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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Has Sonia appointed a crypto-Christian as Punjab’s new CM?

Charanjit Singh Channi has been appointed the new CM of Punjab replacing Captain Amarinder Singh. He is reportedly a Dalit Sikh, but new information has emerged which raises a question mark over his real religious identity.

While interviewing Channi’s wife after his appointment as CM, Sudarshan News TV channel observed a Christian cross with a crucified Jesus hanging on the wall.

(Above tweet archive)

Punjab has been facing rampant Christian missionary activity for at least two decades now. Officially, Christians are a mere 1.26% of the total population – Sikhs at 57.7% and Hindus at 38.5% form the two largest demographies in this border state.

But the true figure is much higher. Back in 2016, a Pentecostal Christian leader had claimed that Christians are 7-10% of the total population. We have covered how the conversion industry is flourishing in Punjab with proselytizers like “Apostle” Ankur Narula, Gursharan Kaur, rape-accused Bajinder Singh etc. using fake miracle cures, deception, illegal foreign funds and the good old-fashioned ‘rice bag’ (including illegally diverted government rations) to lure converts from among the poor & underprivileged sections of Sikhs and Hindus.

Controversial Christian activist John Dayal, who rose to prominence under Sonia Gandhi’s UPA regime, explains the concept of ‘Crypto Christians’ in Bharat who he says “live a unique double life, Hindus in the public domain, and on official records, while privately professing faithfulness to Jesus Christ.” In a 2014 article written for a German Federal Government site, Dayal had written –  

These are communities, specially in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab and Tamil Nadu, who avoid registering themselves officially as such in order to continue taking advantage of government’s affirmative action programmes that include reservations in academic institutions, the civil service, and legislatures.

An image has also surfaced which shows Punjab’s new CM Charanjit Singh Channi at an event by one Pastor Hans, who was reportedly trained by evangelist Ankur Narula

(Above tweet archive)

Incidentally, Channi was also accused of sending indecent messages to a senior woman IAS officer in 2018, with the matter being ‘resolved’ with intervention of Amarinder Singh. In 2016, Channi had tweeted that he was ‘privileged’ to drive Rahul Gandhi’s vehicle during the latter’s trip to Punjab.

Sonia Gandhi’s appointment of Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy unleashed a wave of bigoted, poisonous Christian evangelism in undivided Andhra Pradesh, and that work is now being carried forward by YSR’s son Jagan Reddy. It is also pertinent that Punjab’s number one proselytiser Ankur Narula started in 2008, during UPA-1, with 3 followers and has witnessed explosive growth since.

Now, if Channi is truly a crypto-Christian as evidence suggests, Punjab could be in for another spurt of unbridled evangelism with dangerous consequences for the nation as a whole.

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  1. Please stop this bullshit of secularism due this secularism we lost Afghanistan , Pakistan and Bangladesh and in future Punjab and Andhra Pradesh

  2. Hindus should awake from their deep slumber. Look at AP, they are divided so much with caste feelings, that christian conversion changed the demography and control the state now. CM with Reddy Name is an open proud christian, never hiding it and openly supporting conversions with govt salaries to pastors and land to churches. In return, the converts are aggressively attacking hindus and desecrating hendu temples. Apart from CM, the state home minister is a christian but won in a SC seat with her hindu caste certificate. The state police DIG, intelligene DIG, many district collectors and SPs are christians and most of them used their hindu sc caste certificates. while hindu Reddys supported christian Jagan Reddy due to his sirname, He made christians control the state administration. 6 years of his father’s rule started rampant conversions and now jagan is making sure, the evangelicals get a strong foothold in administration and continue the conversions. unofficially christians are 20% now and if Jagan rules for few more terms, the state will be out of the hands hindus.

  3. yes, India is secular, can a hindu become CM in kashmir and even in Punjab ? can a hindu win in places like malappuram, dhubri, hyderabad old city, moradabad where musleems are majority ? understand that secularism only exists in hindu majority areas of India. No secularism when they r minority. That is the issue and bigger issue is so called seculars ignore it deliberately.

  4. Congress itself is a fake n fraud party. When Indira’s HUSBAND is FIROZE KHAN THEN WHY ARE THEIR SONS NAMED RAJIV n SANJAY.
    NEHRU & MK GANDHI murdered more than 20 Lakhs of Bharatiyas mainly Sikhs during partition because of their selfishness.
    Everything they did was conspiracy against the Bharatiyas. The whole nation struggled for independence & not the fraud Congressis. It’s high time to reveal these fake n fraud Congressis. People of Bharat ought to know the truth.

  5. Name of India must be changed to Bharat and Bharat declared a Sanatan Dharma country. The word secular in the Constitution must also be dropped.

  6. Because Christians n Muslims have other agendas too apart from developing the state. And that is spreading their religion. Conversions. That is why

  7. British Ruled India was partitioned on the basis of religion and leaders like Gandhi and Nehru followed the policies of appeasement of a particular community to establish their foothold in free India. India should be declared Hindu nation to get rid of the conversions and resulting problems.

  8. I see many Hindus (atleast their public names) ask why can’t a Christian be a CM. Sure, a valid question. But, can a Hindu become a CM in any Christian or Muslim majority state? In Andhra, when Sonia picked YSR (a Christian) to be CM, conversions were unleashed as an unstated State Policy. Why should there be conversions in a “secular” state when all are equal? It was an open secret in Andhra that prisoners were released early if they converted to Christianity. Plum top posts were given exclusively for Christians. Thousand year old Temples were demolished for “beautification”. Those who ask what’s wrong with a Christian CM, should remember that the day Hindus become a minority, no one will ask why can’t there be a Hindu CM or even a Hindu top minister. In the last 75 years, Hindus last 40% of Bharat to Pakistan and Bangladesh and were practically wiped out. Entire North East converted and a Hindu can never become a CM in any of those Christian majority states. But, no one will ask why can’t a Hindu be a CM there. Well done Hindus!!! Travel to Saudi with a God’s picture in your bag and you will have a preview of what land we will leave our future generations. Try practicing Hinduism in orthodox Russia or try teaching Yoga in the Southern USA (State of Alabama banned the word Namaste as it “could” propagate Hinduism). Let’s keep asking why can’t India convert!!!

  9. No problem a Christian becomes a CM but he should have guts to reveal his true identity, not keep the people of the state in dark. It is nothing but a conspiracy by Sonia congress .

  10. Yes there is nothing wrong in Christian becoming CM. But have guts to call him a Christian leader not a Dalit Leader. Why is he afraid of exhibiting his true identity as a Christian, is there a fear that if exposed as Christian he will be rejected by Dalit and other castes of Hindus and Hindu votes will not be divided on caste basis?
    In Kerala Christians don’t conceal their identity.

  11. Why shud a chirtuanbecome a cm us any Hindu province head any where in chiristian majority nation Christians and muslims both r busy in espionage conversions in india their intentions r anti national wake-up hindus boycott both

  12. Don’t spread false propaganda. Kerala is the best states in terms of happiness, health and wealth. All the states should learn from Kerala. You don’t use mobile or computer or car or fan or whatever and write this type of articles. Why can’t Christian become CM.


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