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Thursday, September 29, 2022

How al-Qaeda jihadis ended up in Perumbavoor, Kerala, and important lessons for Bharat

In an early morning manoeuvre, a group of sleuths associated with the National Investigation Agency (NIA) raided eleven locations all over Bharat. Nine suspected al-Qaeda terrorists have been taken into custody. Three were arrested from Kerala, two from Perumbavoor and one from Kalamassery, both in Ernakulam district. There are important lessons to be learned for Bharat from this incident on how such Islamic extremists thrive in multiple pockets spread all over Bharat.

The three al-Qaeda terrorists arrested by NIA from Kerala (Source: www.onmanorama.com)

Barely a couple of months have passed since a United Nations Security Council Report on terrorism had mentioned sleeper cells associated with al Qaeda operating underground in parts of Kerala just like their presence in other terrorist hotspots all over the world. It is now clear that the state government then preferred to look the other way considering the fact that the Kerala Police DGP today admitted that he had no prior information about these terrorists and added that none of the arrested were Kerala natives. 

Last April, after the infamous Easter Blasts that targeted churches and hotels in Colombo, Sri Lanka, it was found that the chief architect, Zahran Hashim, and his accomplices had previously traveled to Kerala purportedly to establish links with local jihadi outfits and to undergo some sort of training. That bombing had taken the lives of around 250 innocents. Intelligence agencies based out of Bharat had warned their Lankan counterparts of impending attacks on several previous occasions. 

Immediately after the Lankan bombing, NIA officials arrested Riyas Aboobackar, a Palakkad native while he was planning similar blasts in Kerala. Zahran had radicalized youth from Kerala and Riyas was one such follower. Riyas was also following Zakir Naik and also another group of Keralites who had disappeared from Kasargod and migrated to Afghanistan and Syria to join ISIS forces there. Most of the men in that group have since been killed or are missing in action.

March of this year saw an ISIS suicide attack on a Gurudwara near Kabul, Afghanistan. Muhammed Muhsin, a Keralite hailing from Kasargod, is believed to have led that attack which took 30 lives. In August, Dr. Ijaz Purayil, another Kasargod native was killed following an ISIS attack by terrorists trying to storm a provincial jail in Jalalabad. His family had migrated to join ISIS in 2016. 2 other terrorists from Kerala were involved in that attack in which 29 people were killed and over 1000 prisoners escaped.

What makes people renounce the country where they were born, their language, families, and their nativity, and embrace citizenship of another foreign hostile country? Mind you, this is not the first time in history we are seeing such hijrat (migration) – there were similar calls for Indian Muslims to move to Turkey to fight for the Ottoman Caliphate and against the British during the Khilafat movement of 1920. Holy books that teach religion above all else and indoctrination by mullahs is the major reason. What follows is a mad rush by a group of people with plans to establish an Islamic state. 

The majority population keeps their thoughts to themselves fearing being branded Islamophobic and reprisal from ideologically blinded fanatics. As and when someone goes against such fascism, it’s called ‘hate-mongering’ and is termed as ‘propaganda against Muslims’. It is easily forgotten that the fight is not against law-abiding citizens, but against terrorism. 

Smokescreens and foot soldiers

Such forces create smoke screens and have taken it upon themselves to protect and propagate the Islamic fundamentalism associated with countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and those of the Middle East. They live silently amongst us. The majority population prefers sleep-walking rather than wake up and face the challenges these anti-nationals pose. This has led to a situation where now such fundamentalists control huge tracts of land in both urban and rural areas, deep inside God’s own country, Kerala.

Foot soldiers with no fear of the smell of blood are recruited, who are ready to kill and maim innocent citizens. Areas like Perumbavoor, Aluva, and Kalamassery in the state have become known hideouts for such elements. 

This is exactly what Islamist preachers like Zakir Naik was heard exhorting his followers to achieve. He had said that to expect to convert 85% of Hindus living in Bharat to Islam is impossible. The solution given was to start concentrating in areas where there is a sizable presence of Muslims and he had specifically mentioned Kerala as the best state he could think of! He wanted Muslims to migrate to Kerala, start new lives, and ultimately aim for a majority here.

It is to be noted that citizens of Bharat have a constitutional right to live, settle, and work anywhere in Bharat. Mullahs covertly create terror in the minds of illiterate Muslims that Modi and Amit Shah have passed laws that will displace them from their place of birth. So what do you do? You stick together. Where? Where there is a huge minority population.

Ordinary Muslims are also being incited to destroy the nation to ‘protect’ Shariah and Islam; charlatan liberals and urban Naxals like Harsh Mander join the mullahs in this incitement, the only difference being they cloak their message under guise of ‘saving’ the Constitution. The result is that ultimately innocents and the whole nation is pushed into darkness and chaos by such preachers who deal in lies, fear, and deception. This is how and why we are seeing such increasing radicalisation of Muslims, both natives and migrants from UP, Bihar, and West Bengal, in Kerala. 

Agents help Muslim migrants settle down in places like Perumbavoor. Another added incentive is the political landscape of Kerala which has been suffering the misgovernance of both the Indian National Congress and the Communist Marxist Party. Over the years, in their mad rush to protect their vote banks, local politicians have supported the crimes of such migrants and have supported them by all means possible verging on blatant appeasement. We now have a situation where such migrants outnumber locals in large numbers in particular places and it is spreading.

Unknown to such politicians, this was the perfect smokescreen that the very sponsors of such extremists had wanted in the first place. Vested interests have taken control of these towns. Terrorists and criminals including Rohingyas have infiltrated these towns. Although such extremists are a small portion of the migrants, they rule the roost. The menace has become too large for the local police to handle. They have openly admitted that they have no records of migrants living in and around Perumbavoor.

Representational image of migrant labour in Kerala

The Bangladesh route

Pakistani citizens find it hard to enter Bharat legally but have no such issues entering Bangladesh. Bangladesh meanwhile is considered a friendly country by Bharat and many illegal immigrants (including the ones that travel from Pakistan to Bangladesh) slip through the lax security that the porous Bangladesh border offers. They come using false paperwork or arrange identity cards once they are here. Local Bangladeshi agents and some local traitors of Bharat help them procure the same. 

This was evident when the NIA mentioned in its report that all three al-Qaeda terrorists arrested were part of a Pakistan-sponsored module of al-Qaeda, regarding which the NIA had prior information. In fact, those caught now were being physically observed by the NIA for the past one week. That the information reached the local police in the dead of the night just before the raids, only displays deep distrust that NIA harbours for it. It is deserving so and they were ordered to join in the raids. The police did not know what the mission was or who they were going to arrest.  

It has now started to dawn on locals that we have started losing parts of our states to such terrorists. Unless concrete steps are taken by the authorities to arrest those who nurture and provide a safe haven for such illegals, the menace will continue to grow. It is pertinent to go after the actual financiers and sponsors of these terrorists.

This article is no war cry to start urban warfare against such illegals, rather it is a war cry to wake up from our deep slumber, assess the ground situation, and be more practical. If there are such immigrants working in our fields, construction sites, or houses we need to check their identity papers and inform the Police if found suspicious. Police can also help check the criminal background by verifying such paperwork. Citizens have to take extra care, especially when renting out premises for such migrants to stay.

If we don’t do so and let history repeat itself, we stand to lose many more towns like Perumbavoor to Jihadis. Both Tipu and other marauding Jihadis like Variyamkunnath have already killed hundreds of Hindus in the past and they are still revered by a section of our society in Kerala. Let us wake up and leave a safer place for future generations.

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