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Monday, March 4, 2024

Atleast 7 Incidents of Dalits Being Victimised by Islamists in Last 1 Month Alone

Given the fact that Hindus form the majority population of Bharat, every anti-Bharat element who has ever wished to destroy our culture has tried to divide us from within. Be it the Britishers during the colonial era or the  post-independence left-leaning establishment, all have used the same tried and tested strategy of divide and rule to stop Bharat from reaching its true potential.

Today, the same elements are working tirelessly to divide the Hindus along caste lines and form an imaginary alliance of Dalits and radical Islamists to further their manoeuvre of #BreakingIndia. This propaganda includes exaggeration of incidents pertaining to disputes among the Hindu community, creating false narrative of scripturally-sanctioned & persistent discrimination of Dalits, and overblown reporting of any case that maligns the culture of Hindu Dharma thus implicating it as a regressive religion.

All of this is done while tacitly ignoring the ever-increasing cases of victimisation of Dalits in Muslim dominated areas, as reporting such incidents will harm their cause and expose their foreign-funded agenda of breaking Hindu society.

Hindu Post alone has reported 7 incidents since beginning of 2018, where Dalits were victimised by Muslims and the MSM, especially the English language MSM, deliberately chose to neglect/downplay the incidents.

1.) Amit Kumar Gautam, a 27-year-old dalit man was mercilessly hacked to death by a group of Muslim men in UP’s Hathras. His body was found outside the local mosque. The incident took place in a Muslim colony but none of it’s residents came forward to help the man, neither did anyone report the incident to the police. The incident did not make it beyond local Hindi newspapers. – HinduPost

2.) A group of Muslim men demolished the house of a Dalit woman in broad daylight in UP’s Amethi. When she resisted the move, the Muslim goons started beating her and other members of the family. The goons hurled casteist slurs at the family and threatened to kill them. Entire village was terrorized after the incident but yet again the incident was not reported by the MSM. – HinduPost

3.) Bina Gautam, a Dalit woman with a handicapped husband and two daughters was attacked in her own house by her Muslim neighbor and his brothers for refusing to convert to Islam. They were forcing her to marry one of the brothers who pressurizing her for marriage since months. When she didn’t budge despite their intimidation, they started beating her and broke her head. When people  started gathering, they threatened her to leave the colony and set her household things on fire and then ran away. Meerut, UPHinduPost

4.) In another case of assault on Hindu Dalit women by Muslim goons, two women and a minor girl of a family were assaulted by a gang of Muslim men in UP’s Pratapgarh. The Muslim men attempted to rape 2 women and a minor girl of the house, and tore off their clothes. When the rape attempt failed, the perpetrators opened fire and attacked the women with axes & sticks. All the NGOs championing the cause of women empowerment failed to raise their placards to demand justice for these women in this case. – HinduPost

5.) In another heart-incident from Kerala, a 8-month-old baby girl was hacked by a Muslim man at Manjeri in Malappuram during a rape attempt on the girl’s mother. The victim was the baby daughter of a gypsy / banjara couple (banjaras are a nomadic Hindu community classified as backward/Dalit in most states). The mother told the police that a person called Ayub had hacked the child. This happened while she tried to block his attempt to molest her. Incidentally, Manjeri located in Mulsim-dominated Malappuram district of Kerala also houses the infamous PFI-run Islamic conversion centre ‘Sathya Sarani‘ which is facing investigations for several allegations of illegal & forced conversion of Hindu girls. Following the code of burying cases where the perpetrators are from the Abrahamic ‘minority’, the MSM fulfilled it’s duty and ignored the case. – HinduPost

6.) Hindu women belonging to SC community were stopped from performing Holika pujan in the village of Salamba, Nuh district, Haryana on Thursday by some Muslim villagers. The women were assaulted, abused with casteist slurs, and their puja material thrown away. When these women were facing the burnt of Muslim extremism, the entire left-leaning establishment was busy vilifying Holi on their news portals.- HinduPost

7.) A Dalit woman, Chanda Devi, was harassed by sub-judge Naeem Ansari of Garhwa District Court to form sexual relations, convert to Islam and marry him. She was framed and arrested in a fake case when she tried to report the incident to the police. Again, none of those taking out candle marches on selective cases of Islamic victimhood narrative were seen demanding justice for this lady. Garhwa, JharkhandHinduPost

While cases where Muslim are victims are repeated ad nauseam, even exaggerated and overblown by the entire left-liberal establishment, none of the them would remember one name of the numerous Dalits victimised by crimes perpetrated by fanatical Muslims driven by an extremist ideology.

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