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Rahul Gandhi delivers sinister anti-Hindu speech at book launch, incites people to retaliatory violence

Rahul Gandhi delivered the keynote address at the book launch of ‘The Dalit Truth: The Battles For Realizing Ambedkar’s Vision’ and needless to say his speech was nothing but a bunch of lies, half-truths, and of course Hindudvesh (Hindumisia). As is his wont Gandhi made numerous unsubstantiated claims while being cheered on by sycophants.

Gandhi also took this as an opportunity to bash the RSS-BJP and Veer Savarkar. The ‘janeudhari’ questioned the existence of Bhagwan Ram too. What’s worse? He went on to instigate Dalits using imaginary and made-up scenarios.

Rahul Gandhi on untouchability

Gandhi begins his speech by insisting that Bharat is the only country in the world that practices untouchability while adding that he was disturbed by the thought that humans would want to touch dogs, pet horses, and other animals but not touch another human being.

At the outset, it appears that Gandhi is making his hatred for Bharat and Hindus manifest in this assertion where he talks about untouchability as if it is still widely practiced in Bharat. It can’t be emphasized enough that Bharat has made great strides in ensuring equal rights for all. It is another matter that today we have over-corrected with rampant misuse of laws such as the SC-ST Atrocity Act of 1989, and reverse discrimination seems to be afoot (that is a topic beyond the scope of the present article, though). Suffice here to say that Bharat has shaken off the feudal order and resultant discrimination to a large extent that continues to plague several other nations.

In neighboring Pakistan not only are Hindus of ‘lower caste’ declared ‘untouchables’, albeit unofficially, but women of the community are also sexually exploited by Muslim men. They are treated as second-grade citizens whose children are forced to clean the school premises and sit on the backbenches. Both Hindu and Christian minorities are mistreated and derogatorily referred to as ‘churas‘.  

Similar is the position of Hindu minorities in Bangladesh who are discriminated against as ‘malaun’. The minority Hindus of Bangladesh are leading a life of non-citizens without human rights. Then there is the Arab world that ill-treats foreign maids using the ‘kafala system‘ where the migrant worker is ‘bound’ to his/her sponsor.  

“According to the European Commission, there are 10-12 million Roma living in Europe, out of which one million live in Western Balkan countries. They are the largest ethnic minority in Europe, largely live in poverty, and are victims of prejudice, violence, social exclusion, child abuse, and sexual slavery. It was reported in 2018 that hundreds of Roma children have been trafficked in the Netherlands alone as sex slaves. Even though EU countries have banned discrimination against the Roma community, they still face major obstacles in education, access to healthcare, and certainly job opportunities”, says the Australian Institute of International Affairs.

Rahul Gandhi, though, can conveniently continue labeling Bharat as a lone country that discriminates, after all, the anti-Bharat agenda must be peddled! This is by no means condoning any form of discrimination but just a pointer that no society is perfect and Bharat is doing fairly well on this ground.

Gandhi instigates violence

Gandhi then went on to instigate ‘Dalits’ to resort to violence by referring to an incident in Gujarat’s Una where a few SC youth apparently attempted suicide after they saw a ‘WhatsApp’ video in which one of their community members was being beaten up by a mob. He also repeatedly used the term ‘kutte jaise maara’ in an apparent attempt to provoke sentiments.

Gandhi further stated that he would have stabbed the person who committed the ‘atrocity’ before attempting suicide. He even claimed to have visited the victim’s family but it turned out that Gandhi met and hugged a ‘fake mother’, in other words, a woman who was simply pretending to be the mother of the victim.

Gandhi’s rants against Hindu Dharma, Veer Savarkar, RSS, BJP

No speech of Gandhi is complete unless he somehow brings in his Hindu hate. On this occasion too, he claimed that the SC youth asserted that he couldn’t kill those who did wrong to him like Gandhi had described because he would be ‘reborn as an SC’ if he did so. The Congress leader stated that he realized that “such people have the burden of lakhs of lives on their shoulders”; it is quite difficult to comprehend what he wanted to say here!

However, what is not difficult to understand is the sly manner in which he brought in the Hindu concept of rebirth. He seems to have brought this ‘punarjanam’ (punjanam in Gandhi’s words, apparently pronouncing punarjanam is as difficult as Vishveshwaraiah) point only to bash the BJP and Hindu beliefs.

Gandhi brought up his meeting with a senior BJP leader where he asked the latter if he believed in rebirth. When the BJP leader allegedly replied in the negative, Gandhi asked him how he believes in Bhagwan Ram then? He also claimed that the BJP leader then told him not to ‘reveal’ this information (of him not believing in punarjanam). Gandhi was trying to imply that BJP is simply playing the ‘Hindu card’ to fool Hindus in general and SCs in particular.

Well, his story appears to be similar to stories of ‘taxi drivers’, ‘maids’, and other assorted people that leftists regularly come up with just to give wings to the yarn they are spinning. It is, therefore, quite difficult to believe Gandhi quoting some nameless ‘senior BJP leader’.

That said, there are some important points to be made here. Hindu concepts are neither bound by the BJP nor its constitution and leaders. It is pertinent to mention that Bhagwan Ram is an avatar who is not bound by the human rebirth cycle rules. We shall limit ourselves to saying that these concepts are beyond the understanding of Gandhi who merely brought up the topic to mock Hindus using the BJP as a smokescreen.

Make no mistake, in the present political scenario, BJP is the only party Hindus can rely on to safeguard their interests to a large extent. Gandhi and his party have, on the hand, repeatedly questioned the existence of Bhagwan Ram. Congress leaders even raised fingers at the court verdict after the Ram Janmabhoomi judgment went in favor of Hindus.

It is, therefore, a bit rich coming from Rahul Gandhi when he makes such unsubstantiated claims. Matters of faith are best left to common practicing Hindus who neither need the advice nor opinion of seasonal Hindus like Rahul Gandhi.

Gandhi’s list of lies didn’t end here as he went on to allege that institutions are hijacked by BJP. Furthermore, he opined that RSS has been controlling institutions since the time Gandhi was killed. While asserting that he wasn’t interested in power like other politicians, he said that politicians were being controlled using Pegasus, CBI, and ED.

He gave the example of Mayawati who didn’t respond to the Congress call of alliance in the recently concluded UP assembly polls out of fear of the ED and CBI. “We had approached Mayawati for an alliance, even offered the CM post but got no response from her because of ED, Pegasus, CBI…the tools which are used to control political systems,” Gandhi opined.

Media and a few millionaires were others who were being ‘controlled’ by the BJP-RSS in Gandhi’s opinion. This amounts to a direct negation of democracy where the government of the day is chosen by people to manage the institutions. Gandhi sinisterly obfuscated the real issue that the judiciary is still under influence of the elitist pro-Congress lawyer lobby as has been evident time and again.

The Congress has shamelessly undertaken a smear campaign against Veer Savarkar ever since the times of Nehru, probably barring the rare occasion when Indira Gandhi praised the great freedom fighter. Rahul Gandhi too attacked the Hindutva icon by quoting him out of context.

While Gandhi implied that Veer Savarkar ‘rejoiced’ after having beaten up a Muslim boy when he quoted the latter as saying “I was happiest the day when I and my friends went and beat up a Muslim boy”. What he didn’t deliberately mention was that Savarkar was talking about his reaction that came in the wake of communal riots in which Hindus had died.

His speech is ample proof that the seasonal Hindu robes the Gandhi-Nehru family dons are only for electoral gains while in reality they harbor deep contempt for Bharat and Hindu Dharma.

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