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Monday, November 28, 2022

Kerala Police officer preaches ‘real’ Islam to traffic violators, addresses school conference organised by Salafi org

A video of an officer in uniform, preaching Islam, recently surfaced on social media. It didn’t come as a shocker to many when it was found that it was a Kerala cadre police officer. He is on a stage, addressing a student gathering.

He says that Islam was created for mankind, as an ‘ideal’ religion. He says that a Muslim fears Allah and Allah only, insinuating that he fears nothing else (laws of the land included?). The story he narrates next is interesting, to say the least. He says that while he was working at Malappuram (a Muslim-majority district), during night patrolling he would come across young kids without driving licenses learning to drive (at night on open roads with no supervision apparently). He would then question them on Islam! What seemingly saddened him is the fact that 90% of kids did not know the ‘right’ interpretation of Islam. 

Instead of apprehending the vehicle and the juvenile driving illegally, informing the parents, and taking legal action (as is done all over the world) he would question them on their religious belief and apparently let them go. If the opinions of the young minds would differ from his, he would educate them about the ‘correct’ Islamic doctrine. Is that the job of a police officer?

Later on, whenever he would detain someone and (needless to say) question them on Islam, he would apparently get his own (pure) version. He goes on to add that when he inquired about the sudden change, people would reply that it’s all because of a new Sub Inspector (himself!). His actions had become folklore and people started telling each other that the new Inspector would do nothing else other than question them about Islam and let them go if they answer his questions on Islam, satisfactorily.

So we have an officer of the law who would let underage youth without driving licenses drive around town as long as they heard his sermons and promised to be ‘good’ Muslims. This unique method of preaching Islam is being done by a public servant paid by tax-payers. Someone who was entrusted to uphold the law and order is putting his religion over his duty. Imagine a Hindu police officer offering a Dharmic sermon to traffic violators, instead of teaching them the law by penalizing them – wouldn’t that be called a violation of service rules? What effect would such behaviour by a cop have on young minds – wouldn’t they get the message that they can bend the rules?

The officer did not clarify what he would do if those getting caught at night were not Muslims? Were they penalised (for not belonging to the ‘ideal’ religion), or were they let off after reciting verses from the Gita or Bible?

The ‘Fact Checking’ business

A website named The Logical Indian (TLI) has done a ‘fact-check’ on the video. They found that the speech was delivered last year by P H Ibrahim, Station House Officer of Traffic in Ernakulam, at a ‘Higher Secondary Student Conference’ organized by Mujahid Students Movement (MSM) Ernakulam.

TLI also spoke to Ibrahim’s senior officer T.B.Vijayan, ACP West Traffic, who reportedly said ‘Ibrahim is a sincere and unbiased person and this sharing of video with the wrong context can ruin his image while he must have had no intention to hurt the sentiments of other religion.’

It is astonishing that the ACP thinks the issue here is of hurting the sentiments of other religions and not of a police officer betraying his oath of staying impartial while on official duty, and even more dangerously, of diluting traffic violations by merely preaching law-breakers to be the ‘right’ kind of Muslims. Is this an intentional mis-understanding of the issue to evade accountability and hand Ibrahim the minority victim card?

Even more bizarrely, the so-called TLI fact-checker Yusha Rahman concludes that the video is being shared with a ‘misleading’ claim as “There is not a single statement where he (Ibrahim) says that he let go or will let go the penalties for those who convert to Islam.”

The truth is that social media posts on the issue expressed concern at a police officer in a secular country preaching Islam and overlooking traffic violators in lieu of promises to be ‘good’ Muslims – no one claimed he is demanding conversion to Islam!

This is a textbook example of how the new breed of fact-checkers like TLI, AltNews, BoomLive that have spouted in the left-liberal media universe are experts at cherry-picking and spinning issues so that the ‘fact-check’ arrives at a pre-decided conclusion. Issues that cannot be twisted to fit their narrative are just ignored.

Incidentally, TLI is founded by a HINO named Anurag Mazumdar, and the site had partnered in the making of an advertisement for Hindustan UniLever’s Red Label tea brand that depicted Kumbh Mela as a place for abandoning aged parents. 

CPM govt’s indifference & Mujahid Students Movement

The organisation which had organised the seminar where P H Ibrahim spoke is Mujahid Students Movement (MSM), the student wing of the Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen (KNM) – an Islamic organization founded in 1952 inspired by Salafism or Wahhabism, a fundamentalist and puritanical strain of Islam which emerged in the 18th century in Saudi Arabia with the goal to “purify” Islam by returning it to what, the Sunni Muslim preacher Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab believed, were the original principles of that religion as the salaf, that is first three generations of Muslims, understood it.

KNM works for an Islamic renaissance in order to eliminate ‘corrupt practices’ amongst Sunnis like including false beliefs, polytheism etc. After splitting into two factions, KNM merged back into one org in Dec 2016 following questions raised over their hardline Salafi ideology after 21 youth went missing to join the Islamic State terror group and the Modi govt. cracked down on Zakir Naik. The merger was facilitated by Congress-alliance partner IUML, and the KNM leaders vowed to raise their voice against ‘fascism’, battle UCC (Uniform Civil Code) and create ‘unity’ against communal polarization(!).

It is evident that KNM is one of the organisations responsible for the deep Islamic radicalisation that has taken root in Kerala. Now we can safely deduce the ‘real’ Islam that PH Ibrahim was preaching at the MSM school conference.

It is also clear that the Kerala Police under Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan (who is also in charge of the home department) is least bothered about such incidents, or indeed the complete politicisation of the force and increasing radicalisation of sections within it. 

A look at history reveals astonishing facts about the current regime. It exposes the real faces of communists hiding behind their Hindu names and unveils the jihadi mask worn by communal elements in the police department. 

Murky acts of the CPM-backed Kerala Police Association like election rigging are no secret in Kerala. But infiltration of radical elements belonging to organizations like the PFI and their sleeper cells embedded in the Kerala police force was until recently well concealed. 

In June of 2018, a 20-year-old BSc student Abimanyu was stabbed to death inside the famous Maharaja’s college right in the heart of Ernakulam city. He was an active member of SFI, the student wing of the CPM. The police control room had information about the stabbing within five minutes of the incident but reached after half an hour even though there were four police stations in the immediate vicinity.

This allowed the murderers to escape and many went absconding. They belonged to the student wing of the PFI. Information that the house of PFI President Nasaruddin Elamaram’s house would be raided was also leaked. Investigations revealed that information was being passed through a WhatsApp group named ‘Green Light’. Green Light is a group started and operated by policemen. A few policemen were temporarily suspended but nothing significant happened to the erring policemen. 

September of last year saw an attempt to murder a local BJP leader named Shaji in Kozhikode. Shaji was an auto driver and was attacked after his vehicle was hired on the pretext of a ride. Two PFI activists were later arrested, one of whom absconded after securing bail. It was when the local police monitored the absconder’s calls that they came to know that he was receiving help from inside the police force.

Two undercover cops including a Sub Inspector of Police were the culprits, but astonishingly no action was initiated against them and they were merely transferred to the MSP camp in Malappuram. 

An audit by the CAG done in February this year brought to light massive discrepancies in the arms and ammunitions department of the Kerala Police. 25 rifles and over 12000 live cartridges were found missing. There were reports of a cover-up involving officers associated with the same WhatsApp group following which this case was also hushed up.

Intelligence Bureau has intimated the Ministry of Home Affairs multiple times about this group but no concrete action has been taken, as yet. Every time a controversy springs up, the Green Light group goes silent only to resurface after some time. Any action being planned against the PFI is being leaked. This is happening in a police force that was once considered one of the best in the country. 

It has come to a stage where Central Intelligence agencies have stopped sharing information about raids with the local police. This was evident recently when the Police Chief meekly had to agree that he had no prior information when NIA arrested three terrorists from Perumbavur near Ernakulam. 

Unless the roots of the problem are identified and destroyed, an already bad situation will only worsen. Appropriate action is expected from the Home Ministry in this regard as soon as possible.

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