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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Islamists lay siege to NE Delhi, trigger riots, murder policeman, play victim, media obfuscates

The Islamist violence which erupted across the country in December after the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) giving expedited citizenship to persecuted religious refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh & Afghanistan  was passed by the nation’s Parliament, has now snowballed into full-fledged rioting in North-East Delhi.

As left-liberal apologists desperately try to shift the blame of the rioting on Hindus, the chronology of events must not get lost in the din and noise that is bound to follow in coming days.

CAA passed by both houses of Parliament in December –> Islamist groups & left-liberal news media start distorting the CAA and spread disinformation that CAA+NRC (a proposed national citizen register) are means of ‘disenfranchising Indian Muslims’ –> Students in Muslim universities like Jamia-Millia and AMU hold violent protests–>Islamists riot across the country from West Bengal, UP, Delhi, Maharashtra, MP, Karnataka –> After initial round of violence fails to spark a counter-response from majority, Islamists shift to sit-in protests with Shaheen Bagh becoming the template to be replicated across nation–>2 months after Shaheen Bagh sit-in drags on, inconveniencing lakhs of Delhites and matter reaches courts, Islamists decide to up the ante on the eve of President Trump’s visit: they try to occupy more key thoroughfares and shut down metro stations in North-East Delhi–> irate people refuse to let more Shaheen Bagh’s develop in their city and step out to counter protest–> rioting erupts.

At the heart of the rioting has been the dreaded Islamist terror outfit PFI, which for some reason is still not banned despite several adverse intelligence reports against it (maybe Government fears liberal judiciary will overturn any ban, as has already been done by Jharkhand High Court), and the radical Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH). Of course, the Islamist ogre is shape-shifting and takes the forms of several Jamaats, political parties, ‘welfare’ organisations, but state action against the two organisations mentioned above will go a long way in stemming the violence being perpetrated over CAA.

As per latest reports, the rioting in Delhi has left 20 people dead, including one policeman, with many more injured, some with serious wounds. The names of the dead which are known at this point are – Head Constable Ratan Lal (he leaves behind a wife and 3 young children), and 5 civilians: Vinod Kumar, Mohammad Furquan, Sahid, Rahul Solanki and Nazeem.

Mainstream media, especially the English-language mainstream media is up to its usual tricks in reporting the riots. You will hear repeatedly in the coming weeks that it was an ‘incendiary’ speech by BJP leader Kapil Mishra that is responsible for the entire rioting. Listen to what Mishra said and decide for yourself if what he is saying is ‘incendiary’ or just reflective of the angst of the common man who just wants to go about his life without the massive disruption and intimidation caused by the anti-CAA protesting mobs. The original tweet by Kapil Mishra has been deleted by Twitter as it allegedly ‘violated twitter rules’, so here we share the same clip uploaded by journalist Abhijit Majumder:

These two tweets capture the propaganda-filled alternative reality which our left-liberal elites live in –

In light of the mountain of propaganda and the fact that these riots are being termed #GenocideInDelhi by Islamist handles and their left-liberal enablers, we must remind ourselves of what all has been said by anti-CAA protestors: children have been indoctrinated to sing blood-curdling death chants for the PM and HM; JNU student Sharjeel Imam (he loves Jinnah over even Nehru and Gandhi), one of the masterminds of the Shaheen Bagh protests, was seen on video asking for Muslims to block the ‘chicken neck’ to cut-off the North East of the country; AIMIM MLA Waris Pathan threatened Hindus with genocide by repeating the ‘We 15 crore Muslims are enough to take care of 100 crore Hindus’ threat first issued by his party boss’ younger brother Akbaruddin Owaisi; maulvis up and down the country are inciting Muslims to violence.

The fact that Delhi Police special branch has found evidence that those who opened fire on the police and indulged in violence in at least one place (Chandbagh) were linked to the Popular Front of India (PFI), has been all but buried. Law enforcement agencies like ED had also found that PFI was involved in funding anti-CAA riots in Western UP in December, with around Rs. 120 crores being routed through 73 bank accounts linked to the Islamist organisation in days after CAA was passed.

When riots erupt, innocents do get caught in crossfire, but let there be no illusion about what Hindus living in North East Delhi are up against. These are localities which for decades have been facing the gradual Islamist aggression which accompanies any build-up of Muslim population.


The video of a rioter, Mohammed Shahrukh, firing several shots and then brazenly pointing a gun right at a cop, is etched in public memory, but is irrelevant for liberal Lutyens’ media.

For media outlets like Shekhar Gupta’s The Print, Hindus can never be the victims, even when they are. See this report about the victims, in which The Print reporters Sanya Dhingra (same lady who was behind peddling a fake news story about ‘caste bias’ on a Delhi metro) and Fatima Khan talk to families of 4 Muslim victims of the riots, but do not find even one Hindu family to talk to.

These dissimulation tactics of our left-liberal intelligentsia are by now well known to veteran watchers of Bharat’s socio-political scene

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom, so stay aware dear citizens and spread knowledge about the falsehoods being peddled over CAA and NRC.

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