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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

10% of Punjab is now Christian! Why are people converting and what can be done?

In the census of 2011, Punjab had a total of 3,48,230 Christians. If these numbers are correct, in the last years, the population of Christians has increased at least 10 times. 10% of Punjab is now Christian and the conversions to Christianity are increasing on a daily basis. Punjab is now on target for rapid Christianization after Andhra Pradesh.

10% of Punjab is now Christian

The real population of Christians in Punjab

Our statement that “10% of Punjab is now Christian” may be shocking to you. But there are multiple reasons for this estimate. The total population of Christians in Punjab according to 2011 census is about 3.5 lakhs.

The total population of Punjab was 2.8 crores in 2011. The decadal growth rate was about 14%, so the current population should be about 3.2 crores. So what I say is that there are about 32 lakh Christians in Punjab itself!

Let us see my reasons for claiming 10% Christians in Punjab:-

  • Consider the “Apostle” Ankur Narula. He started with 3 followers in 2008. By 2018, he had 1.2 lakh followers and his followers were growing double every year by his own admission. By 2020, he would have about 3-4 lakh members. This itself doubles the number of Christians in Punjab. He is only one of the many such “apostles” and “pastors” in Punjab who have spread like cancer in Punjab. All of them have Hindu-Sikh names like Kanchan Mittal, Bajinder Singh and Raman Hans. They convert more thousands of people every week!
  • The conversion has been sporadically covered by the state and international media, which have noticed the huge growth of such Pastors in Punjab. Huffington Post and Tribune have covered how the converts from Sikhism and Hindu dharma are swelling the numbers of Christians in Punjab. However, the coverage in national media is largely absent. Only when “Prophet” Bajinder Singh was accused by a woman of rape, did the media give some space to this issue.
  • The Christian leaders of Punjab itself claim huge growth of Christians. In 2016, Christian leader Imanul Rehmat Masih said, “In reality, our population is 7 to 10% in the state, but the latest census shows us less than 1%.” He demanded representation of Community in Legislative Assembly and easier methods to get conversion certificate.
  • Mr. Masih gave this number in 2016. In last 4 years, one has reason to believe that this number has only grown and certainly crossed 10%!

How 10% of Punjab became Christian?

It is important to know how Punjab’s 10% population became Christian. Hopefully, it will give us some clues on how to counter this in Punjab and in other states. Maybe, it can help to reverse the conversions too.

Some prominent evangelists of Punjab

There are dozens of “pastors”, “prophets” and “apostles” running this conversion business. We have already seen Ankur Narula. There are others like Gursharan Kaur, Bajinder Singh, Kanchan Mittal etc. All of these are converted from either or Sikhs and retain Hindu-Sikh names as well as symbols like Pagri etc.

Each of these have tens of thousands to lakhs of followers and have made crores of money. Now these are in the process of granting franchises to others for their conversion business. More and more such peddlers of faith enter the fray every month.


In Christianity, inculturation is the adaptation of the way Church teachings are presented to non-Christians, to attract them to Christianity. It is basically a strategy to introduce Christianity by deception and lies.

In Bharat, this is seen in the Christian “Ashrams”, “Sadhus” and appropriation of Bharatnatyam, Yoga etc. Did you know, there is Yeshu Puran, Yeshu Sahastranama, Yeshu Veda and Yeshu Upanishad too? Many Christian missionaries keep saffron robes, live in ashrams and make temple like churches.

In Punjab, the symbols of Sikhism are used to confuse and convert rural Sikhs. Sabu Mathai Kathettu wrote a whole book with strategy for converting Sikhs!

While accepting that Hindu-Sikh and Christian religious concepts are quite oppsite, he proposed using terms such as Satsangs, Langars, Isu Gurudwara, name of Satnam Waheguru for God and Satguru for Jesus. Aravindan Neelakandan at Swarajya had done a fantastic piece on this.

Prarthana and “Changai” Sabha

The biggest way of spreading of Christianity is prayer meetings. It is called “prarthana sabha” in Hindi/Punjabi. The biggest highlights of these prayer meetings are the fake miracle cures. Thousands of people are brought to such meetings on false promise of cure.

Ailments of all hues such as infertility to cancer are “treated” in the name of Jesus there. Apparently, Punjab government should close all hospitals and let them cure all patients by prayer. However, it seems that COVID is beyond the “power of Jesus”.

Of course, the paid actors show how they are cured and innocent people donate for prayers to Jesus. Inevitably, most of them are not cured and many die. But by then, the members of family have been thoroughly brainwashed into Christianity.

This dangerous fraud, which harms people’s health and sucks money from vulnerable poor, is allowed to continue and the coffers of fake religious figures continue to be filled. In recent times, mediums such as YouTube and Zoom have also been utilized for this scam.

Why are Punjabis converting to Christianity?

There are many reasons that Punjabis converting to Christian faith. 10% of Punjab is now Christian due to such reasons. I will discuss a few of these below:-

  • Superstition is one of the biggest reasons for conversion. People do really think that pastors can cure cancer and disability. Then they are brainwashed into thinking that following any other religion will lead them to hell. The showmanship and fake miracles are enough to convince many uneducated people.
  • One of the biggest reasons for conversion is promise of visas to European countries or to Canada. Missionaries claim that becoming Christian will make their path for successful visa easy.
  • Many of the poor are offered money, jobs, education for children or the good old fashioned ‘rice bags’ for conversion. According to this HuffPost report, the Church of Ankur Narula was handing out bags of grains to poor people. The interesting bit is “the rations were supplied in sacks imprinted with the ‘Atta dal Scheme’ logo — a food security scheme of the Punjab government for the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families.” This strongly points to the collusion with govt for Christian conversion and diversion for govt resources for the same.
  • Another big reason is the “Secular Babas”. Punjab is a den of such secular Babas, who distance people from their religion and preach that all religions are equal. In such a case, the followers become easy target for conversion. HinduPost has a detailed post about this, which you can read by clicking here.


The Christian conversion in Punjab has increased at the expense of Sikhism and Hindu Dharma. They are now in sufficient numbers to demand political favors and to be a deciding factor in elections. How much time before a new kind of minority appeasement rises and further helps them?

They primarily target Dalits, who are about 32% of the population of Punjab and not treated equally by the upper caste Hindu and Sikhs. Will this threshold of 10% Christians help Hindus and Sikhs see their errors?

The Khalistanis are busy in peddling “Indo-Abrahmic” brotherhood narrative. According to them RSS is a bigger threat to Sikhs as it treats them within larger umbrella of Hindu Dharma. However, their mouths are firmly shut on the issue of Christian conversion. It is RSS which is conducting gharwapsi of Christians to Sikh faith! According to an Indian Express report in 2014, RSS had converted 8000+ Christians to Sikhism in previous 3 years. Apparently, the Sikh organisations opposed this!

Common people like us can support RSS and such other organisations, support media houses that report these issues, form our own small organisations, organise people to follow Dharma or just be eyewitnesses until our own families become the target of conversion.

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Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey is an Educator based in Dehradun, currently working as Senior Staff Writer with HinduPost. He is an Engineer by training and a teacher by passion. He teaches for Civil Service Exams as well as for Common Law Admission Test. He has deep interest in politics, economy, culture and all things Bharatiya. He fancies himself to be a loving husband and doting father. His weakness is Bharatiya food, particularly sweets. His hobbies include reading, writing and listening to Bharatiya music.


  1. Again you have distorted what I have said previously :
    about Indians coming to the West for better quality of life. It is not attacking them for coming
    but reinstating that because of QUALITY OF LIFE THAT IS LACKING IN INDIA is why they are migrating.
    .. there is no quality of life in India for the poor and middleclass. You have become barbarians looting, killing innocent people because of their faith ..India is a democratic country where it is the right of people to choose.

    Don’t justify with what’s happening and gloss it up. ” the bible says you will pay for your sins
    unless you repent for the blood of people you are spilling with your propaganda.
    People are choosing to become christians willingly, no body is forcing them. When Indians are becoming Christians…. they are still INDIANS and want to live out their faith…you are falsely accusing them of hate mongering and terror. Unbelievable LIES. When I was growing up in India, we had Hindu friends so please don’t LIE to justify what you are saying and doing.

    Exodus 20:5 said the sins of the fathers will be passed along to 3rd and 4th generations. BEWARE
    I will of course pray for you because the Love of God is in me for you and we are asked to BLESS
    those who persecute our brothers and sisters. But again beware of God’s judgement. You may succeed in the
    short run but the future …?

    • “You have become barbarians” – this just shows how badly the religious brainwashing that Abrahamic supremacists undergo makes them incapable of assimilating with anyone, anywhere. Thankfully, we still have Indian Christians like Savio Rodrigues, Robert Rosario and others who understand what true co-existence and harmony means, and how evangelicals are spreading poison, abusing Hindu deities, ripping people asunder from their ancestral ties and roots, breaking families apart such that converted sons refuse to even cremate their dead parents….this is what your ilk did in Africa, in North America and South America and are now looking to repeat in the 3rd millennium across all of Asia. Shame on you for your bare-faced bigotry. If Jesus were the saintly figure you say he is, he would be pained and ashamed to see what is being done in his name by bigots like you. May Ishwar give you sadbuddhi…

  2. You can twist everything to suit your evil mind that christianity is all about
    money making, fake healings. Hate and jealousy only skews one’s thinking rationally
    and distorts the truth.
    Yes there was a history of shameful evil conducted in the name of christianity
    that was never meant to be. That’s why Martin Luther revolutionised the apostate church
    and what Christ meant the church to be : Preaching Love, charity.
    That’s why Contributions made by Christianity in unrivalled by any religion
    in arts, science, education, medicine.
    CHRISTIANITY. That’s why people are running away from India and coming to the West
    because of advancement.
    you don’t see the West migrating to India, do you ?

    • It is only supremacist evangelist bigots who act as if calling out a Christian committing fraud or terror is like attacking all Christians. The hate-mongering against Hindu Dharma and other indigenous religions of this ancient land is today being done chiefly by Protestant Churches, all funded and directed from the West, especially USA.

      There are 100+ Christian dominated countries, 41 of which have Christianity as the official or preferred state religion including England (UK), Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Greece and Iceland; 53 Muslim dominated countries, 30 of which have Islam as the official or preferred state religion; 6 Buddhist countries and the Jewish state of Israel. But you Abrahamic supremacists cannot swallow even one country where Hindu Dharma and other Dharmic panths like Jain, Sikh, Sarna etc have official protection?

      If you are so offended by Hindus migrating to West, feel free to ask those Western nations to stop allowing us there – they are not doing us a favor, but benefitting from our student population and skilled professionals! Contrast this to how European colonizers came East 500 years ago to plunder, loot and pillage – thus acquiring the wealth and resources for their present-day prosperity.

  3. So what? If they want to follow another religion then its their choice. If Hinduism and its followers didn’t treat “lower” castes like dirt, then they wouldn’t be so eager to migrate to a faith that teaches equality. They made the best decision for them based on their lived reality. Same goes for toxic Punjabi culture when it comes to castes that Sikhs can’t seem to separate from their religion.

    • You genocidal maniacs never change, do you? ‘Christianity preaches love & equality’ would be funny, if only the religion and its institutions didn’t have such a bloody history of persecution, destruction, colonialism of native peoples across the world, starting first from the classical ‘pagan’ civilizations of Rome and Greece. Flush with funds from your Western backers, you sepoys think that you will prey on vulnerable people and teach spirituality to Bharat?


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