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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Dear CJI, Swami Vivekananda asked Hindus to be religious and stand up for fellow Hindus; he didn’t preach secularism

Hindu icons and their actions and views are being increasingly appropriated, distorted, and force-fitted into the ‘secular’ narrative of the country.

CJI wants Hindus to practice secularism

CJI N.V. Ramana called for instilling the ideals of Swami Vivekananda in the country’s youth. Participating in the 22nd Foundation Day Celebration of Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, on Sunday, the Chief Justice said Swami Vivekananda advocated the concept of secularism in India.

“He firmly believed that the true essence of religion was the common good, and tolerance. Religion should be above superstitions and rigidities. To fulfill the dream of making India resurgent through the principles of common good and tolerance, we should instill the ideals of Swami Ji in today’s youth,” the Chief Justice stated in his virtual address from Delhi.

Views of Swami Vivekananda on Hindu Dharma

Misquoting or taking quotes out of context or selectively using the quotes of Hindu stalwarts in order to preach ‘secularism’ to Hindus is the order of the day. While Swami Vivekananda spoke of universal brotherhood, he never wanted Hindus to let go of Hindu Dharma. We shall take a look at some of the quotes of Swamiji on Hindu Dharma and his advise to Hindus.

Swamiji’s advice to Hindus PC: vivekvani.com

He always wanted Hindus to follow their religion and stand up for it when the demand arose.

“Mark me, then and then alone you are a Hindu when the very name sends through you a galvanic shock of strength. Then and then alone you are a Hindu when every man who bears the name, from any country, speaking our language or any other language, becomes at once the nearest and the dearest to you. Then and then alone you are a Hindu when the distress of anyone bearing that name comes to your heart and makes you feel as if your own son were in distress.”

Sai Deepak in his recent debate with Tharoor spoke about Swami Vivekananda’s Hindu Dharma. Deepak pointed out to Dr. Tharoor that Swamiji was clear about the fact that universalism can’t come at the cost of pixelation of history. He also highlighted how Swami Vivekananda was against proselytisation by taking Hindu toleration for granted. He cited the example of Swamiji threatening to throw a missionary overboard when the latter was constantly spewing venom against Hindu Dharma.

All lessons of secularism in the country are reserved for Hindus who are expected to bear the burden placed on them by the secular state. No wonder, the system places all kinds of restrictions on Hindu festivities alone even as the constitution guarantees freedom of religion.

The judiciary is also biased against Hindus as is evident from differential judgments pronounced by courts for similar offences by persons belonging to majority and minority communities. Hindupost had earlier reported how judiciary has time and again been biased against Hindus.

Bharat is probably the only country in the world where time and again the majority community is victimised by the system; from media to police to the courts. In the age of Social Media, freedom of speech and expression seems to be reserved only for Muslims and Christians.

Close on the heels of a Hindu girl, Richa Bharati, from Ranchi being ordered by Judicial Magistrate Manish Singh to distribute Quran as a ‘punishment’ for her ‘communal post’ (said order was subsequently withdrawn after a huge uproar), Chennai High Court has ordered a Hindu youth to pay Rs. 25,000 each to Christian and Muslim charity organizations so as to secure bail for his alleged ‘communal post’ on Facebook.

We had also highlighted the institutionalised attack on Hindu Dharma. Those belonging to the system like the CJI have often reserved such lectures as the ones asking to practice secularism at the expense of Dharma for Hindus alone.

(With IANS inputs)

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  1. I see no quote here that is against secularism. But I have read many speeches that preach it. Swami Vivekanand never preached oraganised religion. He preached spirituality and acc. to him Hindu is someone who is spiritual.

    • 1.) current Republic of India is a hijacked state, which doesn’t even practise true secularism – it controls Hindu religious institutions while privileging minorities and giving them a free hand to run their religious and educational institutions. 2.) Secularism is no magic wand to create a harmonious and health society…Dharma is the way to achieve it. Many ‘secular’ Western nations that people like you idealize, such as UK, Spain, Italy, Denmark etc treat Christianity as their official or preferred state religion. So Bharat, which has been given the gift of Dharma by our rishis and rishikas, is being highly foolish by ignoring this millennia old heritage for a modern-day ideology of secularism which is struggling even in Europe where it originated. 3.) Dharma is not just religion, but encompasses spirituality, elements of organized religion and so much more. Being individually spiritual doesn’t mean we ignore our duty towards our family and larger community – being organized in any endeavor is essential to its success. So why shouldn’t Hindus organize through their mathas, ashrams, organizations like BAPS, ISKCON, AOL, Gayatri Pariwar etc? You want Hindus to look the other way as our Dharma and deities are virulently attacked by Christian and Islamic missionaries, clerics and politicians and the self-styled left-liberal intelligentsia? 4.) Swami Vivekananda was a great man, but not infallible. His teachings and sayings must also be looked at in the context of his times. If alive today, he would have been SHOCKED to see the fraud that has been perpetrated on Hindus in the name of secularism over past 75 years by the elites of the Indian State. The only timeless message for Hindus is that of our sacred texts like Gita, where Bhagwan Krishna told us how one must strive for Dharma, even if it means fighting Adharmic elements of one’s own family.

  2. India is the only country in the world where majority being taken to task because they are Hindus.By their tolerance towards minorities ,they are victimized.Hindus in India are reduced day by day due to conversion and adopting the county’s family planning program.Minority Muslims are bent upon increasing their population to make India an Islamic country.OUR democratic govts are not at all concerned about this impending danger of making Hindu a minority when there won’t be any democracy or secularism prevails.


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