hindu temple at Pingjour village at Chingrekhali union.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-02-28BangladeshRamchandrapur Unionhttp://bdnews24.com/bang ladesh/2013/03/02/bagerh at-barisal-hindu-temples- set-ablazeRamchandrapur UnionAttackers vandalised a Hindu temple at Pingjour village at Chingrekhali union.
Dumuria Sharbajaneen temple in the Ramchandrapur Union set on fire. Ain o Shalish Kendro says two houses were torched and a worship pavilion and adds 1/2 March in Morelganj, Bagerhat a temple was set on fire according to Ittefak 7.3.13.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-01BangladeshBagherhathttp://dev- bd.bdnews24.com/details. php?id=241410&cid=2ArsonBagheratDumuria Sharbajaneen temple in the Ramchandrapur Union set on fire. Ain o Shalish Kendro says two houses were torched and a worship pavilion and adds 1/2 March in Morelganj, Bagerhat a temple was set on fire according to Ittefak 7.3.13.
Reports from Barisal said attackers damaged and torched Murtis at Sarbajanin Durga Mandir in Boradi-Garangal village of Nalchira union under Gournadi upazila. Police said another Hindu temple at Nalcira union at Gauranadi upazila of Barisal was set on fire in the early hours. Mayor and lawmaker visited the area. Case has been filed. 8 Murtis were vandalised and the temple set on fire.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-01BangladeshBarisalhttp://www.newagebd.co m/detail.php?date=2013- 0303&nid=41737#.UVyRU
ArsonBarisalReports from Barisal said attackers damaged and torched Murtis at Sarbajanin Durga Mandir in Boradi-Garangal village of Nalchira union under Gournadi upazila. Police said another Hindu temple at Nalcira union at Gauranadi upazila of Barisal was set on fire in the early hours. Mayor and lawmaker visited the area. Case has been filed. 8 Murtis were vandalised and the temple set on fire.
Set fire to a house of Nitish Chandra Das and two Temples.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-01BangladeshCharsita Municipality, Ramgati, LaxmipurAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo Samakal 3..3.13
Prothom Alo 24.3.13
ArsonCharsita Municipality, Ramgati, LaxmipurSet fire to a house of Nitish Chandra Das and two Temples.
Hindu statue vandalised in Kashimpur. Ai o Shalish Kendro says recently temple authority set up the Murtis of Saraswati for one year but some unidentified people vandalized the Murti and damaged shed.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-01BangladeshGazipurhttp://archive.thedailystar. net/newDesign/news- details.php?nid=271161GazipurHindu statue vandalised in Kashimpur. Ai o Shalish Kendro says recently temple authority set up the Murtis of Saraswati for one year but some unidentified people vandalized the Murti and damaged shed.
Miscreants set fire to Hindu temples at midnight.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-01BangladeshPurbodhola, NetrokonaAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo and Samakal 3..3.13.ArsonPurbodhola, NetrokonaMiscreants set fire to Hindu temples at midnight.
Some unidentified people set fire after the prayer at around 3 am. One temple was torched. A case has been filed.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-02BangladeshAliganj Bazar, Hizla, Barisal.Ain o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo 4.3.13.ArsonAliganj Bazar, Hizla, Barisal.Some unidentified people set fire after the prayer at around 3 am. One temple was torched. A case has been filed.
Bagerhat, Barisal Hindu temples set ablazeTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-02BangladeshBagerhat and Rajshahihttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2013/03/02/bagerhat-barisal-hindu-temples-set-ablazeBagerhat and RajshahiTwo Hindu temples in Bagerhat and Rajshahi were set on fire on Saturday as supporters of the Jamaat-e-Islami continued to target minorities following the death verdict on their leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee.
“We heard that the Dumuria Sharbajaneen temple in the Ramchandrapur Union has been set on fire. We are going to the spot,” Morelganj upazila local Officer in-Charge Mohammad Aslam Uddin told bdnews24.com.

He said the residences of Narayan Chandra Basu Chowdhury, President of Awami League’s Banogram Union unit and Taposh Sen of Barurbula village under the same union were also set ablaze.

Police blamed Jamaat-Shibir for hate attacks on Hindu households and shops in southern Chittagong and Noakhali on Thursday, soon after Sayadee's death verdict was announced.
Activists set on fire a Temple using petrol and torch it.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-02BangladeshChandragonj BazarAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo and SangbadArsonChar Ababil, Gaiyerchar Raypur, LaxmipurActivists set on fire a Temple using petrol and torch it.
100 young men holding banners in support of Jamaat looted and damaged four shops in Satkania near Chittagong and vandalised a Hindu temple in the village. Also Niti Media says mob set fire to a Buddhist temple at Satkania upazila.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-02BangladeshSatkania near Chittagonghttps://www.niticentral.co m/2013/03/02/jamaat- terrorises-bangladesh- hindus-burn-6-temples- 51497.html and Daily Star on Satkhania attack 5/3/13 http://www.thedailystar.ne t/beta2/news/jamaat- continues-attacking- hindus/Satkania near Chittagong100 young men holding banners in support of Jamaat looted and damaged four shops in Satkania near Chittagong and vandalised a Hindu temple in the village. Also Niti Media says mob set fire to a Buddhist temple at Satkania upazila.
Attack on temple vandalises MurtisTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-03BangladeshEnyatpur Betil Halderpara, Rupsa Kandapara, Gopinathpur, Belkuchi, Ullahpara,SirajganjAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak Jugantor 5.3.13
Prothom Alo 24.3.13
Enyatpur Betil Halderpara, Rupsa Kandapara, Gopinathpur, Belkuchi, Ullahpara,SirajganjAttack on temple vandalises Murtis
The miscreants vandalised the Kali mandir at around 10pm & set fire. A case has been filed.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-03BangladeshHaldia, Goalimadra, Manipara, Lowhagonj, MunshiganjAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Jugantor
5.3.13 Samakal 6.3.13
Prothom Alo 24.3.13
Haldia, Goalimadra, Manipara, Lowhagonj, MunshiganjThe miscreants vandalised the Kali mandir at around 10pm & set fire. A case has been filed.
Attacks on houses of Hindu minority.Physical Assault2013-03-03BangladeshJaldhaka, NilphamariAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak 5.3.13Jaldhaka, NilphamariAttacks on houses of Hindu minority.
Jamaat-Shibir men reportedly led attacked on Bijoy Das’s house. He is under open sky with his family.Physical Assault2013-03-03BangladeshJhalokatiAin o Shalish Kendro auoting Sangbad 5.3.13Kesobpur, Baufal.PatuakhaliJamaat-Shibir men reportedly led attacked on Bijoy Das’s house. He is under open sky with his family.
Unidentified miscreants set fire to a arch which was built for a religious programme.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-03BangladeshKachua, ChandpurAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Sangbad 3.3.13Kachua, ChandpurUnidentified miscreants set fire to a arch which was built for a religious programme.
Six people including a Jamaat leader were arrested on charges of torching a temple in Lakhirpar area of Kotalipara on March 3.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-03BangladeshLakhirpar area of Kotaliparahttp://www.thedailystar.ne t/beta2/news/two-more- temples-vandalised/ArsonLakhirpar area of KotaliparaSix people including a Jamaat leader were arrested on charges of torching a temple in Lakhirpar area of Kotalipara on March 3.
Attack on temple vandalises MurtisTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-03BangladeshSoaid, Singra, NatoreAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo 6/3/13
Ittefak 6.3.13
Soaid, Singra, NatoreAttack on temple vandalises Murtis
Set fire to temple, later locals doused the blaze. Set fire to a house.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-04BangladeshDamodpur, Sadullahpur, GaibandhaAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo Samakal 3.3.13ArsonDamodpur, Sadullahpur, GaibandhaSet fire to temple, later locals doused the blaze. Set fire to a house.
Temple set on fire.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-04BangladeshGuthua, Uzirpur, Banaripaga, BislaraAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo 6/3/13
Ittefak 6.3.13
ArsonGuthua, Uzirpur, Banaripaga, BislaraTemple set on fire.
Attackers set fire to a temple of goddess Kali on Monday around 7:45pm.The fire partially gutted the temple and destroyed four Murtis of the goddess.The arson instantly drew protests in the area. Ain o Shalish Kendro says a case has been filed.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-04BangladeshLakhirpar village under Kotalipara upazila
in Gopalganj
http://www.thedailystar.ne t/beta2/news/jamaat- continues-attacking- hindus/ArsonLakhirpar village under Kotalipara upazila
in Gopalganj
Attackers set fire to a temple of goddess Kali on Monday around 7:45pm.The fire partially gutted the temple and destroyed four Murtis of the goddess.The arson instantly drew protests in the area. Ain o Shalish Kendro says a case has been filed.
Set fire to temple. Case filed.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-04BangladeshMadhapur Bazar Bawfal, PutuakhaliAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo 6.3.13Madhapur Bazar Bawfal, PutuakhaliSet fire to temple. Case filed.
Temple vandalised and torched. Janakantha report published on 5/3/13 said attackers vandalised and torched the Monipara Kali Mandir at Goalimandra village of Louhajang upazila during hartal hours.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-04BangladeshMunshiganjhttp://www.thedailystar.ne t/beta2/news/temples-still- under-attack/ArsonMunshiganjTemple vandalised and torched. Janakantha report published on 5/3/13 said attackers vandalised and torched the Monipara Kali Mandir at Goalimandra village of Louhajang upazila during hartal hours.
Set fire to Dulal Dutta’s temple.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-04BangladeshPilangkathi Nalcira, Gowrandi, BarisalAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak 5.3.13ArsonPilangkathi Nalcira, Gowrandi, BarisalSet fire to Dulal Dutta’s temple.
In Chittagong, Hindu temple Sarbajaneen Magadeshwari Mandir at East Rupkania of Satkania upazila was torched. Bdnews24 said
Khetrapal Temple set on fire around 3:30am and the Murti vandalised and money taken from donnation box.
Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-04BangladeshSatkania upazila, Chittagonghttp://bdnews24.com/bang ladesh/2013/03/05/temple- torched-in-ctgArsonSatkania upazila, ChittagongIn Chittagong, Hindu temple Sarbajaneen Magadeshwari Mandir at East Rupkania of Satkania upazila was torched. Bdnews24 said
Khetrapal Temple set on fire around 3:30am and the Murti vandalised and money taken from donnation box.
Attacks on temples.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-04BangladeshShalabari, Mirtiripara and Shelnari SirajgonjAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Jugantor 5.3.13Shalabari, Mirtiripara and Shelnari SirajgonjAttacks on temples.
Jamaat-Shibir men led attackon a Temple and vandalised.Think this is the same attack reported by Ain o Shalish Kendro on Aliallanga Mohalla, Chapainawabganj where miscreants torched puja mandop and stole Murtis and attacked an ashram.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-04BangladeshShibganj, ChapainawbgonjAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak
5.3.13 Prothom Alo
24.3.13 and Sangbad 5.3.13 and Jugantor 5.3.13
Shibganj, ChapainawbgonjJamaat-Shibir men led attackon a Temple and vandalised.Think this is the same attack reported by Ain o Shalish Kendro on Aliallanga Mohalla, Chapainawabganj where miscreants torched puja mandop and stole Murtis and attacked an ashram.
Attacked from a procession of BNP and vandalised. Damge to a Temple.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-05BangladeshBaraipar, Atgharia,Panba.Ain o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo 6/3/13Baraipar, Atgharia,Panba.Attacked from a procession of BNP and vandalised. Damge to a Temple.
Attack on 6 houses and 1 TempleTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-05BangladeshBholaAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Janokotho Samakal 7.3.13BorhanuddinAttack on 6 houses and 1 Temple
AHindu temple vandalised and burned down. 5 god statues destroyed.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-05BangladeshDaudkandi village, south-eastern Comilla districthttp://www.thedailystar.ne t/beta2/news/temple- torched-in-comilla/Daudkandi village, south-eastern Comilla districtAHindu temple vandalised and burned down. 5 god statues destroyed.
Attack on temple.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-05BangladeshDhore Bangla,Sadar, NetrakhAin o Shalish Kensro quoting Janokotho Samakal 7.3.13Dhore Bangla,Sadar, NetrakhAttack on temple.
A woman and a young man were injured after a Jamaat/Shibir procession headed for a Hindu areas and attacked houses. Police arrested two Shibir activists from the area.“Two to three houses were torched and looted and about eight shops were looted during the attack,” said the OC of Koyra Police Station. Superintendent of Khulna police said BNP and Jamaat-Shibir men had set fire to thatched houses and a semi-concrete structure, and vandalised 8 shops belonging to local Hindus. Ain o Shalish Kendro reports that in Amadi Bazar Kaira, Pabla, Banikpara,Dowlatpur, Khulna there were attacks on Hindus and 10 houses, 20 shops and 3 temples attacked.Two cases were filed and 2 people detained.Arson2013-03-05BangladeshKhulnahttp://bdnews24.com/bang ladesh/2013/03/05/temple- torched-in-ctgPhysical AssaultKhulna
(also on 19/3/13)
A woman and a young man were injured after a Jamaat/Shibir procession headed for a Hindu areas and attacked houses. Police arrested two Shibir activists from the area.“Two to three houses were torched and looted and about eight shops were looted during the attack,” said the OC of Koyra Police Station. Superintendent of Khulna police said BNP and Jamaat-Shibir men had set fire to thatched houses and a semi-concrete structure, and vandalised 8 shops belonging to local Hindus. Ain o Shalish Kendro reports that in Amadi Bazar Kaira, Pabla, Banikpara,Dowlatpur, Khulna there were attacks on Hindus and 10 houses, 20 shops and 3 temples attacked.Two cases were filed and 2 people detained.
Two temples set on fire.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-05BangladeshKuraltala, Hijla, Chitalmari, Bagerhat.Ain o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak 7.3.13ArsonKuraltala, Hijla, Chitalmari, Bagerhat.Two temples set on fire.
Attacked from a procession of BNP and vandalised. Damge to a Temple.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-05BangladeshMadhainagor Bazar, Kalai, Pachbibi Sadar, JaypurhatAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo and Bhorer KagojMadhainagor Bazar, Kalai, Pachbibi Sadar, JaypurhatAttacked from a procession of BNP and vandalised. Damge to a Temple.
Attacked from a procession of BNP and vandalised. Damge to a Temple.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-05BangladeshNatoreAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo 6/3/13NatoreAttacked from a procession of BNP and vandalised. Damge to a Temple.
Jamaat-Shibir men reported to have set fire to a temple of Shoair village under Singra upazila and destroyed the Hori Protima [the Murti of god Hori].Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-05BangladeshRotherpar village in Aditmari upazila of Lalmonirhathttp://www.upi.com/Top_N ews/Special/2013/03/06/Re cent-attacks-lead- Bangladesh-government-
to-consider-Jamaat-e- Islami-ban/UPI- 63691362546420/ and also http://www.thedailystar.ne t/beta2/news/jamaat- continues-attacking- hindus/
Rotherpar village in Aditmari upazila of LalmonirhatJamaat-Shibir men reported to have set fire to a temple of Shoair village under Singra upazila and destroyed the Hori Protima [the Murti of god Hori].
Attackers tried to set fire to Guthia Sarbajaneen Kali Mandir [temple] under Guthia union. President of the temple committee said some miscreants had thrown burning torches of straw and tree branches inside the temple and fled the scene. Ain o Shalish Kendro says they set fire to Shitla Tala kali mandir and a house of an expatriateTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-05BangladeshUzirpur upazila of Barisal districtAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo and Bhorer KagojUzirpur upazila of Barisal districtAttackers tried to set fire to Guthia Sarbajaneen Kali Mandir [temple] under Guthia union. President of the temple committee said some miscreants had thrown burning torches of straw and tree branches inside the temple and fled the scene. Ain o Shalish Kendro says they set fire to Shitla Tala kali mandir and a house of an expatriate
Attackers vandalised the Murti of Hindu goddess Kali at a Hindu temple at Pakkhiya union of Borhanuddin upazila.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-06BangladeshBholahttp://www.thedailystar.ne t/beta2/news/attacks-on-3- more-temples/BholaAttackers vandalised the Murti of Hindu goddess Kali at a Hindu temple at Pakkhiya union of Borhanuddin upazila.
Attack on Temple.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-06BangladeshChitalmari, Bakerganj, Dadas Palli, Bagerhat.Ain o Shalish Kendro quoting Janokontho 8.3.13Chitalmari, Bakerganj, Dadas Palli, Bagerhat.Attack on Temple.
Some miscreants vandalized four Murtis of Hindu goddess in Daudkandi upazila of the district early Wednesday. In Comilla, miscreants vandalised a Hindu temple and set it ablaze at Chapatali village of Mohammadpur East Union under Daudkandi upazila
early yesterday, said Abul Faysal, officer-in-charge of Daudkandi Police Station.
Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-06BangladeshComilahttp://www.banglanews24. com/English/detailsnews.p hp?nssl=9897e3714bc2115 2dc54740ec5f0007d&nttl= 0603201365306 and
http://www.thedailystar.ne t/beta2/news/attacks-on-3- more-temples/
ComilaSome miscreants vandalized four Murtis of Hindu goddess in Daudkandi upazila of the district early Wednesday. In Comilla, miscreants vandalised a Hindu temple and set it ablaze at Chapatali village of Mohammadpur East Union under Daudkandi upazila
early yesterday, said Abul Faysal, officer-in-charge of Daudkandi Police Station.
Police said the Ananda Ashram Mandir of Fulbaria village under the Ballabhdi Union was set on fire early morning.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-06BangladeshFaridpurhttp://bdnews24.com/bang ladesh/2013/03/06/temple- set-on-fire-in-faridpurArsonFaridpurPolice said the Ananda Ashram Mandir of Fulbaria village under the Ballabhdi Union was set on fire early morning.
Jamaat-Shibir reportedly attacked a Temple.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-06BangladeshHajigonj, ChandpurAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak 6.3.13Hajigonj, ChandpurJamaat-Shibir reportedly attacked a Temple.
Kalibari area at Chapatali village under the upazil: Sree Sree Kali Mandir is in Bejgram village was torched and Murtis vandalised.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-06BangladeshHatibandha http://www.thedailystar.ne t/beta2/news/temple- vandalised-torched-in- lalmonirhat/ArsonHatibandha upazila of LalmonirhatKalibari area at Chapatali village under the upazil: Sree Sree Kali Mandir is in Bejgram village was torched and Murtis vandalised.
Cocktails blasted at Sushil Karmaker house at HinduparaPhysical Assault2013-03-06BangladeshShailakupa Of JhenaidahAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak 6.3.13ArsonShailakupa Of JhenaidahCocktails blasted at Sushil Karmaker house at Hindupara
Temple set on fire.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-07BangladeshEast Bejgram, HatibandhaAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Janokontho 8.3.13East Bejgram, HatibandhaTemple set on fire.
Three shops torched and a temple attacked; Murtis vandalisedTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-08BangladeshBanglabazar Talim pur, Barlekha,
Ain o Shalish Kendro quoting Samakal 10.3.13
Prothom Alo 24.3.13
Banglabazar Talim pur, Barlekha,
Three shops torched and a temple attacked; Murtis vandalised
Hindu Temple vandalised; Locals found the Murtis, including that of the goddess Kali, totally destroyed when they went to the temple to worship.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-08BangladeshMunshiganjhttp://www.thedailystar.ne t/beta2/news/more- attacks-on-hindu-temples/MunshiganjHindu Temple vandalised; Locals found the Murtis, including that of the goddess Kali, totally destroyed when they went to the temple to worship.
Hindu expatriate set on fire and temple set on fireTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-08BangladeshN Laksham, ComilaAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Samakal 10.3.13Physical AssaultN Laksham, ComilaHindu expatriate set on fire and temple set on fire
"Hindu Temple set on fire; miscreants destroyed the Murti of Sree Radha Govinda before setting the temple on fire at Amashu-Kukrul in Rangpur city in the early hours. And also 28/3/13 according to Ain o Shalish Kendro which saysmMiscreants set fire to a library of the temple. Attacked 5 business establishments. Mayor visited and 3 cases filed."Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-08BangladeshRangpurditto and http://banglanews24.com/E nglish/detailsnews.php?nssl
=aea7e72c4dcca4f89df00f4 53becd91a&nttl=08032013 65460
Rangpur"Hindu Temple set on fire; miscreants destroyed the Murti of Sree Radha Govinda before setting the temple on fire at Amashu-Kukrul in Rangpur city in the early hours. And also 28/3/13 according to Ain o Shalish Kendro which saysmMiscreants set fire to a library of the temple. Attacked 5 business establishments. Mayor visited and 3 cases filed."
Atttack with 8/10 people on Tarun Sikde's house.They physically assaulted ,looted,vandalised. 5 people injured including children.Physical Assault2013-03-09BangladeshNishanbarir Hindupara Dhakamoyia, Chakamoia, Kalapara, PutuakhaliAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Sangbad 9.3.13Home InvasionNishanbarir Hindupara Dhakamoyia, Chakamoia, Kalapara, PutuakhaliAtttack with 8/10 people on Tarun Sikde's house.They physically assaulted ,looted,vandalised. 5 people injured including children.
Jamaat-Shibir reportedly attacked a Kali mandirTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-09BangladeshSansangaon Jainasar, Sirajdikhan,Munshiganj at night.Ain o Shalish Kendro quoting Samakal14.3..13Sansangaon Jainasar, Sirajdikhan,Munshiganj at night.Jamaat-Shibir reportedly attacked a Kali mandir
In Gopalganj, six Murtis were destroyed at Kafilabari Durga temple in the district’s Kotalipara upazila. Officer-in-Charge of Kotalipara Police Station Tuta Mia confirmed the incident.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-11BangladeshGopalganjhttp://www.thedailystar.net
/beta2/news/two-more- temples-vandalised/
GopalganjIn Gopalganj, six Murtis were destroyed at Kafilabari Durga temple in the district’s Kotalipara upazila. Officer-in-Charge of Kotalipara Police Station Tuta Mia confirmed the incident.
23 Murtis of Hindu god Shiva at a temple vandalised.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-11BangladeshKaliganj upazila of Jhenidahhttp://www.thedailystar.net
/beta2/news/23-shiva- Murtis-vandalised-in- jhenidah/
Kaliganj upazila of Jhenidah23 Murtis of Hindu god Shiva at a temple vandalised.
Two houses of Hindus on New Vatikhana Road were set ablaze by unknown criminals around 2:45am.Physical Assault2013-03-12BangladeshBarisalhttp://www.thedailystar.net
/beta2/news/two-more- temples-vandalised/
ArsonBarisal CityTwo houses of Hindus on New Vatikhana Road were set ablaze by unknown criminals around 2:45am.
Stealing from TempleTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-12BangladeshMoulavipara, GoalganjAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Samakal14.3..13Moulavipara, GoalganjStealing from Temple
Attack on Temple at nmidnight; 20 Murtis vandalised. Case filed.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-12BangladeshMymensinghAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Samakal 14.3.13Mukhi, GagorgaonAttack on Temple at nmidnight; 20 Murtis vandalised. Case filed.
Murtis in Temple vandalised.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-12BangladeshNatoreAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Samakal 14.3,13Pakuria,SingraMurtis in Temple vandalised.
Theft of goods used for worship from TempleTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-12BangladeshProtapur,Lohalia Sadar PutuakhaliAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Samakal 13.3.13Protapur,Lohalia Sadar PutuakhaliTheft of goods used for worship from Temple
Two temples attacked.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-13BangladeshTangail, Salla,KalihutiAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak 15.3.13Tangail, Salla,KalihutiTwo temples attacked.
Attacked on ancient Madhabpur Club Puja; Murti vandalised. Police visited.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-15BangladeshMadhabpur Mahalla, SherpurAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak 17.3.Madhabpur Mahalla, SherpurAttacked on ancient Madhabpur Club Puja; Murti vandalised. Police visited.
Temple set on fire.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-17BangladeshMymensinghAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Jugantor 19.3.13GaforgaonTemple set on fire.
Temple attacked at night and vandalised.Case filed.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-18BangladeshGazipurAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak 20.3.13SripurTemple attacked at night and vandalised.Case filed.
In Khulna, over 150 people equipped with iron rods and other lethal weapons attacked Banikpara Pabla Sarbojonin Kalibari Mandir around 9:00pm Monday.The rioters also attacked Gachtala temple. Over 50 Hindu homes and shops adjacent to the two temples were vandalised and torched. Netrakona, rioters vanda- lised Hari Mandir in Bobahala village under sadar upazila, damag-
ing seven Murtis.Monday night, vandals damaged four Murtis of Hindu goddesses at Kripamoyee Kali Mandir under Sripur upazila in Gazipur.In Rangpur, the house of Nilkanta Roy in Itakumary union of Pirgachha upazila was torched around 2:00am yesterday.
Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-18BangladeshKhulnaDaily StarKhulna & other placesIn Khulna, over 150 people equipped with iron rods and other lethal weapons attacked Banikpara Pabla Sarbojonin Kalibari Mandir around 9:00pm Monday.The rioters also attacked Gachtala temple. Over 50 Hindu homes and shops adjacent to the two temples were vandalised and torched. Netrakona, rioters vanda- lised Hari Mandir in Bobahala village under sadar upazila, damag-
ing seven Murtis.Monday night, vandals damaged four Murtis of Hindu goddesses at Kripamoyee Kali Mandir under Sripur upazila in Gazipur.In Rangpur, the house of Nilkanta Roy in Itakumary union of Pirgachha upazila was torched around 2:00am yesterday.
Temple attacked, 7 Murtis vandalised and valuables burned. Local official visited.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-18BangladeshSadar NetrokonaAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak 20.3.13Sadar NetrokonaTemple attacked, 7 Murtis vandalised and valuables burned. Local official visited.
Attack on Temple. 4 arrested.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-19BangladeshAmuabandar, Kathalia, JhalakathiAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Samakal 22.3.13Amuabandar, Kathalia, JhalakathiAttack on Temple. 4 arrested.
Gabtoli Police Station Officer in-Charge Ali Ahmed Hamshi said the temples of Sabek para, Karmakar Para, Bamunia of Sonarai Union and Kamarchatt of Rameswarpur Union were vandalised.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-19BangladeshBograTension in Guledagudda over Murti desecrationBograGabtoli Police Station Officer in-Charge Ali Ahmed Hamshi said the temples of Sabek para, Karmakar Para, Bamunia of Sonarai Union and Kamarchatt of Rameswarpur Union were vandalised.
Attackers have desecrated Murtis in four Hindu temples of Gabtoli upazila in Bogra.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-19BangladeshNetrokhona Sadarhttp://bdnews24.com/bang ladesh/2013/03/19/hindus- attacked-in-khulna- netrokonaNetrokhona SadarAttackers have desecrated Murtis in four Hindu temples of Gabtoli upazila in Bogra.
Vandalised and set on fire a house and looted 13 shops. Also attacked on 28/2/13Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-19BangladeshShemnagar, Debhata
Ain o Shalish quoting Prothom Alo 24.3.13Shemnagar, Debhata
Vandalised and set on fire a house and looted 13 shops. Also attacked on 28/2/13
Two temples attacked and Murtis vandalised.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-20BangladeshBagherhatAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo 21.3.13North Gopalpur,
Dakhin Para, Kachu
Two temples attacked and Murtis vandalised.
"20th and 21st - mobs attacked five temples and vandalized nine statues of the Goddess. Hindus complain of police inaction. Ain o Shalish Kendro says in Bamunia, Kamarpara, East Sabekpara,Sona Ray (Modho para),Debonathpara,Ramesorpur, Gabtoli,Bogra on 3/3/13 and 20/3/13 BNP Jamaat men attacked 6 temples and vandalised 11 Murtis. POlice visited and security given. 3 cases filed."Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-20BangladeshBograhttp://www.srilankaguardia n.org/2013/04/attack-on- temples-everyday- awful.htmlBogra"20th and 21st - mobs attacked five temples and vandalized nine statues of the Goddess. Hindus complain of police inaction. Ain o Shalish Kendro says in Bamunia, Kamarpara, East Sabekpara,Sona Ray (Modho para),Debonathpara,Ramesorpur, Gabtoli,Bogra on 3/3/13 and 20/3/13 BNP Jamaat men attacked 6 temples and vandalised 11 Murtis. POlice visited and security given. 3 cases filed."
Set a villager's house on fire and possessions torched.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-20BangladeshRangpur: Choto Jhinia Etakumari, PirgachaAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak 20.3.13Rangpur: Choto Jhinia Etakumari, PirgachaSet a villager's house on fire and possessions torched.
Attack on temple; goods looted and vandalised.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-22BangladeshChowmohani, Naokhali"Ain o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak,The Daily Star24.3.13"Chowmohani, NaokhaliAttack on temple; goods looted and vandalised.
Islamists vandalised four Murtis by setting fire to a temple in Sadar upazila of Gazipur district. Also says that temple which was torched was a Laxmimata temple in Sadar upazila and four Murtis were damaged in the arson attack.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-22BangladeshGazipurThe murtis of Hanuman, Sita-Ram and Laxman at the Hanuman temple located in Malsai Madhi village of Thana Gangiri were broken and thrown out of the temple by unknown miscreants on Sunday night. The murtis kept in the other four temples have also been broken. On Monday morning, when the villagers found broken murtis in the temple, the people of the village got enraged. Reacting to the situation, CO Charra Shubendu Singh and SDM Atrauli Mahima Singh explained to the villagers that by Tuesday, new murtis will be installed in place of all the broken ones in the temple. On behalf of the Pujari, a complaint was given against the unknown for breaking the murtis in the temple. Later, SP Rural Palash Bansal said that Umesh, a resident of the village, had a dispute with the Pujari of the temple in the night, after which he angrily damaged the murtis. The police have taken the youth into custody.LalmonirhatIslamists vandalised four Murtis by setting fire to a temple in Sadar upazila of Gazipur district. Also says that temple which was torched was a Laxmimata temple in Sadar upazila and four Murtis were damaged in the arson attack.
Hindu family attacked over land dispute. Police visited area.Physical Assault2013-03-22BangladeshGobindapur Sadar NetrokonaAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Sangbad 22.3.13Gobindapur Sadar NetrokonaHindu family attacked over land dispute. Police visited area.
Set fire to temple at night; vandalises 4 Murtis. Local official visits.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-22BangladeshKesturita,Modhapara, Baria, GazipurAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Samakal 22.3.13Kesturita,Modhapara, Baria, GazipurSet fire to temple at night; vandalises 4 Murtis. Local official visits.
Attack on temple vandalises MurtisTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-22BangladeshRamganj, NilphamariAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Samakal 22.3.13Ramganj, NilphamariAttack on temple vandalises Murtis
Murti stolen from temple.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-23BangladeshBaralekha, MoulvibazarAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Samakal 25.3.13Baralekha, MoulvibazarMurti stolen from temple.
Attack on temple and vandalised MurtisTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-23BangladeshBeanibazar, SylhetAin o Shalish Kendro quoting 25/3/13 IttefakBeanibazar, SylhetAttack on temple and vandalised Murtis
Valuables were stolen from temple by breaking the lock. General Dary entry made.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-23BangladeshCompanyganj, Noakhali"Ain o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo 25.3.13"Companyganj, NoakhaliValuables were stolen from temple by breaking the lock. General Dary entry made.
Kali Temple set on fireTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-23BangladeshMymensinghAin o Shalish Kendro quoting 25/3/13 IttefakHaluaghatKali Temple set on fire
A jubo league leader arrested as he gripped a house of hindu community people. 4 people have been missing after the incident.Land grab / Economic Persecution2013-03-23BangladeshNalgora,Shibchar, Madaripur"Ain o Shalish Kendro quoting Samakal 23.3.13"Nalgora,Shibchar, MadaripurA jubo league leader arrested as he gripped a house of hindu community people. 4 people have been missing after the incident.
House set on fire while owner out catching fish at night.Valuables burned.Arson2013-03-23BangladeshPhulpadi, MadaripurAin o Shalish Kendro quoting J ohnokontho 24.3.13Phulpadi, MadaripurHouse set on fire while owner out catching fish at night.Valuables burned.
Hindu Famiy attacked after kid plucks a bean from Veg field. Forced to leave village.Land grab / Economic Persecution2013-03-23BangladeshTazumuddin, Shambhupur, BholaAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Jugantor 23.3.13Tazumuddin, Shambhupur, BholaHindu Famiy attacked after kid plucks a bean from Veg field. Forced to leave village.
3 temples attackedTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-24BangladeshKutubdia, Cox's BazaarAin o Shalish Kendro quoting
Prothom Alo 24.3.13
Kutubdia, Cox's Bazaar3 temples attacked
Two temples vandalised - at least one while reconstructing.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-24BangladeshRajganj, Begumganj, NoakhaliAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak,
The Daily Star but no dates given.
Rajganj, Begumganj, NoakhaliTwo temples vandalised - at least one while reconstructing.
Jamaat-Shibir activists reportedly cut the tendon of leg of Manindra Dey, a staff of Biswanath; police went to area.Physical Assault2013-03-24BangladeshSylhet Ain o Shalish Kendro quoting Jugantor 24.3.13Sylhet CityJamaat-Shibir activists reportedly cut the tendon of leg of Manindra Dey, a staff of Biswanath; police went to area.
Attack on temple, 6 Murtis vandalised, 15 people injuredTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-26BangladeshHatibandhaAi o Shalish Kendro quoting Daily Star, 25/3/13Hatibandha, Lalmanirhat, NilphamariAttack on temple, 6 Murtis vandalised, 15 people injured
Temple attacked. 1 Murti vandalised. Case filed.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-03-28BangladeshNaogaon: Ramnagar, MandaAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo 29.3.13Naogaon: Ramnagar, MandaTemple attacked. 1 Murti vandalised. Case filed.
Attack on 250 yr old temple; Murtis vandalised. Police deployed.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-04-01BangladeshPutuakhali: Sutabaria, Bikani Kandi, Galachipa,Ain o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo, Sangbad
Putuakhali: Sutabaria, Bikani Kandi, Galachipa,Attack on 250 yr old temple; Murtis vandalised. Police deployed.
Attackers set on fire a temple of Hindu goddess Kali at Falda of Tangail’s Bhuapur upazila. Case Filed.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-04-01BangladeshTangailhttp://bdnews24.com/ban gladesh/2013/04/02/miscr eants-set-tangail-temple- on-fireTangailAttackers set on fire a temple of Hindu goddess Kali at Falda of Tangail’s Bhuapur upazila. Case Filed.
attack on temple - Murtis vandalisedTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-04-02BangladeshBadwalipara, 5 no Ward no MunicipalityAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Janokantho 3.4.13Badwalipara, 5 no Ward no Municipalityattack on temple - Murtis vandalised
Hindu family temple torched. Police and local MP visit.Murder2013-04-03BangladeshJhalokathiAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Ittefak 5.4.13KathaliaHindu family temple torched. Police and local MP visit.
Man shot dead by daughter's jilted lover in NagpurMurder2013-04-03BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.ndtv.com/cities/man-shot-dead-by-daughters-jilted-lover-in-nagpur-517986NagpurA man was shot dead by his daughter's jilted lover in the Manwada Civil Road area of Nagpur on Wednesday. The accused, Anwar Khan, entered the house of Yogesh Dakhore and shot him with a country-made pistol. He then attacked Mr Dakhore's wife with a knife and an iron rod. While out of danger, she still is hospitalised.
Yogesh Dakhore was an Assistant Director at Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education. According to the police, his 24-year-old daughter was in a relationship with the accused which went sour. Mr Dakhore had lodged a police complaint earlier following which Khan had been warned against harassing the family.
Attack on TempleTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-04-05BangladeshRadha BallabAin o Shalish quoting Prothom Alo 3.4.13, 7.4.13Radha BallabAttack on Temple
3 temples attacked; case filed. In Poschimpara, Batabala,ShakhipurTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-04-05BangladeshTangail: Pakulla, Jamuki MirzapurAin o Shalish quoting Prothom Alo 3.4.13, 7.3.13Tangail: Pakulla, Jamuki Mirzapur3 temples attacked; case filed. In Poschimpara, Batabala,Shakhipur
Temple attacked. 5 Murtis vandalised. Case filedTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-04-05BangladeshTeligiti, Morelganj, BagherhatAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo 5.4.13Teligiti, Morelganj, BagherhatTemple attacked. 5 Murtis vandalised. Case filed
Temple attacked, 5 Murtis vandalised.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-04-06BangladeshFulpur, Mymensingh, Kendua, ChakuaAin o Shalish Kendro quoting Prothom Alo 8.4.13Fulpur, Mymensingh, Kendua, ChakuaTemple attacked, 5 Murtis vandalised.
Attacked on residences .Vandalized and looted.5 women injured. General Diary entry.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-04-06BangladeshNarayanganj Poschimpara, Batabala,ShakhipurAin o Shalish quoting Jugantor 6.4.13Narayanganj Poschimpara, Batabala,ShakhipurAttacked on residences .Vandalized and looted.5 women injured. General Diary entry.
Temple set on fire in middle of night.Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2013-04-19BangladeshMadaripurhttp://www.thedailystar.ne t/beta2/news/hindu- temple-torched-in- madaripur/MadaripurTemple set on fire in middle of night.
20 year student Shipra Ghosh was gang raped by nine, led by TMC strongmen Ansar Ali, Saiful Ali, Aminul Ali , her legs torn apart up to the navel, and throat slit.Gangrape2013-06-10BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/5oo9V8

MurderWest BengalAt Kamdonu More in Barasat, 20-year-old Shipra Ghosh had just got off a bus after writing her BA Part II exam and was walking back home when she was dragged into a walled compound, gang raped and murdered, by Trinamool party workers. http://goo.gl/fjSa80
Hindu Munnani leader S Vellaippan murdered by gang og 8 in VellloreMurder2013-07-01BharatTamil Naduhttp://goo.gl/gTMt2aTamil NaduThe Tamil Nadu-based Hindu Munnani's state secretary S Vellaiappan, 50, was was brutally murdered in full public view near the Ramakrishna Math in Vellore by a gang of around eight people.
BJP TN state general secretary V Ramesh, 54, was hacked to death by 3 Al Ummah Mulsim terrorists in SalemMurder2013-07-19BharatTamil Naduhttp://goo.gl/hKGLrPTamil NaduBJP TN state general secretary V Ramesh, 54, was hacked to death inside the compound of his house in Maravaneri area in Salem town by Madurai Bilal Malik, Fakruddin, Panna Ismail. In shock over the brutal murder, Smt Raja Rajeshwari a Mahila Zonal BJP leader immolated herself and also died.
Two Hindus killed and a dozen injured after Muslims attack a temple in Nanglamal village area in MeerutRiot2013-07-28BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://hinduexistence.org/2013/07/28/muslim-attacked-upon-hindus-in-meerut-to-stop-temple-loud-speaker-in-ramadan-time-2-hindus-dead-12-injured/Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/SadhuUttar PradeshMembers of two communities had a verbal tiff over blaring loudspeakers at the temple and a nearby mosque. Then clashes erupted after Muslim community objected to the playing of hymns at a temple at the time of Aarti of Lord Shiva, switched off the loudspeaker and started beating up Hindus present in the temple and nearby areas.
Cow smugglers shoot dead Gaurakshak Vikrant YadavMurder2013-08-25BharatHaryanahttps://www.bhaskar.com/news/MAT-HAR-GUR-c-99-165839-NOR.htmlCattle Smuggling MafiaGurugramVikrant Yadav, 24, a resident of Khwaspur village, and a member of the local ‘Gaurakshak Mandli’, learnt about the alleged cow smugglers which were allegedly transporting cows for slaughter in a Tata 407. Yadav informed a few others about the vehicle and they started chasing it from Babda village. Yadav was on a two-wheeler and the others were in a tempo. Yadav was driving fast and soon he caught up with the vehicle carrying the cows while the others were far behind. According to local residents, he was driving parallel to the Tata 407 near Janaula vilage. At this, the driver of the Tata 407 allegedly took out a sharp weapon and attacked Yadav on his throat and then his head.
16 year old Hindu girl gangraped twice in MadhyamgramGangrape2013-10-25BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/MKRqZWMurderWest BengalA 16-year-old girl, daughter of Ramshankar Jha, was gang-raped twice in two days in Madhyamgram: once after a man conned her out of home and later when she dared to lodged a police complaint. Associates of the accused allegedly set her on fire and she died on 31 Dec 2013.
Hindu locality burned as clash over sport kills 1Arson2013-11-15BangladeshBarisalhttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2013/11/15/hindu-locality-burned-as-clash-over-sport-kills-1RiotKalikhola at Charkaua.At least 16 houses of Hindus have been burned down after a man was killed in a clash over a game at Sadar Upazila in Barisal.
The rampage took place on Friday at the Upazila's Kalikhola at Charkaua.

Barisal Metropolitan Police Commissioner Md Shamsuddin said some Hindu youths and several others from Charaicha village had clashed on Thursday night over a badminton match at Kalikhola Matri Government Primary School ground.
Hindu activist Vinod stabbed to death by CPM workers in KannurMurder2013-12-02BharatKeralahttp://goo.gl/yqj2u5Political ViolenceKeralaVinod Kumar, 35, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) worker, was stabbed to death by Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI-M] workers at Payyannur, Kannur
Miscreants attacked on Hindus in Jessore and Dinajpur for casting vote in the 10th national elections.Riot2014-01-06BangladeshJessore https://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2014/01/06/attacks-on-hindus-in-jessore-dinajpurArsonDinajpurMiscreants have attacked houses and shops of Hindus in Jessore and Dinajpur for casting vote in the 10th national elections.
Hindu houses were vandalised, looted and torched in Maloparha of Chapatola village at Abhoynagar Upazila in Jessore on Sunday evening.
Locals said the criminals had entered Maloparha and ransacked 150 houses damaging furniture and other valuables around 7pm.
They also set fire to several houses and looted valuables. After the incident, the panic-stricken residents left the village.
Seven arrested for attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh
Persecution of Hindus2014-01-06BangladeshWestern Jessorehttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/south-asia/Seven-arrested-for-attacks-on-Hindus-in-Bangladesh-Hasina-vows-action/articleshow/28525816.cmsArsonMaloporaOn Jan 6, several homes and business establishments of Hindus were attacked at Kuptala Union of the district's Sadar Upazila.
The Hindu communities of the district's Sundargang, Sadullyapur, Palashbari and Govindaganj Upazilas are now living in fear. Local Hindus there have formed defence units and patrolling the areas during nights fearing attacks. Nani Gopal and Narsesh Chandra were badly beaten up during the attack on Jan 6. Gopal later filed a case against nine local BNP leaders and activists.
The worst attacks were reported from western Jessore on election day when 130 Hindu homes were vanalaized and 10 more burned in Malopora
2 Hindu housewives violated
Rape / Sexual Assault2014-01-10BangladeshAbhaynagarhttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2014/01/10/2-hindu-housewives-violatedHajrail RishipalliTwo Hindu housewives have been sexually abused in Manirampur Upazila in Jessore in the post-election violence against the minority community.
The incident took place at Hajrail Rishipalli on Tuesday night, two days after attacks on Hindus in the district’s Abhaynagar Upazila.
Families of the victims did not initially report the crime fearing reprisals and social stigma, but they finally lodged cases with the police on Friday.
Anti-election campaigners had attacked members of the Hindu community in the Chapatola village of Abhaynagar, hours after the 10th parliamentary election was held on Jan 5.
They had vandalised at least 150 houses and business establishments, forcing the residents to flee the area. The miscreants also torched four to five houses and looted valuables. Manirampur Police Station OC Mir Rezaul Islam told bdnews24.com five to six masked men had raided the two houses, about 100 metres apart, on Tuesday night.
They held the men hostage and sexually abused the two housewives.
Hindu minorities came under attack in various parts of the country including Dinajpur, Thakurgaon, Magura, Jamalpur and Chittagong soon after the Jan 5 election.
‘BNP, Jamaat’ behind Maloparha attack on HindusPersecution of Hindus2014-01-15BangladeshMaloparhahttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2014/01/15/bnp-jamaat-behind-maloparha-attack-on-hindusMaloparha Hindus are attacked after every election whether they vote or not, a community veteran has lamented. “It has almost become a norm to attack the Hindus in Bangladesh after the general elections every five years,” said 96-year-old Adhir Pal, who lives near Jessore’s Maloparha, the site of recent communal attacks.

“They are attacked irrespective of whether they cast their vote or not. We vote for the Awami League but it can’t save us from such attacks,” Pal added.

He had given shelter to several Hindu families targeted in the post-poll aggression. The nonagenarian was shocked by the brutality of one section on another, though both were people of the same country. Residents of Maloparha are spending their days in fear. When approached, they talked about the attacks, graphically describing how they had lost everything, but stopped short of naming their tormentors.

Bikash Biswas, like others in the community, was silent when asked who the attackers were. His house had been vandalised and ransacked.

His wife Ujjala Biswas was quick to answer on his behalf. “What would our husbands do [in the event of an attack]? They would rather protect the children than remember the faces of the attackers,” she said in apparent disgust.

“The attackers were masked,” she revealed.
14-year-old girl abducted and gang-raped by Amjad and four others at Mawana, MeerutRape / Sexual Assault2014-02-01BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/wh5jTMUttar PradeshA 14-year-old girl was abducted and gang-raped by Amjad and four others at Mawana, Meerut. The Class 10th student was abducted and taken to a forest area at Inchauli where they tied her to a tube-well and gave her sedatives, before raping her one by one. Amjad used to pass lewd comments against the victim before the incident.
Vandals target Thar temple, desecrate MurtiTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2014-03-31PakistanSindhhttps://tribune.com.pk/story/689294/vandals-target-thar-temple-desecrate-idolPersecution of HindusTharparkarAs the Hindu community reels from profane attacks at their places of worship in Larkana, Badin and Hyderabad, yet another incident in a Tharparkar's ashram has offended them still further.
At Faqir Par Braham's ashram in Deeplo taluka's village Verhijhap, the violators stole a trishul and desecrated parrh (a piece of sacred cloth wrapped around the Murti). "Three to four persons entered the ashram and dishonoured the place," alleged
The Hindu community came out on streets in all the towns of Tharparkar district, also staging a sit-in at Mithi's Kashmir chowk. The markets in Deeplo, Islamkot and Chachro towns were shut in protest.
Rumour triggers attack on HindusHome Invasion2014-04-28BangladeshHomnahttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2014/04/28/rumour-triggers-attack-on-hindu

RiotBaghsitarampur villageSeveral homes and temples have been ransacked at a Hindu-majority village in Comilla following rumours that a Facebook post allegedly has defamed Islamic prophet Muhammad.
Baghsitarampur village of Homna Upazila was attacked on Sunday evening by people of the adjacent Panchkipta village of Muradnagar Upazila.
Homna police station OC Aslam Shikder told bdnews24.com that hundreds of people from the Panchkipta village attacked temples and homes of at least 28 Hindu families alleging that two Hindu youths posted defamatory comments on Facebook about the Prophet. Abul Kashem, President of the ruling Awami League’s South Ramchandrapur Union unit, said the inhabitants of Rampura along with the people of some adjacent villages swooped on the Hindu families of Baghsitarampur village after circulating a rumour through the Rampura Madrasa loudspeakers that a Facebook post defamed the Prophet.
Riot in Meerut between Muslims and JainsRiot2014-05-10BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/VlRdlgUttar PradeshAbout 50 people were injured in a riot in Meerut when a group of Muslims was installing a water facilitation centre for mosque-goers, near a Jain temple.
Sub-inspector of police Amit Chakraborty killed during a Trinamul-CPM clashAttack on Police / Government Representatives2014-06-04BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.telegraphindia.com/states/west-bengal/18-let-off-in-2014-killing-of-bengal-cop/cid/1675917MurderDurgapur50 people, who included Sheikh Alim, then a panchayat samiti functionary of Trinamul in Dubrajpur, and Sheikh Moqtul, a CPM zonal committee member were chargesheeted for the violence, but only 18 were arrested and put on trial, all of whom were acquited because of lax investigation, allegedly on orders of the TMC Government .
BJP leader Vijay Pandit was shot dead in Greater NoidaMurder2014-06-07BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/w3eodIPolitical ViolenceUttar PradeshVijay Pandit, husband of Dadri nagar panchayat chairperson Geeta Pandit, was shot dead in Greater Noida. It is suspected a Noida-based SP leader is behind the murder
BJP leader Omveer Singh Fauji was shot dead in MuzaffarnagarMurder2014-06-10BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/w3eodIPolitical ViolenceUttar Pradesh47-year-old Omveer Singh Fauji, vice-president of BJP unit in Mirapur town, was murdered.
BJP' leader Rakesh Rastogi was murdered in Baheri. Murder2014-06-13BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/w3eodIPolitical ViolenceUttar PradeshThe body of BJP's Udham Singh Nagar vice president Rakesh Rastogi was recovered from a car in Baheri. He died of shock and hemorrhage. Stab wounds on chest were found and plastic wire was used to strangle Rastogi.
Unknown people struck at the house of Devendra Sharma of BJP in Mathura. A bullet grazed past his mother.Physical Assault2014-06-14BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/w3eodIPolitical ViolenceUttar PradeshUnknown people struck at the house of Devendra Sharma of BJP in Mathura. A bullet grazed past his mother.
Attempt on life of BJP MP Sadhvi Niranjan JyotiPhysical Assault2014-06-15BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/w3eodIPolitical ViolenceUttar PradeshAn attempt was made on the life of newly-elected BJP MP Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti by four persons in Fatehpur, in which she escaped but her aide was grievously injured
K P Suresh of Hindu Munnani was hacked to death by Mohammed Shameem and Syed Ali Nawaz in ChennaiMurder2014-06-18BharatTamil Naduhttp://goo.gl/q7ZxsDPolitical ViolenceTamil NaduK P Suresh, 48, the Thiruvallur East district president of the Hindu Munnani, was closing his STD booth on MTH Road around 9:30 pm when a bike-borne Mohammed Shameem and Syed Ali Nawaz inflicted serious injuries to his face, neck and body. Ravi, a juice shop owner who witnessed the attack and ran to help him was also attacked, causing a deep cut to his hand.
22 year old woman raped by Intazar, Irfan and Harish in MuzaffarnagarGangrape2014-07-07BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/WCdwZ3Uttar PradeshA 22-year-old woman was gang-raped by three youths Intazar, Irfan and Harish in Harsoli village of Muzaffarnagar district when she had gone to collect water from a handpump in the wee hours
Muslims object to temple loudspeaker, police forcefully removes & lathi charges Dalits Freedom of Religion Denied2014-07-07BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.hinduhumanrights.info/india-moradabad-do-muslims-have-the-right-of-veto/Physical AssaultUttar PradeshIt all started on June 26 after Moradabad district administration removed a loudspeaker from a temple in a locality dominated by Dalits. The locals say that the loudspeaker was in the temple for last many weeks. The objections were raised by a group of local Muslims building a mosque in that locality. The locals say there was no objection to construction of mosque in the locality though the region has four mosques. They say that local MLA Anisur Rahman complained to police about the loudspeaker and it dutifully removed it. The sudden removal of the loudspeaker enraged Dalits. They initially staged protest and dharna but were lathi-charged
Muslims clash with Sikhs in Saharanpur, UPRiot2014-07-26BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/agIzRbUttar PradeshViolent clashes broke out in Saharanpur in western Uttar Pradesh over a Gurudwara land dispute as groups of Muslims and Sikhs clashed on the streets in broad daylight.
Hindu temple vandalised in US state of Georgia by unknown miscreantsTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2014-08-08USAGeorgiahttps://www.dnaindia.com/world/report-hindu-temple-vandalised-in-us-state-of-georgia-by-unknown-miscreants-2008648MonroeA Hindu temple in the US state of Georgia was vandalised by unknown miscreants over the weekend, a Hindu American organisation said on Wednesday. According to local media, members of Vishwa Bhavan Mandir in the Monroe city of Georgia found graffiti and profanity displayed on their place of worship early Saturday morning.

Spray painted messages included "ha ha" and "LOL. The Hindu American Seva Communities (HASC) which has taken up the case, said the incident of vandalism has shocked Hindus across the country.

"As soon as I saw it I was just devastated," Kelly Dammar, a temple member, was quoted as saying by myfoxatlanta.com. "I was in tears because this is like another home for me."
Hindu activist Suresh Kumar murdered by CPI-MMurder2014-08-17BharatKeralahttp://goo.gl/uEDg0HPolitical ViolenceKerala Bharathiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) worker, Suresh Kumar (42), had died after he was attacked by a gang of CPM workers on August 17.
Hindu girl was abducted by her Muslim friend Nadeem who gangraped her with his friendsGangrape2014-08-19BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.deccanchronicle.com/140819/nation-crime/article/tension-rises-uttar-pradesh-after-rape-and-murder-17-year-old-womanMurderFaizabadTension prevailed in Faizabad district, following yet another case of rape and murder of a 17-year-old girl. According to the police reports, the girl was abducted by four men, including her male friend, on Saturday while she was returning home in Faizabad district.
The accused Nadeem, who runs a mobile shop, allegedly abducted and gangraped the girl with his accomplices in his SUV and then tried to strangulate her.

The four men hit her on the head with an iron rod, broke her teeth and pulled out her hair. Presuming her to be dead, the accused flung her out of the vehicle in in Barabanki district. Some workers in a wayside eatery saw the girl being thrown out and informed the police. The girl was admitted to the Trauma Centre in Lucknow but died on Sunday. However, before succumbing to her injuries, she named the accused.
6 Hindu leaders killed over 18 months in 2012-14 in Tamil Nadu by 5 Al Ummah jihadis. Murder2014-08-20BharatTamil Naduhttp://goo.gl/7i2xAlTamil NaduAs many as six prominent Hindu leaders were killed in Vellore, Ramanathapuram, Salem, Madurai and Chennai, while there have been as many murder attempts on Hindu leaders between October 2012 and June 2014.
The murders were carried out by remnants of the banned radical Islamist terror group, Al Ummah. The first five killings were done by three men — Police Fakruddin, 36 (nicknamed Police because his father was a policeman); Panna Ismail, 39; and Bilal Malik, 26. The three were arrested in October 2013 in a joint operation by the Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh police from Chennai and Puttur near Chittoor. For the sixth and the latest killing — on June 18 in Chennai — two 24-year-old men, Mohammed Shameem and Syed Ali Nawaz, who are linked to Al Ummah operatives associated with communal crimes in Tamil Nadu, were arrested on August 6 in Bangalore.
National Level Shooter targeted for fraudlent marriage & forced conversionSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2014-08-22BharatJharkhandhttp://goo.gl/meq443Physical AssaultJharkhandRaqibul Hasan Khan alias Ranjit Kumar Kohli, deceived national shooter Tara Shahdeo into marriage and forced her to convert to Islam.
Maharashtra girl alleges torture and conversion in Uttar PradeshSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2014-08-30BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.indiatoday.in/india/north/story/love-jihad-forced-conversion-nashik-girl-khalid-anwar-aryan-sultanpur-uttar-pradesh-police-muslim-vs-hindu-206311-2014-08-30LucknowIn Lucknow, the police arrested Khalid Anwar on Thursday evening after a girl from Nashik alleged that he had kept his identity under wraps and introduced himself as 'Aryan' before marrying her.

"I was preparing to join the Home Guards and he was working there as fitness instructor. I came to know that he was a Muslim when I reached his home in Sultanpur after our marriage three months ago. He tortured me to forcibly convert to Islam. My in-laws used to switch on a huge air-cooler so that outsiders were unable to hear my wails," she told the police.
parents of a 15-year-old girl received a "nikahnama" of their daughterSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2014-08-30BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.indiatoday.in/india/north/story/love-jihad-forced-conversion-nashik-girl-khalid-anwar-aryan-sultanpur-uttar-pradesh-police-muslim-vs-hindu-206311-2014-08-30BaghpatLove jihad case is from Baghpat where the parents of a 15-year-old girl received a "nikahnama" of their daughter on Wednesday. "My daughter was kidnapped from Loni where I used to work as a labourer. A youth lured my daughter and kidnapped her with the help of his elder brother. I received the photocopy of the nikahnama through post on Wednesday. My daughter is only 15 and this marriage is illegal," the father said.

Meanwhile, religious leaders have extended their support to the right-wing organisations in their fight against 'love jihad'. "There are many instances of forced conversion to assume that 'love jihad' is going on in the country. We are chalking out a plan to end this menace," Maha-Mandaleshwar of Juna Akhara Mahanth, Yatindranand Giri said in Muzaffarnagar.
Hindu woman from Cooch Behar in West Bengal alleged that Muslim her in-laws torture her for not observing namazSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2014-08-30BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.indiatoday.in/india/north/story/love-jihad-forced-conversion-nashik-girl-khalid-anwar-aryan-sultanpur-uttar-pradesh-police-muslim-vs-hindu-206311-2014-08-30Cooch BeharA woman from Cooch Behar in West Bengal alleged that her husband Mohammad Umardaraz and her in-laws used to torture her whenever she did not observe namaz. "We fell in love and I didn't reveal to my parents that he was a Muslim. We got married as per Hindu rituals. We left Cooch Behar two months ago and started living in Ghaziabad's Sahibabad area. He and his parents forced me to accept Islam. But it did not end there...They used to torture me and force me to offer namaz," she alleged.

The police arrested Umardaraz and found that he was already married. "We have arrested the accused and his father," SP of Rural Ghaziabad, Jagdish Sharma said.
Hindu leader E Manoj hacked to death by Communist CPI-M cadre in KannurMurder2014-09-01BharatKeralahttp://goo.gl/uG6Yt5Political ViolenceKeralaElamthottathil Manoj (42) of the RSS was hacked to death and his friend Pramod injured when the duo was attacked by CPM goons after hurling bombs on the car they were travelling.
Minor athlete girl says she is victim of love jihadSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2014-09-01BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/love-jihad-taekwondo-national-player-from-kanpur-up-206532-2014-09-01KanpurA Taekwondo and Table Tennis player of Kanpur alleged that she was cheated by a youth who concealed his religion to lure her and then forced her for conversion and marriage. The police revealed the case on Sunday.
Mislead by the accused, the 14-year-old had eloped with the accused on August 16. She was rescued on August 26 after DIG of Kanpur R.K. Chaturvedi intervened into the matter. Mohammad Waseem was arrested for kidnapping the girl and forcing her for marriage. The victim has participated in the national taekwondo tournaments and is also enrolled in National Cadet Corp (NCC).
Minor girl kidnapped from a reconciliation meeting organised by TMC councillor in Dhupguri, later found raped and murderedRape / Sexual Assault2014-09-01BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/qQ36gjMurderWest BengalA Class X student was kidnapped from from a 'reconciliation meeting' involving her father organised by a TMC councillor in Dhupguri. She was later found raped and murdered.
Girl commits suicide after being taken by Human trafickersAbetment to Suicide2014-09-02BharatDelhihttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/Dead-woman-in-hotel-was-trafficked/articleshow/42841556.cmsHuman TraffickingDelhiAn 18-year-old girl who was allegedly abducted from West Bengal on August 17 was found dead in a hotel room in central Delhi on Saturday. Police are tightlipped on the details of the case but sources said the girl, identified as Rinku Saha, had checked in at the hotel under the name Salma along with a man named A Qasim on August 25. Qasim, who is 41-years-old, is missing with his belongings.
18 year old Rinku Saha abducted by Qasim, found hanging in DelhiRape / Sexual Assault2014-09-02BharatWest Bengalhttp://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/Abducted-Bengal-girl-found-hanging-in-Delhi-hotel-room/articleshow/41462252.cmsMurderWest Bengal18-year-old Rinku Saha was abducted from West Bengal and found dead in a hotel room in central Delhi - she had checked in at the hotel under the name Salma along with a man named A Qasim on August 25. Qasim, who is 41-years-old is missing. Rinku's family suspect Qasim converted her to Islam as he took her to Ajmer Sharif before coming to Delhi. They also believe he killed her. Rinku had studied up to Class X and lived with her mother and brother in Cooch Behar, West Bengal. Her father had died a few years ago and her brother works in Kolkata. She went for a tuition class on August 17 but did not return home.
Hindu Murtis vandalised in KishoreganjTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2014-09-25BangladeshKishoreganjhttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2014/09/25/hindu-idols-vandalised-in-kishoreganjBatrishMiscreants in Kishoreganj have vandalised five Puja pandals on Wednesday. They had been set up to celebrate the Durga Puja, the largest festival of the Bengali Hindus. Murtis of these five Puja pandals in Kishoreganj's Batrish area were damaged. The Hindu community of Kishoreganj district has condemned the attack.

"This is a heinous incident. This is the first time something like this has happened in Kishoreganj. The local Hindus are in panic," said the district's Durga Puja Celebration Council President Bijay Shankar Roy.
Hindu houses vandalised in JessoreArson2014-10-18BangladeshJessorehttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2014/10/18/hindu-houses-vandalised-in-jessorePersecution of HindusSharshaSeveral houses in a Hindu locality in Jessore's Sharsha Upazila have been vandalised following an alleged dispute over monetary transactions. Victims said their valuables, too, were looted during Friday night's attack. Sharsha police have arrested six men for their suspected involvement in the attack at Hrishipalli in Basantapur village. Sub-Inspector Joynal Abedin said local Naren Mandal had a brawl with shopkeeper Sohrab Hossain at Basantapur market.
"Sohrab and his men bombed Hrishipalli temple and vandalised houses of Naren, 'Nandan', and 'Shiben," he said. Temple management committee's chief Amit Das claimed the attackers had looted money from there.

SI Abedin filed a case on Saturday accusing 17 individuals over the incident.
Kajal Bheel, 12-year old Hindu girl abducted, forcefully converted and married.Abduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2014-10-21PakistanSindhhttp://goo.gl/71398MChild Rape / Child Sexual AssaultSindhKajal Bheel, a 12-year old Hindu girl from Sindh, Pakistan, was abducted, forcefully converted and married to one of her abductors. Police refused to start an investigation, insisting that there is no case to solve, and the court neglected the birth certificate as proof of age.
Ramesh Jadhav stabbed to death in his own home in front of 2 year old daughterMurder2014-10-22BharatMaharashtrahttp://goo.gl/ZBR2gnMaharashtraRamesh Jadhav was stabbed to death by five Muslims in bid to stop his neighbour, Daya Trivedi. from being attacked. Gullu Ali Mohammad Sajida (45), Yusuf Sajida (25), Sohail Ansari (25), Imran Kazi and a minor barged into Ramesh's home instead and killed him in front of his 2 year old daughter.
9 year old girl raped by Muslim neighbourRape / Sexual Assault2014-10-26BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/jBqLUaChild Rape / Child Sexual AssaultWest BengalA nine-year-old girl was raped by her 26-year-old neighbour at Sandeshkhali in North 24-Parganas. The accused, Imtiaz Ali Mollah alias Bapi, was arrested on Saturday. This comes only a day after the gang rape of a Class-XI student in Deganga.
Malaysia’s Sharia law costs non-Muslims their kidsLegal or Institutionalsed Discrimination2014-11-10MalaysiaIpohhttp://goo.gl/AYMV0pIpohM. Indira Gandhi’s husband wanted her to convert to Islam. A committed Hindu, she refused. He snatched their 11-month-old daughter from the arms of an older child, tucked her under one arm and sped off on his motorbike.
Muslims and Hindu Dalits clashed in Shamli district over sharing water from a hand-pump. Riot2014-11-13BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/6bACuyUttar PradeshMuslims and Hindu Dalits clashed at Sonata village in Shamli district over sharing water from a hand-pump. At least six houses of both the communities were set on fire by the rioters. Half-a-dozen people also sustained injuries.
18-year old Hindu girl set ablaze by Muslim man for resisting rapeRape / Sexual Assault2014-12-09BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/NCXpctPhysical AssaultWest BengalAn 18-year-old girl, Neha Chowdhury, who lived in the Belur police station area in Howrah was set ablaze by Md. Imtiaz (30) on Monday when she resisted his attempts to rape her on Monday. The girl suffered nearly 60% burns and is fighting for her life at the T L Jaiswal Hospital. The accused, Md Imtiaz, is absconding.
An 18-year old girl in Howrah burned by stalker Mohammad Imtiaz.Murder2014-12-09BharatWest Bengalhttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/Girl-set-ablaze-for-resisting-rape/articleshow/45420311.cmsKolkataAn 18-year-old girl was set ablaze allegedly by a 23-year-old man after she resisted his attempts to rape her on Monday. The girl, a resident of Kashi Mondal Lane, in the Belur police station area, suffered nearly 60% burns and is fighting for her life at the T L Jaiswal Hospital. The accused, Md Imtiaz, is absconding.
Ranchi woman says husband, in-laws forced her to convert to IslamSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2015-01-08BharatBiharhttps://www.hindustantimes.com/india/ranchi-woman-says-husband-in-laws-forced-her-to-convert-to-islam/story-Ss1vFNPHWb8hUGGjKE9avN.htmlRanchiA Ranchi-based woman filed a police complaint on Thursday accusing her husband and his family of forcibly converting her to Islam in a case that harks back to the ‘forced conversion’ of a national rifle shooter that became a rallying point for right-wing organisations.

The issue of forced conversions, especially of women to Islam for the purpose of marriage, has been dubbed ‘love jehad’ by Hindu groups and has been used for justifying the controversial ‘re-conversion’ programmes of late.

Jaya Bhandari, a divorcee in her mid-thirties, on Thursday said she was forcibly converted by her second husband Waqar Danish Anwar, a man she met while working in a Ranchi hotel.

The first investigation report (FIR) says her in-laws allegedly change her name and forced her to eat beef, besides assaulting her when she refused to pay a dowry of `5 lakh.
Muslim mobs go on rampage against hapless HindusRiot2015-01-29BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/YkObMLWest BengalOn the morning of 29 January 2015, large scale violence rocked Usti market in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. More than 50 Hindu shops were ransacked, looted and gutted by a mob of rioting Muslims.
16-year-old girl tortured, raped by clergyman; arrestedRape / Sexual Assault2015-02-05BharatWest Bengalhttp://www.deccanchronicle.com/150205/nation-current-affairs/article/16-year-old-girl-tortured-raped-clergyman-arrestedChild Rape / Child Sexual AssaultWest BengalA 16-year-old girl from Hooghly-based rehabilitation home for women was raped and tortured for a month by a clergyman at 'Gurap Bhastara Christian Home' in West Bengal
Hindu man assaulted by US Cop,Didn't Get Justice Because He Couldn't Speak EnglishPhysical Assault2015-02-06USAAlabamahttp://goo.gl/FdbsRmLegal or Institutionalsed DiscriminationAlabamaA White Christian policeman roughed up a 57-year-old Indian citizen who was walking on the sidewalk outside his son's home, leaving the older man temporarily paralyzed and hospitalized with fused vertebrae.
‘Get Out’: Hindu temple defaced in WashingtonTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2015-02-17USAWashingtonhttp://goo.gl/aY11jvHinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate CrimeWashingtonA Hindu temple and nearby middle school were both vandalized with messages of hate on the U.S. West Coast. An unknown culprit scrawled, “Get Out” and a swastika on the walls of the temple,
Minor girl kidnapped by Shaikh claiming to be Rohit DasSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2015-03-17BharatMaharashtrahttps://mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/mumbai/crime/missing-ruia-girl-kidnapped-by-fb-friend-brought-back-from-odisha/articleshow/46589699.cmsMatungaA Ruia College student, who had gone missing on March 9, has been traced and brought back to the city. Kavita (name changed), 17, had been kidnapped by an Odisha resident who had befriended her on Facebook. Kavita had gone missing after appearing for her HSC exam on March 9. Her parents lodged a case of kidnapping against unidentified persons at the Matunga police station. On the social media site, accused Sajan Shaikh, 21, had created a profile by the name Rohit Das and claimed he was a college student. After being in touch with the girl for over six months, Shaikh came to Mumbai on March 8.
Hindu man brutally killed for marrying a Muslim girl in BiharMurder2015-03-23BharatBiharhttps://www.opindia.com/2015/03/hindu-man-brutally-killed-for-marrying-a-muslim-girl-in-bihar/HajipurSanjeev Patel married the daughter of Mohammed Ajajul. After the love marriage, Mohammed Ajajul registered a case of kidnapping against Sanjeev, but the bride, Chandni, confirmed in the local court that she wanted to stay with her Husband. Around 100 people attacked the house of Sanjeev. After brutally thrashing Sanjeev and his brother, they abducted Sanjeev and his wife. Later people found the body of Sanjeev close to the village of the bride.
Muslims attack Hindus in Neemuch on Hanuman JayantiRiot2015-04-03BharatMadhya Pradeshhttp://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/indore/Communal-tension-in-Neemuch-on-eve-of-Hanuman-Jayanti/articleshow/46797246.cmsMadhya PradeshFifteen people were injured, including three policemen in a clash between two communities that erupted following stone pelting at a procession on the eve of Hanuman Jayanti by some miscreants at Khurra Chowk locality of Jawad in Neemuch district on Friday.
FIR against Assam-based artist who dishonoured Lord KrishnaDenigration of Dharma2015-04-15BharatAssamhttps://www.oneindia.com/india/fir-against-assam-based-artist-who-dishonoured-lord-krishna-and-national-flag-1716319.htmlGuwahatiThere have been numerous cases when artists have created controversial paintings and images, that often hurt the sentiments of different religions. This time an Assam-based artist Akram Hussain has painted Hindu deity Lord Krishna along with seven bikini-clad gopis, in a bar.
The objectionable painting was put on display during a group exhibition in the Guwahati State Art Gallery in Ravindra Bhavan, which ended on April 8.
Akram had put on display another painting that allegedly dishonoured the National Flag. He had symbolically drawn an unfurled Tricolour on which many objectionable items including liquor bottles were heaped while in the other painting, "The act of dishonouring the National Flag under the guise of artistic freedom cannot be tolerated and besides the condemning the act we also demand that the artist be arrested immediately", a statement issued by the All India Patriotic Forum, Assam branch said.
Tuktuki Mondal abducted, raped and missingAbduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2015-05-04BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/juyXIT
Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultWest Bengal14 year old Tuktuki Mandal, a student of class-10, was forcibly kidnapped by Babusona Gazi, son of Ramzan Gazi at the midnight of 4th May.
Anuja – Latest victim of Love JihadSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2015-05-17BharatKeralahttps://haindavakeralam.com/anuja-latest-victim-love-hk21131MurderErnakulamAnuja was found hanging with her head tonsured and her hair lying strewn on the ground. “There were deep bruise marks on her face and other parts of the body. There are also evidences in the room pointing to a strong tussle.” With suspicions over Khaleem galore, being a hard core criminal involved in several cases, police have taken him into custody. Police sources say that “Khaleem is one of the chief accused in the murder of BJP leader Manikandhan. He is also accused in the murder of Subin, a Marxist leader and Shihab, a Congress leader. He is prime accused in a total of 5 murder cases. He has also served a prison term for being involved in Gunda activities Khaleem, a previously married man with three children, had ensnared Anuja via internet chatting and professed love, following which he promised to marry her. The two shared a live in relationship and stayed in a rented house in Kalamassery for over two months. Anuja is a PG student of Maharajas College, Ernakulam.
A carpenter has been arrested for the murder of homemaker Pratima Maity, whose body was found tied to a bed-frameMurder2015-06-04BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.telegraphindia.com/west-bengal/one-held-for-girish-park-murder/cid/1492331Girish ParkA carpenter has been arrested for the murder of homemaker Pratima Maity, whose body was found tied to a bed-frame at her Girish Park home on Monday afternoon.

Police said the accused, Alam Ali, 48, was in a relationship with the woman and had got engaged in a sexual act with her on Saturday night.

The accused is said to have told the police that the woman had demanded Rs 50,000, threatening to scream if he refused to pay. Ali apparently covered Pratima's mouth with a pillow in an attempt to silence her, resulting in her death. He is also said to have told the police that he had used a piece of cloth to strangulate her.

"Alam Ali has confessed to his crime. He is claiming that the victim blackmailed him for money after a sexual act and she died when he tried to suppress her screams," joint commissioner (crime) Pallab Kanti Ghosh said.

The head injuries Pratima had suffered were apparently caused when she accidentally hit her head against a wall while trying to resist Ali's attempt to smother her.
14 year old Hindu girl gang raped, wood, bottle caps recovered from her private partsGangrape2015-06-23BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/zxbbIIChild Rape / Child Sexual AssaultUttar PradeshThe girl had gone out to purchase items for her home. She was then allegedly abducted by her neighbour and his friend, who took her to a sugarcane crop field and gang-raped her. Doctors recovered a piece of cloth, polythene bags, bottle caps, matchsticks and a piece of wood from the private parts of the victim
2 Delhi Cops Savagely Assaulted By Muslims For Doing Their DutyAttack on Police / Government Representatives2015-07-15BharatDelhihttps://goo.gl/foZKocDelhiHead Constable Jai Bhagwan and Constable Manoj were on a routine check and stopped two minors from riding a motorcycle in Gokulpuri in East Delhi. The two Muslim motorcyclists and their family members then chased and brutally assaulted the two traffic cops.
15 year old girl stabbed by stalkerSexual Harassment / Molestation2015-07-21BharatMaharashtrahttp://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/Cops-turn-away-Virar-girl-stalker-stabs-her/articleshow/48152721.cms?from=mdrPhysical AssaultMaharashtraA 15-year-old girl leaving for school was gagged and stabbed in the staircase of her building in Virar by a youth known to her and her family. The girl said that about a fortnight ago she went to the Manvelpada police chowkie to complain against the youth, who was stalking her, but was turned away.
15 year old Hindu boy shot dead by Muslim manMurder2015-07-30BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/YrVk96Uttar PradeshA minor scuffle over cattle grazing led to Mohammad Altaf firing indscriminately towards a temple from the terrace of a mosque and killing Sanju Rathore, a 15-year-old boy. Umar Ali, Mohammad Istqam and two others were also arrested
Hindu temple bombed in ThailandIslamic Terrorism2015-08-17ThailandBangkokhttps://odishanewsinsight.com/uncategorized/blast-near-erawan-brahma-temple-in-central-bangkok-12-killed/ChidlomA powerful blast occurred near the famous Erawan Brahma Temple in Chidlom district of central Bangkok, leaving 15 people dead and 25 others injured. At least 45 bikes and other vehicles were damaged in the blast.
The Brahma Temple is a famous Hindu shrine, but the Buddhists also used to visit here.
The area in and around the temple as well as the commercial hub, has been cordoned off. The bomb was kept on a motorcycle. It was triggered using a remote. There was another much powerful bomb, which did not go off. Two other live bombs were also reportedly found.
Dog carcasses hung from electric pole where E Manoj was hacked to death by CPI-M 1 year backPolitical Violence2015-09-01BharatKeralahttp://goo.gl/q5BQ1BKerala3 dogs, with their necks slit, were hanged on an electric post at the very spot where RSS leader E Manoj was killed by CPI-M workers on September 1, 2014.
21 year Abdul Majid coaxed 200 school going girls on Facebook to share their nude photographs. Sexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2015-09-13BharatTelanganahttp://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/dirty-picture-game-hyderabad-youngster-busted/1/472707.htmlSexual Harassment / MolestationTelangana21 years old engineering student Abdul Majid, son of a pan shop owner, over a period of 18 months befriended nearly 200 school girls on Facebook and lured them into sharing their nude pictures on the social networking site. He opened eight different fake Facebook accounts posing to be a girl. He used the screenshots of their secrets to blackmail them into sending more nude photos.
Prashant Poojary, a flower vendor, was hacked to death by six bike-borne MuslimsMurder2015-10-09BharatKarnatakahttp://goo.gl/kzJZA7Political ViolenceKarnatakaPoojary, a flower vendor who had led raids on illegal slaughter houses, was hacked to death by Mohammud Haneef, Mohammud Ilyas, and 4 others - all armed with lethal weapons, at Moodabirdi, Karnataka.
Eyewitness to Prashant Poojary murder found dead in suspicious circumstancesMurder2015-10-16BharatKarnatakahttp://goo.gl/Z65YBLKarnatakaSixty-year-old Vaman Poojary, an eyewitness in the murder of Prashanth Poojary of Moodbidri, died under mysterious circumstances.
Maa Durga's Murti Desecrated At Sodepur, HooghlyTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2015-10-16BharatWest Bengalhttp://hindusamhati.net/news/details/1615Persecution of HindusHooghlyReports of several incidents regarding desecration of Maa Durga's Murti are coming from different areas of the State. In the most cases, when reported, police is apathetic to catch the perpetrators and advising the complainants to disturb communal harmony.Last night, Murtis of Ganesha, Laxmi, Sarawati & Kartik were thrashed at Sodepur under Pursura PS in the district of Hooghly. Hindus in that area became very furious and they approached police to nab culprits. Surprisingly, police advised them not to make a issue of it and offered them financial assistance. Villagers strongly refused the offer and organized road-block demanding arrest of the culprits. The blockade was withdrawn later after police assured them of arresting the culprits.
Cricketer faces abuse for Durga Puja Facebbok greetingHinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate Crime2015-10-21BangladeshBangladeshhttp://goo.gl/1irmXKVerbal or Written Threat / Bullying / Cyber BullyingBangladeshBangladesh national cricketer Litton Kumer Das, a Hindu, faced religious hatred after posting a photo of goddess Durga on the occasion of Puja on Facebook. He received comments asking to remove the photo citing that Islam does not allow Murtiatry and Bangladesh is inhabited mostly by Muslims.
Gujarat BJP leaders’ murder — Dawood’s aide paid Rs 50 lakh supari: ATSMurder2015-11-02BharatGujarathttps://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/gujarat-bjp-leaders-murder-dawoods-aide-paid-rs-50-lakh-supari-ats/BharuchJaved Dawood Patel alias Javed Chikna and his younger brother Abid, who have links in Bharuch, allegedly gave Rs 50 lakh contract to kill the two Bharuch district BJP leaders. Chikna is an aide of fugitive underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, said the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) that busted the double murder case on November 11.

Shirish Bangali, former Bharuch district BJP president and organisational leader, and Pragnesh Mistry, general secretary of the Bharuch BJP youth wing, were shot dead at the former’s Surya printing press in Panchbatti area of the town by masked assailants who came on a motorbike, on the evening of November 2. Bangali is also editor of a local paper called Bharuch Milan.
Married Hindu woman gang raped by Salim and 3 others in BareillyGangrape2015-11-02BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/k2Xl8UUttar PradeshMarried Dalit woman was returning from fields, when she was gang raped by Salim and 3 others in Sorha village, Bareilly.
16 yr old Hindu school girl Monti Rani Sarkar abducted & converted to Islam in BangladeshAbduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2015-11-09BangladeshSunamganjhttp://goo.gl/VtP0nqChild Rape / Child Sexual AssaultSunamganjHindu girl Monti Rani Sarkar (16) was abducted by Md Hosain, Md Ali, Md Jadu Mian & Oly Mian in Sunamganj, B'angladesh. This Hindu girl & the Muslim men who converted her belong to the same village (Jayashree)
Hindu woman gangraped by 2 Assamese security guards at Bengaluru's Cubbon ParkGangrape2015-11-13BharatKarnatakahttp://goo.gl/HsB8MyKarnatakaTwo private security guards from Assam took a woman from Tumkur inside the park near Siddalingaiah circle and raped her. The names of the guards have not been revealed.
Attack on Diwali eve over cracker burstingRiot2015-11-16BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/zSZJUXUttar Pradesh20 year old Gaurav was severely injured & later died of gunshot wounds inflicted by Muslim youth in a clash which was triggered on Diwali night over bursting of crackers.
Police team fired at by cattle Mafia, 1 criminal deadCattle Smuggling Mafia2015-11-30BharatHaryanahttps://www.dailypioneer.com/2015/state-editions/cow-smuggler-shot-dead-by-haryana-police-in-encounter.htmlAttack on Police / Government RepresentativesThanesarPolice received information about cow smuggling taking place in the early hours. A police party reached Anaj Mandi and tried to stop the smugglers, who opened fire on them, he alleged. The policemen retaliated in which Abid died while Ashraf was injured, he said.
The SP said police had registered some eight cases of cattle smuggling against the two in the past. In the firing by smugglers, a police vehicle was badly damaged, he said. However, no policeman was injured in the encounter.
Police have confiscated the vehicle used by the smugglers, he said. Singh said the cattle smugglers were using the vehicle for smuggling cows. Sources said three other smugglers managed to escape under the cover of darkness.
Haryana Government has recently brought into effect Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Act that bans cow slaughter and prohibits transportation of cows for sale to other states.
Hindu procession bombed at Dinajpur, BangladeshIslamic Terrorism2015-12-05BangladeshDinajpurhttps://www.indiatoday.in/world/neighbours/story/bomb-attack-on-hindu-religious-gathering-in-bangladesh-275776-2015-12-05Attack on Festivals / ProcessionsKantaji MandirAt least six people were injured, with three in a critical condition, after a series of bomb blasts on Saturday at a Hindu religious gathering in northern Bangladesh, a police official said.
The attack follows the shooting and wounding of an Italian doctor working in the same region last month, and the earlier murders of an Italian and a Japanese citizen in separate attacks claimed by ISIS.
The latest incident occurred in Dinajpur district, 415 km (260 miles) north of the capital Dhaka when a series of bombs exploded as hundreds of devotees attended a religious ceremony known as "Rushmela", Abdul Mazid, the officer in-charge of Kahalur police station said.
The attack came after recent threats to the temple's priest, urging him not to organize any religious gatherings, Mazid said.
Six-hour torture for woman in WB: Lady tied to tree, assaulted over refusal to withdraw casePhysical Assault2015-12-05BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/B8eSv8West BengalA 34 year old housewife was dragged out of her father’s house by around 40 people, led by Samsul Sheikh, Ziaul Sheikh and Raisul Ali, who tied her up to a tree and tortured her for over six hours in an Englishbazar village after she had refused to withdraw a six-year-old criminal case against three men.
Ten People Injured at Hindu Temple Blast, 3 ArrestedIslamic Terrorism2015-12-08BangladeshDinajpurhttp://goo.gl/ZQrsPwDinajpurTen people have been injured at a Hindu religious gathering in northern Bangladesh as three crude bombs went off at Jatra pandal on the premises of Kantaji Temple in Kaharol upazila of Dinajpur.
Two injured in attack on Hindu functionIslamic Terrorism2015-12-11BangladeshDinajpurhttp://goo.gl/pCG3C1DinajpurMiscreants opened fire at a Hindu religious function organized by an International Society for Krishna Consciousness temple at Kaharole upazila in Dinajpur. The bullet injured Muthun Roy and Ranajit Mohan Roy.
17 year old girl abducted, raped, dumped in DelhiChild Rape / Child Sexual Assault2015-12-11BharatWest Bengalhttp://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Bengal-girl-raped-in-Delhi-1-held/articleshow/50131006.cmsAbductionWest Bengal40-year-old man abducted, raped and trafficked a 17-year-old girl from West Bengal's Diamond Harbour.The girl was dumped at the GTB hospital in north-east Delhi after she fell ill following the repeated sexual abuse on her. She was driven to different parts of the country where she was forced into prostitution before being sold off to four Haryana men as their bride
Muslim man raped Hindu co-worker for 5 days to force her to convertSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2015-12-22BharatTelanganahttp://zeenews.india.com/news/india/hyderabad-techie-arrested-for-illegally-confining-female-colleague-sexually-abusing-her_1837385.htmlRape / Sexual AssaultTelanganaSyed Imad Hasan from Aligarh UP confined and raped a Hindu co-worker software professional for 5 days, asking her to convert and marry him.
Assam police constable Dipen Hazarika was killed by a Muslim mobAttack on Police / Government Representatives2015-12-24BharatAssamhttp://goo.gl/dtEQ4RMurderAssamIn a clash between police and a Muslim mob at Biswanath Chariali in Sonitpur district, due to rumours that the police was launching an operation against illegal Bangladeshi migrants, a constable Dipen Hazarika was killed and a police vehicle was also set ablaze.
22 year Hindu girl from Shamli abducted by 40 year old married Muslim manSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2015-12-26BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/meerut/Kandhla-girl-went-with-Muslim-tenant-to-Delhi-willingly-say-cops/articleshow/50336967.cmsAbductionUttar PradeshA day after a 22-year-old Hindu girl from Kandhla in Shamli district, who had been missing for almost a month along with her 40-year-old tenant Mohammed Asif (already married with 3 children), was found in an apartment in New Delhi's Vasant Vihar.
Muslim youth beat elderly Hindu man to deathMurder2015-12-27BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/fOvJKpWest BengalAn elderly Hindu man was dragged into a mango orchard and beaten to death by a group of Muslim picnickers when he protested their drinking and brawling.
Muslim man ‘kidnapped, raped co-worker for five days to make her convert to Islam’Rape / Sexual Assault2015-12-28BharatTelanganahttps://www.news.com.au/world/asia/muslim-man-kidnapped-raped-coworker-for-five-days-to-make-her-convert-to-islam/news-story/757b4f1d53ed30a069cf4ff16c553879Forced ConversionHyderabadA MAN allegedly kidnapped and raped a former colleague for five days to force her to convert to Islam.

The Sun reports police found the 27-year-old woman bruised and in shock inside the kidnapper’s flat in Hyderabad, India after she managed to send an emergency text and post a cry for help on social media.

According to police, Syed Emad Hasan wanted to marry the woman, who cannot be named, but was rejected after she explained that her family do not allow inter-religious marriage.

Despite her moving to Dubai, Hasan continued to harass her until she came back to Hyderabad to confront him, reported the Indian Express.

The woman was then abducted, locked up in his Hasan’s house and had her phone taken away from her.
Hindu Youth Murdered by 8 member Muslim gangMurder2015-12-31BharatMaharashtrahttp://goo.gl/yKkXafMaharashtra26-year-old Vikas Kamble, a resident of Santacruz's Golibar area died after being beaten up by a group of 8 men. Two other friends of Vikas were also beaten up.
Allah has bestowed Pakistanis the honour to destroy India, kill Hindus: Islamic cleric​Hinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate Crime2016-01-03PakistanPakistanhttp://goo.gl/l0XKk2PakistanColumnist and author Tarek Fateh on Sunday shared a video of a prominent Islamic cleric and former banker Irfan-ul-Haq provoking Pakistanis to destroy Murti worship in India and kill Hindus.
Christian Principal beats Hindu students for Low Score in Bible examPhysical Assault2016-01-06BharatTamil Naduhttp://goo.gl/OEe2aOHinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate CrimeTamil NaduAs many as 37 students studying fifth standard in a minority educational institution in Melur near here faced the wrath of the principal for scoring low marks in Bible in the half-yearly examination.
Petrol bombs hurled near Meenakshi Temple in MaduraiTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-01-06BharatTamil Naduhttp://goo.gl/OVvJaVTamil Nadu Unidentified persons hurled three petrol bombs in the vicinity of the Sri Meenakshi Temple here late last night.
Shelter forcibly converted children to Christianity, raided by policeForced Conversion2016-01-08BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/TyCwzqChild EvangelismUttar PradeshForcibly converted to Christianity, hung by the wrists from a ceiling fan, starved for days and beaten mercilessly for failing to recite Bible passages — this is what a nine-year-old boy had to endure at an illegal shelter.
4 killed during rioting in Uttar Pradesh's Fatehpur after Muslims pelt stones on Makar Sankranti processionRiot2016-01-14BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/PHMablUttar PradeshA procession related to Makar Sankranti was being taken from Kanpur to Fatehpur. However, as they reached Jehanabad, a Muslim group began pelting stones on them, leading to clashes and death of four individuals.
Hindu mother of 3 kills herself after rape by Muslim who circulates clip on WhatsAppRape / Sexual Assault2016-01-14BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/1eVRaEUttar Pradesh A 40-year-old ASHA worker, raped by 20-year-old Shahid, committed suicide after a video of the incident was circulated on WhatsApp by the accused.
Hindu youth Sawan Rathod was asked if he is a Hindu, and then burned alive by 3 MuslimsMurder2016-01-15BharatMaharashtrahttp://goo.gl/KjXSfyMaharashtra17-year-old rag-picker, Sawan Rathod, was set on fire by Ibrahim Shaikh, Imran Tamboli and Zuber Tamboli on suspicion of stealing vehicle batteries in Kasaba Peth area and later succumbed to his burn injuries.
Hindu swayamsevak's daughter beaten up over bike clashPhysical Assault2016-01-15BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/PVL7VlUttar PradeshAn RSS activist and his daughter travelling by bike were badly beaten up by 4-5 youth over a minor bike clash.
Air Force Officer mowed down by speeding Audi driven by Muslim MLA's son - Ambia Sohrab.Murder2016-01-15BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/o7PyP7West BengalKolkata Police yesterday issued a look out notice against Ambia Sohrab, Sambia Sohrab and their father former RJD MLA Mohammed Sohrab, who are absconding after a speeding car reportedly owned by them killed an Air Force officer during a Republic Day parade rehearsal here. The MLA was apparently given tips to escape by the West Bengal police.
Muslim mob assaults police, sets jeeps on fireAttack on Police / Government Representatives2016-01-15BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/e6iUPMMob Violence / LynchingWest BengalA Muslim mob torched two police jeeps, assaulted cops and vandalised and laid siege to a police station in Birbhum's Mayureswar, prompting officers to flee.
32 year Hindu woman gang raped by 2 Muslims who circulate video on social mediaGangrape2016-01-17BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/dfw43pUttar Pradesh32-year-old married woman was gangraped by Irshad and Nazer, who filmed the entire incident and circulated the clip on the social media in Kailawda village under Khatoli police station, Muzaffarnagar, U.P.
Muslim MLA molests Hindu woman on Rajdhani trainSexual Harassment / Molestation2016-01-18BharatBiharhttp://goo.gl/aFfRuRBihar In a shocking incident, a Hindu woman was molestated by JD (U) MLA Sarfaraz Alam in Guwahati-Rajdhani Express.
Narendra Rajoria was hacked to death by sword wielding assailantsMurder2016-01-19BharatMadhya Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/dSC8m7Madhya PradeshCurfew continued for the second day in Madhya Pradesh's Devas city and left one Hindu killed. Three-four sword-brandishing unidentified people attacked Narendra Rajoria at Shukruvariya Haat. They left him seriouly injured and he later died at hospital.
Missing Hindu girl found hanging naked; had been rapedMurder2016-01-20BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/PF7uTZRape / Sexual AssaultWest BengalA missing teenage girl was found hanging unclothed from a tree near the BDO office, at Sitai in Cooch Behar district. Locals alleged that the class 10th student, who was missing since last night, was raped and murdered.
Panic Grips Pakistani Hindus After Karachi Temple Desecration By Armed MuslimsTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-01-21PakistanSindhhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/panic-grips-pakistani-hindus-after-karachi-temple-desecration-by-armed-muslims/KarachiThree pistol-waving bearded Muslim men stormed a 60-year-old temple in Pakistan’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, Karachi, and desecrated the murti of Bhavani Mata, leading to fear among the minority Pakistani Hindu community there. The incident happened on January 21 when the three Muslim men clad in salwar and kameez stormed the temple waving pistols and ordered everyone inside the premises to step out. They then proceed to desecrate one of the three beautifully-decorated murtis at the temple near the Karachi Zoological Gardens. The temple is dedicated to Hindu females deities of Shitala Mata, Santoshi Mata and Bhavani Mata – all manifestations of the feminine divine Shakti, worshipped in Hindu Dharma alone.
14 year old girl gangraped by Sakib and RakibGangrape2016-01-23BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/qF6qSqChild Rape / Child Sexual AssaultUttar PradeshA 14-year-old girl was gang-raped by two youths, Rakib and Sakib, at gun-point at her house at Kutesra village in Muzaffarnagar district, when the family members were not present. They threatened to kill the girl if she revealed the incident to anyone,
Muslim man Tahir murders sisters Poonam and Swati Murder2016-01-24BharatDelhihttps://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Delhi/Jilted-lover-held-for-killing-sisters/article14016459.eceDelhiDelhi double murder of sisters Poonam and Swati who were murdered by auto-driver Tahir. Poonam had a relationship with Tahir for several months. She found out that he was already married. She ended their affair. Tahir killed Poonam in her home. Her younger sister Swati was witness to her sister’s murder. Tahir killed the minor girl also.
Hindu minor girl adbucted, raped and converted - courts hand her to rapist 'husband'Abduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2016-01-24PakistanSindhhttps://t.co/RYoHvMrCxOChild Rape / Child Sexual AssaultSindhMinor Hindu girl was abducted, converted and then forcefully married to Ali Gul. When her distressed family approached courts, in a sham enquiry her age was first assessed as 18-19, and later 15-16. Still Court ruled "there was no force as girl had attained the age of puberty as was evident from the medical board’s report and she had voluntarily converted to Islam without any pressure"
Muslim fundaemntalist group Towheed Jamath organizes Hinduphobic conference in Tamil naduHinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate Crime2016-01-25BharatTamil Naduhttp://goo.gl/YwoCaoTamil NaduThe Tamil Nadu “Thowheed Jamaath” (TNTJ) plans to hold a ‘Shirk Abolition’ conference on 31 January in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. In Islamic parlance, Shirk is the prohibited practise of worshipping Murtis or photos of Gods, Earth (Bhoomidevi), Sun, Moon, Cows, Nature – all of which form part of Hindu Dharma.
Minor Hindu girl Twinkle Shaw (15) raped, murdered and thrown into coal pit by Mohammed Aftab Alam in Jamuria, WBChild Rape / Child Sexual Assault2016-01-26BharatWest Bengalhttp://goo.gl/7DHvsfMurderWest BengalMinor Hindu girl Twinkle Shau (15) was raped, murdered and thrown into coal pit by Mohammed Aftab Alam in Jamuria, WB. Her body was recovered on 26 January and WB admin prevented the Asansol MP from visiting the family
Bharatiya origin man deported from USA due to skin colorLegal or Institutionalsed Discrimination2016-01-27USAIllinoishttp://goo.gl/kM0WgAIllinoisA UK-based Bharatiya-origin man, Amreet Surana, who had travelled to the US from London on a business trip was held for 13 hours by US immigration officials, harassed, and deported because of his skin colour.
Hindu Minor Girl Abducted, Converted And Raped In Pakistan, Court Hands Her Over To Rapist ‘Husband’Abduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2016-01-28PakistanSindhhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-minor-girl-abducted-converted-and-raped-in-pakistan-court-hands-her-over-to-rapist-husband/NawabshahIn yet another instance of the Pakistani State approved persecution of Hindus in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Sindh High Court (Sindh is one of the 4 provinces or states of Pakistan, and home to majority of the Hindu population still surviving in Pakistan) allowed 15 year old ‘Shabana’, who was converted to Islam from Hindu Dharma and then ‘married’ to a Muslim man Ali Gul, to live with her ‘husband’. The Hindu girl was abducted on October 4 from Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan.
Her father filed a kidnapping case against her kidnapper, Ali Gul.
The 15 year old girl was then pressurized to seek quashment of the kidnapping case against her ‘spouse’, Ali Gul. She was made to submit that she had willingly converted to Islam on October 5 and married Gul, but her family was annoyed over her move and hence registered a case against her ‘spouse’. This is a standard protocol followed by such criminals in Pakistan to ensure the victim’s family is turned into the accused.
22-year-old girl abducted and gangraped by Saddam, Rizwan and Shahrukh in Muzaffarnagar district, who also made a video of the act.Gangrape2016-01-29BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/yJ4p3RUttar PradeshA 22-year-old girl was abducted and gangraped by Saddam, Rizwan and Shahrukh who also made a video of the act at Miranpur town in Muzaffarnagar district. The crime took place when she went out of her house to attend nature's call.
14 year old riot victim gang-raped by Zulfam and 2 others.Gangrape2016-01-30BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/kibIUCChild Rape / Child Sexual AssaultUttar PradeshA 14-year-old girl, who was rehabilitated along with her family after the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, was gang-raped by Zulfam, son of former Gram Pradhan Zaheer, and two unidentified youths at Ambeta village, Muzaffarnagar.
20 year old girl gang-raped and beaten by Murasleen, Shahdaab and MusarifGangrape2016-01-30BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/jo6jzfUttar PradeshA 20-year-old woman was gangraped by three persons of her village, Murasleen, Shahdaab and Musarif, at her home in Mawana, Meerut.
Clashes reupt afer Muslim man Abid enters Hindu Dalit home and molests a girl in Delhi's Bharat NagarRiot2016-01-31BharatNew Delhihttp://goo.gl/BTFpQuSexual Harassment / MolestationNew DelhiAt least 15 people were injured in a clash which broke out in northwest Delhi's Bharat Nagar area after a Muslim youth Abid was thrashed by some locals when he was caught molesting a Hindu Dalit girl inside her home.
Hindu student molested by Muslim criminal in Garulia, WBSexual Harassment / Molestation2016-01-31BharatWest Bengalhttps://goo.gl/Vi1xhuWest BengalMolestation of another student by Muslim Criminal Raja Khan at Garulia police station - police files complaint
A 15-year-old girl was raped by Dr. VP Singh and Chhotey KhanGangrape2016-02-02BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/Bpo2ubUttar PradeshA minor girl was raped by Dr VP Singh and Chhotey Khan - on February 2. Chhotey Khan had taken the girl to Singh in Aliganj town on some pretext and the two raped her there
Rape, forcible conversion of Hindu girl Chandni, 14 years in Chittagong, Bangladesh by Mohammad Sohel RanaAbduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2016-02-03BangladeshChittagonghttps://goo.gl/Ci18BeChild Rape / Child Sexual AssaultChittagongKidnapping,rape,forcible conversion of Hindu girl Chandni, 14years of age in Chittagong , Bangladesh by Mohammad Sohel Rana
30-year old builder Jignesh Jain shot dead by burqa clad gunmen in Chunabhatti, Mumbai.Murder2016-02-06BharatMaharashtrahttp://goo.gl/rcCvlhMaharashtraBurqa-clad gunmen killed a 30-year-old builder Jignesh Jain in his office in Chunabhatti area in Mumbai.
BJP Bihar Vice-President Visheshwar Ohja shot dead in BhojpurMurder2016-02-12BharatBiharhttp://goo.gl/PZ67kZBiharBJP Bihar vice-president Visheshwar Ojha was shot dead in Arrah area while returning from a wedding. Ojha's driver and a man also got injured in the incident. Ojha was the second BJP leader shot dead in 12 hours in Bihar.
BJP leader Kedarnath Singh shot dead in ChhapraMurder2016-02-12BharatBiharhttp://goo.gl/PZ67kZBiharBJP leader Kedarnath Singh was shot dead in Chhapra
Historic Jain temple demolished in LahoreTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-02-12PakistanPak Punjabhttps://www.deccanherald.com/content/528475/historic-jain-temple-demolished-lahore.htmlLahoreNotwithstanding a court order, authorities in Pakistan's Punjab province have demolished the remains of a centuries-old Jain temple to pave the way for a controversial metro line project here. In violation of the Lahore High Court's order to suspend all work on the line within 200 feet of buildings of historical value, the Punjab government yesterday demolished the remains of the already damaged temple. Located near famous Anarkali Bazaar of old city, mob had damaged Jain Mandir in 1992 after the demolition of Babari Mosque in India.
Journalist Karun Mishra shot dead in UPMurder2016-02-13BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.thenewsminute.com/article/murder-karun-misra-nine-other-journalists-reveals-rising-danger-41289Uttar PradeshThree bike-borne criminals, in broad daylight, shot dead the bureau chief of 'Jansandesh' newspaper, Karun Mishra, in Gosaiganj's Inayatpur region while he was on his way to Ambedkarnagar.
Hindu Activist Sujith Hacked to Death by CPM In KeralaMurder2016-02-16BharatKeralahttp://goo.gl/Shd0pNKerala 27 year old PV Sujith, was hacked to death by CPI-M (Communist Party of India – Marxist) workers in front of his parents in Papinisseri, Kannur district Kerala.
Muslims clash with Hindu Dalits during Sant Ravidas processionRiot2016-02-19BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/X3rAvOUttar PradeshOne person was killed and several others, including a police sub-inspector, were injured in a clash in Sarkadi Khumar village under Kotwali Dehat in Saharanpur district of West U.P. when a procession being brought out by Hindus on the occasion of Sant Ravidas jayanti was interrupted by Muslims objecting to 'use of band’ in the procession.
Islamist militants beheaded a 45 year Hindu priest at a temple in BangladeshMurder2016-02-21BangladeshPanchnagarhttp://goo.gl/YQ9a8hPanchnagarFive or six Islamists beheaded the priest, Jogeshwar Roy, 45, as he was organising prayers at the Deviganj temple near Panchagar, 308 miles north of the capital, Dhaka. They shot and wounded two devotee who went to the priest's aid.
Police arrest three over Hindu priest’s murder in PanchagarhMurder2016-02-22BangladeshPanchagarhhttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2016/02/22/police-arrest-three-over-hindu-priests-murder-in-panchagarhTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/SadhuDebigunj On Sunday, assailants slit the throat of 50-year-old Jagneshwar Roy, who headed the Santo Gaurio temple, after hacking him with sharp weapons. Witnesses said three men, armed with sharp weapons and firearms, had taken part in the killing and opened fire and hurled bombs as they fled on a motorbike. “JMB activists Khalilur (Rahman), Babul (Hossain) and Shibir leader Jahangir (Hossain) were held during raids in different parts of the district,” said OC Akter.
The victim’s family have filed a case over the murder, while police filed another under the firearms and explosives Act.

Radical outfit Islamic State is said to have claimed responsibility for the murder.
Hindu Dalit leader Arun Mahaur shot dead by Muslim over Cow Slaughter TiffMurder2016-02-25BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://goo.gl/DPIfvyUttar Pradesh(VHP) Agra city unit vice-president Arun Kumar Mahaur was accosted by five assailants -Shahrukh, Raja, Dilshad, Imtiyaz and Abid - in a busy marketplace near his ancestral house in Mantola, one of whom pumped a bullet from a country-made gun into the back of his head.
Hindu student's belongings thrown out of hostel by LeftistsPolitical Violence2016-03-02BharatNew Delhihttp://goo.gl/rfPFc7Hinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate CrimeNew DelhiA female student of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and a member of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) found her belongings thrown out of the hostel dormitory on Wednesday, with a note on her bed that said ‘Reject ABVP’. She had been having intense arguments with some extreme Leftist students for the last few days.
Hate speech against Hindu Dharma in JNUDenigration of Dharma2016-03-08BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-cultures-only-contribution-to-the-world-is-deep-rooted-violence/JNUJNU Professor Nivedita Menon (Centre for Comparative Politics & Political Theory) addressing her students denigrated Hindu Dharma with words“Hindu society must be one of the most violent, to the roots violent society in the world. Surely, nothing in the world can compare to the deep-rooted violence and intransigence of the caste system.”

She then tauntingly adds,

“That is something we can proudly claim India has contributed to world culture”
Hindu Activist A V Biju Murderously Attacked by CPM in Front of Children Political Violence2016-03-08BharatKeralahttp://goo.gl/eI9IB2Physical AssaultKeralaAuto rickshaw driver and BJP party worker A V Biju (29), was taken to hospital in a critical condition after he was hacked by sharp objects by suspected CPI(M) workers in Kannur district, Kerala. Biju was dropping students to school when he was attacked.
Kerala Hindu student thrashed by mob for dropping Muslim classmatePhysical Assault2016-03-08BharatKeralahttp://goo.gl/eaLqyRKeralaAn 18-year-old student, Sreesagar Babu was attacked by a group of Muslims, as he was riding with his Muslim classmate to drop her at the bus stop.
Hindu Leader K Raju hacked to death in Mysuru by IslamistsMurder2016-03-13BharatKarnatakahttp://goo.gl/rRqNpAPolitical ViolenceKarnatakaHindu activist, Kyathemaranahalli Raju (37), who also happened to be a BJP leader, was brutally hacked to death in Mysuru. Raju had stopped the illegal construction of a masjid in Kyatamaranahalli and was the main driving force behind building a Ganesh temple. He had united and organised the Hindus of Udayagiri, NR Mohalla and Kytharamanahalli. Mysuru Police Commissioner B Dayananda said, CCB police have detained another three — Ayub Khan (27) of Kalyanagiri, Mohammed Haneef (36) of Azeez Sait Nagar and Hameed Khan (27) of Gouziya Nagar — in connection with RSS activist Raju’s murder case.
Severed head of cow placed at Hindu sanctuary in USHinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate Crime2016-03-23USAMonroehttps://www.hindustantimes.com/world/severed-head-of-cow-placed-at-hindu-sanctuary-in-us/story-2XCUsIHz0bz0S0w0T73nBI.htmlLakshmi Cow SanctuaryThe severed head of cow was placed at a Hindu cow sanctuary in Pennsylvania and the state police are investigating the crime as a case of “ethnic intimidation.”
The cow’s head was dumped over the weekend at the Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary in Monroe County, according to media reports.
The Express Times newspaper reported Tuesday that Pennsylvania State Police are calling the incident which happened between Saturday night and Sunday morning “ethnic intimidation, criminal trespass and harassment.”
State Trooper Carrie A Gula, who was quoted by the newspaper, said explaining the intimidation description, “The victim’s religion is Hinduism. In this religion, the cow is (a) symbol of life and may never be killed.”
Hindu Dentist Lynched to Death By 15 Member Gang, Led by one Naseer, In DelhiMurder2016-03-24BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-dentist-beaten-to-death-by-muslims-in-new-delhi/Mob Violence / LynchingVikaspuriA 40-year-old dentist, Dr. Pankaj Narang, was beaten to death with iron rods and sticks by a group of 15 persons, led by one Naseer, following a dispute in West Delhi’s Vikaspuri area. Dr. Narang lived with his wife and eight year old son in the Vikaspuri area. A day of joy, festivity and colors ended in tragedy for the Narang family.
The incident took place late last night following which eight persons, including four juveniles, were apprehended, DCP (West) Pushpendra Kumar said. One of the two persons who are prime accused in the case turned out to be a juvenile. The second has been identified as one Naseer.
Muslim Dairy Queen owner in Texas installed signs around his business comparing Hindus to monkeysDenigration of Dharma2016-03-24USAHouston https://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Muslim-Dairy-Queen-owner-in-Texas-installed-signs-6998683.phpTexasA Texas Dairy Queen franchise owner who has signs comparing Hindus to monkeys wrapping around his Houston-area restaurant says he is not prejudiced despite calls for an apology from the Hindu community and condemnation from Dairy Queen's corporate office.
Instead, Mohammad Dar, a 65-year-old Muslim, says Hindus are the "racists." Dar, a 40-year U.S. citizen from Pakistan, said he is aware of the controversy he has created, but maintains that he is not “putting any human down.”
“I’m pointing out what’s wrong with Hinduism, which is a force of racism,” he said. Another piece of his material compares the ancient religion of Hinduism to “monkyism (sic).”
11 year old Ravi Pal choked to death by tutor Irfan for refusing to join ISISMurder2016-03-26BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/CeeUU8VXIAUYHTt.jpgChild AbuseUttar Pradesh11 year old Ravi Pal choked to death by tutor Irfan for refusing to join ISIS
Over dozen children attending RSS Shakha in Noida beaten upPhysical Assault2016-03-28BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/1532/Attack on Festivals / ProcessionsNoidaAs per a report from Dainik Jagran paper, over a dozen children studying in Class 5 or 6, who were attending an RSS shakha in Sector 9 Noida, were attacked with lathis (batons) by a group of Muslim youth (including few adults). The young children were thrashed and made to flee, and the RSS flag was pulled down. RSS has registered a complaint with Noida police station.
Tension grips UP village as 12 booked for attacking RSS workerPhysical Assault2016-03-28BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindustantimes.com/india/tension-grips-up-village-as-12-booked-for-attacking-rss-worker/story-3wW8mRUyWym2B8Fu26GRLL.htmlJalapurPolice have registered a case against 12 people for attacking a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) activist, following a dispute over a ‘shakha’ (daily gathering) being run at a primary school in Baka Jalapur village, near Allahabad, UP.
The police report stated that Sandeep Kumar, a resident of Bhiknapur Alawalpur village in Mauaima, had an altercation with one Afsaar Ali over the former running an RSS shakha at the Ghoorghat primary school in the village. Kumar was attacked by Ali and a few of his friends at the primary school on Saturday, and shot at upon trying to flee the scene. However, the RSS activist managed to enter a village, where the villagers came out to support him.
Non-Kashmiri Students At NIT Srinagar Thrashed By J&K Police, Hounded For Hoisting TricolorPhysical Assault2016-04-05BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)http://www.hindupost.in/news/save-the-students-nit-srinagar/Legal or Institutionalsed DiscriminationJammu & KashmirThere has been a brutal assault by J&K Police on non-Kashmiri students at NIT (National Instititue of Technology) Srinagar. This crackdown came after non-Kashmiri students hoisted the tri-color and demanded action against local students who had celebrated Bharat’s defeat in a cricket match and shouted anti-national slogans.
Minor Hindu Dalit Girl Gang Raped For Months in Attingal, KeralaGangrape2016-04-05BharatKeralahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/gods-own-country-minor-hindu-dalit-girl-gang-raped-for-months/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultKeralaA minor Hindu Dalit girl in Thiruvananthapuram rural district was brutally raped and repeatedly abused for over two months by Muslim boys after the assailants blackmailed the victim with visuals of the initial assault they had filmed.
SP Leader Muslim Khan Thrashes Hindu Youth, Urinates in his MouthPhysical Assault2016-04-07BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/sp-leader-muslim-khan/Political ViolenceUttar PradeshIn a shocking incident from Uttar Pradesh, ruling Samjawadi Party (SP) leader Muslim Khan along with his family members brutally thrashed a Hindu youth and, in an act of utter bestiality, urinated in his mouth.
Muslims riot with Dalits in Saharanpur over mobile rechargeRiot2016-04-13BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.jagran.com/uttar-pradesh/lucknow-city-clash-between-dalits-and-muslims-stonepelting-in-saharanpur-13865617.htmlUttar PradeshDilshad and Manga got in argument with mobile shop owner Kuldeep in Hashimura village in Deoband area of Saharanpur. They stabbed Kuldeep's relative Karma, which led to stone pelting between both Dalit and Musim communities.
Hindus Attacked, Temples Vandalized during Ram Navmi celebrations in Jalgaon Jamod, BuldhanaRiot2016-04-20BharatMaharashtrahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/violence-erupts-temples-vandalized-during-ram-navmi-celebrations-in-jalgaon-jamod-buldhana/Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/SadhuMaharashtraA traditional bhandara, i.e. community prayer and meal, during the festival of Ram Navami in the town of Jalgaon Jamod, Buldhana district Maharashtra, was attacked by Muslim faction on Saturday night. Members of the ‘majority’ community were assaulted, a temple wall was brought down, murtisvandalized, prasad (divinely blessed food) spilled on the ground, Hindu houses, shops and other property to the tune of lakhs of rupees looted or destroyed.
Sikh Leader Shot Dead In PakistanMurder2016-04-27PakistanPakistanhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/sikh-leader-shot-dead-in-pakistan/Political ViolencePakistanA Pakistani Sikh leader, Sardar Sooran Singh was shot dead last Friday near his home in the country’s dangerous northwest region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Sardar Sooran Singh, the Special Assistant to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(KP) on Minority Affairs, was assassinated in Pir Baba area of Buner district in the province.
BJP Leader Murdered in Broad Daylight in Kanchipuram, Tamil NaduMurder2016-04-28BharatTamil Naduhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/bjp-leader-of-kancheepuram-in-tamil-nadu-murdered-in-broad-daylight/Political ViolenceTamil NaduA local BJP leader in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu has been murdered in broad daylight by three motorcycle borne men, in a manner closely resembling other recent murders of Hindu activists
UP chairman drives Hindu families out of Bangladesh to grab land; bounty for him
Land grab / Economic Persecution2016-04-30BangladeshJessorehttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2016/04/30/up-chairman-drives-hindu-families-out-of-bangladesh-to-grab-land-bounty-for-himChaugachhaPolice have announced reward to catch a union council chairman wanted for allegedly forcing at least 30 Hindu families out of Bangladesh through intimidation to occupy their land.
Shaheen Rahman, the chairman of Pashapole Union Parishad in Jessore’s Chaugachha, is affiliated with the ruling Awami League.

Jessore Superintendent of Police Anisur Rahman, after meeting the locals on Friday, announced the reward of Tk 25,000.

He said anyone can get the reward by providing information on Shaheen’s location by phone.

He said Chaugachha Puja Udjapon Parishad provided a list of 21 families who had to leave their homes facing intimidation by Shaheen and his henchmen.

A three-member committee headed by Additional SP Sarwar Hossain is investigating the case, the SP said.

The committee has been asked to submit a report within a week.
Islamic State claims credit for murder of Hindu tailor in TangailMurder2016-04-30BangladeshTangailhttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2016/04/30/islamic-state-claims-credit-for-murder-of-hindu-tailor-in-tangailIslamic TerrorismGopalpur Police StationNikhil Chandra Joarder, 50, was hacked to death at Tangail’s Gopalpur Upazila on Saturday noon.
It said the Islamic State made the claim through Amaq News Agency that the Middle East-based outfit runs.
Police said motorcycle-borne youths killed Nikhil, son of Nalikanta Joarder of Dubial village, in front of his tailoring shop at Kalibarhi Bazar around 12:30pm.

He was killed in a manner similar to that of several bloggers, rights activists and university teachers.

Nikhil earlier served three-month in jail in a case over slandering of Islamic prophet Muhammad.
20 year old Shot Dead by JDU Legislator’s Son in BiharMurder2016-05-08BharatBiharhttp://www.hindupost.in/politics/20-year-old-shot-dead-by-jdu-legislators-son-in-bihar/Political ViolenceBiharLast night, a 20 year old youth was shot dead by JD(U) MLC Manorama Devi’s son Rocky for overtaking his vehicle in Bihar’s Gaya district.
Christian Fundamentalist damages 8 Hindu Temple DeitiesTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-05-13BharatTamil Naduhttps://www.hinduhumanrights.info/christian-fundamentalist-damages-8-hindu-temple-deities/UdhagamandalamTension prevailed near Hindustan Photo FIlm (HPF) area in the tourist town of Udhagamandalam (Ooty), following damage to eight Murthis of different gods in a temple, as a 40-year-old woman was taken for interrogation in this regard.
The woman, Nesaripoo, working as service officer in HPF, reportedly damaged the Murtis with a stone, which was captured in a video by a tourist, who informed the public, police said. Hearing about the incident, more than 150 persons, belonging to various Hindu outfits gathered at Pudumund Police station and were shown the video, which also went viral in the social network, they said. Based on the complaint, police has taken the woman into custody for interrogation, they said.
Christian Police Officers Desecrate Temple in Kanyakumari, Beat up DevoteesPhysical Assault2016-05-15BharatTamil Naduhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/christian-police-officers-desecrate-temple-kanyakumari-beat-devotees/Legal or Institutionalsed DiscriminationTamil Naduincident of desecration of a Hindu temple and brutal assault on Hindu devotees by Christian police officers has occured in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu.
Attacked on 37 Hindu families in Bijoynagar, BrahmanbariaRiot2016-05-16BangladeshBangladeshhttp://english.eibela.com/article/attacked-on-37-hindu-families-in-bijoynagar-upazila-of-brahmanbaria-Bangladesh37 Hindu innocent families attacked, houses ransacked, properties looted, women and children sexually assaulted on 07.05.2016 soon after U.P. Election ended at village-Arial within Bijoynagar Upazila of Brahmanbaria District.
Vandalized hundred years old Kali temple in JoypurhatTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-05-16BangladeshBangladeshhttp://english.eibela.com/article/vandalized-hundred-years-old-kali-temple-in-joypurhatBangladeshmiscreants entered into the temple breaking the lock of the gate and fled the scene after demolishing the gods Shiva and Kali Devi rod-cement lasting images and smashing Murtis
Tripura Communists Urinate in Mouth of Student who wrote ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ on his MotorcyclePhysical Assault2016-05-16BharatManipurhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/tripura-communists-urinate-mouth-student-wrote-bharat-mata-ki-jai-motorcycle/TripuraAlok Deb, 21, a a second-year student in the college and resident of Shantipara in Ambassa subdivision, was dragged into a room by SFI activists who first beat him up and then at least two SFI students urinated in his mouth. Later, the SFI goons were heard saying that Alok Deb’s mouth had become impure by saying ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’, hence they had purified him (by urinating in his mouth). The Tripura CM since 1998, Manik Sarkar from CPI-M, is yet to comment on the incident though almost a week has passed.
Inquiry opens into public humiliation of Hindu teacher as MP watched onPersecution of Hindus2016-05-16BangladeshNarayanganjhttps://m.bdnews24.com/en/detail/bangladesh/1152663Bandar UpazilaShyamal Kanti Bhakta of Piyar Sattar Latif High School in Bandar Upazila says the locals were provoked by the false accusations of him making disparaging statements about Islam.
Bhakta was rescued by police after he was beaten up and made to do sit-ups holding ears in the presence of MP AKM Salim Osman on Friday.
The MP claimed that the punishment was the only way to save the teacher from the wrath of the mob. Bhakta has denied having been critical of religion and said some people in school management held grudges against him for not entertaining their ‘unethical requests’.
They tried to get him killed to avenge the snub, he has said and demanded punishment to the offenders.
The Upazila administration has launched an investigation. No formal complaint has been lodged against him.
Tripura Communists Urinate in Mouth of Student who wrote ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ on his MotorcyclePhysical Assault2016-05-16BharatTripurahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/tripura-communists-urinate-mouth-student-wrote-bharat-mata-ki-jai-motorcycle/Political ViolenceTripuraMarxist, the ruling party in Tripura – urinated in the mouth of a student who had a ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ sticker on his motorcycle. The gruesome incident occurred in Kamalpur Subdivisional College in Dhalai district, Tripura.
Islamic Extremists Declare Parts of Bengal as Sharia Law ZoneHinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate Crime2016-05-19BharatWest Bengalhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/leaflets-carrying-islamic-dos-donts-fatwas-non-muslims-distributed-across-north-bengal/Islamic TerrorismWest BengalThe impunity with which the writ of radical Islamists runs in large parts of West Bengal was once again on display in the form of leaflets carrying Islamic Dos & Donts fatwas (Islamic decree) for non-Muslims being distributed across various districts of West Bengal. The leaflets have the ISIS flag printed in the top right corner.
CPMKills – More Marxist Violence Unleashed Against Hindu Activists In KeralaMurder2016-05-22BharatKeralahttp://www.hindupost.in/politics/cpmkills-more-marxist-violence-unleashed-against-hindu-activists-in-kerala/Political ViolenceKeralaCPM workers bludgeoned to death 33 year old BJP worker Pramod in Thrissur district of Kerala.
Muslim-Dalit Riot in UP, this time in AzamgarhRiot2016-05-23BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/riot-hits-azamgarh-dalit-houses-set-fire/Uttar PradeshMuslims and Hindu Dalits clashed in Khudadadpur village on the night of 14th May. The violence, which continued till the next morning and later spread to neighboring areas, left many people, including police officers, badly injured. The entire area is still tense and heavy police and RAF (Rapid Action Force) presence is in place.
Hindu businessman hacked to death in BangladeshMurder2016-05-25BangladeshGobindaganjhttps://indianexpress.com/article/world/world-news/hindu-businessman-killed-in-bangladesh-2818645/GaibandhaA Hindu businessman was on Wednesday hacked to death in Bangladesh after he allegedly refused to pay extortion money to drug addicts, the latest murder in the Muslim-majority nation which has witnessed a series of brutal killings of secular activists and minorities by Islamists.

Debesh Chandra Pramanik, 68, a shoe store owner, was murdered inside his shop in Gaibandha of northwestern
Gobindaganj Upazila. “The assailants slit throat using sharp weapons leaving him dead instantly,” the officer in-charge of the police station in the neighbourhood Mozammel Haque told reporters.
Accept Islam, Pay Jiziya, or get Slaughtered”: ISIS Jihadis Threaten BharatHinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate Crime2016-05-25BharatKarnatakahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/accept-islam-pay-jiziya-or-get-slaughtered-isis-jihadis-threatens-bharat/Islamic TerrorismKarnatakaA recently released 22 minute ISIS propaganda video in Arabic and Hindi shows atleast 5 jihadis from Bharat who have joined ISIS ranks, threatening to “return” to “avenge killing of Muslims in India”.
Opposition Leaders Shot Dead, Ex-CM Convoy attacked in BiharMurder2016-05-26BharatBiharhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-ex-cm-bihar-jitan-ram-manjhi-convoy-attacked-police-van-set-fire/Political ViolenceBihartwo leaders of the opposition LJP (Lok Janshakti Party), an NDA alliance member, were shot dead by suspected Maoists in Gaya district, Today, ex-CM of Bihar, Jitan Ram Manjhi, had a providential escape when the police pilot vehicle accompanying his convoy was attacked and set on fire.
Terror Strike In Haryana – Bomb Blast Injures 8Terrorism2016-05-26BharatHaryanahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/terror-strike-haryana-mar-nda-governments-2-year-anniversary/Haryana8 passengers were injured in a bomb blast in a Haryana Roadways bus on the national highway-1 near Pipli town in Kurukshetra district on Thursday afternoon.
Muslim Youth Desecrate Hindu Murtis in Srirangapatna, KarnatakaTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-05-26BharatKarnatakahttp://www.hindupost.in/society-culture/2282/KarnatakaThree Muslim youth were found desecrating murtis of Hindu deities in Srirangapatna town, causing tension and resulting in Mysuru-Bengaluru highway being blocked by protesting Hindus.
Bombing at Hindu populated area in LaxmipurIslamic Terrorism2016-05-27BangladeshLaxmipurhttp://english.eibela.com/article/bombing-at-hindu-populated-area-in-laxmipurLaxmipurMiscreants have bombed at Shakharipara in the Hindu populated area of Laxmipur. On Thursday morning this incident is occurred at adjacent to Ram Thakur Ashrom.
19-year Dalit Nursing Student Gangraped in Kerala Was a Victim of Love JihadGangrape2016-05-30BharatKeralahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/2349/Keralaa 19-year old Dalit nursing student was gangraped by three people in an autorickshaw in Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram. 3 men were susbequently arrested by the police for the gangrape – Shafeer (alias Sujith), Rashid and Siju.
7-year old son of BJP couple hacked by CPI-M workers in KeralaPolitical Violence2016-05-31BharatKeralahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/7-year-old-son-bjp-couple-hacked-cpi-m-workers-kerala/Child AbuseKeralaA 7 year old boy, son of a BJP affiliated couple, has been attacked with sharp weapons by CPI-M workers in the latest incident of barbaric violence unleashed on Hindu activists ever since the Kerala election results, where LDF (alliance of CPM and other Communist partis) emerged victorious but BJP has made a substantial vote share gain as well.
MC Kode’s Hinduphobic rap, his insincere apology, and the rootless upbringing in modern Hindu familiesHinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate Crime2016-06-01BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/society-culture/mc-kodes-hinduphobic-rap-his-insincere-apology-and-the-rootless-upbringing-in-modern-hindu-families/BITS PilaniA 5-year-old shocking and troubling video recently surfaced online. It instantly flooded social media for its blatant Hindu hate and expletives directed at sacred Hindu icons. The video contains raw footage of a ‘rap battle’ from 2016 in which Aditya Tiwari, recognized by the stage name MC Kode, could be seen reciting a rap replete with expletives. The video was filmed at BITS Pilani.
We understand that the rap culture thrives on profanities. However, it was when he directed his abuses toward Hindu Dharma and hurled disturbing profanities at the Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita and at the sacredness with which Hindus view cows, that invited netizens’ anger.
Pregnant Hindu woman’s womb kicked brutally like a football who dared celebrate Laxmi PujaPhysical Assault2016-06-02BangladeshBangladeshhttp://english.eibela.com/article/pregnant-hindu%E2%80%99s-woman%E2%80%99s-womb-kicked-brutally-like-a-football-who-dared-celebrate-laxmi-puja-experiences-an-excruciating-deathBangladeshTulsi Rani Das(18) from Panchgachia Jele Para village from Feni district had her womb monstrously thrashed and kicked by a nefarious gang of 7/8 perpetrators for she and her family “dared” to publicly celebrate their ‘un-holy’ festival of Laxmi puja,
Hindu temple in Penang desecrated, statues destroyedTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-06-02MalaysiaPenanghttps://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2016/06/02/hindu-temple-in-penang-desecrated-statues-destroyed/Seberang PeraiStatues of four deities in the Muthumariamman Hindu temple in Seberang Perai Central, Penang were destroyed by intruders last night, P Ramasamy said, calling the attack a “hate crime”.
In a statement, the Penang Deputy Chief Minister II said the temple attack was carried out by more than one individual, and it was possibly motivated by the current political situation.
“These temple attacks are taking place under the circumstances of racial and religious polarisation.”
Hindu Freedom fighter cum College Principal’s skull blown off and brain squashed by Islamic militantsMurder2016-06-03BangladeshBangladeshhttp://english.eibela.com/article/-freedom-fighter-cum-college%E2%80%99s-hindu-principal%E2%80%99s-skull-blown-off-and-brain-squashed-by-islamic-militantsIslamic TerrorismBangladeshGopal Krishna Muhuri, the Principal of Nazirhat College, and a Bangladesh’s national freedom fighter, was gunned down by Islami Chatra Shibir(BNP student’s wing) assailants in his house at the port city of Chittagong on Friday morning, barely five weeks after the BNP-led four-party coalition government came to power.
Kerala CPM Minister Sudhakaran Denigrates Hindu Sanyasis, Praises Christian and Muslim PriestsDenigration of Dharma2016-06-07BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/kerala-cpm-minister-denigrates-hindu-sanyasis-praises-christian-muslim-priests/AmbalappuzhaIt seems that even though Marxists in Bharat espouse communist atheism, the Abrahamic faiths (Chrsitianity and Islam) hold a special position in their hearts. CPM MLA from Ambalappuzha constituency, G Sudhakaran, who is also the minister for public works in the Government of Kerala, recently said that Hindu sanyasis (ascetic) do not wear underwear, while Christian & Muslim priests are ‘decent’.
Another Hindu priest slaughtered by jihadis in BangladeshTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-06-08BangladeshBangladeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/world/another-hindu-priest-decapitated-jihadis-bangladesh/MurderBangladeshA 70-year-old Hindu priest, Ananda Gopal Ganguly, was hacked to death in Bangladesh by three suspected Islamic State (IS) jihadists who nearly severed his head
14 year old girl gangraped by 2 Muslims in UPGangrape2016-06-08BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://english.pradesh18.com/news/uttar-pradesh/14-year-old-girl-abducted-raped-by-two-youths-in-uttar-pradesh-896815.htmlUttar PradeshThe 14-year-old girl was alone in her house on Monday when accused Shahrukh and Mehruddin entered the premises and abducted her at gun point. The duo then took her to a secluded place and raped her
Muslims vandalize Dalit Sant Ravidas Mandir during aartiTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-06-08BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://hindi.revoltpress.com/nation/uttar-pradesh/ravidass-temple-vandalized-by-the-muslims/Physical AssaultUttar PradeshWhen Dalits started aarti in Ravidas Mandir after the Muslim Aazan, two Muslim youth stormed the temple, vandalized it and beat up Hindu youth - incident occured in Dadhedu village, Charathwal, Muzaffarnagar
Inmate of Hindu ashram hacked to death in Bangladesh’s PabnaMurder2016-06-10BangladeshPabnahttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2016/06/10/inmate-of-hindu-ashram-hacked-to-death-in-bangladeshs-pabnaTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/SadhuHemayetpur UpazilaUnknown assailants have hacked to death one inmate of a Hindu ashram in Pabna’s Hemayetpur Upazila on the first day of a nationwide police crackdown on militants.
Nityaranjan Pandey, 60, of Thakur Anukul Chandra Satsanga Paramtirtha Hemayetpurdham ashram, was murdered around 6:15am on Friday, said ASP (Sadar Circle) Selim Khan.
His murder, only 200 yards from the ashram and near the Pabna Mental Hospital main gate, comes after the killings of a Hindu priest in Jhenaidah on Jun 7, and a Christian grocer in Natore and a decorated SP’s wife in Chittagong on Jun 5 in similar fashion.
Pandey had been working at the ashram as a volunteer for the past 40 years. He was attacked during his regular morning walk.
Police said the assailants hacked on his neck and head from behind. The nature of hacking indicated that the assailants were trying to decapitate Pandey.

Pandey’s murder in Pabna took place nearly at the same time when police launched a seven-day crackdown on militants throughout Bangladesh Friday morning in the backdrop of the recent spate of killings.
Another Hindu priest murderedTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-06-11BangladeshBangladeshhttp://english.eibela.com/article/%E2%80%98kafir%E2%80%99-boy%E2%80%99s-pants-pulled-out-to-confirm-religion-from-circumcised-penis-stabbed-inhumanly-next-by-tearing-his-nervesMurderBangladeshAnother Hindu priest has been chopped again this Friday! Unknown assailants have hacked to death one inmate of a Hindu ashram in Pabna’s Hemayetpur Upazila amidst a nationwide police crackdown on militants.
Hindu Ashram Worker, Nityaranjan Pandey, Hacked to Death in BangladeshTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-06-11BangladeshBangladeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/world/hindu-ashram-worker-nityaranjan-pandey-hacked-death-bangladesh/MurderBangladeshA 60-year old Hindu ashram worker, Nityaranjan Pandey, was hacked to death yesterday in northern Bangladesh, the latest in a series of brutal attacks on Hindus, other minorities and secular activists in Muslim majority Bangladesh.
Old Hindu Man Assaulted by Pakistani Cop For Eating in Public During RamzanPhysical Assault2016-06-11PakistanPakistanhttp://www.hindupost.in/world/old-hindu-man-assaulted-by-pakistani-cop-for-eating-in-public-during-ramzan/PakistanAn old Hindu man, Chacha Gokal Das was brutally assaulted by a Muslim policeman, Mir Hussain Hydrani, in Sindh, Pakistan for daring to eat in public (just outside his home), 40 minutes before the Iftar (after dusk) meal at which Muslims break their Ramzan fast.
Hindu woman from Kolkata blackmailed to marry Asif, forced to eat beef.Sexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2016-06-13BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/love-jihad-patna-man-makes-mms-of-girl-forces-her-to-accept-islam-13941-2016-06-13KolkataA Hindu woman, who hailed from Kolkata was blackmailed to marry Asif from Phulwari Sharif in Patna. She claimed that her husband’s family forced her to live in a madarsa for a month to learn Islam, where she was forced to eat beef.
Hindu Kalash girl in Pakistan's KP province forced to convert to IslamForced Conversion2016-06-16PakistanPakistanhttp://www.dawn.com/news/1265253PakistanHundreds of local Muslim residents attacked members of Hindu Kalash tribe in Chitral on Thursday after a teenager claimed she was forced to convert to Islam
Hindu woman raped, forced to eat beef and convert to Islam in BiharRape / Sexual Assault2016-06-17BharatBiharhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-woman-forced-to-eat-beef-and-adopt-islam/Forced ConversionBiharA Hindu woman was first raped, then forced to eat beef and covert her religion to Islam by her husband and in laws. This incident has taken place in Phulwari area of Patna, Bihar.
Fahim given 10-day remand over attempt to murder Hindu teacher in MadaripurPhysical Assault2016-06-17BangladeshMadaripurhttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2016/06/17/fahim-given-10-day-remand-over-attempt-to-murder-hindu-teacher-in-madaripurMadaripurGolam Faizullah Fahim, arrested for trying to murder Hindu college teacher in Madaripur, has been remanded for 10 days. Three youths hacked Ripon Chakrabarty, a mathematics teacher at Madaripur’s Government Nazimuddin College, with sharp weapons on Wednesday afternoon in an attempt to kill him.

The assailants first knocked the door of the teacher’s home near the college’s main gate. As soon as he opened the door, they attacked him and tried to chop his head off, police said.

Fahim was caught by the locals who had rushed to Ripon’s help hearing his cries.

The injured teacher was first taken to Madaripur Sadar Hospital and then transferred to Barisal’s Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital.
Two Shiv Temples Desecrated in Jammu Within 3 DaysTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-06-18BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)https://www.hindupost.in/news/two-shiv-temples-desecrated-jammu-within-3-days/JammuIn two separate instances this week, two Shiv temples in Jammu city were vandalized, desecrated and devotees abused and attacked.
The first incident occurred on Tuesday when one Yasir Alfaz of Shiva village in Doda district, entered Aap Shambu temple in Roop Nagar area and ransacked the temple – he kicked the Shivling, broke the protective glass in front of murtis, damaged the trishul & other items and misbehaved with devotees, including women performing aarti. The CCTV footage from the temple has partially captured this vandalism
Muslim youth intervene physically to prevent the use of the loudspeaker by a templeTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-06-20BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)http://zeenews.india.com/news/india/tension-grips-jammu-as-muslims-object-to-use-of-loudspeakers-in-hindu-temple_1897758.htmlPhysical AssaultJammu & KashmirMuslim youth led by a woman tried to intervene physically to prevent the use of the loudspeaker by a temple - leads to tension in the area.
Pakistani shopkeeper charged with blasphemy over selling shoes with Hindu symbolDenigration of Dharma2016-06-20PakistanSindhhttps://tribune.com.pk/story/1126404/shopkeeper-charged-blasphemy-selling-shoes-hindu-symbolTando AdamSindh Police arrested a man under blasphemy laws on Monday for selling shoes with a sacred Hindu symbol, police and Hindu leaders said.
The shopkeeper, Jahanzaib Khaskhili, was arrested in Sindh’s Tando Adam district and the shoes, which carried the "Om" symbol, were confiscated, said Farrukh Ali, the district police chief.
Hindu community leaders called for the shopkeeper to be punished. "The state must play a proactive role in punishing the culprits under the blasphemy laws," Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, the patron of the Pakistani Hindu Council, said in a statement.
BJP Leader Hacked to Death in KarnatakaMurder2016-06-21BharatKarnatakahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/bjp-local-leader-hacked-death/Political ViolenceKarnatakaYogeesh Goudhar, a BJP local leader and Zilla Panchayat member of Hebballi constituency, Karnataka was brutally murdered by a group of men last Wednesday.
Dadri’s Hindu man-Muslim woman couple refused marriage registrationLegal or Institutionalsed Discrimination2016-06-23BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/fearing-riots-dadris-hindu-man-muslim-woman-couple-refused-marriage-registration/Uttar PradeshUP Government authorities who refused a marriage registration for a Hindu man and a Muslim woman, fearing it might ‘trigger’ a communal riot. The couple has been living in fear and uncertainty for more than six months after failing to get their marriage registration done, and they are constantly facing threats to their life from the girl’s family.
Hindu LKG Student Expelled from Christian School for Having a ShikhaLegal or Institutionalsed Discrimination2016-06-30BharatKarnatakahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-lkg-student-expelled-from-christian-school-for-having-a-shikha/Child AbuseKarnatakaa Christian school in Bengaluru expelled a 3 year old LKG student just because the child had a shikha (long tuft or lock of hair on the top or back of the head) as part of his family’s Hindu religious traditions.
Hindu Reporter in Pakistan Forced to Drink from Separate Glass in OfficeLegal or Institutionalsed Discrimination2016-06-30PakistanPakistanhttp://www.hindupost.in/society-culture/discrimination-hindu-reporter-pakistan/Pakistana Hindu reporter in Pakistan was asked to drink water from a separate glass after his Muslim colleagues found out his religion.
Hindu boy’s pants pulled out to confirm religion from circumcised penis- stabbed inhumanlyPhysical Assault2016-07-02BangladeshBangladeshhttp://english.eibela.com/article/%E2%80%98kafir%E2%80%99-boy%E2%80%99s-pants-pulled-out-to-confirm-religion-from-circumcised-penis-stabbed-inhumanly-next-by-tearing-his-nervesBangladeshA Hindu Biochemistry student was made by Islamists to open his pants and inners forcefully to detect his religion from his non-circumcised penis, only to be brutally stabbed next thrice on his throat, 4/5 times on his stomach severely damaging a kidney, slicing nerves on his wrists
Tarishi Jain, 19 year old Murdered in Dhaka AttackMurder2016-07-03BangladeshBangladeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/terrorists-killed-hindu-says-kin-tarushi-jain-19-year-old-murdered-dhaka-attack/Islamic TerrorismBangladeshTarishi Jain, 19 year old Murdered in Dhaka Attack for being a Hindu.
Minor girl gangraped & filmed by 5 Muslims in Moradabad, UPGangrape2016-07-08BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-girl-gangraped-filmed-5-muslims/Blackmail / ExtortionUttar PradeshA 17-year old minor girl was abducted from her home and gang-raped by 5 Muslim men in Kalerkhedi village, Moradabad district, West UP. The rape was filmed by the criminals and sent to the father and relatives of the victim, after the girl refused to be blackmailed.
Two Muslims Arrested for Shooting at Cow Protection Volunteers in GurgaonCattle Smuggling Mafia2016-07-09BharatHaryanahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/two-muslims-arrested-shooting-cow-protection-volunteers-gurgaon/Physical AssaultHaryanaTwo Muslim criminals – Javed and Iklash – shot and injured two cow protection volunteers (Gau Raksha Dal) on June 25 morning. The shooting took place when six volunteers were attempting to confront beef transporters on the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway.
Gang rape of a 21 year old girl in Bihar by Muslim MenGangrape2016-07-12BharatBiharhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/bihars-nirbhaya-complacency-system-phenomenon-gang-rape/BiharThe girl was gang-raped by five men in Bihar’s Motihari district on 15 June after she and her mother protested against an earlier molestation attempt by the main accused, Samiullah.Names of the other accused are Aliullah, Javiullah, Smrullah, Klimullah and Nurullah – all relatives of Samiullah.
Muslim Party in Tamil Nadu Wants Death to LGBT communityHinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate Crime2016-07-14BharatTamil Naduhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-party-tamil-nadu-wants-death-homosexuals/Islamic TerrorismTamil NaduA poster asking for death sentence to homosexuals and other members of the LGBT community was put up in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, by a Muslim Party called ‘Indian National League’ a day after the tragic mass shooting at a Gay Nightclub in Orlando, US where 50 people were killed.
Hindu Dalit Girl Attempts Suicide After Rape Bid by Muslim SP Leader’s RelativeRape / Sexual Assault2016-07-14BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-sp-leaders-son-arrested-rape-bid-hindu-dalit-girl/Uttar PradeshThe daughter of a Hindu Dalit farmer from Sarkhara Khas village, Moradabad district, Western UP, tried to commit suicide by drinking pesticide after a sexual assault by the relatives of a local SP leader – Aasgar, Nazim and one other.
Woman Thrashed, Stripped, Fingers Hacked After Cow Enters Muslim Neighbour’s Field in MaldaPhysical Assault2016-07-18BharatWest Bengalhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/woman-thrashed-stripped-fingers-hacked-cow-enters-muslim-neighbours-field-malda/West BengalA group of villagers, led by one Harun Sheikh, in West Bengal’s Malda district allegedly stripped a 33-year-old woman, thrashed her and chopped two fingers off her left hand after her cow ate grains from Sheikh’s fields.
B-Tech student lynched by neighbours and relatives of his Muslim girlfiendMurder2016-07-19BharatAndhra Pradeshhttps://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/communal-tension-in-guntur-over-muslim-girls-suicide-2922147/Mob Violence / LynchingGunturV Srisai, a first year B.Tech student, and his friend Pavan Kumar were locked in a room and beaten up with sticks, belts, cricket bats by relatives of his girlfiend Jasmine Shaikh, after the girl committed suicide and a grief-stricken Srisai rushed to her house. As per Pavan, "they stripped us and took us out and tied us to a tree. They threw chilli powder into our eyes and started beating us again. When I was about to lose consciousness, they would throw water and then start beating again....people took turns throwing stones"
3 Hindu priests threatened in Rangpur, Pirojpur & PatuakhaliTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-07-19BangladeshBangladeshhttp://english.eibela.com/article/3-hindu-priests-threatened-in-rangpur%2C-pirojpur-%26-patuakhaliVerbal or Written Threat / Bullying / Cyber BullyingBangladeshThree Hindu priests in Rangpur and Pirojpur have been threatened with murder amid a spate of attacks on minorities across Bangladesh.The priests are Bijoy Chakraborty from Rangpur, and Ruhidas Pal and Salil Mukherjee Sibu from Pirojpur.
Land grabbers demolish temple in MunshiganjTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-07-20BangladeshBangladeshhttp://english.eibela.com/article/land-grabbers-demolish-temple-in-munshiganjLand grab / Economic PersecutionBangladeshOn Sunday in the 20th July tamjed Mia Gong, a land grabber smashed a temple house by attacking taht is made up of tin and wood. He also threats to leave Hindus from home soon if they don’t that he will kill them.
Guntur Church uses Derogatory Language against Hindu GodsDenigration of Dharma2016-07-21BharatAndhra Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/society-culture/church-uses-derogatory-language-hindu-goddesses-villagers-stopped-filed-cases/Hinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate CrimeAndhra PradeshVillagers of Kankanaalapalli village in coastal Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh have objected to the derogatory language used for Hindu Gods/Goddesses in Christian missionary preaching carried out by a Church in the village.
BSP’s Naseemuddin Siddiqui Leads Mob Asking 12-year Old Girl Be ‘Served’ To ThemChild Abuse2016-07-22BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/bsps-naseemuddin-siddiqui-leads-mob-asking-12-year-old-girl-be-served-to-them/Hinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate CrimeUttar PradeshSenior BSP leader Naseemuddin Siddiqui led a mob of party workers who abused Dayashankar’s wife, 12-year old daughter and sister. The mob demanded that the women from Dayashankar’s family be “served” to them.
10 yrs Hindu boy murdered by air through rectum at Narayanganj factoryMurder2016-07-25BangladeshBangladeshhttp://english.eibela.com/article/10-yrs-hindu-boy-murdered-by-air-through-rectum-at-narayanganj-factoryChild AbuseBangladeshA 10-year-old boy died after some workers allegedly pumped air into his body through the rectum at a factory in Narayanganj
A Hindu man killed in AL factional clash in Mathbaria, PirojpurMurder2016-07-25BangladeshBangladeshhttp://english.eibela.com/article/a-hindu-man-killed-in-al-factional-clash-in-mathbaria%2C-pirojpurPolitical ViolenceBangladeshA man was killed and four others were injured in a factional clash of the ruling Awami League in Mathbaria upazila town
Cow Traffickers Ram Multiple Cars, Crushing 3 to Death in Amravati, MaharashtraCattle Smuggling Mafia2016-07-25BharatMaharashtrahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/cow-trafficker-rams-multiple-cars-crushing-3-to-death-in-amravati/MurderMaharashtraIn a shocking escape attempt by a cow smuggler in Amravati, Maharashtra, a family of 3 were killed and more than 40 people injured, when he drove his truck on high speed hitting at least 12 cars from Warud to Chandur Bazar
Aligarh’s Hindus Insecure After Molestation of Newly-Wed WomanSexual Harassment / Molestation2016-07-25BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/another-kairana-aligarhs-hindus-insecure-after-molestation-of-newly-wed/Uttar PradeshA 19-year-old newly married Hindu woman was molested by four Muslims – Nadeem, Suheil, Ismail and Danish – on Wednesday night which led to a clash between the two communities.
Muslim Blockade of Narayana Temple in Kalpakanchery, Malappuram, KeralaPersecution of Hindus2016-07-26BharatKeralahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-blockade-of-narayana-temple-in-kalpakanchery-malappuram-kerala/KeralaThe temple is in ruins having suffered the wrath of believers in 1921 and subsequent riots against Hindus. Hamsakutty, a Muslim who lives near the temple claims that 30 of the 34 cents of the temple land is his. And to seize the property, he along with others constructed a fence and blocked entry of Hindus for worship to the temple.
Hindu Teenager, Sateesh Kumar, Shot Dead Over Quran ‘Desecration’ in PakistanMurder2016-07-26PakistanPakistanhttp://www.hindupost.in/world/hindu-teenager-sateesh-kumar-shot-dead-over-quran-desecration-in-pakistan/Persecution of HindusPakistanTwo Hindu boys have been shot at Mirpur Mathelo , Ghotki district, Sindh province – Sateesh Kumar was shot in the back and died, while Avinash has been seriously wounded.
Quran set on fire in Pakistan, Hindus fear for their safetyPersecution of Hindus2016-07-26PakistanPakistanhttp://currentriggers.com/blog/quran-set-fire-pakistan-hindus-fear-safety/PakistanAn unknown person set fire to the Holy Quran and the burnt pages have created tensions in Ghotki, Pakistan, and the entire Ghotki has been shut down.Islamic clerics Bharchundi Peers are pointing fingers at the Hindu community which has made the community fearful of its safety.
RSS leader shot at in Jalandhar, critical with bullet injuriesPhysical Assault2016-08-06BharatPunjabhttps://www.tribuneindia.com/news/archive/features/rss-leader-shot-at-in-jalandhar-critical-with-bullet-injuries-in-abdomen-276878JalandharRashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) Prant Seh-Sanchalak (vice-president) Brig Jagdish Gagneja (retd) was shot at in a busy Jyoti Chowk market here on Saturday evening.
He was rushed to a private hospital in a critical condition with bullet injuries in his abdomen. Gagneja has sustained three bullet injuries.
Girl Student Gangraped for Days in Bareilly UP, Forced to Eat BeefGangrape2016-08-16BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-girl-student-gangraped-for-days-in-bareilly-up-forced-to-eat-beef/BareillyKidnapped, drugged and confined to a room for weeks, repeatedly gang raped, and forced to eat beef – this is the hellish ordeal that a Class XI student has undergone in Bareilly, West UP. Two brothers, Babu Hassan and Til Hassan, have been arrested for this crime.
This news appeared in a leading Hindi daily Dainik Jagran on 15 Aug, and is almost completely absent from English news media. The student was kidnapped on 13 July when she left school, drugged and when she woke up found herself in a dark room. She was repeatedly raped by the two brothers who kept injecting her with sedatives to prevent her from raising an alarm. She was also forcefully fed beef. When the neighbours suspected something, they finally reported the matter to the police, who came and rescued the girl.
14 year old raped for 6 months by Yunus AhmadRape / Sexual Assault2016-08-30BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://zeenews.india.com/news/india/14-year-old-girl-raped-for-6-months-cops-stunned-as-she-takes-aborted-fetus-in-bag-to-police-station_1923957.htmlChild Rape / Child Sexual AssaultUttar Pradesh 14-year-old girl reached a Bulandshahr police station with an aborted fetus in a polythene bag. The accused Yunus Ahmad, a neighbour of the girl, raped her over six months and was forced to terminate her pregnancy at the hands of a quack.
Married Hindu woman stalked on social media by Muslim manSexual Harassment / Molestation2016-09-01BharatMaharashtrahttp://www.mid-day.com/articles/livesite-page-url-for-test/17578157MaharashtraAfter 22 years of having last seen each other, two 43-year-olds met at a school reunion. Soon, Fakhruddin Badri alias Fakri started making advances at the woman Sandy Sen (name changed). After she rejected them, he allegedly harassed her through messages and even a fake Facebook profile. His constant harassment temporarily landed him behind bars.
UP Maulana issues threat to police and administrationVerbal or Written Threat / Bullying / Cyber Bullying2016-09-01BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://youtu.be/ddkXQ7O1EPM
Attack on Police / Government RepresentativesBijnorMaulana Anwarul Haq, the head Imam of Jama Masjid in Bijnor UP, who has been booked for raping a woman has issued an open threat to UP police and Government. In a video he said “The district and state administration know us very well. If I dont get justice, I will unleash havoc (inth se inth baja denge) on the district administration. My name is Anwarul Haq, and I am known to everyone from district administration to CM Akhilesh Yadav. SP (Superintendent of Police), listen to me silently – I want justice or else I can get the stars removed from your chest. Those people tortured me for 3 hours, held a knife to my wife…does all this seem false? Once I recover, I will see everyone.”
Policeman Vilas Shinde Murdered by Muslim Youth, Media Hides Murderer’s IdentityMurder2016-09-02BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/media/mumbai-traffic-cop-murdered-by-muslim-youth-media-hides-murderers-identity/Attack on Police / Government RepresentativesMumbaiMumbai Police constable Vilas Shinde (52) who was assaulted by Ahmed Qureshi (21) on 23 Aug, died yesterday in Lilavati hospital of the head injury sustained in that assault. He is survived by his wife Sadhna, two children and 75 year old father. Shinde’s fault – he had hauled up Qureshi’s 16 year old brother who was driving without a helmet during a data collection drive organized by Mumbai Police.
As per media reports, constable Shinde was collecting data – vehicle number, mobile number of the motorist or biker, address – as per a plan through which police wanted to send challans directly to mobile/address for vehicles breaking traffic rules. Shinde, who was attached to the Mahim-Bandra Causeway traffic chowky, had recorded 218 cases as part of the drive till the incident happened, according to an officer.
Bangladesh ISKCON Temple Attacked For ‘Disturbing’ Muslim PrayersTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-09-06BangladeshSylhethttps://www.hindupost.in/news/bangladesh-iskcon-temple-attacked-for-disturbing-muslim-prayers/Kajal Shah ISKCONIn yet another attack on a Hindu temple in Bangladesh, seven people were injured after local Muslims attacked the ISKCON temple at Kajal Shah area of Sylhet city in Bangladesh, while a children’s painting competition was going on in the temple. Their excuse – the temple was singing Kirtan and playing drums during the Muslim Friday Jumma prayer – a special prayer held every Friday just after noon; over and above the 5 times a day prayers.
The temple was attacked by pelting bricks, stones and other items; 7 people were injured, including a former lady councilor. Timely police action and the fact that the temple gate was closed prevented the situation from going totally out of hand. 15 people have been arrested thus far.
Hindu student expelled from Convent for sporting TilakLegal or Institutionalsed Discrimination2016-09-08BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)http://www.punjabkesari.in/jammu-kashmir/news/tension-over-tilak-in-convent-school-513659Jammu & KashmirHindu student was asked to leave school by Christian principal as he had a Tilak on forehead. Later when parents and Bajrang Dal intervened, the school backtracked and Principal apologized
Riot Claims 4 in Bijnor, UP after Molestation Bid on Hindu GirlsSexual Harassment / Molestation2016-09-16BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/riot-claims-4-bijnor-molestation-bid-hindu-girls/RiotBijnorA molestation bid on Hindu girl students has spiraled into communal violence leaving 4 people dead and several injured today in Paida village, Bijnore district, Western UP.
According to a report in Dainik Jagran, the violence broke out after Hindu girls on the way to school were harassed by Muslim youth. Angry family members of the girls confronted the offenders and soon firing and stone pelting broke out. Police forces have been rushed in from 10 districts, and UP ADGP (Law and Order) Daljeet Chaudhry is on the spot to control the situation which continues to be volatile. 6 people have been arrested for questioning.
Minor Dalit Youth Rohit Tanti Killed by Muslims in Gole Bazaar, Kharagpur, WBMurder2016-09-21BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-dalit-youth-rohit-tanti-killed-muslims-gole-bazaar-kharagpur-wb/KharagpurOn the late evening of 18th September, at about 9:30 PM, Rohit Tanti, a Hindu belonging to Dalit Khatik community, was returning home when he was waylaid by 4 – 5 Muslim men in Kharagpur, West Bengal.
Rohit was beaten mercilessly with iron rods and bamboo sticks as a result of which he sustained severe internal injuries and fell on the ground. It is alleged that while beating up Rohit, his attackers were shouting “Pakistan Zindabad”, “Allah Hu Akbar” and “Hindu <abuse>”. This incident happened in the Gole Bazaar area under Kharagpur Sadar Assembly Constituency of West Bengal.
Hindu girl murdered by Siraj Pasha and Mohammed MousinMurder2016-09-27BharatKarnatakahttps://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-karnataka/Two-arrested-on-charge-of-murder/article15001545.eceChikkamagaluruWoman named Kantha and Siraj Pasha had an affair in Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka. She was murdered by Siraj Pasha and Mohammed Mousin.
Maa Durga Murti Desecrated in Howrah West Bengal, Urinated UponTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-10-01BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/maa-durga-murti-desecrated-howrah-west-bengal-urinated-upon/HowrahThree pistol-waving bearded Muslim men stormed a 60-year-old temple in Pakistan’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, Karachi, and desecrated the murti of Bhavani Mata, leading to fear among the minority Pakistani Hindu community there. The incident happened on January 21 when the three Muslim men clad in salwar and kameez stormed the temple waving pistols and ordered everyone inside the premises to step out. They then proceed to desecrate one of the three beautifully-decorated murtis at the temple near the Karachi Zoological Gardens. The temple is dedicated to Hindu females deities of Shitala Mata, Santoshi Mata and Bhavani Mata – all manifestations of the feminine divine Shakti, worshipped in Hindu Dharma alone.
BJP worker Hacked to Death in Kerala CM’s Constituency, Pinarayi, KannurMurder2016-10-12BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/bjp-worker-hacked-death-kerala-cms-constituency-pinarayi-kannur/KannurA BJP worker was hacked to death by suspected members of the CPM today in Kerala’s Kannur district, the state police said. The victim has been identified as 32-year-old Remith. He was killed in front of a petrol pump in Pinarayi village around 10 am, a police official said. According to sources, Remith’s father Unnithan was also allegedly murdered by CPM workers in 2002.”
Writer & columnist Advaita Kala who has been tracking Communist terror in Kerala which has seen over 267 Hindu activists being murdered in the last 50 years, expressed the pain & anguish over another young life being snuffed out
Dalit Hindu Man Attacked by Pro Pak Sloganeers & Eve-Teasers In Jahangirpuri, DelhiAttack on Festivals / Processions2016-10-15BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/media/dalit-hindu-man-attacked-pro-pak-sloganeers-eve-teasers-jahangirpuri-delhi/JahangirOn 25th of September 2016, the registered organization ‘UP Bihar Ekta Manch’ took out a candle march for martyrs of terrorist attack on Uri, in Jahangirpuri area of New Delhi. This is the north west belt of Delhi where a lot of Muslim migrants reside. As per one of the eye witnesses, the problem began when the candle march procession was passing the Rani Chennamma School. Some people started shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans there. The people doing candle march avoided confrontation there and moved on. The procession included some 10 year-old children too.

There were some girls from various NGOs too who participated in this candle march. As these girls dispersed and were going back post the march, a girl named Vandana was eve-teased by some men who also started shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ while teasing. A local resident, who is Valmiki i.e. a Dalit Hindu, Sunil Kumar alias Bholu was standing there and protested against eve-teasing and pro Pak slogans. The eve-teasers suddenly called out and within a few minutes, a mob of about 100 men gathered there with rods, knives or sticks in their hands. A couple of policemen standing there ran away. This Dalit boy was brutally attacked by the mob. The girls who were eve-teased did not leave the spot and tried to protect Bholu. They almost made a cover around him while asking the assaulters to stop. Bholu was saved but suffered serious injuries and was taken to hospital. Many vehicles were also torched by the mob and about half a dozen people were injured.
Hindu activist harrassed for running Gaushala at PalakkadOther2016-10-16BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/gaushala-palakkad-kerala-gets-death-threats-relocates-temporarily/PalakkadOn 16th October, 2016 around 7 AM, some suspected CPI(M) party workers, about 60 of them, turned up at the gaushala, armed with sticks and demanded the caretakers to remove the cows from the land. When the caretakers refused to do so, they threatened the caretakers that they would kill the caretakers and the cows, if the cows are not removed. One of the trustees, Mr. Ashwin called the Police Sub Inspector, Mr. Bhaseer of Chitoor Police Station and explained him about the threat.
RSS activist Rudresh hacked to death in BengaluruMurder2016-10-17BharatKarnatakahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/rss-activist-hacked-death-bengaluru-section-144-imposed/ShivajinagarAs RSS activist, 35 year-old Rudresh, was hacked to death by unidentified men on bike in Shivajinagar, Bengaluru. As per this news report : ‘According to the police, the victim was returning home after attending an RSS programme when the miscreants hacked Rudresh to death on Kamaraj Road in Commercial Street Police Station limits in Shivajinagar. It is said that Rudresh was wearing RSS uniform when the miscreants attacked him. The police have shifted Rudresh’s body to Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital for postmortem. A case has been registered at Commercial Street Police Station.’
5 yr old Hindu Girl Raped in Bangladesh, Private Parts Burnt With CigaretteChild Rape / Child Sexual Assault2016-10-18BangladeshDinajpurhttps://www.hindupost.in/world/5-yr-old-hindu-girl-raped-bangladesh-private-parts-burnt-cigarette/MurderParvatipurA distressing account of rape and torture of a 5-year-old Hindu girl by a 42-year-old rapist, Saiful Islam, has come in from Dinajpur, Bangladesh. As per police reports, at Parvatipur upazilla’s Rampur Union’s Jameerhat area’s Takkiapara village – Subhash Chandra Das and Mrs. Rupali Rani’s 5-year-old baby daughter went out for playing at the adjacent fields on Tuesday at around 11 am. She is also said to have headed for buying ‘Chutney’ a local spicy sauce, at a nearby eatery. However, when she did not return even after a few hours, her parents became anxious and proceeded to search for her.
But she was nowhere to be found. Finally, they resorted to make a loudspeaker announcement in the area and registered a general complaint with the local police. But still, throughout the day and till late night she could not be found. It was only around early dawn on Wednesday that at a nearby field her bruised body was found.

Dalit girl abducted in Mewat by strongmenAbduction2016-10-28BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-girl-abducted-muslim-majority-mewat-nuh-haryana-love-jihad-rampant/Crime against DalitMewatThe above clip mentions that this Dalit girl was picked by the Sarpanch & his men who were carrying weapons, from middle of the town for not voting for them in the local election. The SC / ST officials clearly say that Muslim majority has oppressed the Hindu Dalit families in this region. Then those people cut the power and water supply to that Dalit household and finally threatened them. Some Dalit families had left the village because of harassment by Muslim majority. The victim’s family also accused the Sarpanch and his men of forcing the victim to give a false statement in their favour. The magazine also reported the overall grim situation regarding the treatment of Hindu families, specifically Dalits, in Mewat
Prison guard killed by SIMI terroristsAttack on Police / Government Representatives2016-10-30BharatMadhya Pradeshhttps://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2016/oct/31/eight-simi-men-who-escaped-bhopal-central-jail-killed-in-encounter-1533438.htmlMurderBhopal Eight SIMI activists who escaped from Bhopal central jail and was killed in encounter after they killed prison guard Ramashankar Yadav. The eight men -- Amzad, Zakir Hussain Sadiq, Mohammad Salik, Mujeeb Shaikh, Mehbood Guddu, Mohammad Kalid Ahmed, Aqeel and Majid -- were facing charges relating to a number of terror charges across several states including bank holdups.
Mass attacks on Hindus in Madhabpur & NasirnagarRiot2016-10-31BangladeshHabiganjhttps://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/crime/2016/11/03/jamaat-men-fuelled-madhabpur-rampage

Persecution of HindusMadhabpurThe local leaders and activists of Jamaat-e-Islami played a key role behind the planned attacks on Hindu houses and temples at Madhabpur in Habiganj on Sunday as a sequel of the communal attacks in Nasirnagar area of Brahmanbaria over a fake blasphemous post on Facebook. During the mayhem that continued for several hours, three temples and at least 12 pavilions holding Kali Puja came under attack of the extremists.
The same day, some 3,000 radical Muslims attacked and destroyed at least 12 temples and 100 houses in Nasirnagar area leaving over 100 Hindus injured.
They also looted valuables from the temples and houses. The mob was instigated by the local leaders of radical Islamist groups Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat and Hefazat-e-Islam.
It was later found that illiterate Rasraj Das' Facebook profile was used by someone else to share a defamatory post on Friday. Even though he removed the post immediately and apologised, he was caught and beaten up severely on Saturday, and later handed over to the police. The Hindu households were attacked using men, who were brought in from Haripur on 14 to 15 trucks. Ankhi is said to have arranged and paid for the trucks.

Local political leaders said supporters of MP RAM Obaidul Muktadir Chowdhury, who is the head of Awami League's Brahmanbarhia unit, planned the attacks on the Hindu community to implicate their rivals.
Hindu businessman beaten to death for refusing large donation for MoharramMurder2016-11-01BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.thehindu.com/news/national/other-states/Normality-returns-to-Birbhum/article16436761.eceBirbhumIndrajit Dutta was assaulted by some persons who demanded a large sum for Moharram. “When he refused to pay, they assaulted and caused him severe injuries,” the owner of a shop told The Hindu on Friday.
3,000 Muslims took part in the series of violent attacks that were carried out in the Hindu localities of NasirnagarRiot2016-11-02BangladeshNasirnagarhttps://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/crime/2016/11/02/nasirnagar-attacks-driving-away-hindus/Persecution of HindusNasirnagarAt least six Hindu families have already left the country after Sunday’s attacks that destroyed over a dozen temples and Puja pavilions, and more than 100 houses. Around 100 people including women were injured in the attacks.
Some 3,000 Muslims took part in the series of violent attacks that were carried out in the Hindu localities of Nasirnagar following a rally over an alleged defamatory post by an illiterate Hindu youth, Rasraj Das, on Facebook even though he had apologised to the Muslims the day before saying that his account had been hacked.
Six Hindu homes torched in second wave of Nasirnagar violenceArson2016-11-04BangladeshNasirnagarhttps://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/crime/2016/11/04/miscreants-set-fire-11-houses-nasirnagar/Jaynagar Pashchimpara, Banikpara and HashpatalparaThe destroyed homes are in the neighbouring villages of Jaynagar Pashchimpara, Banikpara and Hashpatalpara. All are within walking distance of each other, and the victims all said their homes were torched around 3am. No one was injured in the incidents but homestead owners said fires had been started in cowsheds and kitchens.
Another house was torched in Chotipara area under Gukorno union around 6:30pm.
Manoranjan Banik, a sexagenarian well respected in the area, narrowly escaped the fire started in his house in Bonikpara village. Speaking to this correspondent, Manoranjan said he had never felt this helpless in all his life.
"It seems like it has become impossible for us to stay here anymore. Today it was the temple. Next time maybe they will set fire to us," he said.
His daughter, Padma Debi, told the Dhaka Tribune that all had appeared quiet when the family had returned home from a funeral around 2:30am.
"Someone set fire to our thatched house half an hour after that. The neighbours told us they had heard the sound of a CNG-run auto-rickshaw near our house."
BJP worker Magalli J Ravi found dead in Periyapatna
Murder2016-11-05BharatKarnatakahttps://www.deccanherald.com/content/579603/bjp8200worker-found-dead-periyapatna-cops.htmlMysuruTension prevailed in Periyapatna taluk in the district following the death of BJP worker Ravi (31) on Friday night near Magali village. Ravi’s family and BJP workers suspect the death to be a murder. Ravi was found dead around 8.45 pm. He had sustained severe injuries on the head, and the two-wheeler by which he was travelling had been damaged. According to the police, prima facie, the death seems to be an accident. The accident occurred when Ravi was on his way to Magali on his two-whee...
Hindu temple in Netrokona has been vandalised amid a spate of attacks on Hindu homes and temples across BangladeshTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2016-11-05BangladeshNetrokhona Sadarhttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2016/11/05/another-hindu-temple-attacked-in-netrokona-one-detainedRiotNetrokhona SadarPolice detained a man during the attack on the temple at the town's Satpai neighbourhood early on Saturday morning.
The man nabbed has been identified as 40-year-old Sumon Islam, from Narsingdi.
Early on Thursday, a temple at a Hindu house in the district's Kalmakanda Upazila was vandalised.

Authorities of the temple attacked on Saturday said the incident took place early morning.
“We immediately gathered a group of locals and proceeded to the scene. We were able to capture one of the attackers while they were trying to start a fire” said the temple committee's General Secretary Animesh Sarkar.
BJP activist Sunil Dongre brutally murdered in Aurad taluk
Murder2016-11-08BharatKarnatakahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/two-rssbjp-activists-murdered-karnataka-tipu-jayanti-effect/BidarOn Monday morning, BJP activist Sunil Dongre, 35, was found dead in Sonal village of Aurad in North Karnataka’s Bidar district. He was found with multiple stab wounds on his body. As per sources, Sunil was attacked with sharp weapons and there were serious injuries found on his intestine, face and other body parts. Dongre’s body was found in the premises of a government primary school in the village. The initial probe revealed that Sunil received a phone call at around 10 PM on Sunday night, after which he left for the school. He is survived by mother, wife and three children.
Aurad MLA Prabhu Chavan visited Dongre’s house and consoled the family members. Taking the state government to task, he alleged that BJP and RSS activists were being politically targeted in different parts of the state.
Kerala college teacher forced Quran studies, cut religious threads complain studentsDenigration of Dharma2016-11-15BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-university-professor-forced-quran-studies-cut-religious-threads-kerala/Forced ConversionThiruvananthapuramA group of students from Thiruvananthapuram University College have alleged that a teacher has been forcefully teaching them the Quran.
Twenty-one students of the college, in a written complaint to the college principal alleged that, Muhammadali Jinnah, the head of department of Islamic history forced girl students in their class to read portions of the Quran. “Initially he used to ask students belonging to other religions to remove amulets or threats tied on their hands. There have been instances when he forcefully cut it. He also gave a set instructions to girls in the class asking them to follow Islamic traditions,” Student Federation of India (SFI) Thiruvananthapuram district Secretary Prathin Saj Krishna told The News Minute.
OBC Girl Abducted In Milak UP, Family Assaulted, Sister Dies, Local Police Lax For DaysMurder2016-11-22BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/obc-girl-abducted-milak-family-assaulted-sister-dies-local-police-lax-days/Crime against DalitRampurThe attackers entered this family’s house in village Singra during the night with the aim to abduct the family’s elder (minor) daughter, and when she shouted for help, the family woke up and tried to rescue her. It was then that the father and younger sister of the girl were attacked brutally by about half a dozen attackers, who were successful in abducting the girl. The sister of the girl died in a few days because of serious injuries while the father is struggling to survive. After this girl died and the police did not seem serious in locating the abducting girl, the Hindu organizations and villagers started protesting. Hindu Mahasabha, Bajrang Dal got involved and instead of arresting the culprits, police filed cases on the protesters.
Ancestral Houses Of Hindus Are Still Being Burnt In KashmirArson2016-11-25BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)https://www.hindupost.in/news/ancestral-houses-hindus-still-burnt-kashmir/ShopianUnscrupulous elements set ablaze the residential house of a Kashmiri Pandit family on the night of 25th November 2016 in Shopian, Kashmir, who took to social media to express their disappointment. There is no mention of this news in the English mainstream media as yet.
VHP Gau Raksha Chief of Vidarbha (Maharashtra) Threatened With Dire ConsequencesVerbal or Written Threat / Bullying / Cyber Bullying2016-12-04BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/vhp-gau-raksha-chief-vidarbha-maharashtra-threatened-dire-consequences/Vidarbhthe VHP Gau Raksha ( cow protection ) Chief of Vidarbha region in Maharashtra and his team were threatened by a group of people, mostly Muslims, after the former saved & freed about 100 cruelly tied up cows with the help of policemen.
VHP & Bajrang Dal members had come to know about 100 cows being made to walk towards Laalkhadi in cruelly tied-up condition. So they reached the spot with 2 policemen. Seeing the policemen, the 4 persons who were making the cows walk, ran away.
As the cows were being untied, local Muslims started gathering and rounded up VHP Gau Raksha Chief, Sh. Vijay Sharma and his team. As reported to us, Sh. Vijay Sharma was threatened with dire consequences if he continues to work towards protecting cows. One of the persons who were threatening yelled ‘Bahot ho gaya, ab wicket girana padega‘ (Enough has happened, now a wicket has to be brought down). In just a few minutes, about 100 to 150 locals gathered around Sh. Vijay Sharma and team. The 2 policemen had to call up more police force. Fortunately, police arrived quickly and the crowd dispersed. The news has been covered in local Hindi media :
Muslim Mob Loots and Burns Hindu TMC Leader’s House, Despite Mamta’s Muslim AppeasementPhysical Assault2016-12-19BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-mob-loots-burns-hindu-tmc-leaders-house-despite-mamtas-muslim-appeasement/DhulagarhA fact finding team of Hindu Samhati has shared a new video with HinduPost which shows the scale of destruction in Dhulagarh, Howrah due to the attack by Islamists. The video also shows the looting and burning of a house belonging to a local TMC leader Ashim Khara, allegedly by local Muslims who used to visit the same house for party meetings.
At 1:00 min in the video, a man can be heard saying, “They used a gas cylinder to set fire to the house…they looted gold and silver rings and other ornaments from my wife and daughter, and set fire to the text books of my son studying in 10th standard.”

At 2:20 min in the video, a woman talks about the destruction to the house of a local TMC leader Ashim Khara, “I know two of the attackers – they are local Muslim boys by the name Badan & Mintu ..they used to come to the house for party (TMC) meetings…after they had looted our gold & ornaments, TV & cycle, we requested them to allow us to douse the flames and save our home..but they refused and even prevented police from entering the area”.
20 year old Muslim Undertrial Assaults 3 Policewomen Just Outside Mumbai CourtAttack on Police / Government Representatives2017-01-11BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-undertrial-assaults-3-mumbai-policewomen-court/MumbaiOn Saturday, a 20 year old undertrial, Sohail Sharif Khan, brutally assaulted four Mumbai police constables, including three women, inside a police van parked outside the Andheri magistrate court.
Deaf & Dumb Dalit Girl Raped & Murdered in BengalRape / Sexual Assault2017-01-11BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/deaf-police-dragging-feet/Crime against DalitSouth 24 ParganasA deaf & dumb Dalit girl from Panchvati village of Gangasagar in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal was abducted, raped & murdered back on Sep 16, but it is alleged that police in nexus with the accused Muslims deliberately failed to file chargesheet in time in order to help them to get bail.
The family of the murdered girl are claiming that they are under serious threat from the accused to withdraw the complaint – they have approached higher ups in West Bengal police and Government, and SC/ST commission, but to no avail as yet.
District publicity manager of Hindu organisation Sri Hindu Takht Amit Sharma shot deadMurder2017-01-15BharatPunjabhttps://www.hindustantimes.com/punjab/hindu-organisation-leader-shot-dead-in-ludhiana/story-PgPlMWE5zSjOvOKvZawQTK.html#:~:text=Ludhiana-,Two%20motorcycle%2Dborne%20men%20shot%20Amit%20Sharma%2C%2035%2C%20district,flower%20shop%20near%20a%20temple.LudhianaTwo motorcycle-borne men shot Amit Sharma, 35, district publicity manager of Hindu organisation Sri Hindu Takht, near Jagraon Bridge in Ludhiana around 9pm on Saturday.
Sharma, who had joined the organisation two months ago, had come to meet a friend at a flower shop near a temple. He was about to get back into his car when the two attackers fired four shots, killing him on the spot; and escaped. Senior police officials, including commissioner Jatinder Singh Aulkah, reached the spot and started investigations.
Christian Extremist and Maoist Terror Groups Deliver UItimatum To Hindus in Assam and TripuraVerbal or Written Threat / Bullying / Cyber Bullying2017-01-18BharatAssamhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/christian-extremist-maoist-terror-groups-deliver-uitimatum-hindus-assam-tripura/TerrorismKarbi-Longri The three dreaded terrorist outfits in Assam and Tripura, the People’s Democratic Council of Karbi Longri (PDCK), the Kamatapur Liberation Organisation (KLO) and the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) on Monday delivered a final ultimatum to Hindi and Bengali speaking Hindus to quit Karbi-Longri (Karbi Anglong), Kamatapur and Tripura by March 31 or face the “gravest of the grave” situations.
In a joint statement issued to the media on Monday, KLO chairman Jiban Singh Koch, PDCK chairman JK Lijang and NLFT organising secretary Sengphui Borok said, “We have every right, including the right to resort to armed confrontation, to defend our Kamatapur, Karbi-Longri and Twipra and our people. Our fight is for national existence and self-defence. Therefore, we, the KLO, NLFT and PDCK, once again warn the Bengalis and Hindi speaking people to quit Kamatapur, Karbi-langri and Twipra by March 31, 2017.”
Under Pinarayi Vijayan’s Watch, Another BJP Worker MurderedMurder2017-01-19BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/pinarayi-vijayans-watch-another-bjp-worker-murdered/KannurSanthosh, a BJP worker who was warned by CPM against campaigning in the CM’s home turf of Pinarai, Kannur district, was hacked to death last night in Dharmadam. According to Times of India, Santhosh was the former Mukhya Shikshak of the RSS unit in Andallur and the booth president of BJP. As many as 40 BJP-RSS workers have been attacked in the communist-led state during the past one year. On 6 January, a 50-year-old BJP worker Radhakrishnan died of burns after goons from CPI (M) set fire to his house in Kanjikode, Palakkad. After Radhakrishnan, his brother’s wife, Vimala also died on 16 January of the burn injuries suffered in the same attack.
TMC Councillor Arrested for Mob Attack on Police in Burdwan, WBAttack on Police / Government Representatives2017-01-29BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/politics/tmc-councillor-arrested-mob-attack-police-burdwan-wb/BurdwanA Trinamool Congress councillor was arrested after a 2000-3000 strong mob attacked the Ausgram police station in Burdwan district on Saturday afternoon, injuring three police personnel and damaging public property. It is alleged that the attack was a fallout of three teachers of the local high school being detained a day earlier. Gushkara’s Trinamool councillor Chanchal Garai was arrested. “We have arrested 11 people in the case and Chanchal Garai is one of them,” SP Kunal Agarwal told The Sunday Express.
On Saturday, a mob of at least 500 attacked the police station. “One of my colleagues was beaten to the ground and punched in the jaw. They pelted us with stones,” said Dipak Pal, Sub-Inspector, Ausgram police station.
Delhi Girl Faces FIRs, Rape & Death Threats From Muslims For Controversial PostVerbal or Written Threat / Bullying / Cyber Bullying2017-01-31BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/delhi-girl-faces-firs-rape-death-threats-muslims-controversial-post/DelhiA Delhi based girl, Ashu Parihar (Ginni) is facing multiple rape & death threats, and police complaints across the country for allegedly posting a poem on Dhulagarh riots on social media, which was deemed “blasphemous” by sections of the Muslim community. What followed was a series of death/ rape threats and many FIRs on her name; the first police complaint was made in Nagpur, followed by old city in Hyderabad.
The girl, who is a yoga instructor, was taken to a local police station along with her parents for interrogation when the Maharashtra police came quickly to Delhi for arresting her three days back. But Maharashtra police arrived without proper documentation and hence the girl was not sent with them to Nagpur. Her family has now hired an advocate and is preparing to fight the multiple cases filed on her under Hate Speech & use of Information Technology laws. She has been asked to appear in the Nagpur Court on 22nd February, 2017 by the Maharashtra police. The girl has also posted an apology for her initial post.
Senior Citizen Murdered in Ghaziabad, UP After Altercation with 3 Muslim YouthsMurder2017-02-08BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/media/senior-citizen-murdered-ghaziabad-altercation-3-muslim-youths/Ghaziabad65-year-old Singhasan Yadav was stabbed to death in Ghaziabad UP, allegedly by neighbourhood Muslim youths, shortly after midnight on last Thursday.
According to the family of the deceased, Singhasan had an altercation with some youths just outside his home on Wednesday night. “There were three youths, who were making objectionable remarks against our family, particularly the women, to which my father objected,” said Madan Yadav, his son. Apparently, such abusive behaviour was not new. “An altercation broke out and one of the youths, Anas, slapped my father. We then had to intervene and lodged a complaint with police,” he added. “The matter was sorted out when Anas’s uncle, who lives nearby, mediated, after which we went to sleep,” he continued.
Muhammad Shafi from Kerala posed as NRI doctor and sexually assaulted over 30 Hindu womenRape / Sexual Assault2017-02-14BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muhammad-shafi-kerala-posed-nri-doctor-sexually-assaulted-30-hindu-women/Ernakulam30-year-old Muhammad Shafi, who was arrested for sexually assaulting more than 30 Hindu women in Kerala after deceiving them by posing as an NRI surgeon, stated that he would not target Muslim women since they belong to his religion. He is also accused of stealing more than Rs. 50 lakh from the women he trapped and exploited.

Shafi is a high school dropout, but to trap the women he disguised himself as a Hindu doctor named Satish Raghavan working in Dubai and made matrimonial ads to get in touch with Hindu women. He mostly targeted nurses or nursing students, even befriending their friends and relatives on the pretext of getting them jobs in his hospital. He took the women who fell for him to posh hotels and molested them there. He took nude photos to blackmail his victims later and ask for money. He would even physically assault some women and burn them with cigarette butts. While assaulting the victim, he would shout saying, “you are no more a virgin. I have deflowered you.”
Mandir aarti stopped forcefully by Muslim youths in MeerutTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-02-14BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.jagran.com/uttar-pradesh/meerut-city-15524928.htmlMeerutAccording to news, a temple priest was attacked and aarti was disturbed by some Muslim youths in Kharkhauda, Meerut. They disconnected loudspeaker wires and also desecrated pooja material.
Hindu girl Anila Dhawan kidnappedSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-02-17PakistanSindhhttps://www.hindupost.in/world/pakistani-hindus-lose-daughters-forced-muslim-marriages/HyderabadAnila Dhawan, 17, was kidnapped last spring from her home in Hyderabad, forced to convert to Islam and marry her abductor.

The police refused to intervene. Her kidnapper told them she ran away from home, and converted to Islam and married him voluntarily. But after her family pressured a court to intervene, she told judges the truth and they freed her.
Dasna Temple robbed by unknown miscreantsTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-02-26BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://navbharattimes.indiatimes.com/state/uttar-pradesh/ghaziabad/shivaratri-night-dasna-devi-temple-theft/articleshow/57346769.cmsDasnaOn auspicious night of Mahashivratri, miscreants targetted a temple in Dasna and decamped with 5 lac rupees worth of cash and valuable items. Even the 'Mukuta' of Devi was not spared by thieves. According to temple priest Yati Narsinhanand, this was seventh incident of theft in the temple in last ten years.
Gangrape of Woman and 2 Daughters Sparks Hindu Exodus from Assam villageGangrape2017-03-02BharatAssamhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/gangrape-women-2-daughters-sparks-hindu-exodus-assam-village/KarimganjIn an incident which has sent shockwaves throughout the state of Assam, 8 armed Bangladeshi intruders crossed the border at Jaarapata village in Karimganj district and raped a woman and her two daughters. 7 other villagers are reported to be injured in the attack, some in critical condition.
The victims have been admitted to the Karimganj civil hospital. The Bangaldeshis decamped after committing the crime which took place at 2 AM in the night. As per sources, one woman is battling for life as the rapists repeatedly beat her up and inserted a metal rod into her private parts.
The intruders reportedly announced that they will make this Assam village into a “Sharia Village”.
Hindu woman axed to death in Balochistan provinceMurder2017-03-09BharatBalochistanhttps://www.newindianexpress.com/world/2017/mar/09/hindu-woman-axed-to-death-in-balochistan-province-1579472.htmlNasirabadA woman from the Hindu community was axed to death in Pakistan's Balochistan province, a media report said on Thursday. According to the police, a group of people attacked Zania Kuma­­ri on Wednesday and escaped after the murder, Dawn news reported. However, the cause of the attack remains unclear. Jalo Ram, Kumari's brother, told the media that his sister was killed for no reason by "influential people" of the area.
Man Alleges Death Threats & Forced Religious Conversion By Muslim Gang In BikanerForced Conversion2017-03-09BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/man-alleges-death-threats-forced-religious-conversion-muslim-gang-bikaner/Verbal or Written Threat / Bullying / Cyber BullyingBikanerIn a shocking series of revelations, a man named Abhishek Jain has claimed that a gang of Muslims in Bikaner, Rajasthan, forcibly changed his religion from Jainism to Islam. He has claimed that he was beaten, kidnapped, issued death threats and made to sign documents which enabled the accused gang to change his religion on paper. He also claims that all this coercion and torture happened with the full knowledge of the local Municipal Councillor (nigam parshad), Mohammad Tahir.
Abhishek is currently helped by the local team of VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) in Bikaner. The news was also reported in the local media. We spoke to the city president of the VHP team, Sh. Mukesh & Abhishek Jain, and the incident came to light like this :
BJP’s Dalit Leader hacked to death in BengaluruMurder2017-03-14BharatKarnatakahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/bjps-dalit-leader-hacked-death-bengaluru/AnekalThe attacks on BJP leaders and other Hindu activists in the southern states of the country continue unabated. Today morning, BJP activist and Dalit leader Sri Srinivas Prasad, popularly called Kithaganahalli Vasu (43 years), was hacked to death by unknown assailants at Anekal in Bengaluru rural district.
As per reports, he was on his way for his morning walk when the assailants reportedly stopped his car, pulled him out and then hacked him to death around 5 AM.
Muslim stalker kills Hindu man for opposing harassment of niece – BangladeshMurder2017-03-15BangladeshKeraniganjhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-stalker-kills-hindu-man-opposing-harassment-niece-bangladesh/Sexual Harassment / MolestationNawabganjA young man was beaten to death by a stalker at Paschim Sonabaji in Nawabganj of Keraniganj upazila, Bangladesh on Monday night, for allegedly protesting the harassment of his niece. The deceased was identified as Bhakta Chandra Sarker, 22.
Sub-inspector Jalal of Nawabganj police station said Hasan, a local young man, tried to harass Bhakta’s niece Koheli Chandra during a religious Kirtan (group singing of devotional Dharmic songs), at their house around 9 pm. As Bhakta protested the incident, Hasan hit him with a rod, leaving him critically injured. He was taken to Nawabganj Health Complex where doctors declared him dead. Hasan went into hiding after the incident.
Ankita murdered by her ex-boyfriend RaeesMurder2017-03-17BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://indianexpress.com/article/india/jilted-youth-kills-married-girlfriend-commits-suicide-in-haridwar-4572318/%20(http:/indianexpress.com/article/india/jilted-youth-kills-married-girlfriend-commits-suicide-in-haridwar-4572318/HaridwarUPSET that his girlfriend has married someone else, a youth shot dead the newly-wed woman at her in-laws’ residence at Haridwar in Uttarakhand and later committed suicide at his native place of Biharigarh in UP’s Saharanpur on Thursday.

While the woman, Ankita (20), died at the spot, the youth, Raees — in his 20s — succumbed to injuries in hospital. A country-made pistol was used in both the incidents, police said. Ankita had got married to Sandeep Chauhan at Hardiwar in February.
Muslim SP workers storm Meerut UP police station to free arrested molesterAttack on Police / Government Representatives2017-03-19BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/international-womens-day-muslim-sp-workers-storm-meerut-police-station-free-arrested-molester/MeerutOn Tuesday evening, a mob of SP workers descended on a police chowki in Meerut, Western UP, to try and forcefully free Nazar Mohammed, a youth who had been arrested by police for assaulting and molesting a girl student earlier that day. It is alleged that the local SP MLA Ghulam Mohammed tried to pressurize the police on behalf of the attackers. Around 7 PM on Tuesday, four Muslim youth who were stalking a girl student returning from tuition, rammed their Swift Maruti car into the girl’s scooty. After the girl fell to the ground, they started molesting her. Hearing the girl’s screams, police from the nearby Pooth chowki (Rohta police station) rushed to the scene causing the accused youth to flee from the spot.
However, police gave pursuit and cornered them near Jainpur village by shooting their car tyre. Three youth escaped by running into the nearby fields, but police arrested the car driver Nazar Mohammed. Mohammed’s associates reached their village of Sindhavali, Kanker Khera, and soon a large armed mob of SP (Samajwadi Party) workers from the village reached the Pooth chowki to forcefully free Nazar Mohammed and recover the Swift car impounded by police.
Rioting in Sikar Town, Rajasthan over minor issueRiot2017-04-01BharatRajasthanhttp://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/jaipur/communal-clashes-in-sikar-situation-now-under-control/articleshow/57950447.cmsSikarminor dispute in a locality near Kalyanji Temple, involving children, led to clashes between Muslims and Hindus
Cow Traffickers Fire At Police, Ram Police Vehicle & Barricade In New DelhiCattle Smuggling Mafia2017-04-02BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/cow-traffickers-fire-police-ram-police-vehicle-barricade-new-delhi/Attack on Police / Government RepresentativesDelhiAfter seeing police officers the occupants of the alleged vehicle started speeding away. Another PCR van was also informed and called for assistance. While the first PCR was chasing the vehicle from the back another PCR was approaching it from the front.
On being sandwiched between the two police vehicles, the driver of the car rammed the tempo in the police barricade and then sped towards the other direction.
The police patrolling vehicles made several announcements. While escaping, it further hit another police vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle then fired two-three rounds at the police party and later on reaching a dead end again turned and banged in another car.

“ASI Subash fired three shots at the tempo which deflated one of the tyres of the vehicle. Despite that the vehicle kept driving and finally reached an open area and started fleeing. Police later apprehended Shahid (24) and Umar (25) hailing from Mewat, Haryana,” said DCP, PCR, Monika Bhardwaj.
Prashant Bhushan, archetypal Delhi left-liberal, calls Sri Krishna ‘legendary eve-teaser’Denigration of Dharma2017-04-03BharatSocial Mediahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/prashant-bhushan-archetypal-delhi-left-liberal-calls-sri-krishna-legendary-eve-teaser/TwitterIn a tweet that inadvertently reveals the Hinduphobic mindset of the garden-variety left-liberal that breeds in the heart of Lutyens’ Delhi, senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan called Bhagwan Krishna a ‘legendary eve-teaser’ while criticizing the anti-Romeo police squads set up by UP’s new CM Yogi Adityanath to crack down on sexual harassment that is rampant in UP, and especially West UP.
Muslim gangster with fake Hindu identity eloped with Hindu girlSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-04-03BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.amarujala.com/uttar-pradesh/agra/crime/gegastarAgraMuslim gangster with fake Hindu identity lived as a tenant with a Brahmin family in Agra, with a fake name Ramu. He wooed a teen girl from the family and ran away with her.
Love Jihad – Bajrang Dal rescues minor girl kidnapped by Muslim man with fake Hindu identitySexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-04-06BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/love-jihad-bajrang-dal-rescues-minor-girl-kidnapped-muslim-man-fake-hindu-identity/AligarhWasim Akram, son of Rahish Khan and resident of Sikandra Rao in Western UP, was staying with his sister, Huma, at Aligarh near Sasni Gate on Pala road in a rented room of a Hindu landlord’s house. He hid his identity. He called himself Basant and said his sister was Rekha. He even tied Hindu kalawa (sacred red thread) on his wrists to conceal his Muslim identity and to fabricate a Hindu identity.
He entrapped the landlord’s 17-year-old daughter in entanglement of a love affair. He eloped with her on March 19th after having vacated the rented home 5 days ago. Initially, the girl’s family members didn’t even suspect him and lodged a police complaint against unknown persons for kidnapping their daughter.
8 Gau Rakshaks Fired At & Severely Injured in Panipat, HaryanaPhysical Assault2017-04-07BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/8-gau-rakshaks-fired-severely-injured-panipat-haryana/Cattle Smuggling MafiaPanipatThis incident happened in village Binjhol, Gau raksha Dal vounteers had received reliable intel that a jeep is carrying a cow stuffed into it on that route. When the gau rakshaks saw the jeep and tried to stop it to check it, the jeep driver and others started firing and kept on firing for 5 kms. Because of the firing, 8 gau rakshaks were injured.
Since the police and Cow Protection Task Force reached very late, Gau Raksha Dal and Arya Pratinidhi Sabha protested in front of Panipat Mini Secretariat and some injured Gau Rakshaks also joined in. They have put forth their demands and grievances to the DC & SP.
Hindu boy stuffed in gunny bag while Muslim gitlfreind beaten to death by girl's familyMurder2017-04-07BharatKarnatakahttp://www.coastaldigest.com/honour-killing-ballari-parents-murder-muslim-woman-hindu-boyfriend?page=18HagaribommanahalliIt’s the story of a young college couple in love, from Karnataka’s Bellary district, who were both allegedly beaten to death by the girl’s parents. While she died on the spot, he was stuffed alive into a sack, bleeding and left to die. Reshma Bhanu, a first PUC student from Nandi Pre-University College in Hagaribommanahalli, met 20-year-old Nagaraj, her senior from the same college at a summer camp last year.
Bhadrak, Odisha burns after police inaction over denigratory FB post against Sri Ram and Sita MaaDenigration of Dharma2017-04-08BharatOdishahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/bhadrak-odisha-burns-police-inaction-denigratory-fb-post-sri-ram-sita-maa/BhadrakThe violence started on Thursday after derogatory comments on Bhagwan Ram and Maa Sita were posted on a Facebook page. The Bhagat Sena Ram Navmi Samiti lodged a complaint with police in this regard with a demand of arresting Asif Khan, Asif Ali and M Jahan for their involvement in posting such remarks. Soon after, VHP and Bajrang Dal activists started blockading traffic on the main roads and gheraoed a police station. The VHP and Bajrang Dal activists demanded action against three Muslim youth for their comments on Facebook.
Attempt to desecrate a temple murti by Islamists in Coimbatore, Tamil NaduTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-04-10BharatTamil Naduhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/attempt-desecrate-temple-murti-islamists-coimbatore-tamil-nadu/Coimbatore4 Muslim men were arrested for trying to desecrate a temple murti at Kuniyapattur near Coimbatore. The accused apparently entered the temple to break the murti on the night of April 1, 2017 but were seen by a local resident Saravanakumar who alerted the localites by shouting “Theives”, making them desert the spot.
The 4 accused were arrested on the basis of the complaint given by the executive officer of the temple Sri. Palanisamy at Kuniyapattur police station. They were identified as Ibrahim (33), Muhammad Nishar (27), Abu Qadir (33) and Muhammad Rafiq (31). The police also got hold of the iron rod which was used by the Islamists in their effort to desecrate the murti. The accused were presented at the court on April 4, 2017 after which they were sent to Coimbatore central prison.
Muslim mob tries to set Mumbai policemen on fire by pouring keroseneAttack on Police / Government Representatives2017-04-12BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-mob-tries-set-mumbai-policemen-fire-pouring-kerosene/MumbaiA police team that had gone to nab chain-snatchers at the infamous Irani basti in Ambivali, North East Mumbai was attacked by the family members of chain snatchers on Sunday early morning. A mob of around 25, mostly women, attacked the policemen and also tried to set one policeman on fire by pouring kerosene on him.
The attack was planned by the mob to help the accused escape arrest. In the attack, two policemen including a police sub inspector and one constable were injured after the mob pelted stones on them.
The anti-chain snatching team of DCP Sunil Bhardwaj of Ulhasnagar division got an information that two chain-snatchers Samir Irani and Hasan Irani Sayyed, who were wanted in several cases, are hiding at their residence in Irani basti. Bhardwaj, along with 25 policemen embarked on a combing operation to nab Irani and Sayyed.
Hindu students fed beef at Dhaka University fine arts facultyPersecution of Hindus2017-04-14BangladeshDhakahttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2017/04/14/hindu-students-fed-beef-at-dhaka-university-fine-arts-facultyDhaka University's Faculty of Fine ArtsHindu students of Dhaka University's Faculty of Fine Arts have allegedly been tricked into eating beef, creating tension before the 'Mangal Shobhajatra' procession. Agitated students vandalised the canteen and beat up its leaseholder, Zakir Hossain, who admitted to making 'Tehari', a popular food item made of rice and meat, with beef.
University Proctor Amzad Ali later came and calmed the students. He said Zakir's lease would be cancelled. Zakir has been running the canteen for a few months.
The students who worked overnight to prepare for the procession ordered the 'Tehari' for breakfast.
One of them told bdnews24.com: "Beef never enters our canteen. No one knew that there was beef in the Tehari. We sensed after eating that it was beef. Zakir admitted to making the Tehari with beef."

A former student said beef is not allowed in the canteen considering the fact that it is banned for Hindus.
Minority Community Opposes Construction Of Temple Gate In Agra, UP; Injures A Hindu Man Physical Assault2017-04-14BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minority-community-opposes-construction-temple-gate-agra-injures-hindu-man/AgraAn area called Khaspura in Shahganj, Agra (Uttar Pradesh) saw a communal clash around 2nd of April over construction of a temple gate. The man who was handling the construction of the temple gate was beaten, pushed around by Muslim community members, because of which he got a serious injury on his head. After this, both communities collected and police had to intervene to avoid further scuffle.
It should be noted that incendiary speeches were made from mosque speakers leading a clique of minority group throng the place sloganeering, which in result fired up the already existing tension. Police has somehow controlled the conflict and police force has been deputed in the area.
This is a temple dedicated to lord Shiva and lord Hanuman. Six months ago, some miscreants stole away the temple Murtis. After the temple Murtis got replaced, there was a plan to construct gates to the temple. One of the gates faces the main road, the other one faces the alley. When the gate facing the alley was being constructed, a minority community family living in the alley took objection and it soon escalated into a communal conflict.
Hindu voters ‘assaulted’ in Pirojpur ahead of UP pollsPhysical Assault2017-04-15BangladeshNazirpur Upazilahttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2017/04/15/hindu-voters-assaulted-in-pirojpur-ahead-of-up-pollsJoypur Seven Hindu voters have reportedly been assaulted in Pirojpur for what they claim supporting Awami League-backed candidate in the UP elections scheduled for Sunday.
The incident was reported from Nazirpur Upazila’s Joypur neighbourhood Friday night, said police.
Those injured are Paritosh Mali, Chittaranjan Majumdar, Geeta Rani Mali, Jyotsna Rani Mali, Ganesh Mali, Shukhoronjon Mali and Urmila Mali, all residents of ‘Mali Bari’, a house in the neighbourhood.
They are receiving treatment at Nazirpur Upazila Health Complex.
Malayalam Christian portal runs hate speech against Hindus and Sri AyyappaDenigration of Dharma2017-04-16BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/malayalam-christian-portal-runs-hates-speech-hindus-sri-ayyappa/websitea new Christian website in Malayalam has appeared, calling Hindu Devatas as Satans. This site specifically targets the Hindu Deva Ayyappa or Dharma Shasta. Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala is a famous temple which has been frequently attacked by anti-Hindus (we had written about it earlier). This new site calls Ayyappa as Satan. The missionary apologists will claim the misunderstanding comes from the name Chatthan (Tamil variant of Shasta) and it’s similarity with the term Satan. These two terms of course have no links with each other, and both have different roots. Ignoring this fact, the author goes on mocking Hindu Devatas.

Temple desecrated and vandalized by miscreants in ManipurTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-04-18BharatManipurhttp://www.currentriggers.com/blog/temple-damaged-miscreants-manipur/SenapatiA Hindu Temple was vandalized and desecrated by vandals in Manipur but after the Red Shield Division of the Indian Army came to know of the incident it quickly sprung into action.
The Division reconstructed the Temple which was damaged by unidentified miscreants in Lairouching village of Senapati, Manipur, at the request of locals who were aggrieved by the incident.
Muslim Man Kills A Hindu Girl & Her Mother After Being Spurned In Meerut, UPMurder2017-04-20BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-boy-kills-girl-mother-boyfriend-issue-meerut/MeerutIn a horrific case of murders of a girl and her mother on 6th of April has come to light in the city of Meerut in Uttar Pardesh. While Hindi media has covered it in detail, there is hardly any detailed news in English mainstream media. The Meerut SP city did a press conference explaining the horrible murders committed by Shoaib and accomplices, of a girl named Neha (Anushka) and her mother Sumanlata. This girl used to work in Shoaib’s office and the tiff seems to have started with her friendship with a boy named Ankit which was not liked by Shoaib. It also seems that Shoaib used to know Sumanlata from last many years. Quoting parts of these news reports
One More Hindu Activist, Jagdish Suvarna, Dead In KarnatakaMurder2017-04-22BharatKarnatakahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/one-hindu-activist-dead-karnataka/MangaluruAnother Hindu activist, Jagdish Suvarna, (this time from Bajrang Dal) was found dead on Bengre beach in Mangaluru, Karnataka last week.
While the local police have registered a case his associates have taken to social media to not just inform others of his death but also express suspicion over it. The social media post that is being shared widely shows pictures of injuries and blood marks on Suvarna’s body. The post also says that his friends suspect it to be a case of Jihadi murder. The police, however, have refused to comment till further investigations.

Police commissioner Chandra Sekhar said it was too early to say if Jagdish Suvarna was murdered but tightened security across the district to stave off any outbreak of violence from Hindu right-wing organisations.
Hindu priest shot at by gunman in Penang, MalaysiaTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-04-23MalaysiaPenanghttps://www.hindupost.in/world/hindu-priest-shot-gunman-penang-malaysia/Air ItamA Hindu priest narrowly escaped death when he was shot at outside his house at Jalan Satu in Air Itam near George Town, the capital city of the Malaysian state of Penang.
It is learnt that two men on a motorcycle rode near his house with one of them firing several shots at the priest who was outside his house on Friday night.
However, none of the shots hit him but he stumbled to the ground in shock in the 9.30pm incident. Several neighbours came out of their houses thinking the gunshots were the sound of firecrackers.
Forensic personnel in two police patrol cars arrived at 10pm to investigate the incident.
The police have yet to release an official statement on the shooting.
Bajrang Dal Shamli (UP) Files Hate Speech Case Against Abuse Of Hindu DeitiesHinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate Crime2017-04-25BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/bajrang-dal-shamli-files-hate-speech-case-abuse-hindu-deities/ShamliAfter going through various extremely insulting abuses of Hindu deities on Facebook, Bajrang Dal Shamli, Uttar Pradesh filed an FIR against the abusers. The main accused’s name is Nadim Malik Kandhlavi and he belongs to Kandhla in Shamli district. While some of other accused have been arrested, Nadim is absconding. It seems that Nadim was repeatedly abusing Hindu gods and goddesses with derogatory terms and he had several outbursts of extreme profanity on social media targeting Hindu deities.

The Bajrang Dal Shamli team, under the leadership of Vivek Premi, also submitted the proofs to Shamli SP. The FIR has been filed under sections 295 A, 153 A and 66 D. The following proofs were submitted to the SP regarding the case
Hindu man who married Muslim woman forcibly circumcised by a Maulana, threatened to convertForced Conversion2017-04-30BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-man-married-muslim-woman-forcibly-circumcised-maulana-threatened-convert/MeerutA case of forced circumcision of a Hindu man by a maulana (Islamic preacher) has come to light in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. The victim and his family have pleaded for justice by complaining to the IG and the SSP.
Amit Bhardwaj, a resident of Madhavpuram in Meerut’s Brahmapuri police station area, married a Muslim woman who converted to Hindu Dharma around 10 years back. At present the couple has two children. But for the past 6 months, Amit is being threatened by one Maulana Riyazuddin from Kharkhuada area of Meerut to either convert to Islam or leave his wife.
When Amit refused, the Maualana had him kidnapped and held captive in a house in Madhavpuram area – he was thrashed brutally and later dumped near the railway line in a critical condition. Amit underwent treatment in a hospital for 2.5 months to recover from this assault. When the family still refused to be cowed down, Maulana Riyazuddin recently had him drugged and forcibly circumcised. Amit and his family have been threatened that they will be killed if they don’t convert.
Another temple desecrated, murtis thrown in gutter in ‘liberal’ Sindh, PakistanTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-05-01PakistanSindhhttps://www.hindupost.in/world/another-temple-desecrated-murtis-thrown-gutter-liberal-sindh-pakistan/ThattaA Hindu temple was vandalised on Friday by some unidentified persons in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province. Police said murtis of deities were damaged and some of the broken parts were found in a nearby sewerage line. The incident occurred in Thatta district’s Gharo town.
A case of blasphemy and terrorism has been registered. “Investigation is going on but so far no arrests have been made,” said Fida Hussain Mastoi, the SSP of Thatta.
Local Hindu councillor Lal Meheshwri said he was present in the Rama Pir temple on Thursday night to prepare for the next day’s service. Dr Khatto Mal, adviser to the Sindh chief minister on minority affairs, said the attackers would be arrested soon.
Dalit woman murdered for opposing Love Jihad against daughter – suspect absconding after WB police inactionMurder2017-05-03BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-woman-murdered-for-opposing-love-jihad-against-daughter-suspect-absconding-after-wb-police-inaction/Crime against DalitSouth 24 ParganasRuma Mondal, mother of 3 daughters and resident of Charavidya, South 24 Parganas district, who was missing from 3 May was found dead 2 days later. Her family suspects she was murdered by Akbar Ali Gazi, the husband of a local panchayat official & TMC member, as she was resisting his son’s advances towards her minor daughter.

The family alleges that WB police refused to register their missing person complaint on 3 May and the FIR was only filed in New Town police station after Ruma’s body was found next to a drain on 5 May. It is suspected that she was raped before being murdered.

Ruma who worked for a local Government welfare organization, had 3 daughters. Akbar Ghazi’s son Bablu Ghazi (18+) was stalking her youngest daughter (15), and Ruma opposed this for which she was threatened on many occasions over phone and in person.
Hindu boy assaulted and critically injured in West Bengal for marrying a Muslim girlPhysical Assault2017-05-03BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-boy-assaulted-and-critically-injured-in-west-bengal-for-marrying-a-muslim-girl/HowrahSome youth attacked Sourav for marrying a Muslim girl – he was beaten severely and seriously injured. He is now under treatment in Diamond Harbour district hospital. His family is very anxious & panic-stricken, but the injured Sourav vows to bring his wife home, the follow-up report of Ei Samay Sangbadpatra mentions.

Social media users urged Hindu Samhati to stand by Sourav & his family. Hindu Samhati has a successful history to stand firmly by Hindus of West Bengal. In early 2015, Hindu Samhati extended assistance to Muslim girls who wanted to marry their Hindu boyfriends after undergoing Ghar Wapsi. Hindu Samhati & its founder Tapan Ghosh have been giving proper safety to such families. In middle 2015, Hindu Samhati was able to rescue Tuktuki Mandal, a minor Hindu girl, from Muslim abductors who were politically well-connected.

This Muslim girl from Munshidanga village of Domjur thana under Howrah district in West Bengal went to meet her boyfriend Saddam on 3rd May of this year. She left home in the morning and reached Diamond Harbour at noon. Then she spent the entire day with her boyfriend along the Diamond Harbour riverside, but in the evening Saddam went away leaving the girl alone. Some sexual predators spotted the lone girl and tried to drag her away, but they were foiled by Sourav Mondal.

Later, the girl decided not to return home and soon after, the two (Hindu boy & Muslim girl) tied the knot. This news had been carried out by Assam-West Bengal based Bengali daily newspaper Dainik Jugasankha’s (Dainik Yugashankha) local edition as well as The Times Group’s Bengali daily newspaper Ei Samay Sangbadpatra (Ei Samay Sambadpatra) published from Kolkata.
Hindu man accused of ‘blasphemy’ in Pakistan framed by Muslim business rivalLegal or Institutionalsed Discrimination2017-05-05PakistanBalochistanhttps://www.hindupost.in/world/hindu-man-accused-blasphemy-pakistan-framed-muslim-business-rival/LasbellaPrakash Kumar, a Pakistani Hindu in Balochistan province’s Lasbella district, was arrested for sharing allegedly blasphemous content on WhatsApp. A mob then attacked the local police station demanding that Prakash be handed over to them for ‘punishment.’ Details are now emerging which indicate that Prakash was framed due to business rivalry with a Shia Muslim who is close to an influential politician.
Muslim man posing as Hindu lures & rapes schoolgirl in TN; was Facebook ‘friends’ with 5000 young girlsSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-05-07BharatTamil Naduhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-man-posing-hindu-lures-facebook-friends-5000-young-girls/PuducherryIn a shocking case of online Love Jihad & sexual grooming, 22-year-old Ibrahim posing as ‘Siva Idiot’ on Facebook lured a 13-year-old schoolgirl in Tamil Nadu into running away with him. He then proceeded to rape her in a friend’s motel, and later his friend too sexually assaulted the girl. Ibrahim was friends on Facebook with 5000 young girls and had assaulted other victims as well.
Man given life term for killing girl in acid attackAcid Attack2017-05-11BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.indiatoday.in/pti-feed/story/man-given-life-term-for-killing-girl-in-acid-attack-924406-2017-05-11MurderKrishnanagarA Krishnagar court today sentenced a married man to life imprisonment for throwing acid at a teenaged girl in Nadia district last year and killing her for spurning his sexual advances.
According to the prosecution, Mondal threw acid at 17- year-old Mou Rajak, a class XI student, when she was sleeping in her house in Hanskhali police station area on October 11 night last year. She later died in a Kolkata hospital.

Mous mother Tulu, who was sleeping on the same bed, too was seriously injured in the acid attack.
2 murtis vandalized and temple burnt in Chittagong, BangladeshTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-05-14BangladeshChittagonghttps://www.hindupost.in/world/2-murtis-vandalized-temple-burnt-chittagong-bangladesh/Bandar PoliceAjit Shil, the sebayet (custodian) of the temple, told our Chittagong staff correspondent that he left the temple around 10:00 PM last night but when he returned around 6:00 AM today he found two Murtis broken.
The miscreants damaged the Murtis of Kal Bhairav, which was around eight feet tall, and Nandi Keshara and also set fire to a part of the temple, he said adding that they also disfigured four portraits including Swami Vivekananda.
Man detained after claiming attack on Chittagong Hindu templeTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-05-14BangladeshChittagonghttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2017/05/14/man-detained-after-claiming-attack-on-chittagong-hindu-templeChittagongPolice have detained a suspect for vandalising a Hindu temple at Gosaildanga of Chittagong city.
‘Shukkur’, a 35-year-old man from Chandpur, showed up at the temple dedicated to Hindu god Shiv with a trident stolen during the attack on Saturday night. “He came to the temple yard around 3pm. He claimed he had smashed the Murtis and taken away the trident,” said Chittagong Police Additional Deputy Commissioner Arefin Jewel. “People at the temple then confirmed that it was their trident,” he said.
Two Murtis were smashed in the temple located on the family propertly of one Ajit Shil. “The main door to the temple was closed around 10 pm,” Shil told bdnews24.com. “This morning I came and saw the Murtis of ‘Kalbhairab’ and ‘Nandikesh’ smashed on the temple verandah .”
The seven-foot Kalbhairab statue had been smashed and the face of the Nandikesh statue had been defaced. Some parts of the Kalbhairab statue had been taken outside and set on fire.
RSS worker beheaded in Pinari Vijayan’s home district; CPM workers arrestedMurder2017-05-14BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/rss-worker-beheaded-pinari-vijayans-home-district-cpm-workers-arrested/KannurRSS worker Choorakad Biju was hacked to death, allegedly by CPI(M) activists, at Payyanur town in Kerala CM Pinari Vijayan’s home district Kannur on Friday, prompting the BJP to demand the imposition of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) in the district.

Police said Biju and his friend Pandaravalappil Rajesh were travelling on a motorcycle when they were knocked down by an Innova car. A gang alighted from the car and hacked him on the neck. Based on a complaint filed by Rajesh, the police have registered a case against seven CPM workers.
Bengal BJP condemns police for attacking party headquartersPhysical Assault2017-05-17BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.thestatesman.com/cities/bengal-bjp-condemns-police-for-attacking-party-headquarters-1495714778.htmlPolitical ViolenceKolkataThe West Bengal unit of the BJP on Thursday accused the police of forcibly entering its headquarters and "mercilessly beating up" the workers on a day when violence erupted here during a protest march organised by the party.
Terming the incident as "shameful", West Bengal Bharatiya Janata Party Secretary Raju Banerjee charged the police with acting as cadres of the state's ruling Trinamool Congress.

"It is a shameful day in the history of West Bengal's politics. Police have forcefully entered our party office and mercilessly beaten up the party workers present there," Mukherjee said.
Maa Kali temple vandalised, land grabbed in Land Jihad case from BangladeshTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-05-20BharatJhalokatihttps://www.hindupost.in/world/maa-kali-temple-vandalised-land-grabbed-in-land-jihad-case-from-bangladesh/Land grab / Economic PersecutionJhalokatiA century-old Maa Kali temple has been vandalised by Muslim land grabbers Tauhidul Islam & his brother-in-law Muhammad Mohsin at Jhalokati district in south-western Bangladesh. The accused are trying to appropriate the land of Maa Kali temple by planting banana & papaya trees, the local union council chairman alleged in a press conference on behalf of Hindus. This news has been reported by a Bengali National daily newspaper of Bangladesh “The Daily Janakantha.”
Communist Devaswom Minister organizes beef fest against ban on sale of cows for slaughterDenigration of Dharma2017-05-28BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/communist-devaswom-minister-organizes-beef-fest-ban-sale-cows-slaughter/ErnakulamIn the Ernakulam district SFI’s beef fest was inaugurated by Kadakampally Surendran, the Minister for Co-operation, Tourism and Devaswoms. It is astonishing that the Devaswom minister who is in control of many Kerala temples himself inaugurated the beef festival, which is totally against Hindu ethos. With a man who has most Kerala temples under his control inaugurating a beef fest, isn’t it time Hindus start pondering about anti-Hindu elements inside the temple management and what that means for the safety of the temples & age old tradition of rituals?
2 minor girls groomed & gang-raped in Rajasthan, Love Jihad suspectedSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-05-28BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/2-minor-girls-groomed-gang-raped-rajasthan-love-jihad-suspected/SikarThe Sikar police on Wednesday arrested two people and detained a juvenile delinquent for allegedly gangraping two minor girls. Another accused is absconding, the police said.

“The complainant has alleged that the men befriended one of the girls about seven months ago. After a while, they made acquaintance with another one of her friends,” said Surendra Saini, station house officer, Danta Ramgarh police station. The police said that both the girls are minors and are aged 16 and 14 respectively.

The officials added that the girls would regularly meet the accused till their families came to know about it. “The father of one of the girls alleged that the accused raped her and posted her obscene pictures on social media. A case was registered on May 19,” said Saini.

Police said that the accused have been identified as Roshan Khan, Shakeel and Saddam. The minor accused has been sent to a children’s home after being detained.

“The accused have been booked under section 376D (gangrape), 354 (outraging the modesty of a woman) and sections of the Information Technology Act. One of the accused is absconding and we have initiated a search for him,” said Saini
17-year-old lured by Muslim painter posing as Engineer on FBSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-05-29BharatKarnatakahttp://newsable.asianetnews.com/karnataka/fb-love-bengaluru-minor-girl-elopes-with-kerala-man-raped-in-odishaChild Rape / Child Sexual AssaultBengaluruA 17-year-old-girl who fell in love with a man from Odisha, settled in Kerala by looking at his Facebook profile was brought back to Bengaluru by the police. She was allegedly raped by the man who promised to marry her. The man has been arrested under the POCSO Act.
Mohammed Asif, 21, had an impressive profile on Facebook. While checking the FB profiles, he saw this girl’s profile, who was studying in a prestigious college in Bengaluru. To impress her, Asif introduced himself as an engineer, When in reality, he was working as a painter.
Md Tanish stabs Hindu girl for refusing marriage proposalMurder2017-06-15BharatAndhra Pradeshhttps://www.newindianexpress.com/states/andhra-pradesh/2017/jun/15/andhra-23-year-old-stabbed-after-she-refused-marriage-proposal-1617065.htmlChittoorA 23-year old MBA student was stabbed by a youth when she refused his proposal to marry him. The incident happened near KMM College in Chandragiri mandal of Chittoor district on Thursday afternoon.
At around 1 pm, M Nagakethana, pursuing MBA first year in KMM College came out after writing exam, when her friend Md Tanish met her and proposed to marry her. Trying not to create a scene in front of others, she took him behind the college building and asked him not to pester her.

However, Tanish, a polytechnic dropout, got into argument with her and attacked her. Strangling her throat, he stabbed her in the shoulder 3-4 times.

Tanish’s friends, who saw it, immediately fled the spot and alerted other college students, who rushed to the spot. Meanwhile, the girl fainted and collapsed on the ground. Seeing students rushing towards him, Tanish fled.
Dalit tied to tree, thrashed after son elopes with minor Muslim girlPhysical Assault2017-06-29BharatKarnatakahttps://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/karnataka-dalit-tied-to-tree-thrashed-after-son-elopes-with-minor-muslim-girl/story-5or2POfSe0U5RrgKkDbMmM.htmlVijayapuraDalit farm worker in Karnataka was allegedly tied to a tree and beaten on suspicion of having helped his 18-year-old son elope with a minor Muslim girl
Hindu girl murdered by Muslim husband after gangrapeMurder2017-07-05BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://aajtak.intoday.in/crime/story/heena-talreja-murder-mystery-husband-friends-gangrape-uttar-pradesh-1-944134.htmlPrayagrajHindu girl married Adnan Khan. Adnan wanted to marry another woman after marriage. She was angry that he was going to have a second wife. Adnan along with his friends raped and murdered the girl
Muslim jailbird stalker stabs aspiring air-hostess to death in DelhiMurder2017-07-07BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-jailbird-stalker-stabs-aspiring-air-hostess-death-delhi/ShahadraIn a shocking incident, 21-year-old aspiring air hostess Riya Gautam was mercilessly stabbed to death by Mohammed Adil (22), a local criminal who had been stalking her for 6 months, near her home in East Delhi’s Mansarovar Park, Shahadra on Wednesday evening. In a damning indictment of Delhi police and our criminal justice system, it turned out that the girl’s family had complained to police three months back about Adil, but no action was taken.

CCTV footage from a camera installed outside a shop in Ram Nagar Colony, shows Adil attacking Riya and then chasing her as she runs for cover into the shop. He can later be seen shoving aside people who had gathered and running away with knife in hand
4 Muslims arrested for making and circualting derogatory video against Hindu DharmaDenigration of Dharma2017-07-11BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/noida/four-held-for-hurting-religious-sentiments/articleshow/59535844.cmsHinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate CrimeGhaziabadFour men in their early 20s were arrested in Loni on Monday for allegedly circulating a short video intended to hurt religious sentiments. The incident came to light after the video, which is nearly 1.58 minutes long, landed on a WhatsApp group comprising members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini.
Villagers fired upon by cow smugglersCattle Smuggling Mafia2017-07-15BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.firstpost.com/india/cow-smugglers-kill-half-a-dozen-stray-cattle-fire-shots-in-uttar-pradeshs-badaun-district-3816631.htmlPhysical AssaultBadayunCow smugglers kill half-a-dozen stray cattle, fire shots in Uttar Pradesh's Badaun district
Tourists attacked in Odisha after protesting ill-treatment of cattle by traffickersCattle Smuggling Mafia2017-07-16BharatOdishahttp://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/crime/160717/cow-smugglers-attack-hyderabad-techie-and-molested-women.htmlPhysical AssaultOdishaSoftware engineer, B Venketeswaran Kannan (35), from Hyderabad who had planned a tour with family and friends to Bhubaneswar; en route at Rayagada (Odisha) area they witnessed cattle traffickers who were severely beating up around 500 livestock after binding the legs of the animals with plastic ropes.

On Kannan and his group’s intervention the traffickers got irked and started to rough up the 4 males with sticks and axes and also molested 3 females in the group. Getting no response from police helpline, the tourists begged for forgiveness and bended at the traffickers’ feet. Kannan suffered serious head injuries in the attack. The tourists later filed an FIR and met the District Collector.
Muslim boys gave electric shocks to Hindu boy, cut off his fingersPhysical Assault2017-07-17BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.jansatta.com/rajya/uttar-pradesh/lucknow/video-man-brutally-beaten-by-goons-for-interrupting-them-while-they-abuse-pm-narendra-modi-and-yogi-aditya-nath/377211/LucknowMuslim boys gave electric shocks to Hindu boy, cut off his fingers when the boy tried to stop Muslim boys from abusing PM Narendra Modi
Muslim mob pelted stones on Dalits over Rs 800 debtMob Violence / Lynching2017-07-25BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.meerutglobenews.com/communal-tension-2/MeerutA muslim youth Kallu owed Rs 800 to Dalit youth Brijesh. When he asked him to pay off his debts, muslim mob pelted stones on Dalit community.
Attack on Kanwariyas, looted and one deadMurder2017-07-31BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.khabarnonstop.com/2017/07/31/miscreants-attacked-on-kanwar-yatra-hardoi/Attack on Festivals / ProcessionsHardoiKanwariyas attacked brutally my Muslims. They were looted and one kanwariya was killed by Muslim mob.
Muslim mob attacks a national level Kushti player and his friend Mob Violence / Lynching2017-08-03BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.amarujala.com/uttar-pradesh/meerut/crime/11501700928-meerut-newsMeerutCar with Muslim youth hit a bike that was driven by national level kushti player. When biker protested, muslim mob beat them
Muslim mob attacked Hindu family who protested against illegal construction in colony by a Muslim familyMob Violence / Lynching2017-08-08BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.amarujala.com/uttar-pradesh/meerut/crime/161502138037-meerut-newsMeerutMuslim mob attacked Hindu family who protested against illegal construction in colony by a Muslim family. They even dragged 2 of the family members to police station and hit them there in front of police.
Communal tension after Aasif gets accidently, minorly hit Mahesh' bikeMob Violence / Lynching2017-08-09BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.amarujala.com/uttar-pradesh/agra/crime/businessman-in-agra-protest-against-police?pageId=1&pageId=1AgraMuslim mob attacks shops, after a minor dispute.
Muslim Mob Attacks Hindus with Guns & Rods, Destroys Shops, Molests Women in Agra, UPMob Violence / Lynching2017-08-09BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-mob-attacks-hindus-guns-rods-destroys-shops-molests-women-agra/Sexual Harassment / MolestationAgraShahid’s son Asif was accidentally hit by Mahesh’s bike, due to which Mahesh was thrashed up. Later, Shahid’s son and nephew brought along some friends who had guns, rods and wooden sticks (lathis) with them. All hell broke loose after their arrival, as they smashed up at least 6 shops including Satto Lal Kachoriwale, Manish Sweets, Basant sweets. They even molested some women who were coming out of a nearby Hanuman temple.
Muslims beat Hindu youths as they protested against eve teasing by the muslimsSexual Harassment / Molestation2017-08-09BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://dailynewshunt.com/purane-lucknow-me-baval/Physical AssaultLucknowMuslims beat Hindu youths as they protested against eve teasing by the muslims. Leads to communal tension.
Muslims erect tent next to temple in Bhopal, conduct namaz, cook non-veg, strew remainsTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-08-13BharatMadhya Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/muslims-erect-tent-next-temple-bhopal-conduct-namaz-cook-non-veg-strew-remains/Persecution of HindusMadhya PradeshThere is communal tension in Bhopal after an incident that occurred last week at Vishwanath Mahadev Mandir near Kaliya-Soth dam, as per this patrika.com report.

On 13th Aug, a group of Muslims gathered near the temple and erected a tent. They then proceeded to pray (do namaz), before cooking non-veg which caused an unbearable stench for the Hindu devotees who had come to the temple.
Karnataka Government Diverts Temple Funds to Christian Schools, Says NO to Hindu SchoolsLegal or Institutionalsed Discrimination2017-08-23BharatKarnatakahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/karnataka-government-diverts-temple-funds-christian-schools-says-no-hindu-schools/KarnatakaOn the heels of the controversial decision by Karnataka Government’s HRCE department to deny funds from Sri Kollur Mookambika Temple to 2 Hindu-run schools in Dakshina Kannada district, comes a shocking revelation that funds from the Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple are being diverted to 5 Christian missionary schools
7 Muslims Accused of Sexually Harassing Girls & Women in Bharaich, UP – 4 ArrestedSexual Harassment / Molestation2017-08-23BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/7-muslims-accused-sexually-harassing-girls-women-bharaich-4-arrested/BharaichLocals accuse Irfan, Sharib, Aamir, Fardeen, Sajid, Nihal, Ubaid of often performing obscene acts and harassing school-going girls and other women in the area. If anyone opposed them, they would threaten physical harm.
RSS leader Vipin murdered in Malappuram, Kerala – Islamists SuspectedMurder2017-08-24BharatKeralahttp://www.hindupost.in/news/rss-leader-vipin-murdered-malappuram-kerala-islamists-suspected/Political ViolenceTirurNews is trickling in of another brutal murder of an RSS functionary Vipin – this time it is not the Marxists, but Islamist who are suspected to be behind the murder.
Vipin, 30, a native of Tirur, was attacked near Pulinchode in Tirur around 7 am. He was rushed to the government hospital in Tirur where he was declared dead.
Vipin was an accused in the murder last year of Kodinhi Faizal alias Anilkumar (Unni), a Hindu who had converted to Islam; he was currently out on bail.
Earlier on August 2, another accused in the case Thayyil Lijeesh, was attacked by an unknown gang. Lijeesh, 27, also out on bail, was injured when an Innova car hit his motorbike at Parappanangadi. Alleging that the accident was a deliberate attempt to kill him, Lijeesh had lodged a complaint with Parappanangadi police.
Mobile shop owner attacked by 4 MuslimsPhysical Assault2017-08-24BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.jagran.com/uttar-pradesh/raebareli-clash-between-two-group-16592063.htmlRae Barellimobile shop owner Bhole Singh was assaulted by Javed Khan, Usman, Shibbu and Puttan Khan. Police has arrested the 4 attackers and shop owner Bhole Singh.
Muslim Gang Attacks Dairy Shop Owner Who Objected to Harassment of Girls – Firozabad, UPPhysical Assault2017-08-24BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-gang-attacks-dairy-shop-owner-objected-harassment-girls-firozabad/Sexual Harassment / MolestationFirozabadA dairy shop owner, Anuj Shroti, was assaulted by a gang of Muslims after Anuj and some other shopkeepers objected to obscene remarks by 3 drunk Muslim youth on female passersby.
New evidence reveals Rohingya armed group massacred scoresof Hindus in Rakhine StateMassacre2017-08-25MyanmarRakhinehttps://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2018/05/myanmar-new-evidence-reveals-rohingya-armed-group-massacred-scores-in-rakhine-state/Islamic TerrorismKha Maung SeikA Rohingya armed group brandishing guns and swords is responsible for at least one, and potentially a second, massacre of up to 99 Hindu women, men, and children as well as additional unlawful killings and abductions of Hindu villagers in August 2017, Amnesty International revealed today after carrying out a detailed investigation inside Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

Based on dozens of interviews conducted there and across the border in Bangladesh, as well as photographic evidence analyzed by forensic pathologists, the organization revealed how Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) fighters sowed fear among Hindus and other ethnic communities with these brutal attacks.

“Our latest investigation on the ground sheds much-needed light on the largely under-reported human rights abuses by ARSA during northern Rakhine State’s unspeakably dark recent history,” said Tirana Hassan, Crisis Response Director at Amnesty International.
6 members of Hindu Family shot dead by RohingyasIslamic Terrorism2017-08-30MyanmarMyanmarhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/6-members-hindu-family-including-3-children-shot-dead-rohingya-muslim-terrorists-myanmar/MurderMyanmarSix members of a Hindu family—three of them children—were brutally murdered by Rohingya Muslim terrorists because they were Hindus
Hindu Man Lynched to Death by ‘Minority’ Mob in UPMob Violence / Lynching2017-09-05BharatUttar Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-man-lynched-death-minority-mob/MurderSitapur30-year-old Balram Lodhi lynched to death by a group of men belonging to the ‘minority’ community on Monday evening in village Katra, Rampur-Mathura police station area, Sitapur district, central UP
Muslim Youth attacked temple after being stopped from drinking liquor in templeTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-09-08BharatChhatisgarhhttps://www.hindupost.in/law-policy/muslim-youth-attack-chattisgarh-temple-stopped-drinking-liquor-temple-premises/RaigarhA temple in Raigarh, Chattisgarh vandalized by a gang of Muslim youth who took umbrage at being asked not to drink in the temple premises
Minor Hindu girl abducted from UP, gan raped in Haryana by 3 muslim men for 4 daysGangrape2017-09-08BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-hindu-girl-abducted-shamli-gang-raped-panipat-haryana-4-days/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultShamli15-year-old Hindu girl was abducted by 3 Muslim men on 2 Sept from Shamli town in Western UP. The girl was taken to Panipat in Haryana where she was held captive and gang-raped for 4 days.
Muslim mob assaults Police and media, commits arson. 1 dead, 5 policemen injuredAttack on Police / Government Representatives2017-09-09BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-mob-assaults-police-media-jaipur-commits-arson-1-dead-5-policemen-injured/MurderJaipurA Muslim mob launched a vicious attack on Jaipur police and set fire to a power house and 5 vehicles. violence erupted after a minor dispute. Police was trying to clear illegally parked vehicles and handcarts blocking traffic in Ramganj, when a constable waving his stick at an e-rickshaw accidentally hit a bike on which a Muslim family of 3 was travelling. The bike fell down and the family suffered minor injuries.
Minor Dalit Girl Raped by Christian Pastor in Chittoor, AP; Church Higher Ups Attempt Cover UpRape2017-09-11BharatAndhra Pradeshhttp://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-dalit-girl-raped-christian-pastor-chittoor-ap-church-higher-ups-attempt-cover/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultChitoorA Christian pastor was caught raping a 12-year-old girl in Kuravakaluva village of Renigunta mandal in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh
Muslim neighbour attacks. Son dead, mother injuredMurder2017-09-11BharatAndhra Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/attack-muslim-neighbours-leaves-son-dead-mother-injured-kuppam-ap/Kuppamdiscrepancy in different media reports on the reason behind the attack, and some other details. While New Indian Express has quoted a police source that Upendra was stabbed as he was in a relationship with a girl from the Muslim family, The Hindu claims that a petty argument caused the brutal attack on the mother-son duo.
Hindu man lynched over minor altercation with Muslim, pushed under truck, diesMurder2017-09-11BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-man-lynched-minor-altercation-pune-dies-pushed-truck/PuneHansraj Kute, who worked as a bus driver with Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd (PMPML), was engaged in an altercation with 21-year old Altaf Abdul Shaikh of over some trivial issue. On spotting a military truck approaching them, Shaikh pushed Kute in front of the vehicle and the victim came under its wheels
Almost 100 Hindus massacred by Rohingya terrorists Islamic Terrorism2017-09-12MyanmarMyanmarhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/almost-100-hindus-massacred-arakan-myanmar-rohingya-terrorists/MurderMyanmarAround 100 Hindus have been massacred thus far by the jihadi terrorists and many 1000s displaced who are now living in cramped conditions in refugee camps. Some Hindu women were reportedly abducted, forcefully converted to Islam and taken across the border to Bangladesh, before they were rescued.
7 Muslim youth arrested to for sending obscene FB comments to girlsSexual Harassment / Molestation2017-09-13Bharat.Uttarakhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/7-muslim-youth-arrested-uttarakhand-sending-obscene-facebook-comments-girls/Verbal or Written Threat / Bullying / Cyber BullyingChamba7 Muslims have been arrested in Chamba, Uttarakhand for allegedly making fake Facebook profiles and passing obscene comments at girls on the social media platform. Those arrested – Rizwan Khan, Salman, Mohammed Warish, Salman, Shabir Kasim, Abul Kalam and Mohammed Shabir – have been charged with making obscene comments and disturbing communal harmony
Assam Teacher Pressurized to Convert, Eat Beef & Marry Her Muslim Colleague, Threatened With RapeSexual Harassment / Molestation2017-09-15BharatAssamhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/assam-teacher-pressurized-convert-eat-beef-marry-muslim-colleague-threatened-rape/Morigaonmentally harassed by fellow Muslim teachers of her school to convert to Islam, eat beef and marry a Muslim. When she resisted, she was molested and threatened with rape and murder. A Ali, was asking her to get married to him even though he himself was married and had a child studying in class 9
Man Killed by Muslim Neighbour Over Tazia Donation; Indian Express Reports As “Joke Gone Awry”Murder2017-09-15BharatGujarathttps://www.hindupost.in/news/man-killed-muslim-neighbour-tazia-donation-indian-express-reports-joke-gone-awry/VadodaraFamily members of the deceased claimed that when he was sitting below his building, accused Nazir, came and started demanding money for Tazia (a procession taken out by Shia Muslims on festival of Muharram). His son claimed that both of them had heated arguments as Variya refused to give money. Nazir then stabbed Variya leading to heavy blood loss.
Hindu Man Assaulted & Robbed by Wrong-side Muslim Bikers in Kalyani Nagar, PunePhysical Assault2017-09-20BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-man-assaulted-robbed-wrong-side-muslim-bikers-kalyani-nagar-pune/PuneSameer Dilawar Khan (40), Amjad Faiyyaz Shaikh (32), Mohsin Mohammed Rafiq Shaikh (33) and Wajib Azis Shaikh (34) robbed and assaulted a 29-year-old car driver for requesting them not to ride on the wrong side of the road.
Minor Girl Gang-raped by 4 Muslims for 10 Days in Muzaffarnagar; Forced to Eat Meat, ConvertGangrape2017-09-20BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-girl-gang-raped-4-muslims-10-days-muzaffarnagar-forced-eat-meat-convert/Forced ConversionMazaffarnagarAkram, Aslam, Ayyub and Salim were known to her. They offered her a lift. As soon as she entered the car, the youths allegedly pointed a gun at her and covered her eyes with a black strip. four youths took her to different places where they raped her. During her confinement, she said the youths also made her consume meat and even exerted pressure on her to change her religion.
Muslim Man Posed as Hindu and Sexually Exploited Dalit Girl for 7 Years in Delhi NCRSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-09-23BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-man-posed-hindu-sexually-exploited-dalit-girl-7-years-delhi-ncr/NCRA Muslim youth hid his religion and took an assumed Hindu name to trap a Dalit girl into a physical relationship and exploited her for 7 years. When the girl asked to get married, the youth admitted that he was not a Hindu and was not interested in marriage.
Mass Graves of 45 Dead Hindus Murdered by Rohingya Jihadis Uncovered in MyanmarIslamic Terrorism2017-09-26MyanmarMyanmarhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/mass-graves-45-dead-hindus-murdered-rohingya-jihadis-uncovered-myanmar/Myanmar45 deceased were brutally killed and some were beheaded or had their throats slit. Among the bodies were 20 women, 19 men, and six children.
Gau Rakshak Shot Dead in GurugramCattle Smuggling Mafia2017-09-29BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/gau-rakshak-shot-dead-gurugram/MurderGurugramThree men in a tempo shot dead a cow protection activist Ashish Punia. it has been suspected the involvement of cow smugglers in the crime.
Cow Smugglers Threaten Woman With Gun, Fire At Police In Alwar, RajasthanCattle Smuggling Mafia2017-09-30BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/law-policy/cow-smugglers-threaten-woman-gun-fire-police-alwar-rajasthan/Physical AssaultAlwarCow smugglers first threatened a woman at gunpoint before firing at police while stealing cattle
Mob Attacks Hindus & Police, Vandalizes Temple & Assaults Pujari During Muharram Procession in BiharTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-10-02BharatBiharhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/mob-attacks-hindus-police-vandalizes-temple-assaults-pujari-muharram-procession-bihar/Attack on Police / Government RepresentativesThakurganjA Muslim mob attacked Hindus and police during a Muharram procession. Two men suffered sword wounds, two police personnel were injured and a lot of Hindu property was damaged. The mob stormed into a temple complex, vandalized the premises and thrashed the temple pujari. They also tried to snatch a rifle from a Home Guard constable.
Dalit Girl Raped by Muslim Man in MP, Act Recorded on Mobile by Accused’s Female RelativeRape / Sexual Assault2017-10-04BharatMadhya Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-girl-raped-muslim-man-mp-act-recorded-mobile-accuseds-female-relative/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultAgar-MalwaA Dalit woman was raped by one Imran Khan. The act was recorded by Khan’s female relative, Kali Chachi, who facilitated the crime and put the video on online platforms to shame the girl when she refused to be blackmailed for subsequent sexual exploitation.
Violence During Muharram Procession Reported From Multiple Spots in 9 UP DistrictsMob Violence / Lynching2017-10-05BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/violence-muharram-procession-reported-multiple-spots-9-districts/Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Balia, Bareilly, Pilibhit, Kushinagar, Sambhal, Kanpur, BarabankiRioting and attacks on Hindus by Muslims during Muharram procession, attack on Maa Durga visarjan procession.
Dalit Woman On Way To Temple Molested by Muslim YouthSexual Harassment / Molestation2017-10-10BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-woman-way-temple-molested-muslim-youth-ghaziabad/Ghaziabad3 Muslim youth started passing obscene comments on the woman as she was passing. When the woman protested, the youth started molesting her. The woman then started shouting loudly, causing the youth to run away, but not before they threatened to kill her.
Mewati Cattle Smugglers Fire 60 Rounds at Police, After Police is Tipped-Off By Gau RakshaksCattle Smuggling Mafia2017-10-11BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/mewati-cattle-smugglers-fire-60-rounds-police-police-tipped-off-gau-rakshaks/Attack on Police / Government RepresentativesBhiwadi7 cattle smugglers armed with sophisticated modern guns fired 60 rounds on a police team pursuing them
A Hindu girl blackmailed and forced into sex Rape / Sexual Assault2017-10-13BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://navbharattimes.indiatimes.com/state/uttar-pradesh/saharanpur/love-jihad-in-saharanpur-boys-were-going-to-sell-a-girl-police-arrest/articleshow/61065468.cmsBlackmail / ExtortionSaharanpurA Hindu girl’s nude pics recorded on camera by a Muslim man. She was blackmailed and forced into sex, later the boy tried to convert her.
Haryana Police Foils Attempt to Forcibly Convert and Sell Hindu GirlAbduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2017-10-16BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/haryana-police-foils-attempt-forcibly-convert-sell-hindu-girl/Human TraffickingYamunanagarThe girl was being raped for the last 6 months by Wasim after he blackmailed her using nude photos taken while she was bathing. Ashraf, a friend of Wasim’s, had also raped the girl. The girl was taken by Wasim to Ashraf’s house in Khata Kheri village, Saharanpur where she was held captive amidst the women member’s of Ashraf’s family. Muslim captors had planned to convert her to Islam and sell her off in Allahabad.
RSS leader Ravinder Gosain shot dead in Punjab – Third such Murder in past 1 YearMurder2017-10-17BharatPunjabhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/another-rss-leader-shot-dead-punjab-third-murder-1-year/Political ViolenceLudhianaRSS leader Ravinder Gosain was shot dead by unidentified men in Ludhiana. This is the third murder of a Hindu leader in Punjab over the last 1 year – all murders have a similar modus operandi of shooting by unidentified gunmen.
BSF Officer Deepak Mondal Critically Injured By Cattle Smugglers in TripuraCattle Smuggling Mafia2017-10-17BharatTripurahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/bsf-officer-deepak-mondal-critically-injured-cattle-smugglers-tripura/Attack on Police / Government RepresentativesTripuraMondal, his guard and the driver were waiting for reinforcement, the smugglers gheraoed them and beat them up. The 25-member gang was armed with sticks, bricks and machetes. The constable had to fire a few rounds in the air to disperse the mob. The mob rammed their jeep into the BSF officer, which is why he sustained severe head and leg injuries
Minor Hindu Girl Abducted, Gang raped, Sold for 2.5 Lakhs & Converted to IslamGangrape2017-10-18BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-hindu-girl-abducted-gang-raped-sold-2-5-lakhs-converted-islam-palwal-haryana/Abduction, Forced Conversion/MarriagePalwala minor Hindu girl was kidnapped & gang raped, before being sold off for Rs. 2.5 lakhs and forcibly converted to Islam and married off to another person and raped by him. 3 accused – Rizwan, Naseem, Jamshed.
Minor Girl going for Tuition Molested and Assaulted by one Imran Shahid ShaikhSexual Harassment / Molestation2017-10-22BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-girl-going-tuition-molested-assaulted-one-imran-shahid-shaikh-mumbai/Child AbuseMumbai16-year-old girl was left with a fractured nose after a man, Imran Shahid Shaikh (19), hit her repeatedly when she protested his passing lewd comments at her. the girl has alleged that police did not record her complaint properly and offered her money “to compromise.”
Class 7 Student Gang-raped by 3 Muslim NeighborsGangrape2017-10-24BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/law-policy/class-7-student-gang-raped-3-muslim-neighbors-west-bengal/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultWest BengalA 12-year-old Hindu girl was raped at knife-point by 3 neighbours – Sheikh Amin, Rashid Naskar and Salim Noskara – on Kali Puja night. when the family first approached a local CPM leader Bishwanath Haldar for assistance, he advised them to settle the matter through local arbitration. But during the arbitration, he tried to save the accused.
BA final year girl student was kidnapped and brutally raped by a man named KasimRape / Sexual Assault2017-10-30BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/law-policy/let-go-open-door-dont-hit-agra-rape-victims-uncle-narrates-trauma/AbductionAgragirl had scratch marks all over her body, both her eyes were badly swollen and she had a serious head wound as well. In a semi-conscious condition, the girl was saying things like “let me go”, “open the door”, “don’t hit me”. accused Kasim is the nephew of a local councillor who has offered Rs 2 lakh to settle the matter.
9 Temples of Hindu Goddess Kali were attacked at night all over MauritiusTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-11-02MauritiusMauritiushttp://www.currentriggers.com/world/mauritius-goddess-kali-temples-attacked/Mauritius9 Temples of Hindu Goddess Kali were attacked at night all over Mauritius. Animal parts and oil were spilled all over the place to desecrate the Temple premises. Hindu Youth Council of Mauritius condemned it calling the perpetrators ‘terrorists’ and said that “they have attempted to bomb up the Mandir of Highlands with a Gas cylinder, but by God’s Grace, they did not succeed.”

It also said that this was planned act and coordination of “several terrorist teams.”
Father pleads to save his 2 kids and wife kidnapped 7 years ago and converted to IslamAbduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2017-11-03BharatNew Delhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/please-save-2-kids-wife-kidnapped-7-years-ago-converted-islam-father-pleads/New DelhiPriya Rani along with her 2-year-old twins, Aloch Raj & Anamika Raj, disappeared from IGI Airport, New Delhi just before she was going to board a flight to Muscat, to join her husband Binod Kumar who was working there.Some time later he found out that they had been kidnapped by one Mohammed Munna Ashik alias Munna s/o Mohammed Ashik Mia. He alleges that they have been converted to Islam, and his wife is being raped by the accused.
Tina Rajawat killed by driver NaeemMurder2017-11-06BharatRajasthanhttps://www.patrika.com/jaipur-news/tina-rajawat-mmurder-tina-rajawat-murder-accused-on-police-remand-1971721/UdaipurIn Sukher, Tina Rajawat was killed by her former driver Naeem Khan as he had fallen in love with her. He stalked her and ambushed her at her apartment and stabbed her multiple times.
Woman Murdered by Boyfriend for Refusing to Convert to Islam and MarryMurder2017-11-08BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/woman-murdered-boyfriend-refusing-convert-islam-marry/Sexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)JamshedpurChayanika Kumari (30) was strangled to death by her alleged boyfriend Mirza Rafiqul Haque, a doctor by profession, for refusing to convert to Islam and marry him. After murdering Chayanika, Haque stuffed her body into a suitcase which he left at the Tata Nagar railway station
Hindu Man – Muslim Woman Married Couple Harassed by PoliceLegal or Institutionalsed Discrimination2017-11-09BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/west-bengal-hindu-man-muslim-woman-married-couple-harassed-police/West BengalA Hindu-Muslim couple who have got married following Hindu rituals in a Hindu Temple were harassed by West Bengal Police. The couple also got a death threat from girl's paternal family, which forced the couple to opt to live in Surat, Gujarat. On their visit to home, cops forcefully dragged girl from her in-laws house to Police outpost. The husband alleged that police is threatening him in many ways.
A sinister sectarian force attacked the homes of Hindus ahead of the Eleventh National ElectionRiot2017-11-10BangladeshRangpurhttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2017/11/19/sinister-sectarian-quarters-responsible-for-attack-on-hindu-homes-in-rangpur-says-quader

ArsonBrahmanbariaOn Nov 10, the houses were torched after thousands came to protest an alleged ‘blasphemous’ Facebook post by a Hindu man Titu Roy. One person died and 10 were injured after the protesters clashed with police.
“A sinister sectarian force attacked the homes of Hindus ahead of the Eleventh National Election,” the Quader, a cabinet member, told the media.
He claimed the sole objective of the attack was not creating instability, but to deteriorate Bangladesh’s ‘good relations’ with India.
“The attacks in Brahmanbaria’s Nasirnagar, Cox’s Bazar’s Ramu and Rangpur are all part of the same conspiracy,” said the road transport minister.
RSS Worker Hacked to Death in Kerala Temple Town Guruvayur, Communist-Islamist Nexus SuspectedMurder2017-11-13BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/rss-worker-hacked-death-kerala-temple-town-guruvayur-communist-islamist-nexus-suspected/Political ViolenceGuruvayurRSS worker Anand (23), was riding a motorcycle when he was attacked by the CPM workers who were following him in a car.
Hindus' homes in Rangpur could not be saved as mob outgrew policePersecution of Hindus2017-11-14BangladeshRangpurhttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2017/11/14/hindus-homes-in-rangpur-could-not-be-saved-as-mob-outgrew-police-home-minister-saysArsonThakurparha villageThe mob that had attacked the homes of Hindus in Rangpur heavily outnumbered the police personnel posted, says Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal.
Several homes in the Thakurparha village near the district town were set ablaze on Friday during a large demonstration over a Facebook post allegedly hurting religious sensitivity.
Muslim Maulana threatens to take over Badrinath Dham by force saying it is a Muslim religious placeVerbal or Written Threat / Bullying / Cyber Bullying2017-11-16BharatSocial Mediahttps://youtu.be/5RlfvUEHm-4YoutubeA Deoband Maulana named Abdul Lateef has made controversial remarks calling Badrinath Dham a Muslim shrine and he says that the government and Hindus should hand it over to Muslims otherwise Muslims will forcibly take over the temple.
Awami League leader among six detained over Hindu temple vandalism in NaogaonTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-11-18BangladeshNaogaonhttps://bdnews24.com/bangladesh/2017/11/18/awami-league-leader-among-six-detained-over-hindu-temple-vandalism-in-naogaonAtrai UpazilaPolice have detained six people, including a local leader of ruling Awami League, on charges of vandalising Murtis at a Hindu temple at Atrai Upazila in Naogaon.
The six are Mirat union Awami League Organising Secretary Shaheedul Islam, 46, Polash Khan, 25, 'Polash', 28, 'Kamal', 32, Swapan Islam, 37, and Ratan Khandaker, 33.

Atrai Police Station OC Mobarak Hossain said the law enforcers detained them after finding their involvement in the vandalism of the Murtis following a dispute with the Hindus at the neighbourhood over control of an irrigation project at Barhakalipur village.
Hindu girl poisoned by Muslim In-lawsSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-11-21BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://navbharattimes.indiatimes.com/state/uttar-pradesh/others/alleged-love-jihad-case-2-years-sexually-abused-given-poison-to-victim/articleshow/61744443.cmsMuzaffarnagarHindu girl marries a Hindu man who was actually a Muslim. The Muslim husband’s family poisoned the girl when she refused to convert.. The man was previously married.
Hindu Girl Exploited by Already Married Muslim Man, Assaulted & PoisonedSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-11-22Bharat.Uttarakhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/chilling-love-jihad-case-girl-exploited-already-married-muslim-man-assaulted-poisoned/Physical AssaultMuzaffarnagar/HaridwarHindu girl from Haridwar was trapped in a love affair by a married Muslim man from Muzaffarnagar who pretended to be a Hindu. Ubaid ur Rehman (alias Kabir) sexually exploited the girl for 2 years after promising to marry her. When the girl confronted him after knowing the truth, she was assaulted by Rehman and his family, was fed poison. She was left to die in an unconscious state. Police was informed by people who saw the girl lying on the road.
Muslim goons attack MR vaccination drive, fractures nurse's armAttack on Police / Government Representatives2017-11-24BharatKeralahttps://www.thenewsminute.com/article/goons-knives-attack-mr-vaccination-drive-malappuram-fracture-nurse-s-arm-72111Mob Violence / LynchingMallapuramMuslim goons who were anti-vaccination attack MR vaccination drive, fractures nurse's arm
Muslim Neighbor Rapes 14-year-old Disabled Hindu Girl Rape / Sexual Assault2017-11-28BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-neighbor-rapes-14-year-old-disabled-hindu-girl-meerut/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultMeerut14-year old disabled girl’s parents were out for work while her 2 brothers stepped out to play. Haider, who is a resident of the same colony, called the girl to his home on some pretext, before holding her captive and raping her.
Spurned Muslim Slits Throat of Hindu Ex-GirlfriendMurder2017-11-29BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/spurned-muslim-slits-throat-hindu-ex-girlfriend-liberals-bollywood-blood-hands/MumbaiAarti Sharma’s throat was slit by her ex-boyfriend Ajmal Shah (21) using a blade in a hotel room. A heavy object was used to attack her as well. Ajmal Shah revealed to the police that he was angry at Sharma for dating someone else.
AIUDF’s ex-MLA from Assam Exhorts Muslims to Attack HindusHinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate Crime2017-11-30BharatAssamhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/aiudfs-ex-mla-assam-exhorts-muslims-attack-hindus/AssamFormer Assam MLA Sheikh Shah Alom of the Islamist political party AIUDF made a chilling threat that a day would soon arrive when Muslims would attack Hindus. Alom said, “Muslims ruled the country from 1199 to 1897, but committed no atrocities on Hindus during that period. However, Muslims have been discriminated against for the last 70 years and there is a conspiracy against Muslims. However, Muslims are more in number in Assam now. If things continue like this, Muslims will attack..they just need some time.”
Muslim girl and her Hindu boyfriend, both minors, killed by Girl’s RelativesMurder2017-12-01BharatBiharhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/bihar-muslim-girl-hindu-boyfriend-minors-killed-girls-relatives/West ChamparanThe two were killed over an affair by the girl’s relatives. Police arrested the girl’s brother Alauddin Ansari and uncles — Gulsanovar Mian and Aamir Mian
Marxist Goons Vandalize Kerala Temple, Raise Red Flag & Paint SFI Graffiti InsideTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-12-01BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/marxist-goons-vandalize-kerala-temple-raise-red-flag-paint-sfi-graffiti-inside/Political ViolenceKeralaIn Bharat, Communists are in an open alliance with seculars, Islamists, and Christian Missionaries to prevent the rise of ‘fascist, communal forces’ i.e. the Hindu nationalists.
Hindu Woman Converted and Duped into Second Marriage, Gang-Raped and LootedGangrape2017-12-04BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/love-jihad-hindu-woman-converted-duped-second-marriage-gang-raped-looted/Sexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)HisarWoman was raped by the Muslim man. On pretext of marrying her, he raped her again. He forced her to convert and then both got married. Woman on reaching her in-law's house found that he already had a wife. She was harrased by in-law's who looted her property, jewelery and cash. She was gang raped by relatives there. Man's first wife also assaulted her and forced pesticide onto her.
Mewati Cow Smugglers Rain Bullets on Haryana Police, Manage to FleeAttack on Police / Government Representatives2017-12-04BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/mewati-cow-smugglers-rain-bullets-haryana-police-manage-flee/Cattle Smuggling MafiaMewatCow smugglers fought a pitched battle with police for around 1 hour yesterday in Kharkhari village, district Mewat Haryana. The smugglers rained 35 rounds on police who responded with 13 rounds. No police personnel was injured, but a police vehicle was destroyed. All smugglers managed to flee.
Police had received information that cow smugglers were loading cattle into a Tata 407 truck near Kharkhari village. When a police team accompanied by Gau Raksha Dal (cow protection volunteers) reached the spot, the smugglers first rammed their vehicle into the police jeep before opening fire on police.
5 Murtis broken at Hindu templeTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-12-05BangladeshAdamdighi upazilahttps://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/nation/2017/12/05/Murtis-bogra-temple-desecratedBashikora Five Murtis of Hindu gods and goddesses at a temple in Bashikora village under Adamdighi upazila, Bogra were vandalized by unknown individuals on Monday night.
The incident has shocked the small Hindu community in the village, who claim to have no enemies in the area.
Speaking to the Dhaka Tribune, Chhobi Rani, who lives near the Hindupara Durga Temple in the village, said she found broken pieces of the arms and heads of the Murtis lying outside the temple when she went there for morning offerings on Tuesday.
Muslim Mob Brutally Thrashes 3 Hindu Youth for Protesting Molestation of WomanMob Violence / Lynching2017-12-05BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-mob-brutally-thrashes-3-hindu-youth-protesting-molestation-woman-rajasthan/Sexual Harassment / MolestationChomu3 youth, Mukesh, Kailash & Rahul were thrashed by a 40-50 strong Muslim mob for protesting the molestation and harassment of a Hindu woman from their locality.
Married Muslim, Father of 2, With Fake Hindu FB Profile, Thrashed for Luring Teenage Hindu GirlsSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-12-07BharatAssamhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/married-muslim-father-2-fake-hindu-fb-profile-thrashed-luring-teenage-hindu-girls/KarimganjA married Muslim man, father of two, was thrashed by public and arrested on Sunday by Assam Police for luring teenage girls using a fake Hindu profile on Facebook.
The man whose real name is Kabir Hussain used to contact teenage Hindu girls by faking his identity. In the current incident, he introduced himself as a Hindu man named ‘Rajdeep Das’ and contacted the victim on social media through the fake name of Rajdeep Das.

The girl fell for him and believed everything he said about himself. Hussain had made all plans to run away with the girl, who was a student of Rabindra Sadan College in Karimganj. It is said that the girl’s surname was also ‘Das’, and the accused used to change his name accordingly to impress different Hindu girls.
Lured into friendship, Dalit woman gang-raped in cinema hall by AmiruddinRape / Sexual Assault2017-12-07BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindustantimes.com/lucknow/meerut-lured-into-friendship-dalit-woman-gang-raped-in-cinema-hall/story-xRqPFphrN7KMPNKqVEu6DJ.htmlCrime against DalitMeerutA 21-year-old Dalit woman accused a Muslim man of faking his identity to establish friendship with her and raping her with a friend at a cinema hall in Mawana town of Meerut on Tuesday, police said.
Station house officer (SHO), Mawana, Deepak Mishra said after the woman lodged a complaint on Dial 100, the police chased and arrested the accused, identified as Amiruddin and Wasim.
He said Amiruddin faked his identity as Amar to lure the woman.
District office-bearer of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Saurabh Sharma termed the incident as a case of love jihad and demanded stern action against the accused.
He demanded that the state government should take effective measures to check such incidents in future.
Hindu Youth, Paresh Mesta, Found Dead After RiotingMurder2017-12-10BharatKarnatakahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-youth-paresh-mesta-found-dead-rioting-uttara-kannada-town/RiotHonnavar21-year-old Paresh Mesta’s body was found floating in the Shetty Lake located near a temple where he hid to escape stone pelting during a communal clash in the area. As per local media, five persons, Azad Annigeri, Asif Rafiq, Imtiaz, Muhammed Faisal Annigeri and Jim Saeem have been suspected for murder in this case. Police has been accused to paint his death as suicide. However, his body had gruesome injuries and mutilations.
Minor Girl Gangraped After Being Lured to Sufi Fair by Muslim ‘Friend’ Pretending to be HinduGangrape2017-12-11Bharat.Uttarakhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-girl-gangraped-haridwar-lured-sufi-fair-muslim-friend-pretending-hindu/Sexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)HaridwarThe girl had gone to the annual fair at the Sufi shrine with her friend Salman, whom she knew as Rajesh. Once at the shrine, Salman called five of his friends and they took the girl to a guesthouse where three of them took turns to rape her.
Police Busts Sexual Grooming Gang where 17 Hindu Girls Were Being ExploitedSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-12-14BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/police-busts-sexual-grooming-gang-tonk-rajasthan-17-hindu-girls-exploited/TonkMuslim youth were sexually grooming & exploiting several minor Hindu girls, blackmailing many through obscene mobile clips.
Tricked into Marriage & Forced to Convert, Ghaziabad Girl Now Being Blackmailed by ex-‘Husband’Sexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-12-14BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.jagran.com/uttar-pradesh/ghaziabad-man-confused-to-girl-for-merriage-17200536.htmlModinagarA girl was trapped in love jihad and asked to convert to Islam by accused who gave his name 'Bittoo'. He blackmailed her and pressurized her into marrying him after conversion.
Cow Smuggler from Mewat Killed In Shoot Out With Rajasthan PoliceCattle Smuggling Mafia2017-12-15BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/cow-smuggler-mewat-killed-shoot-rajasthan-police/Attack on Police / Government RepresentativesMewatCow trafficker Taleem, son of Shareef Khan, died in a shoot out between police and cow smugglers in Ramgarh, district Alwar, Rajasthan. Police said that for the past few nights, the cow smugglers were picking up cattle from the city. On the night of 6 Dec, two policemen patrolling on motorbike spotted them loading cattle into a Tata 407 truck. When challenged, the smugglers ran away. Police set up barricades and checkposts to intercept them, but the smugglers crashed through while firing multiple rounds at police.
Police fired back, and the smugglers abandoned the truck and fled when one of its tyres blew out. When police checked the truck, they found one dead smuggler along with a country pistol (7.62 mm), 2 live rounds, stones and mobile.
They also found 5 cattle, one of which had died – the remaining 4 cattle had their legs and mouths cruelly tied up. The rescued cattle were sent to a cow shelter. Police has lodged a case under IPC sections 307, 332, 353.
Tricked into Marriage & Forced to Convert, Girl was Blackmailed by ex-‘Husband’Sexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-12-16BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/tricked-marriage-forced-convert-ghaziabad-girl-now-blackmailed-ex-husband/Blackmail / ExtortionGhaziabadMuslim man duped a Hindu girl into love and marriage by hiding his Muslim identity. After marriage he revealed that he hid his real name just to marry a non-muslim. Later pressurized girl to convert. Girl ended up the relationship and returned to her parents. When she was remarrying another man, her ex-husband created scene and stopped her wedding.
Girl Raped Repeatedly by Muslim Blackmailer Dies After Setting Herself on FireRape / Sexual Assault2017-12-18BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/bengal-girl-raped-repeatedly-muslim-blackmailer-dies-setting-fire/MurderBirbhumA college-going girl who was raped multiple times by one Sheikh Hafizul, died after she set herself on fire. The accused took nude photographs of the girl while she was bathing in a nearby pond, and threatened to upload the same on the internet.
RSS Worker Praveen hacked with choppers at Kathiroor, Kannur, KeralaMurder2017-12-19BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/law-policy/rss-worker-praveen-hacked-choppers-kathiroor-kannur-kerala/KannurAnother RSS worker has been critically injured after being attacked with choppers in CPM-ruled Kerala. RSS Mandal Karyavah Praveen was attacked by a group of unidentified men earlier this evening in Kathiroor, district Kannur. Kerala has seen 17 RSS / BJP workers being murdered ever since the Pinarayi Vijayan led CPM Government was sworn in last year.
Muslim Youth Barge into Mandir During Kirtan, Vandalize Murti, Abuse DevoteesTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-12-19BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-youth-barge-mandir-kirtan-vandalize-murti-abuse-devotees-deoband/DeobandFaizan along with some of his friends entered the temple wearing shoes & hurling abuses at Hindu devotees. They threw down the murti of Sri Krishna and broke the mike being used for the program.
Man Stabbed to Death With a Screwdriver by Muslim Neighbor, Son InjuredMurder2017-12-20BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/man-stabbed-death-screwdriver-muslim-neighbor-son-injured-new-delhi/East DelhiThe deceased man, Kanti Prasad, his son Dhiraj and a friend Jitender were beaten with wooden sticks & a milk tray and stabbed to death with a screwdriver by a mob led by his neighbour Mehboob Ali, in a street near his home. One of the assailants also fired from a pistol at the victim.
Girl Trapped in Love Jihad – Raped, Forcibly Married, ॐ Tatoo on Hand Burnt with AcidSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2017-12-21BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/delhi-girl-trapped-in-love-jihad-raped-forcibly-married-om-tatoo-on-hand-burnt-with-acid/Physical AssaultDelhiCollege going Hindu girl was first lured into a relationship by a Muslim welder pretending to be Hindu. After eloping, the girl found out that the man is a Muslim and tried to return to her parents’ home. But she was kept confined for more than a month, raped and in an act of animal cruelty and extreme religious hatred, the Muslim man’s father burnt an Om (ॐ) tatoo on her arm with acid.
Repeat Vandalism of Fiji Temple Leaves Hindus Insecure Under Bainimarama’s FijiFirst GovernmentTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2017-12-23FijiFijihttps://www.hindupost.in/society-culture/hindu-temple-in-fiji-repeatedly-vandalized-locals-allege/Votualevu NadiA Hindu temple in Votualevu Nadi, Fiji has been vandalized more than 3 times this month with murtis desecrated and racial slurs painted on the temple wall.
Police has not been able to trace the accused yet, and the minority Hindu community in this island nation is feeling increasingly insecure under the Government of Frank Bainimarama, whose FijiFirst party won the 2014 general elections. One of the senior most ministers in the current Fiji Government is Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, also Secretary of the FijiFirst party, who holds multiple portfolios – Economy, Communications and Public Enterprise, Civil Service, Justice, Elections and Anti-Corruption. There are allegations of nepotism and favoritism against Sayed-Khaiyum, who many say is the real power centre in the current Government.
Shootout between Cow Smugglers & PoliceCattle Smuggling Mafia2017-12-23BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/another-shootout-cow-smugglers-police-rajasthans-alwar/Attack on Police / Government RepresentativesAlwarThe traffickers shot few rounds at police during the encounter. The stolen cows are brutally stuffed into small trucks by smugglers, 2 of the cows were found dead.
Hindu girl Gang-raped & Murdered by Muslim Husband & His Family for Refusing to ConvertGangrape2017-12-29BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/kiran-kumari-jharkhand-murdered-muslim-husband-family-refusing-convert/MurderBhurkundaWhen a Hindu girl refused, husband Aadil Ansari along with his father, uncle and others slit her throat and threw her body into the Damodar river. Ansari used to make missed calls to various numbers, and this is how he came in contact with Kiran.
Ancient Hindu Temple Encroached by Catholic Church in Tirunelveli, Tamil NaduLand grab / Economic Persecution2017-12-29BharatTamil Naduhttps://www.hindupost.in/society-culture/13167/TirunelveliThe Hindu temple Sarveswaran Kovil, which the locals and Hindu activists claim to be of 11th century, is encroached by a Roman Catholic Church for St. Peter and Paul. The temple and its ₹100 crore worth properties were encroached by the church during British rule. Hindus were supposedly being ‘allowed’ to worship, perform pujas and hold festivals until as recently as 2012.
Muslim Impostor, Pretending to be Hindu BJP Supporter, Lures & Abducts GirlSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-01-03BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-impostor-pretending-hindu-bjp-supporter-lures-abducts-girl-baghpat/AbductionBaghpatShadab made a fake Facebook account named ‘Siddhant Choudhary’ and pretended to be a BJP worker. Thereafter, he started chatting with the girl and deceived her by making false promises. Few days later, he enticed her with help of his friends and ran away with her. His account showed 528 friends, including many Hindu girls.
Hindu girl gang raped by Muslim man after he failed to forcibly convert and marry herSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-01-06BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.opindia.com/2018/01/hindu-girl-gang-raped-by-muslim-man-after-he-failed-to-forcibly-convert-and-marry-her/GangrapeMeerutIn a possible matter of love jihad, it has been reported that a Dalit girl has accused a Muslim youth of forcibly trying to convert and marry her. When she resisted the same, the youth and a few of his associates reportedly kidnapped her, after which they gang-raped her for a week. As per the girl, the accused even recorded a lewd video of her.
The reports have claimed that, the accused named Bittu who is the son of Iqbal, used to regularly harass her. On 18th of December, at about 3 PM, Bittu allegedly took the victim with him after threatening her. After noticing the disappearance, the girl’s family members promptly filed a disappearance complaint with the Mewana police, but the latter allegedly failed to carry out a proper investigation. The girl was finally located roaming on the Meerut-Mawana road in a dazed state on the 25th. Soon her family members rushed to the spot and brought her back home.
Dalit Girl from Mainpuri, UP Abducted, Raped, Forcibly Converted to Islam and Married in DelhiAbduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2018-01-07BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-girl-mainpuri-abducted-raped-forcibly-converted-islam-married-delhi/Human TraffickingMainpuriA Dalit girl was abducted by a Muslim named Junaid living in Delhi. After being forcibly converted to Islam, she was married to Junaid who had held her captive ever since. She was raped regularly in captivity, thus her mental health has deteriorated. Culprits were looking to sell the girl for human trafficking.
Muslim Mob Assaults Dalit Woman, Hurls Casteist Slurs and Pelts Stones on Her HomeMob Violence / Lynching2018-01-10BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-mob-assaults-dalit-woman-hurls-casteist-slurs-pelts-stones-home/Hinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate CrimeNajibabadSumitra was walking to her home when Shakeel abused her using derogatory caste slurs. When Sumitra objected, Shakeel manhandled her. Later Shakeel and 6 others attacked Sumitra’s home and pelted stones and broke the window panes.
Minor Hindu Girl Lured and Raped by Muslim Dance TeacherRape / Sexual Assault2018-01-11BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-hindu-girl-lured-raped-muslim-dance-teacher-azad-hussain-became-azad-bhardwaj/Sexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)SambhalAzad Hussain had changed his name to Azad Bhardwaj. He abducted the girl by making false promises of making her a ‘TV star' and and raped for 6 days in a hotel room.
Minor Hindu Girl Abducted and Gang-Raped for 10 Days by 3 Muslim NeighboursGangrape2018-01-12BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-girl-abducted-gang-raped-10-days-3-muslim-neighbours/AbductionShikohabad15-year-old girl was abducted by her Muslim neighbors. She was held captive at an unknown place, where she was drugged and raped by three people for several days. The culprits were taking the girl in a car to sell her off when she managed to escape. She somehow managed to reach the police station. But the police didn’t take any action and simply handed over the girl to her family.
Minor Hindu girl Raped and Killed by 3 MuslimsGangrape2018-01-15BharatBiharhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-raped-killed-purnea-bihar-3-muslim-perpetrators-caught/MurderPurneaMohammad Ismail, Mohammad Sharif and Mohammad Shafikul strangled the girl to death after raping her in an ‘inhumane way’
Dalit Family Attacked by Muslim Neighbours for Refusing to Convert to IslamHinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate Crime2018-01-15BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-family-attacked-by-muslim-goons-for-refusing-to-convert-to-islam/Forced ConversionMewatA Dalit family in the Mohlaka village of the Nagina Khand region in Mewat Haryana was brutally attacked by Muslim villagers for refusing to convert to Islam. Casteist slurs were hurled at the family, and girls were sexually harassed. Victim Shrikishan suffered severe injuries. Police has registered a case against 5 accused including a woman. Reportedly, other residents of the village have also had similar grievances in the past.
According to Shrikishan’s police complaint, he and his family has been living on a BPL plot given to him by the panchayat. Islam, who is also a resident of the same village, has occupied nearby land illegally and has been threatening him since that if he has to live in the village, he must accept Islam.
When Shrikishan opposed the atrocities on his family, Islam along with his wife Asmina and other companions (Tarik, Mausim, Ataru) attacked them with sticks and other weapons on January 15th. He threatened to kill them if they refuse to accept Islam. Shrikishan and his family members have incurred grave injuries during the attack.
Minor Abducted, Forcibly Converted to Islam and Married, Escapes After 4 Years of TortureAbduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2018-01-15BharatMadhya Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-abducted-forcibly-converted-islam-married-escapes-4-years-torture-mp/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultShajapur14-year-old Hindu girl was abducted by one Raja (aka Asif) and tortured for over 4 years. Despite being already married, Asif forcibly married the girl after converting her to Islam and changing her name to Ayesha, poured acid on her hand to remove an OM tatoo. While still a minor, she gave birth to a boy. Asif’s wife Fatima and his nephew Azhar were also involved in the assaults, forcible conversion and in keeping her captive. the girl managed later managed to escape after 4 years.
Delhi: Lover kills woman after sexual encounter in car, takes naked body to her familyMurder2018-01-16BharatDelhihttps://www.indiatoday.in/mail-today/story/delhi-lover-kills-woman-after-sexual-encounter-in-car-takes-naked-body-to-her-family-1146487-2018-01-16DelhiA 38-year-old daughter of a farmhouse owner was allegedly strangled by her 30-year-old boyfriend in an inebriated state after having sex inside a car parked near a shopping complex in south Delhi’s Sheikh Sarai. He then took her naked body to her family at their Malviya Nagar home and confessed.

Mail Today has learnt that a month before the incident, the woman, who is a divorcee, aborted the accused’s child. Since then, she was purportedly pushing him to get married.

Rita Ahuja (name changed) had separated from her husband with whom she had a 12-year-old son. The boy lives with his grandparents in Malviya Nagar. She and the accused, Shahbad Khan, worked together at a healthcare company.

He allegedly befriended her eight months ago on the pretext of marriage. “In July, when Rita conceived, he forced her to abort the child. Since then, she was pushing him to get married. But he started ignoring her. On the day of the incident, they went out and consumed alcohol. They had a heated argument over marriage and after having sex in the car he strangled her,” said Mahesh Kumar (name changed), an associate of Rita.
ABVP Activist Shyam Prasad Murdered in Kerala by 4 PFI ActivistsMurder2018-01-21BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/abvp-activist-shyam-prasad-murdered-kerala-4-pfi-activists-arrested/Political ViolenceKozhikodABVP activist, 24-year-old Shyam Prasad, was brutally hacked to death. Police arrested 4 SDPI activists – Muhammed, Minikkol Salim, Neeveli Ameer, and Shahim for the murder. He was chopped down several times at the verandah of a nearby house, where he ran for shelter, and breathed his last on the way to the hospital.
Minor Girl Celebrating Saraswati Puja Gang-Raped by Muslim Boyfriend & 3 OthersGangrape2018-01-22BharatAssamhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-girl-celebrating-saraswati-puja-gang-raped-muslim-boyfriend-3-others-assam/Sexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)Dhekiajuli15 year old Hindu girl along with her boyfriend and three others went for pandal hopping during the day of the puja. After sometime, she was taken to an isolated place where her boyfriend along with his companions allegedly raped her one by one. Intajul Amin, Rahul Amin, and Sirajul Amin were arrested.
Hindus Assaulted, Stones Pelted on HousesMob Violence / Lynching2018-01-22BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/two-communities-clash-srinivaspur/South Delhi20-25 Muslim youth who used to loiter as a gang in the area, first assaulted some Hindu children and when accosted by the childrens’ family members, they assaulted the adults too & pelted bricks & stones on their houses.
Hindu Religious Procession Attacked by Muslim Mob in JharkhandAttack on Festivals / Processions2018-01-25BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-religious-procession-attacked-muslim-mob-jharkhand-6-injured/Mob Violence / LynchingKoderma6 Hindu devotees were injured in stone pelting by a Muslim mob last evening on a Hindu religious procession for murti visarjan
ABVP tiranga yatra on Republic Day Attacked by Muslim mob. 1 Hindu Youth Died.Murder2018-01-26BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/republic-day-event-attacked-kasganj-1-hindu-youth-dead/Attack on Festivals / ProcessionsKasganjHindu youth on around 3 dozen bikes were conducting the flag rally. When they reached Kasganj, Muslim youth picked up a fight with them. Soon, both sides started manhandling and pelting stones on each other. Seeing the mob swell in size and stone pelting intensifying, the Hindu youth left their bike and fled. 2 shots were fired, causing death of Chandan.
Ram Leela Committee’s Land Being Used as KabristanLand grab / Economic Persecution2018-01-27BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/ram-leela-committees-land-used-as-cemetery-rahuls-amethi/AmethiA land piece of around 10 bighas is registered here in the name of Ram Leela Committee. Some Muslims have illegally occupied this land and have been using it as a cemetery. After no solution came from lower administration, Ram Leela Committee members of wrote a complaint letter to CM Yogi Adityanath for extrication of the land.
Ankit Saxena – Murdered in Cold Blood by Muslim Girlfriend’s FamilyMurder2018-02-05BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/ankit-saxena-murdered-cold-blood-muslim-girlfriends-family-west-delhi/West Delhi23-year-old photographer Ankit Saxena, the only child of his parents, had his throat slit by the father of his Muslim girlfriend, as part of a planned attack which also included the girl’s mother, minor brother and maternal uncle while his mother and father were pleading for their son’s life to be spared.
Bengali Nursing Student Commits Suicide After Sexual Blackmail by Muslim YouthSexual Harassment / Molestation2018-02-05BharatKarnatakahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/bengal-nursing-student-commits-suicide-bengaluru-sexual-blackmail-muslim-youth/Blackmail / ExtortionBengaluru21-year-old nursing student Mousumi Roy committed suicide in her Bengaluru hostel room due to blackmail by medical student Mohammed Sreyash Raj, who had obtained a private video of the girl. Mohammed had already broken the girl’s engagement by sharing the objectionable video clip with her fiancé back in Bengal.
BJP Worker Santosh Stabbed to Death in Bengaluru by Congress Worker WaseemMurder2018-02-05BharatKarnatakahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/bjp-worker-santosh-stabbed-death-bengaluru-congress-worker-waseem/Political ViolenceBengaluruBJP worker Santosh was stabbed to death by Waseem, son of Congress block leader Khader, due to an argument over putting up banners of BJP’s just concluded Parivarthana Rally.
‘Gautam Nagar’ Turns ‘Islam Nagar’ – Dalit Hindus Ponder ExodusPersecution of Hindus2018-02-06BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/gautam-nagar-turns-islam-nagar-dalit-hindus-ponder-exodus-west-town/AmrohaAround 1,500 members of the Dalit community in Uttar Pradesh’s Gautam Nagar locality of Naugawan Sadat town, Amroha district are living under a threat of forced conversion to Islam.
Dalit Youth Amit Gautam Hacked to Death by 5 Muslim ThugsMurder2018-02-06BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-youth-amit-gautam-hacked-death-5-muslim-thugs-hathras/HathrasAalam and his friends always had ill-will towards Amit. His body was found stuck below an iron gate. The head was crushed and marks of marks of sharp weapons were found on his neck. Stains of blood were found on the nearby roads and walls.
Tribal Teen & Family Attacked by Muslim GoonsMob Violence / Lynching2018-02-07BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/tribal-teen-mother-family-attacked-muslim-goons-rajsamand-rajasthan/RajsamandShahrukh, Shahil, Safa, Chhapri and Jakir Hussain attacked Prakash Bheel with sticks and sharp weapons over a petty argument. When his uncle Daluram Devram Bheel (55), cousin Kishan Bheel (24) and his mother came to his rescue, they too were attacked by these goons
Hindu Teen Murdered & Thrown into River by Muslim Friends for RansomMurder2018-02-08BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-teenage-murdered-muslim-friends-ransom/Blackmail / ExtortionNorth 24 Parganas17-year-old teenage boy Avishek Chaubey Prince was murdered by his three Muslim friends Mohammed Sarfaraz, Mohammed Wakil and Mohammed Zahid. After being arrested, one of the accused Mohammed Zahid said, “I had thrown Avishek like a cigarette”.
Puja raped and murdered by ShamsuddinRape / Sexual Assault2018-02-09BharatKarnatakahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/protests-rock-karnatakas-bidar-rape-perpetrator-shamsuddin-arrested/MurderBidar19-year-old college student Puja was raped and killed by her neighbour Shamsuddin for repeatedly spurning his advances.
Hindu Girl Beaten, Molested and Looted by one Sheikh Hasem AliSexual Harassment / Molestation2018-02-09BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-girl-beaten-molested-looted-one-sheikh-hasem-ali-hooghly-wb/Physical AssaultHooglySheikh Hasem Ali molested her and beat her with an iron rod, before looting her ornaments and money. Police didn't take any action saying “Sheikh Hasem Ali claimed that he was in a relationship with the girl, and its their internal matter”. Tina denied any relationship with the man and blamed police for defaming her character.
Hyderabad: Forced to convert to Islam, assaulted, alleges womanSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-02-10BharatTelanganahttps://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/100218/hyderabad-forced-to-convert-to-islam-assaulted-alleges-woman.htmlHyderabadAn NRI Muslim man Safdar Abbas Zaidi was booked by the Rachkonda Police in Hyderabad for cheating and raping a 25-year-old woman after promising to marry her. The victim has also accused him for converting her into Islam when they were in Dubai, saying it was a necessary step towards their marriage.
Dalit Women Beaten, House Demolished by Muslim Men in Broad DaylightMob Violence / Lynching2018-02-10BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-women-beaten-house-demolished-muslim-men-broad-daylight-amethi/Amethi 5 Muslim men of Kasimpur Murgihapur village demolished Kajal's house. When she confronted them, they started beating her and other women members of the family. The miscreants hurled casteist slurs and threatened to kill the family. Police took action only after ADM intervention.
Dalit Woman With Handicapped Husband Beaten by Muslim Neighbours for Refusing to Convert to IslamPhysical Assault2018-02-13BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-woman-handicapped-husband-beaten-muslim-neighbours-refusing-convert-islam-meerut/Forced ConversionMeerutAzad along with his brothers Fareed and Leel arrived at Bina’s home with non-veg food when she was alone at home. Azad forced her to eat non-veg food and pressurized her to convert to Islam and marry him. When she refused to be subdued, the 3 accused started beating her and broke her head. When people started gathering, they threatened her and set her household things on fire and then ran away.
Hindu Women Molested & Assaulted by Muslim YouthSexual Harassment / Molestation2018-02-18BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-women-molested-assaulted-muslim-youth-sawai-madhopur-rajasthan-3-injured/Physical AssaultSawai MadhopurA group of Hindu women on their way to perform Chak Pujan, a pre-marriage ritual, were molested & assaulted by a group of Muslims who allegedly objected to music being played as the procession was crossing a mosque
Daughter of Retired Colonel Abducted & Raped for 1 Week, Forced to Accept Islam & MarryAbduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2018-02-19BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/daughter-retired-colonel-abducted-raped-1-week-forced-accept-islam-marry-bijnor/Rape / Sexual AssaultBijnorA Mumbai High Court Lawyer and daughter of a retired Army colonel was abducted and raped for 1 week Bijnor, UP in an attempt to force her to accept Islam and marry her Muslim abductor Faisal and his family.
Deaf & Dumb Hindu Girl RapedRape / Sexual Assault2018-02-20PakistanSindhhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/deaf-dumb-hindu-girl-raped-umarkot-pakistan/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultUmerkotA local boy raped 15-year old deaf and dunb Hindu girl.
Minor Hindu Girl Abducted by Muslim Family Since 8 MonthsAbduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2018-02-21BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-hindu-girl-abducted-muslim-family-since-8-months-kolkata-hc-directs-wb-police-act/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultKolkataKorban Ali and his son Mintu Sheikh allegedly abducted Vinod Das’ minor daughter on 9th June, 2017. The girl is still said to be in captivity at Garden Reach area of Kolkata, but West Bengal police has refused to raid the place to recover the girl citing law & order concerns in a ‘sensitive’ area
Tribal Hindu Youth Madhu Lynched by Muslim Trader Led MobMurder2018-02-24BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/tribal-youth-madhu-lynched-mob-led-muslim-traders-kerala/Mob Violence / LynchingPalakkada tribal man, Madhu, was lynched by a mob of locals, led by K Hussain and Abdul Kareem, over the accusation of stealing 1 kg of rice. Out of 11 arrested, a total of 8 have been charged for murder.
Rape Attempt and Brutal Assault on 3 Dalit Women (1 Minor) by Muslim GoonsRape / Sexual Assault2018-02-24BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/rape-attempt-brutal-assault-3-dalit-women-1-minor-muslim-goons-pratapgarh/PratapgarhShakil, Shahid, Mohammad Ali and others attempted to rape 2 women and a minor girl of the house, and tore off their clothes. When the rape attempt failed, the perpetrators opened fire and attacked the women with axes & sticks.
Minor Girl Falls Prey to Love Jihad – Held Captive and Gang-Raped for 2 DaysGangrape2018-02-25BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/another-minor-girl-falls-prey-love-jihad-held-captive-gang-raped-2-days-delhi/Sexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)DelhiA 16-year-old class 10th student was lured by her boyfriend ‘Sonu’ (real name Salman) on pretext of meeting his parents for marriage, then held captive in a Delhi flat and gang-raped by Salman and 3 others for 2 days.
15-year-old Dies After Being Gangraped and Set Ablaze by 3 Muslim BrothersGangrape2018-02-26BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/15-year-old-dies-gangraped-set-ablaze-3-muslim-brothers-jharkhand/MurderChatra3 brothers (sons of Ayub Mian) Ishrar Alam, Saddam Alam and Shahid Aalam, abducted her, raped her and then poured kerosene oil over her and set her on fire.
8-Month-Old Baby Hacked During Rape Bid on Dalit Mother by Muslim ManRape / Sexual Assault2018-02-28BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/8-month-old-baby-hacked-rape-bid-dalit-mother-muslim-man-malappuram-kerala/Child AbuseMalappuramAyub hacked the child of a gypsy (banjara) couple during a rape attempt on child's mother.
Hindu Girl Gang-Raped and Jailed Under False Charges of Theft After Refusing to Convert to IslamGangrape2018-03-01BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-girl-gang-raped-jailed-false-charges-theft-refusing-convert-islam/Forced ConversionPrayagrajAnwar, Pradhan Wajid Ali, Shekhu and Jahid held the girl hostage in the mobile shop and pressurized to convert to Islam. When she refused, she was gang-raped by them. The culprits then falsely accused the girl of mobile theft and got her jailed.
Dalit Women Stopped From Holika Pujan, Assaulted & Abused by Muslim VillagersAttack on Festivals / Processions2018-03-03BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-women-stopped-holika-pujan-assaulted-abused-muslim-villagers-nuh-mewat-haryana/Physical AssaultMewatThe women were assaulted, abused with casteist slurs, and their puja material thrown away. Muslim women from the same village – Haleema (w/o Yunus), Maimoona (w/o Sakir) – came and spilled water over the puja site
Aarti gang-raped by 3 Muslim men who poured kerosene and burned her aliveGangrape2018-03-03BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/papa-papa-cried-rapists-set-fire-father-aarti-kumari-15/MurderHumaganjAarti had stepped out of her house in Humajang village, Jharkhand to relieve herself in the open when 3 brothers from a neighbouring house – Saddam, Shahid and Ishrar Alam gang-raped her. The 3 then poured kerosene on the 15-year-old and burnt her alive.
Communal Flare-up After Kidnapped 9-yr-old girl Recovered From Scrap Dealer’s ShopAbduction2018-03-04Bharat.Uttarakhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/communal-flare-uttarakhand-kidnapped-9-yr-old-girl-recovered-scrap-dealers-shop/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultUttarkashi9-year-old who was abducted when she was out to buy Holi colors has been rescued from a Muslim scrap-dealer’s shop. Police arrested Mohammad Anas who had previously been booked in a rape case in Dehradun.
Sub-Judge Naeem Ansari Suspended for Harassing Dalit Lady for Sex, Conversion & MarriageSexual Harassment / Molestation2018-03-04BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/sub-judge-naeem-ansari-suspended-harassing-dalit-lady-sex-conversion-marriage-jharkhand/GarhwaChanda Devi, was harassed by sub-judge Naeem Ansari of Garhwa District Court to form sexual relations, convert to Islam and marry him.
Minor Hindu Girl Raped by Muslim NeighborRape / Sexual Assault2018-03-06BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-hindu-girl-raped-muslim-neighbor-etah/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultEtahNeighbour Ghulam Hussain, alias Bhura, was a man of criminal mindset and had come out on bail in a murder case. On one night when the girl went out to relieve herself, Bhura forcibly took her to his terrace, raped her and then fled away.
3-Year-Old Raped by Bus Cleaner Sheikh Munna as Her Brother Pleaded him let her goRape / Sexual Assault2018-03-06Bharatwest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/3-year-old-raped-bus-cleaner-sheikh-munna-brother-pleads/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultKolkata45-year-old cleaner Sheikh Munna dragged a 3-year-old girl onto a parked bus and then raped her, even as her brother — a 5-year-old — kept banging on the bus’s doors, pleading that he let go of his sister.
Gurjars Protest Attack on Marriage Procession by MuslimsAttack on Festivals / Processions2018-03-08BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/gurjars-protest-attack-marriage-procession-muslims-tonk-rajasthan/TonkThe Gurjar marriage procession was attacked by stone pelting and sharp weapons which left several people injured.
50 Cops Look On as SFI Workers Smash ABVP Student’s Head Outside Kerala Police StationPhysical Assault2018-03-09BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/50-cops-look-sfi-workers-smash-abvp-students-head-outside-kerala-police-station/Political ViolenceKollamThe ABVP wanted to form a unit in the S N Law College but the SFI activists would not let them do it. Ajith, was hit with a stone in full view of the police officers. The police have not registered a case even though the violence occurred inside the police station.
Hindu Families Forced to Flee Muslim-Majority Village Due to Harassment, Police ApathyHindu Exodus / Religious Cleansing2018-03-09BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-families-forced-flee-muslim-majority-village-due-harassment-police-apathy-meerut/Persecution of HindusMeerutThe SO Saroorpur doesn’t deem it fit to go to the village and take note of the situation even after getting the information regarding the persecution of these Hindus in the village.
Muslim Neighbour Attempts to Rape 7-Year-Old Hindu GirlRape / Sexual Assault2018-03-10BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-neighbour-attempts-rape-7-year-old-hindu-girl-kannauj/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultKannaujNeighbor Salman enticed the girl by offering a toffee and took her away. When he tried to rape her in a nearby hut, the girl started screaming. People rescued her in a bewildered state, but the perpetrator ran away from the scene.
Teachers Thrash students in Kerala’s Farook College for Celebrating Holi – 4 Students InjuredPhysical Assault2018-03-15BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/teachers-thrash-students-keralas-farook-college-celebrating-holi-4-students-injured/Hinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate CrimeKohzikodeThe teachers attacked the students using rods and pipes. An argument regarding the celebration of Holi inside the campus led to the attack.
Hindu Girl Abducted, Converted and Raped for Two Years by Muslim OccultistRape / Sexual Assault2018-03-15BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-girl-abducted-converted-raped-two-years-muslim-occultist-kasganj/Abductionkasganjshe was returning from her sister’s home when she was abducted in a car. The accused took her to a village and held captive. The occultist fed her cow beef and then raped her multiple times after creating a nikahnama. When she protested, he used to beat her and even demanded three lakh rupees for her release.
Muslim Youth Confesses to Murdering 6-year-old in Attempted RapeMurder2018-03-16BharatAssamhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-youth-confesses-murdering-6-year-old-attempted-rape-assam/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultSilcharToufik Ahmed(18) attempted to rape 6-year old twice in past. This time he attempted to rape, killed her and threw her body on a dumping ground.
1-Year-Old Girl Raped by Muslim NeighbourRape / Sexual Assault2018-03-16BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/1-year-old-girl-raped-muslim-neighbour-delhi/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultPreet viharvictim was sitting outside her home and her mother was busy cleaning the home. The accused identified as Aslam took the victim in his room and allegedly raped her.
Shiv Baraat Procession Attacked, Women Molested & Looted by Muslim ExtremistsAttack on Festivals / Processions2018-03-17BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/shiv-baraat-procession-attacked-women-molested-looted-muslim-extremists-barabanki/Sexual Harassment / MolestationBarabankiShiv Baraat procession was being taken to Barabanki’s renowned Lodheshwar Mahadev Temple when it was attacked with bamboo sticks and sharp weapons. 10 people including 3 women got injured during the attack. Women were molested and their jewelry was snatched by the attackers. The mob of around 45 Muslim zealots continued the attack for 20 minutes.
14-year-old Tribal Girl Raped and Murdered by Muslim ManRape / Sexual Assault2018-03-18BharatAssamhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/14-year-old-tribal-girl-raped-murdered-muslim-man-hailakandi-assam/MurderHailakandiMinor girl had just reached back home after school. The Jashim Uddin Borbhuyan entered her house considering her parents were at work and, raped her followed by brutally murdering her to conceal his crime.
Brave Girl Escapes From Love Jihadi ‘Husband’ Who Forced Her into ProstitutionSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-03-19Bharatwest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/brave-girl-escapes-love-jihadi-husband-forced-prostitution-malda-bengal/Human TraffickingMalda12th grader eloped with Rahman Momin to marry. After Marriage he forced her into prostitution. With her intelligence and bravery, she escaped and also gor Momin arrested.
Father of 3 Dies After Being Thrashed by Local Muslim GoonMurder2018-03-23BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/father-3-dies-thrashed-local-muslim-goon-delhi/MandawaliRajbir Rathod was thrashed by Imtiaz and his friends over an argument. Later he died.
500 Hindus, Many Deported Refugees From Bharat, Face Mass Conversion to Islam in PakistanForced Conversion2018-03-24PakistanSindhhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/500-hindus-many-deported-refugees-bharat-face-mass-conversion-islam-pakistan/Persecution of HindusSindhIn order to save their women and family, 500 Hindu families deported from Bharat accepted Islam in a mass conversion ceremony organized by Islamists.
Violence over Ram NavamiAttack on Festivals / Processions2018-03-27Bharatwest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/west-bengal-violence-ram-navami-display-traditional-weapons-processions-bjp-blame/Mob Violence / LynchingRaniganjIslamic violence against Ram navami celebrations. one person dead, a DSP’s hand chopped off, crude bombs thrown and shops belonging to Hindus burnt down.
Teacher Commits Suicide After Muslim Gang Blackmails Using Wife’s Obscene VideosSexual Harassment / Molestation2018-03-28BharatAssamhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/assam-teacher-commits-suicide-muslim-gang-blackmails-using-wifes-obscene-videos/Blackmail / ExtortionDhubriIn his Suicide Note in Facebook where he alleged that some people from a ‘particular community’ lured his wife and made some obscene videos of her following which they started blackmailing him demanding money.
Muslim Ex-Village Chief Murders Two JournalistsMurder2018-03-28BharatBiharhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-ex-village-chief-murders-two-journalists-bihar/BhojpurDainik Bhaskar journalist, Navin Singh and his journalist associate, Vijay Singh were killed by former village mukhiya Mohammed Harshu Mian (aka Ahmed Ali) who ran them over with his SUV, as he was was allegedly unhappy with the journalist’s coverage of local issues
BJP Leader’s Daughter Sexually Harassed by Muslim YouthSexual Harassment / Molestation2018-03-28BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/communal-tension-saharanpur-bjp-leaders-daughter-sexually-harassed-muslim-youth/SaharanpurBJP leader Vinod’s daughter was returning home when Azam, Salman and Nonu intercepted her. They tried to outrage her modesty and when the girl resisted, they snatched her gold chain and escaped from the spot.
Horrific Details Emerge of Hindu Persecution in Raniganj-Asansol, Exodus BeginsHindu Exodus / Religious Cleansing2018-03-29Bharatwest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/horrific-details-emerge-hindu-persecution-raniganj-asansol-exodus-begins/Raniganj-AsansolAfter violence by Islamists in Raniganj over Ram Navami celebrations, Hindu families have started moving out from the town and near by Asansol to safer places with less Muslim population.
Fashion Designer Friend Ishtiaq Ali Murders DU Student Ayush NautiyalMurder2018-03-30BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/fashion-designer-friend-ishtiaq-ali-murders-du-student-ayush-nautiyal/DelhiIshtiaq told them that he had bludgeoned Ayush to death with a hammer in a fit of rage after the third-year B.Com student threatened to break up with him. He then cooked up a kidnap story to mislead Ayush’s family and the cops.
Stone-pelting on Hanuman Jayanti Procession in Rajasthan Leaves 10 Devotees, 6 Policemen InjuredAttack on Festivals / Processions2018-04-02BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/stone-pelting-hanuman-jayanti-procession-rajasthan-leaves-10-devotees-6-policemen-injured/Mob Violence / LynchingPaliHanuman Jayanti procession was passing through the main market of Jaitaran town. Suddenly, some persons started pelting stones on the procession which disrupted it. police tried to use light force to disperse the Muslim miscreants, who then turned on the police injuring Jaitaran police station in-charge and others.
BJP’s Dalit Candidate Killed, District Secretary Stabbed in DM’s OfficeMurder2018-04-05Bharatwest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/bjps-dalit-candidate-killed-district-secretary-stabbed-dms-office-bengal-election-violence/Political ViolenceBirbhumDalit candidate of BJP, Ajit Mumuru (35), has been hacked to death allegedly in an attack by TMC goons outside the BDO office in Bankura, while a BJP District Secretary was thrashed and stabbed inside the District Magistrate’s office in Birbhum. Many other such attacks on BJP workers during election.
Husband posts Hindu wife's nude photos, threatens with talaq on her refusal to convert to IslamSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-04-06BharatHaryanahttp://zeenews.india.com/haryana/shocking-husband-posts-hindu-wifes-nude-photos-threatens-with-talaq-on-her-refusal-to-convert-to-islam-2097224.htmlBlackmail / ExtortionPanchkulaMuslim husband had been pressurizing his Hindu wife to convert to Islam for a while. After her constant refusal, the man threatened to give her talaq. Later, the husband along with his friends circulated nude photos of the wife on social media
UP Woman Converts for Nikah – ‘Husband’ Pimps Her OffSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-04-07BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/woman-converts-nikah-husband-pimps-off-kerala/Human TraffickingMoradabadHindu woman eloped with Firasat who got her converted and then married her in a nikah ceremony. Firasat and his associates first raped her. Then he forcefully took her to Kerala, where he sold her off and she was raped by many more men.
Parents Claim Fraud Behind Daughter’s ‘Conversion & Marriage’ to Kashmiri Muslim ManSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-04-10BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/parents-claim-fraud-behind-daughters-conversion-marriage-kashmiri-muslim-man/BarmerRitu eloped and married kashmiri Gulzar Ahmed Khan, converted her religion. But parents of Ritu have proofs to prove that Nikahnama has been forged and they are not allowed to meet the girl.
Girl Sets Self on Fire over Continuous Sexual Harassment by Muslim YouthsSexual Harassment / Molestation2018-04-11BharatMadhya Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/mp-girl-sets-self-fire-continuous-sexual-harassment-muslim-youths/Abetment to SuicideKhuraiAamir, Sohil, Rizwan, Anas, Faizal and Altaf, used to regularly harass her, with one such instance occurring, one day, girl set herself on fire.
Muslim Gang Harasses & Molests Minor Dalit GirlSexual Harassment / Molestation2018-04-11BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-gang-harasses-molests-minor-dalit-girl-kairana-locals-thrash-prime-accused-shahnawaz/KairanaA Class 9 student returning from her coaching centre was surrounded and sexually harassed by Shahnawaz and a gang of over half a dozen Muslim youth
6-year-Old Raped by Muslim ManRape / Sexual Assault2018-04-12BharatBiharhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/6-year-old-raped-muslim-man-bihar/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultRohtas6-year old girl was playing outside her house when Meraj Alam (25) lured her away on the pretext of giving her chocolates then raped her.
Girl Ties Rakhi to Muslim Neighbour, He Rapes Her and Sends MMS to her FianceRape / Sexual Assault2018-04-12BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/girl-ties-rakhi-muslim-neighbour-rapes-sends-mms-fiance-jaipur/Blackmail / ExtortionJaipurGirl was raped by Shakir whom she considered her sworn brother and to whom she used to tie rakhi. After raping her, Shakir shot an obscene MMS video of the girl and sent it to her fiance, causing her engagement to break and pushing her to attempt suicide
4-Year-Old Payal Prasad Murdered by Muslim Man Over Rs 1,500 Debt Owed to Girl’s FatherMurder2018-04-13BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/4-year-old-payal-prasad-murdered-muslim-man-rs-1500-debt-owed-girls-father-bhiwandi/Bhiwandi6-year old Girl's highly-decomposed and mutilated body was recovered from bushes near her house after three days she went missing in 2014. Abed Mohammad Ajmir Shaikh was arrested from Bihar by Thane Police.
Asked to return Rs 5 lakh, ‘Friend’ Anwar stabs Neetu Sharma 12 timesPhysical Assault2018-04-14BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/delhi-asked-return-rs-5-lakh-friend-anwar-stabs-neetu-sharma-12-times/DelhiNeetu Sharma was stabbed at least a dozen times by Anwar who owed her Rs 5 lakh she had lent him for investment.
12-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped by Wakib, Javed and AmjadGangrape2018-04-14BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/12-year-old-girl-gang-raped-shamli/ShamliGirl was playing outside her house when the 3 accused abducted her, gang raped her and left her in a dazed condition and fled.
Riot-Displaced Family’s Minor Daughter Gang-Raped by 4 Muslim YouthGangrape2018-04-14BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/riot-displaced-familys-minor-daughter-gang-raped-4-muslim-youth-kairana/KairanaFamily was displaced after the 2013 riots. Girl was returning to her home when Arif, Firoz, Saddam and Raees pulled her inside a Maruti van – villagers passing by protested but the accused fired from their weapons and got away. They took the girl to a field where they physically assaulted and gang-raped her.
Teenage Dalit Girl Drugged & Raped by Neighbour Gulab Ali (35)Child Rape / Child Sexual Assault2018-04-14BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/teenage-dalit-girl-drugged-raped-neighbour-gulab-ali-35-etah/EtahGulab Ali invited her at his home for lunch, as his family was celebrating a local festival. He sedated her and raped her at his home.
Daughter, lover held for killing fatherMurder2018-04-17BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.business-standard.com/article/pti-stories/daughter-lover-held-for-killing-father-118041700200_1.htmlShamliA 23-year-old woman and her lover have been arrested for allegedly shooting dead her father for opposing their relationship, the police said today.

The incident took place on April 7 when the victim returned to his house in Shamli district from Delhi. He was shot dead by three persons, Circle Officer Ashok Kumar said.

We have arrested the deceased's daughter, Kavya, her lover Samir Ahmad and one Shadab in the case, he said.

The victim, Rakesh Rohela, used to work in Delhi. He was opposed to his daughter's relationship with Ahmad, the police officer said.
Woman Gang-Raped on Yamuna ExpresswayGangrape2018-04-17BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/woman-gang-raped-yamuna-expressway/NoidaSalman and Sajid forcefully took her to expressway, and gang raped her – the car windows had dark film and they played loud music to drown out the woman’s screams.
3 Incidents of Rape/Abduction/Blackmail Reported in a Single DayRape / Sexual Assault2018-04-18BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/3-incidents-rape-blackmail-reported-single-day-churu-rajasthan/Blackmail / ExtortionChuruA married woman abducted and raped by Shahrukh, Intezar, Arif.
Sikandar kayamkhani raped a minor.
A married woman was blackmailed and raped by Samir Kazi, who was supported by his whole family, for over 3 years.
Hindu girl killed by Muslim Live-in partnerMurder2018-04-19BharatGujarathttps://www.divyabhaskar.co.in/news/DGUJ-BHA-OMC-LCL-infog-girl-murder-in-love-in-relationship-at-ankleshwar-gujarati-news-5855509-PHO.htmlAnkleshwarA Hindu girl Rekha Vasava was in a live-in relationship with her Muslim boyfriend Hanif Pathan Khan in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, who then murdered her.
Police Recovers Hindu Girl Abducted by Uttarakhand Congress Leader Mehak Khan’s SonAbduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2018-04-23Bharat.Uttarakhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/police-recovers-hindu-girl-abducted-uttarakhand-congress-leader-mehak-khans-son/Bhimtalabducted girl and Danish Khan, son of Mehak Khan, were found at his maternal aunt Shauzia’s house in Delhi. Danish Khan has been charged with abduction and forced conversion of the girl. Mehak Khan was arrested and charged with conspiracy for kidnapping.
10-Year-Old Hindu Girl Raped in Ghaziabad Madrasa by Juvenile and MaulviRape / Sexual Assault2018-04-26BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/10-year-old-hindu-girl-raped-ghaziabad-madrasa-juvenile-maulvi/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultGhaziabad17-year-old accused and the maulvi at the madrassa would lock the girl in a room after sexually assaulting her. Her cries for help went unheard as classes would be held in the adjacent room. During her captivity a few other people had also touched her inappropriately.
Christian Pastor in TN Abuses Bhagwan Vishnu While Enacting Exorcism QuackeryDenigration of Dharma2018-05-01BharatTamil Naduhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/christian-pastor-tn-abuses-bhagwan-vishnu-enacting-exorcism-quackery/Predatory ProselytisationTuticorinThe Christian pastor in the video above first seemingly entrances a woman, when a man comes and drops at his feet. He then takes control of the man as well and starts talking to the ‘evil spirit’ inside the man – the pastor asks, “Who are you?”, to which the man replies “Narayan”. “Who Narayan?” asks the pastor – the man gestures to his forehead and says ‘Namam’ (tilak of Vishnu).
MBA Student Slits Throat of Girl for Refusing to Convert to Islam & MarrySexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-05-01BharatTamil Naduhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/mba-student-slits-throat-girl-refusing-convert-islam-marry-vellore-tn/MurderVelloreShabeer asked her girlfriend to convert and marry him. She denied to marry without her parents' permission. He then threatened her and slit her throat with knife.
Muslim Man Rapes Nurse Under Pretext of Marriage, Then Threatens to Leak Video & Kill HerRape / Sexual Assault2018-05-02BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-man-rapes-nurse-pretext-marriage-threatens-leak-video-kill-delhi/Blackmail / ExtortionDelhiA 21-year-old nurse Sapna (name changed) was raped by Shakeel under pretext of marriage. He also made an obscene video of the woman after drugging her, and started blackmailing her on the basis of that video. Then he also threatened to throw acid on her and kill her.
Agniveer and BJP Activist Brutally Assaulted by Jharkhand Police – Garhwa SP Mohd. Arshi Role AllegedPhysical Assault2018-05-02BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/agniveer-bjp-activist-brutally-assaulted-jharkhand-police-garhwa-sp-mohd-arshi-role-alleged/Legal or Institutionalsed DiscriminationGarhwaAshish was passing by a road in Palamu which was in a very bad condition. So he got down to take some photos to highlight the state of disrepair. He noticed police vehicles too were stuck in the traffic, and clicked a few photos of the same. Apparently, SP Arshi was seated in one of the vehicles and immediately ordered his staff to snatch Ashish’s mobile and take him into custody – there was no warrant, neither was Ashish told why he was being detained. In illegal custody, Ashish was brutally thrashed and pressurised to sign a fake statement that he is involved in engineering communal tension and riots in the state.
Sadhvi Speaks in Kerala – Inundated with Hate Messages, Threats to Rape/MurderTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2018-05-02BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-sadhvi-speaks-kerala-inundated-hate-messages-threats-rape-murder/Verbal or Written Threat / Bullying / Cyber BullyingKeralaSadhvi Saraswati, the president of the Sanatan Dharma Prachar Seva Samiti, made a passionate speech against cow slaughter and Love Jihad, while addressing a Hindu Convention organized by VHP and attended by even Congress workers in Kerala on Friday. In response, her Facebook page was inundated with hate messages and open threats of rape & murder.
Land Mafia at Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple – Accused Allegedly Linked with Congress party and Favored by Amicus curiaeLand grab / Economic Persecution2018-05-04BharatKeralahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/land-mafia-sree-padmanabhaswamy-temple-accused-allegedly-linked-congress-party-favored-amicus-curiae/Thiruvananthapuram The Foul Play was exposed when a devotee in a petition requested the executive officer to check the records of four transactions- three settlement deeds and one will-registered at the principal sub-registrar office, Thiruvananthapuram.
Shweta Pandey killed by husband Sheikh ShahbazMurder2018-05-05BharatOdishahttps://www.jagran.com/odisha/sambalpur-vv-vv-17915521.htmlSambalpurShweta Pandey married a Muslim man Sheikh Shahbaz and converted. After marriage, she was tortured and murdered. Police arrested her husband.
Dalit Man Battered to Death by Muslim NeighboursMurder2018-05-05BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-man-battered-death-muslim-neighbours-firozabad/FirozabadAccused Muslim neighbours used to forcefully sleep on victim Vedram's roof despite objections. Lodged a false case against Vedram and had him jailed. When he was released, 3 brothers Pervez, Rohil, Yusuf and 4 unnamed persons thrashed him to death.
Dalit women's funeral stopped by Muslim communityAttack on Festivals / Processions2018-05-06BharatTamil Naduhttps://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/dalit-muslim-clash-near-theni/article23791161.eceCrime against DalitTheniOn 24th April, a Dalit woman's funeral procession was stopped from passing from Muslim dominated street. The diversion was due to another funeral procession on main street. The police instead of booking culprits, made "peace" between communities which was shortlived. The ensuing riot left behind a lot of houses & vehicles damaged.
The local people complained that both groups had been harbouring enmity after a portrait of Dalit leader Thirumavalavan was damaged last month.
Woman Employee Raped by Dairy Owner, Pressurised to Convert to Islam & Eat BeefRape / Sexual Assault2018-05-07BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/woman-employee-raped-dairy-owner-pressurised-convert-islam-eat-beef-jharkhand/Forced ConversionJamshedpurIqbal asked her to come to his home for some work where he raped her. When she protested, he threatened to kill her daughter. Using some objectionable photos clicked by him to blackmail, he continued raping her. He also put pressure on the woman to convert. He tried to feed her beef as well.
Muslim Husband Stabs Hindu Wife to DeathMurder2018-05-07BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-husband-stabs-hindu-wife-death-nagpur/NagpurWasim Taj Mohammad Pathan (24), brutally murdered his wife, Mahima Mahadeo Vitole (20), in full public view. He allegedly suspected her character and stabbed her to death after a verbal argument. They had a love marriage. Ever since their marriage, skirmishes erupted between the husband-wife duo.
Dalit-Muslim Rioting Leaves 30 InjuredRiot2018-05-07BharatTamil Naduhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-muslim-rioting-leaves-30-injured-near-theni-tamil-nadu/TheniVanniammal, an aged Dalit woman, died, her relatives and friends decided to take out the funeral procession through Muslim Street. When the procession entered the Muslim Street, some residents protested and a minor clash followed. Later on another dispute, major clashes broke out.
Muslim Ex-KV Teacher Tries to Rape Hindu Girl Student Rape / Sexual Assault2018-05-08BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)https://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-ex-kv-teacher-tries-rape-hindu-girl-student-jammu/JammuAsif Parveen, a temporary teacher in KV lived in same locality as that of the victim. On pretext of studies he called her to his home, molested her. Girl somehow escaped. He tried to abscond but was caught by police.
Muslim-Dalit tensions in UP village after Muslims molest women taking part in wedding processionAttack on Festivals / Processions2018-05-08BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.opindia.com/2018/05/muslim-dalit-tensions-in-up-village-after-muslims-molest-women-taking-part-in-wedding-procession/Crime against DalitSiddharthnagarNumerous people have been arrested and cases have been registered against 70 individuals in connection with abuse and assault on Dalits during the marriage procession of a Dalit couple. The incident occurred at Gorya village falling under Itwa police station of the Siddharthnagar district in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday evening when members of a ‘particular community’ started teasing and harassing some women participating in the procession.

When the women objected, the harassers reportedly attacked them. They further attacked those too who came to the rescue of the women. As per media reports, the goons assaulted them after entering their homes as well.
Chilling Love Jihad CaseSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-05-09BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/2-chilling-love-jihad-cases-jharkhand/ramgarhMuslim husband hid his real identity and pretended to be a Hindu to trap her in a love relationship and marry her. 12 years after the marriage, he sold off his wife to his maternal uncle living in Nagpur. The maternal uncle raped the woman several times after threatening to kill her. The husband was assisted by his mother, sister and sister’s husband in this heinous act of human trafficking.
Chilling Love Jihad CaseSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-05-09BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/2-chilling-love-jihad-cases-jharkhand/BareillyDilshad assumed a fake Hindu identity to trap her in a relationship and married her in a temple as per Hindu rites. He threatened and blackmailed her that if she left him, he would harm her family, abduct her and circulate her obscene photos on social media. she became pregnant and delivered a baby girl. But Dilshad tricked her to sign adoption papers and sold the baby for Rs. 50,000
Minor Dalit Girl Set Ablaze in Azamgarh, UP by Muslim StalkerMurder2018-05-09BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-dalit-girl-set-ablaze-azamgarh-muslim-stalker/Sexual Harassment / MolestationAzamgarhA minor Dalit girl was set on fire by Shafi from her village who had been stalking her for many days and demanding her mobile number. The girl suffered 95% burns
Love Jihad claims another lifeSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-05-11Bharatwest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/love-jihad-claims-another-life-west-bengal/Abetment to SuicideSouth 24 ParaganasMamud Sheikh represented himself before Priya using a fake Hindu identity – as a mechanic named Rajesh. He went to her home and proposed to marry her to her parents. Her parents rejected the proposal after finding out that he had faked his identity. Later Priya ingested poison aftera quarrel with Mamud.
Elderly Disabled Man Burnt Alive in Aurangabad Riot After Illegal Water Connection to Mosque SnappedMurder2018-05-14BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/elderly-disabled-man-burnt-alive-aurangabad-riot-illegal-water-connection-mosque-snapped/RiotAurangabadA deadly riot broke out in Shahganj area of Aurangabad on Friday night after an illegal water connection in a mosque was removed by the municipality. A disabled senior citizen Jaganlal Bansile (62) was burnt alive when his house was set on fire by rioters.
Maa Kali murti vandalized, Muslim policeman nabbed for sexual harassmentTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2018-05-15BharatAssamhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/maa-kali-murti-vandalized-muslim-policeman-nabbed-sexual-harassment-dhubri-assam/DhubriMaa Kali murti vandalized, Muslim policeman nabbed for sexual harassment
Minor Hindu Girl Abducted by Muslim Woman, Forcefully Converted & Sold for Rs. 40,000Abduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2018-05-15BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-hindu-girl-abducted-muslim-woman-forcefully-converted-sold-rs-40000-mewat/Human TraffickingMewatThe girl was sold off to a villager Islam (s/o Rasoola) for Rs. 40,000. She was illegally converted to adopt the Muslim faith, force fed beef and made to offer Muslim prayers. An attempt to rape was also made on her. Farzana, Islam and Tahir, Jannati and Zakir accused.
Muslim youth arrested for derogatory remark about Hindu DharmaDenigration of Dharma2018-05-16BharatAssamhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-youth-arrested-derogatory-remark-hindu-dharma-assam/Hinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate CrimekaliganjShahin Ahmed was arrested by police for making derogatory remarks about Hindu Dharma on Facebook
Mother chases down auto, saves 6-year-old girl from Muslim driver trying to kidnap herAbduction2018-05-20BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/mother-chases-auto-saves-6-year-old-girl-muslim-driver-trying-kidnap-gurugram/GurugramWhen she signalled, an autorickshaw stopped. Her daughter sat in the vehicle first, but when she was trying to enter, the driver fled. A passer-by saw her daughter crying from his car and gave her a lift so that they could follow the autorickshaw. her daughter was shouting and crying, but still the driver did not look back. This shows his foul intentions.
14-year-old Gang-raped for 10 months, Reaches SSP Office with Aborted Foetus After SHO Mohd Aslam Refuses to ActGangrape2018-05-20BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/14-year-old-gang-raped-10-months-reaches-ssp-office-aborted-foetus-sho-mohd-aslam-refuses-act/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultMeerut14-year-old gang-raped by 3 youth – Adil, Hasan, one other – and her mother were left with no option but to arrive at Meerut SSP’s office with a six months old foetus in a bag. girl first approached Lisari Gate police station SHO Mohd Aslam to file a complaint, but was turned away, forcing her to appeal to the SSP.
Acid attack on Surbhi Joshi by Ajmal Ansari with his mother and sister-in-lawAcid Attack2018-05-23BharatGujarathttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VAtYkUKxqYValsadThree persons have been arrested for allegedly abducting a 13-year-old girl from her residence in New Friends Colony on May 10, raping her and forcing her into marriage.
Myanmar Rohingya Terrorists massacred Hindus, says AmnestyIslamic Terrorism2018-05-23MynamarMynamarhttps://www.hindupost.in/world/myanmar-rohingya-terrorists-massacred-hindus-says-amnesty/MynamarThe group called ARSA killed up to 99 Hindu civilians in one, or possibly two massacres, said the rights group.
Army captain, family abused and assaulted at posh Delhi mall – accused Mohamad Irshad Ali Hashmi & others caughtPhysical Assault2018-05-26BharatNew Delhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/army-captain-family-abused-assaulted-posh-delhi-mall-accused-mohamad-irshad-ali-hashmi-others-caught/Sexual Harassment / MolestationDwarkaThe goons started punching him, smashed liquor cottle on his head that led to bleeding. They also threatened of dire consequences and raping their women. The miscreants managed to flee the venue. However, one of them wasn’t able to board the SUV, and the Army officer chased him and nabbed him after running behind him for 2km. Later, he was identified as Mohamad Irshad Ali Hashmi, resident of the same locality.
Cab Driver, Gulam Rabbani, Using Fake Identity Arrested for Murdering His Girlfriend, NandiniMurder2018-05-29BharatNew Delhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/cab-driver-gulam-rabbani-using-fake-identity-arrested-murdering-girlfriend-nandini/Sexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)New DelhiCab driver Mohammed Ghulam Rabbani (22) was arrested by Delhi police for murdering his girlfriend Nandini (22) when she threatened to expose his criminal activities. his real name was Gulam Rabbani. He was working as a driver in OLA Cab under pseudonym Neeraj Jha
Another bite of Love Jihad in West BengalSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-05-31BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/another-bite-love-jihad-west-bengal/BirbhumSheikh Rafiqul befriended the Hindu girl after introducing himself as Indranil Mukherjee, i.e. a fake Hindu Bengali identity. The girl was kept captive there for two months and physically assaulted. She was drugged and her nude photos were captured by him. The victim’s family filed a complaint with police in this connection, but police said the boy is in hiding. Accused started threatening her to retract her police complaint. He created a Facebook account in the girl’s name & posted her nude photo.
Muslim Inmate Serving Life Sentence Rapes Warden’s Wife Inside Assam JailRape / Sexual Assault2018-06-01BharatAssamhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-inmate-serving-life-sentence-rapes-wardens-wife-inside-assam-jail/Diphuwhile her husband was out for some work, the prisoner Firoze forced into the warden’s quarter and raped her while threatening to kill her with a knife.
Dalit Basti attacked by Muslim mob in Azamgarhriot2018-06-02BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.amarujala.com/photo-gallery/uttar-pradesh/varanasi/azamgarh-muslim-youth-attack-on-dalit-basti?pageId=4Crime against DalitAzamgarhIn Bakhra of Azamgarh, a Muslim youth had some dispute with Dalit man Aman, following which he came back to Dalit Basti with his friends and thrashed Dalit community members.
Muslim Mob Attacks Dalit Colony, Possibly Over Cow SlaughterMob Violence / Lynching2018-06-02BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-mob-attacks-dalit-colony-possibly-cow-slaughter-azamgarh/AzamgarhA Muslim mob unleashed a savage attack on a Dalit colony in Azamgarh, UP, ostensibly over a minor dispute between children. There was also tension between both sides over cow slaughter.
Banned Islamist Organisation PFI is Using Marriage as a Tool to Expand in JharkhandSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-06-03BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/banned-islamist-organisation-pfi-is-using-marriage-as-a-tool-to-expand-in-jharkhand/Islamic TerrorismJharkhandThe plan of PFI members is to use marriage as tool to gain control over tribal people’s land and minds. Their new plan is to create an uprising in the name of tribal people.
Plight of Hindus in Bangladesh : Over 20 Hate Crimes Reported in May’18Persecution of Hindus2018-06-05BangladeshBangladeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/plight-of-hindus-in-bangladesh/BangladeshCompilation of over 20 hate crimes aganist Hindus reported from Bangladesh
Muslim Men Accused of Raping a Tribal Girl Nabbed by PoliceRape / Sexual Assault2018-06-05BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/muslim-men-accused-of-raping-a-tribal-girl-nabbed-by-police/Dhumkashe was out with her friends to attend a marriage ceremony in the village. When she went out to relieve herself, the accused who were premeditatedly waiting for her took her into the bushes at a distance of 700 metres and raped her. Hussain Ansari, Islam Ansari and Muzaffar Ansari were arrested.
Hindu restaurant owner shot dead by Muslim customers over price of biryaniMurder2018-06-05BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-restaurant-owner-shot-dead-by-muslim-customers-over-price-of-biryani-west-bengal/24 PargnasThe owner of an eatery, Sanjay Mondal, was shot dead by Firoz for demanding Rs. 190 for a plate of biryani from Raja, Firoz, Mogri and Salman.
Minor Girl Rescued as her Rapists & Kidnappers – Parvez, Shoaib – Try to Sell Her Off to PimpGangrape2018-06-07BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-girl-rescued-as-her-rapists-kidnappers-parvez-shoaib-try-to-sell-her-off-to-pimp/Human TraffickingKamla MarketA 15-year-old girl was rescued from the clutches of her rapist and another kidnapper when they were trying to sell her to sex traffickers at GB Road
Girl accuses Srinagar boy of forcibly converting her to Islam after posing as a HinduSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-06-08BharatChandigarhhttps://www.opindia.com/2018/06/girl-accuses-srinagar-boy-of-forcibly-converting-her-to-islam-after-posing-as-a-hindu/Forced ConversionChandigarhA Chandigarh girl has accused a Srinagar based boy of forcing her to convert to Islam, and has accused his family members of gang raping her
Mother of 2 Returns to Hindu Dharma After Chilling ‘Marriage’ with Muslim ManSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-06-09BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/mother-of-2-returns-to-hindu-dharma-after-chilling-marriage-with-muslim-man-aligarh-up/Uttar PradeshThe woman had married a Muslim man Shoaib, who had introduced himself as Kabir Chauhan, ten years ago. The woman realized her husband was Muslim after she arrived at her in-laws place. At the time, she had consigned herself to her fate and continued with the marriage. But soon she began to be ill-treated. Her father-in-law and brother-in-law started eyeing her with wrong intentions.
16-Year-Old Girl Abducted & Raped by Muslim Uncle-Nephew DuoGangrape2018-06-13BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/16-year-old-girl-abducted-raped-by-muslim-uncle-nephew-duo-hamirpur-up/AbductionHamirpurA minor girl was abducted & raped by two Muslim men, an uncle and his nephew, for 8 days. She somehow freed herself from captivity.
Dalit Family Burnt Alive by Muslim Neighbours, Daughters Aged 3 & 5 DeadMurder2018-06-14BharatBiharhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-family-burnt-alive-by-muslim-neighbours-daughters-aged-3-5-dead-katihar-bihar/Ajamnagarthe gruesome killing is believed to be the fallout of a dispute the Mahadalit family had with some of their neighbours over land in the village Ghordah.
3 Men, One of them Allegedly Nephew of Congress Leader Mujeeb Qureshi, Booked For Sexual AssaultSexual Harassment / Molestation2018-06-14BharatMadhya Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/3-men-one-of-them-allegedly-nephew-of-congress-leader-mujeeb-qureshi-booked-for-sexual-assault-in-dhar-mp/Dhara case against Mohsin Qureshi, Adnan and Atif Qureshi in a case of illegal confinement & sexual assault, where the victim Hindu girl was rescued by men of Hindu outfits
Police Crackdown on Hindus trying to Build Temple in Muslim MajorityLegal or Institutionalsed Discrimination2018-06-18BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/lathi-charges-by-the-police-on-the-people-who-built-the-temple-for-the-beneficiaries/MokamoA 2 year long struggle by Hindus to build a temple dedicated to Bhagwan Vishwakarma in a Jharkhand village where the majority Muslims are opposed to the temple construction, finally culminated in a police crackdown on protesting Hindus
Love Jihad to Rape Jihad – How an entire Muslim Family & Maulvi Gang-Raped a Hindu GirlGangrape2018-06-18BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/love-jihad-to-rape-jihad-how-an-entire-muslim-family-maulvi-gang-raped-a-hindu-girl-in-rampur-up/Sexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)RampurGirl befriended by a Muslim youth, Sarfaraz Hussain, pretending to be Raj Bishnoi. Both got secretly married. Later she got to know his real identity. He forced her to convert. In-laws tortured her, father-in law and brother-in law along with a maulavi gang raped her.
Banana Seller Abdul Stabs Hindu Girl for Refusing his AdvancesSexual Harassment / Molestation2018-06-19BharatTelanganahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/banana-seller-abdul-stabs-hindu-girl-for-refusing-his-advances-hyderabad/SecunderabadA 25-year-old banana seller Abdul Samad stabbed an 18-year-old girl under the jaw for refusing to go out with him
Buses Carrying Kashmiri Pandits to Kheer Bhawani Stuck in Stone Pelting, Pilgrims SafeAttack on Festivals / Processions2018-06-20BharatJammu & Kashmir(J&K)https://www.hindupost.in/news/buses-carrying-kashmiri-pandits-to-kheer-bhawani-stuck-in-stone-pelting-pilgrims-safe/Islamic TerrorismTulmulaBuses Carrying Kashmiri Pandits to Kheer Bhawani Stuck in Stone Pelting, Pilgrims Safe
Duped Love Jihad Victim Speaks Out, Hear Her OutSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-06-20BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/love-jihad/Mumbaishe filed against the Muslim man who duped her, she is currently struggling to come out of severe trauma, more so because, as per her claims, the man not only duped her in love, but also did a fake nikah, pressurized her to do four abortions and finally ran away with her savings and jewelry.
Rajasthan Muslim man accused of kidnapping, raping and forcing woman into marriageSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-06-22BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindustantimes.com/jaipur/rajasthan-muslim-man-accused-of-kidnapping-raping-and-forcing-woman-into-marriage/story-JGKs9QT7ZEAwq3ieo9ENQK.htmlKarauliHindu groups protested at the Hindaun sub-divisional magistrate’s office in Karauli district on Friday, demanding action against a Muslim man and his family for allegedly kidnapping, raping and marrying a Hindu woman.

The groups handed over a memorandum to SDM Dulichand Meena, addressed to the governor, seeking justice for the woman and action against the man. Meena said the complaint would be forwarded to the governor and an inquiry into the matter would be set up.

The woman, 34-year-old Nirmala Pathak, hails from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. She said she was lured by Arif Khan, a resident of Hindaun city of Karauli district, in 2006 when she was doing her post-graduation from a university in Agra.
Umesh Ingale murdered by Nizam Hashmi as Umesh objected to Hashmi’s love for Umesh’s cousin.Murder2018-06-23BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindustantimes.com/pune-news/mystery-behind-decapitated-body-in-kondhwa-solved/story-tmLtVpgWVf9jY4yY8p4U0L.htmlKondhwaBijan Asgar Hashmi, 18, a resident of Indiranagar area in Bibvewadi, was arrested for killing Umesh Bhimrao Ingale, 20, also a resident of Indiranagar. He has been remanded in people custody till June 29 by a local court. A case under Sections 302 and 201 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) was registered in the matter at Kodhwa police station. Police sub-inspector SP Shinde was investigating the case initially.

“We found evidence, like blood and clothes. He seemed like a person with a lean and thin, but well-built body. We asked around and found the last person he was seen alive with. That is how we found Hashmi,” said Deepak Sakore, deputy commissioner of police, zone-4.
Tension Erupts in UP’s Faizganj After Some Muslims Try To Kidnap Teenage Hindu GirlAbduction2018-06-23BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/tension-erupts-in-ups-faizganj-after-members-of-different-community-try-to-kidnap-teenage-hindu-girl/Sexual Harassment / MolestationFaizganjsome muslim men tried to kidnap a Hindu teenage girl by entering her house.
Tension in Kaman: Two minor Hindu girls kidnappedSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-06-24BharatRajasthanhttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/jaipur/tension-in-kaman-two-minor-hindu-girls-kidnapped/articleshow/64717233.cmsAlwar"Following the missing complaint and allegations stating the two girls of the village were kidnapped, we kept the phones of the suspected youth on surveillance and developed local inputs. One of the youths, identified as Azharuddin (19), was arrested from Delhi along with the 15-year-old minor girl, while our team is raiding places in Haryana and Punjab to recover another girl and arrest the youth," said a senior officer of Kaman police station.
Muslim Husband killed Hindu wife, chopped body with help of his 2 brothersMurder2018-06-28BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/society-culture/muslim-husband-killed-hindu-wife-chopped-body-with-help-of-his-2-brothers-delhi/DelhiAn engineer, Sajid Ansari, first strangled his wife, Juhi, to death and then along with his 2 brothers disfigured her face and chopped her body into pieces for disposal.
Hindus, Sikhs among 19 killed in Islamic State suicide bombing in AfghanistanIslamic Terrorism2018-07-01AfghanistanJalalabadhttps://www.hindupost.in/world/hindus-sikhs-among-19-killed-in-islamic-state-suicide-bombing-in-afghanistan/TerrorismJalalabadA suicide bomber targeted a convoy of Sikhs and Hindus on their way to meet Afghanistan’s president in the eastern city of Jalalabad on Sunday, killing at least 19 people, various media outlets have reported. Narendr Singh, one of the wounded Sikh form Sunday’s attack, told to The Associated Press by phone from his hospital bed in Jalalabad that the attack targeted their convoy. He cried on the phone worrying what had happened to his father, Avtar Singh Khalsa, who was also in the convoy.
Miakhail confirmed that Khalsa, a longtime leader of the Sikh community who had planned to run in the parliamentary elections set for October, was killed in the attack.
Attahullah Khogyani, spokesman for the provincial governor, said that a number of and shops vehicles caught fire as result of the attack.
SFI activist Abhimanyu stabbed to death by Popular Front menMurder2018-07-01BharatKeralahttps://indusscrolls.com/sfi-activist-stabbed-to-death-by-popular-front-men-cpim-pays-price-for-going-soft-on-islamists/KochiIn Kerala, a tribal student activist of CPI(M)’s student wing, SFI, was brutally killed by workers of Campus Front, the student wing of Islamist outfit Popular Front of India (PFI), in Kochi’s . Abhimanyu (20), a BSc Chemistry student, was killed when SFI and Campus Front of India workers clashed inside the campus on Sunday after an argument over sticking posters. Another student of the college, 19-year-old Arjun who studies BSc Philosophy, also sustained severe injuries.
SP MLA Nahid Hasan Threatens Gangraped Minor’s FamilyGangrape2018-07-03BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/saharanpur-up-sp-mla-nahid-hasan-threatens-gangraped-minors-family/Verbal or Written Threat / Bullying / Cyber BullyingSaharanpurgang raped minor victim of Saharanpur, who has been waiting arrest of all the accused and proceedings to begin, has been threatened by Samajwadi Party MLA Nahid Hasan. Her entire family is threatened with dire consequences if she doesn’t do outside settlement with the accused.
Hindu Activists Press For Probe As NIA Scans Muslim Tax Officer & Wife For Abetting Love JihadSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-07-04BharatKarnatakahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/hindu-activists-press-for-probe-as-nia-scans-muslim-tax-officer-wife-for-love-jihad/Islamic TerrorismKalaburagiMuslim couple is involved in more than one case of brain washing / luring / blackmailing non-Muslim girls to convert to Islam and move to Saudi Arabia or Syria (Islamic State)
Arrested Muslim Man Confesses to Rape & Murder of Class 9 SchoolgirlRape / Sexual Assault2018-07-05BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/arrested-man-confesses-to-rape-murder-of-class-9-schoolgirl-in-west-bengal/MurderMedinapurHamidul Khan had gone to steal mangoes from a tree planted in the house of the victim when she was alone at home. When the girl protested, Khan first beat her up. Then he raped her, before choking her to death to stop her screaming. He disposed of her body in the jungle.
Hindu Cremation Ground EncroachedLand grab / Economic Persecution2018-07-06BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/encroachment-of-cremation-ground-by-muslims/MeerutEncroachment of a Hindu cremation ground by some Muslims of village Jahidpur, Meerut, UP has led to tensions between both communities
Municipal Worker Stabbed to Death in Mumbai for Opposing Stunt BikersMurder2018-07-09BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/municipal-worker-stabbed-to-death-in-mumbai-for-opposing-stunt-bikers/Mumbai2 men, Shahzada Usman Shaikh and Anus Shaikh, have been arrested for allegedly stabbing to death BMC parking attendant Bhavesh Koli (24) who had opposed speeding by the accused and others performing bike stunts
Hindu girl murdered on her birthday by stalkerMurder2018-07-13BharatMaharashtrahttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/jilted-lover-held-for-stabbing-ex-girlfriend/articleshow/64967720.cmsChandrapurCity police have arrested the youth who had stabbed his ex-girlfriend near Ancleshwar bus stand on Wednesday. The accused, identified as Mannan Sheikh (21) was miffed at Pooja (name changed) after she rejected his advances. On Wednesday, which happened to be her birthday as well, Pooja had gone to pray at the Anchleshwar temple in the afternoon where Mannan stalked her and caught up with her in a deserted alley near the Anchleshwar bus stand. The duo had a quarrel following which Sheikh took out a knife and slashed at her throat, stomach and hand. Seeing Pooja bleeding from her wounds, Sheikh fled the spot.
Subhalogna Chakrabarty shot dead allegedly by husband Sultan Ali Murder2018-07-13BharatWest Bengalhttps://hinduexistence.org/2018/07/13/hindu-woman-shot-dead-at-home-by-jilted-love-jihadi/Hooghly Subhalogna Chakrabarty, who was shot dead allegedly by her husband in front of her parents on Thursday night, had filed a divorce petition, police said.
"Husband Sultan Ali was reluctant to divorce her," an officer probing the case said. "Sultan surrendered to the police after firing the 35-year-old."
Sultan, in his late 30s, allegedly barged into her in-laws' house in Hooghly's Konnagar while Subhalogna was watching TV with her parents, Tushar and Subhra, around 8pm on Thursday.

The police said he slapped Subhalogna before pulling out his revolver and shooting her. He also hit her parents with the butt of the revolver when they tried to stop him.

Police sources said Sultan, a dealer in building materials, had been arrested twice before based on Subhalogna's complaints.
WB Police Suggests Hindu Man-Muslim Woman Couple to Leave State to Avoid Jihadi OnslaughtLegal or Institutionalsed Discrimination2018-07-13BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/wb-police-suggests-hindu-man-muslim-woman-couple-to-leave-state-to-avoid-jihadi-onslaught/HooglyA Hindu man, Kaushik Das, and his Muslim wife, Sabrina Khatun, are in big trouble after their love marriage. After the woman’s family started threatening them, they approached West Bengal police for security. But they allege that instead of providing them security, West Bengal Police suggested the couple to leave the state and go to either Gujarat, Gaya in Bihar or Kashi in Uttar Pradesh.
Man hides identity to fool woman into marriage, shoots her once truth was revealedSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-07-14BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/man-hides-identity-to-fool-woman-into-marriage-shots-her-once-truth-was-revealed-1285391-2018-07-14HooghlyFamily members of a woman in West Bengal have alleged that a man from a different community impersonated himself and fooled the woman to walk into a relationship.
The family members have alleged that the man concealed his identity and lured the woman. They claim that they were unaware of this and had even consented to a court marriage. However, later when his identity was discovered, the marriage was called off and the man, in a fit of rage, shot the woman dead. Locals say the man, Shiekh Sultan, was in a relationship with Subhologna. Sultan is said to be a resident of Karatipara area in Konnagar
The locals claim that Sultan deliberately concealed his identity from Subholongna. They allege that this is part of a larger conspiracy to lure women from their community by members of a different community. When the woman's family members were informed about his true identity, the family called off the marriage. Angry at this, Sultan then shot Shubhologna dead on Thursday. He tried to escape from the crime scene but was nabbed by the locals.
Telugu Film Critic Insults Bhagwan Ram, Externed; Swami Protests Against Abuse, Also Externed!Denigration of Dharma2018-07-15BharatTelanganahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/telugu-film-critic-kathi-mahesh-insults-bhagwan-ram-externed/Hinduphobia / Hate Speech / Hate CrimeHyderabadA telugu film critic who insulted Hindu Gods and Hindu sentiments got away with the simple punishment of being banished from a city, and the same punishment was meted out to a Hindu religious leader who was branded ‘communal’ for speaking up against the hate speech.
Kalava & Faking Hindu Name Are Rampant Tactics For Love Jihad / GroomingSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-07-16BharatVarious stateshttps://www.hindupost.in/society-culture/kalava-faking-hindu-name-are-rampant-tactics-for-love-jihad-grooming/Various statesKalava & Faking Hindu Name Are Rampant Tactics For Love Jihad / Grooming for trapping Hindu girls
8-Year-Old Gang-raped by 5 Minor Muslim Boys After Watching Porn on MobileGangrape2018-07-17Bharat.Uttarakhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/8-year-old-gang-raped-by-5-minor-muslim-boys-after-watching-porn-on-mobile-uttarakhand/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultSahaspura minor 8-year-old Hindu girl was first forced to watch porn and then raped by 5 minor Muslim boys aged 9 to 14. The police said the girl was lured with a chocolate to the house of one of the accused as the boys planned the rape.
Plight of Hindus in Bangladesh – Report of Human Rights Violations in June’18Persecution of Hindus2018-07-18BangladeshBangladeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/plight-of-hindus-in-bangladesh-report-of-human-rights-violations-in-june18/BangladeshCompilation of over 35 hate crimes aganist Hindus reported from Bangladesh
Dalit man beaten up to death in Barmer allegedly over affair with Muslim girlMurder2018-07-21BharatRajasthanhttps://m.hindustantimes.com/jaipur/dalit-man-beaten-up-to-death-in-barmer-allegedly-over-affair/story-MgXRQdEAhZZ8VsXSEuTs4O_amp.html?__twitter_impression=trueCrime against DalitBarmerA 22-year-old Dalit man was beaten up to death in Ramsar police station area of Barmer district, police said on Saturday.
The police suspect Khetaram Bheel, a resident of Bhinde ka Paar village in the district, was killed over a love affair with a Muslim woman.
On getting the information, police reached the spot and recovered the body. Surendra Kumar, the circle officer of Chohtan, said that the accused had tied both his hands and legs before beating up Bheel. His body was found 500 metres away from the spot where he was allegedly beaten up. “Ground situation indicates that before dying, Bheel tried to run away, but he could not do so and died on the way,” Kumar said.
Bheel’s brother Gordhan Ram has given a report to the police alleging that they have taken a piece of land on rent from Aasiyat, wife of Mahboo Khan. He said they have been manufacturing bricks on the rented land and for past some time they have some dispute with the landlords.

On Friday night, Saddam Khan and Hayaat Khan arrived there and asked Bheel to accompany them for some agricultural work. When his brother reached at their field, Amar Khan, Akbar Khan, Anwar Khan, Raheem Khan, Muheeb Khan, Pathai Khan and Shaukat Khan, who were already present there, started beating up him, Ram alleged. Two farmers, Gomada Ram and Heera Ram, heard his cries and rushed to save his brother, but the accused also attacked them and later fled from the scene, he added.
Girl Kidnapped at Gunpoint by Stalker and His FamilyAbduction2018-07-23BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/girl-kidnapped-at-gunpoint-by-stalker-and-his-family-kasganj-up/Sexual Harassment / MolestationKasganjgirl’s father said that Sanu Khan, resident of Rajiv Nagar area & son of Baddan Khan, had been harassing & threatening his daughter for a long time. as the girl was coming back from toilet, Sanu Khan, his father Baddan Khan and other relatives- Hasmat Tara, Salman Khan, Simran, Chinki (aka Chakki Tomar) – came armed with weapons in a car and abducted her .
Hindu Dalit Man Murdered over Affair by Muslim Girl’s FamilyMurder2018-07-24BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/this-lynching-wont-matter-hindu-dalit-man-murdered-over-affair-by-muslim-girls-family/BarmerKhetaram Bheel, a resident of Bhinde ka Paar village in the district, was killed over a love affair with a Muslim woman.
Man Arrested Faked Hindu Identity for Work & MarriageSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-07-26BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/man-arrested-for-getting-passport-at-forged-address-had-faked-hindu-identity-for-work-marriage/AgraA native of West Bengal, Mohammed Mohiuddin (31), has been arrested by UP police for forging documents to obtain a passport & Aadhar. Mohiuddin had been living in working in Agra, UP for the last 10 years under an assumed Hindu name ‘Gopal’, and had even married a local Hindu girl, Hindi daily Dainik Jagran has reported.
Worryingly, this case also exposes gaps in police & Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) verification process after physical address verification was waived for passport applications by Ministry of External Affairs, in the aftermath of the controversial Tanvi Seth (alias Sadia Anas) case where a passport was issued despite police verification finding that the applicant did not reside at the address provided.
Triple-murder case suspect re-arrested in UP village
Murder2018-08-05BharatMaharashtrahttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nashik/triple-murder-case-suspect-re-arrested-in-up-village/articleshow/65464831.cmsNashikThe triple-murder suspect who had given Nashik police the slip while he was being brought from Aligarh was nabbed again in Uttar Pradesh in the wee hours of Saturday.
Jalaluddin Khan (55) allegedly killed a woman, her daughter and grand-daughter by setting them on fire in the Panchvati area here on the intervening night of August 5 and August 6. The suspect, was arrested again from a village in Aligarh, was handed over to the Panchavati police station. A court here remanded him in police custody till August 23.
Widow from Kerala Raped for 4 days in Uttarakhand, Pressurized to ConvertRape / Sexual Assault2018-08-06Bharat.Uttarakhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/widow-from-kerala-raped-for-4-days-in-uttarakhand-pressurized-to-convert/Forced ConversionRoorkeeA widow from Kerala was held captive & raped for 4 days in Roorkee, Uttarakhand by legal clerk Firoz from Mangaluru, Karnataka. He called some other acquaintances and together they started pressurizing the woman to convert – even offering her money to do so.
Bopal police arrest jilted lover for murder of 20-year-old womanMurder2018-08-09BharatGujarathttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/bopal-police-arrest-jilted-lover-for-murder-of-20-year-old-woman/articleshow/65693462.cmsAhmedabadBopal police on Wednesday arrested a 20-year-old jilted lover, for the alleged murder of a 20-year-old woman, whose body was found dumped in a deserted gymnasium, belonging to Mica, the institute at Shela village near Ahmedabad. Inspector I M Gohil of Bopal police station said the accused, Majidkhan Pathan (20), was apprehended at his native village, Kocharia in Bavla taluka of Ahmedabad, and confessed to his crime.
Man Sets Ablaze Hindu Woman, Her Daughter & Grand-Daughter, All 3 DeadMurder2018-08-10BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/man-sets-ablaze-hindu-woman-her-daughter-grand-daughter-all-3-dead-nashik-maharashtra/Sexual Harassment / MolestationNashikA 55-year-old man, Jalaluddin Khan, burnt alive his live-in partner Sangita Devre (40), her daughter Pritee Shendge (19), and nine-month-old grand-daughter Siddhi at the woman’s residence
Muslim Gang Behind Series of Attacks on 5 Hindu Monks in West UP, 6 Murders in TotalTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2018-08-12BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/media/muslim-gang-behind-series-of-attacks-on-5-hindu-monks-in-west-up-6-murders-in-total/MurderWest UPEx-councillor Sabir Ali from Etah district, his son Nadeem and their gang of 6 others – Salman, Ifran, Yaseen, Mustkeem, Naushad, Afsar – are behind six murders, including that of two sadhus (Hindu ascetics/monks) in Aligarh & nearby areas
Plight of Hindus in Bangladesh – Report of Human Rights Violations in July’18Persecution of Hindus2018-08-14BangladeshBangladeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/plight-of-hindus-in-bangladesh-report-of-human-rights-violations-in-july18/BangladeshCompilation of over 25 hate crimes aganist Hindus reported from Bangladesh
Dalit man murdered for marrying Muslim girlMurder2018-08-16BharatHaryanahttps://m.jagran.com/lite/haryana/faridabad-crime-branch-arrests-three-accused-in-sanjay-murder-case-18341535.htmlCrime against DalitFaridabadA Dalit man was murdered by the brother of his Muslim wife, as the family refused to accept their love marriage. Sanjay, resident of NIT-3, Nehru colony, was married to his neighbour for one year but the woman’s family did not approve of their love marriage.
Faqrudeen hatched the conspiracy whereas Saleem stole open razor(ustara) with which Sanjay's throat was slit. Sumit was roped in to help invite Sanjay to murder site. After six days, Sanjay’s body was found. Infuriated family members stopped traffic at the 3-Number Chowk of Faridabad, demanding strict action against the accused.
2 More Sadhus Murdered in UP – Police Suspect Opposition to Cow Slaughter was MotiveTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2018-08-16BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/2-more-sadhus-murdered-in-up-police-suspect-opposition-to-cow-slaughter-was-motive/Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/SadhuAuraiyaAfter an elderly sadhu and a temple priest were murdered on Sunday night in Aligarh district, 2 more sadhus were brutally stabbed to death and another injured inside a temple premises. their tongues were cut out and they were beheaded. The 3 sadhus used to oppose cow slaughter in the area
Minor Girl Abducted, Forcefully Converted to Islam & Married, Parents Threaten to Self-ImmolateAbduction, Forced Conversion/Marriage2018-08-18BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-girl-abducted-forcefully-converted-to-islam-married-parents-threaten-to-self-immolate/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultBaghpatThe mother said that her minor daughter has been converted to Islam and given the name of Afsha and married to Wajid.
Dalit Girl Raped by Muslim Colleague, Blackmailed With Obscene VideoRape / Sexual Assault2018-08-19BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dalit-girl-raped-by-muslim-colleague-blackmailed-with-obscene-video-bijnore-up/Blackmail / ExtortionBijnorA Dalit girl was raped by a work colleague Mohammed Saifi after being drugged. The accused then shot an obscene video of the girl and continued to rape her by threatening to upload the video on social media.
Girl Thrashes Stalker in Bijnor, UPSexual Harassment / Molestation2018-08-20BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/girl-thrashes-stalker-in-bijnor-up/BijnorA Dalit girl student gave a sound thrashing to a Muslim youth who was stalking and harassing her on a bus
Haryana Sees Vicious Attack on 5 Temple Priests/Caretakers – Tongues Cut, 3 DeadTemple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/Sadhu2018-08-21BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/now-haryana-sees-vicious-attack-on-5-temple-priests-caretakers-tongues-cut-3-dead/MurderKarnaltongues of at least 3 victims had been chopped off and all 5 were tied down during the attack. The temple was vandalized with its donation box broken, and liquor bottles and condoms were found in the gaushala (cow shelter) behind the temple.
Two Rapists – Irfan & Asif – Awarded Death Sentence in Mandsaur Gangrape of 7-year-oldGangrape2018-08-21BharatMadhya Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/two-rapists-irfan-asif-awarded-death-sentence-in-mandsaur-gangrape-of-7-year-old/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultMandsaurEqually disturbing as the crime itself is the fact that one of the accused, while being produced in court, made the ISIS hand gesture – a single, raised index finger – and called out loudly in complete defiance of the law.
2 Attacks on Kanwariyas over the weekend in UP & Rajasthan – Dozens Injured, 5 CriticalAttack on Festivals / Processions2018-08-21BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/2-attacks-on-kanwariyas-over-the-weekend-in-up-rajasthan-dozens-injured-5-critical/Mob Violence / LynchingSikara group of kanwariyas was attacked suddenly with stones and sticks on Sunday night when they were passing by a mosque
2 Attacks on Kanwariyas over the weekend in UP & Rajasthan – Dozens Injured, 5 CriticalAttack on Festivals / Processions2018-08-21BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/2-attacks-on-kanwariyas-over-the-weekend-in-up-rajasthan-dozens-injured-5-critical/Mob Violence / LynchingFarrukabada group of around 60 kanwariyas were attacked & looted by motorcycle-borne assailants
Mob Attack on Kanwariyas in Tonk, Rajasthan – 50 Injured, 10 CriticalAttack on Festivals / Processions2018-08-24BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/mob-attack-on-kanwariyas-in-tonk-rajasthan-50-injured-10-critical/Mob Violence / LynchingTonka Muslim mob appears to have attacked the kanwariyas with stones and sticks in a pre-planned manner.
Jharkhand Man Gets Life for Rape & Forced Conversion of MinorRape / Sexual Assault2018-08-26BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/jharkhand-man-gets-life-for-rape-forced-conversion-of-minor/Forced ConversionChauthai Kulhitempo driver Raja Ansari sentenced life imprisonment for abduction, rape, forced feeding of beef and conversion of a minor girl
Minor Girl Abducted & Gang-Raped for 6 Days, Two Arrested – Shahnawaz and NadeemGangrape2018-08-27BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/minor-girl-abducted-gang-raped-for-6-days-two-arrested-shahnawaz-and-nadeem/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultDelhi 4 accused had come to their locality a few months back to lay a sewer line. Shahnawaz was living as a tenant near the girl’s home and would often visit her house on the pretext of handing over keys to his room while leaving for work. He had been raping her during those visits, and threatened her to keep quiet and not tell her parents. During medical examination, it was found that she was 5-months pregnant and unaware of it. She revealed about her sexual abuse in the past at the hands of Shahnawaz during interaction with counsellors.
Delhi’s Latest Kairana – BrahmpuriHindu Exodus / Religious Cleansing2018-08-28BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/delhis-latest-kairana-brahmpuri/BrahmpuriMany Hindu families in North East Delhi’s Brahmpuri area are planning to sell their houses and move out after a dispute with their Muslim neighbours over building of a mosque turned ugly.
‘Dairy Farmers’ Open Fire at Hindu Pilgrim Site in Bharatpur, Locals Protest Police InactionCattle Smuggling Mafia2018-08-29BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/dairy-farmers-open-fire-at-hindu-pilgrim-site-in-bharatpur-locals-protest-police-inaction/Temple/Murti Desecration OR Attack on Priest/SadhuBharatpurCow smugglers (aka ‘dairy farmers’ for left-liberals) have again managed to spread terror in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan by opening fire on villagers in two separate incidents
Jyotsna was murdered by her lover Afzal Kalam in Ahmedabad.
Murder2018-09-01BharatGujarathttps://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/man-killed-lover-buried-her-in-building-plinth/articleshow/65630031.cmsAhmedabadIn scene that seems to be out of the Bollywood flick “Drishyam”, Afzal Kalam alias Veeru killed his 22-year-old lover, Jyotsna, and buried her under the plinth of an under- construction house in Fatehwadi in Sarkhej. Despite Kalam trying to mask the smell and putting salt on Jyotsna’s body, the stench of decomposing flesh brought his crime out two months ago. By the time the information emerged, Kalam, a mason.
Shahnawaz Murders Seema in Daylight, Informs Her Mother, Absconds ThereafterMurder2018-09-03BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/shahnawaz-murders-seema-in-daylight-informs-her-mother-absconds-thereafter/Sexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)Budina KhurdA 19-year old girl named Seema, belonging to the Dalit community, was shot dead in broad daylight by a man named Shahnawaz and his friend Asrani
Tension erupts in Assam after Hindu schoolgirl is harassed by Muslim co-studentSexual Harassment / Molestation2018-09-04BharatAssamhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/tension-erupts-in-assam-after-hindu-schoolgirl-is-harassed-by-muslim-co-student/Cachara Muslim boy forcefully tugged a ninth grader Hindu girl’s hand & captured a selfie
Loan Recovery Agent Chopped Into Pieces by TailorMurder2018-09-04BharatWest Bengalhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/sheikh-samsuddin-murdered-partha-chakraborty-chopped-his-body-into-pieces/DomjurPartha Chakraborty, a private bank loan recovery agent, was brutally murdered in a cold blooded manner by Sheikh Samsuddin, a tailoring shop owner and one of his accomplices. They not only murdered Parth but had also cut his feet, arms and head.
Woman Lured on Bakra-Eid, Held Captive and Raped for 2 Months; Tortured to ConvertRape / Sexual Assault2018-09-05BharatMaharashtrahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/woman-lured-on-bakra-eid-held-captive-and-raped-for-2-months-tortured-to-convert-mumbai/Forced ConversionMumbaiA 27-year-old engineer was held captive and sexually assaulted for two-and-a-half months by Andheri resident Sayyed Amir Hussain. The accused also tonsured the victim’s head after she refused to marry him. Hussain physically and mentally tortured the woman to change her religion – forcing her to watch videos of controversial Islamic evangelists and beating her if she did not follow the verses.
Plight of Hindus in Bangladesh – Report of Human Rights Violations in August’18Persecution of Hindus2018-09-06BangladeshBangladeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/plight-of-hindus-in-bangladesh-report-of-human-rights-violations-in-august18/BangladeshCompilation of hate crimes aganist Hindus reported from Bangladesh
Love Jihad: Minor Girl Lured Away from Home by Boyfriend, RapedSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-09-06BharatHaryanahttps://www.hindupost.in/news/love-jihad-minor-girl-lured-away-from-home-by-boyfriend-raped-haryana/Child Rape / Child Sexual AssaultYamunanagara minor girl studying in Class 10 was lured away by her Muslim boyfriend along with two of his accomplices, and then raped.
Love Jihad – Cases Reported From Jaipur and DelhiSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-09-09BharatDelhihttps://www.hindupost.in/news/love-jihad-cases-reported-from-jaipur-and-delhi/Chhattarpur ExtnAdil has been accused of raping the girl many times on false promise of marrying her and duped her with Rs 14 lakhs.
Love Jihad – Cases Reported From Jaipur and DelhiSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-09-09BharatRajasthanhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/love-jihad-cases-reported-from-jaipur-and-delhi/JaipurA 24-year old woman has accused her husband whom she met under his false identity as 'Ishant', of physical abuse and forced conversion to Islam.
Jyoti Accepted Islam to Marry Mohsin, Refused to Eat Beef After Marriage, Left by HusbandSexual Grooming or Grooming for Conversion (Love Jihad)2018-09-10BharatJharkhandhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/jyoti-accepted-islam-to-marry-mohsin-refused-to-eat-beef-after-marriage-left-by-husband/RanchiJyoti Kumari changed her religion to marry her lover Mohsin. After marriage, she was asked by her in-laws to consume beef, to which she denied. Due to this, her husband left her and fled
Love Crusade: A Christian Girl Hides Her Identity, Marries a Hindu Boy, Forces Him to Convert and Eat BeefForced Conversion2018-09-12BharatUttar Pradeshhttps://www.hindupost.in/news/love-crus