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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Pinarayi Vijayan held closed-door meetings with Pakistanis in London event organized by radical Islamist?

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has launched an inquiry into the participation of Pakistani representatives in the Loka Kerala Sabha Europe-UK regional conference attended by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on his recent Europe tour. 120 Keralites, including members of the Loka Kerala Sabha from the European region and guests from various fields, were invited to participate in the conference. 

Kerala government claimed that these special invitees were Malayalis who have excelled in social, cultural, and political fields, student representatives, health workers, and others. But 160 people attended the conference at London’s St. James’s Court Hotel. Suspiciously, they included Pakistani and Oman Citizens.

Interestingly, left-leaning organizations themselves filed a complaint with the Bharatiya High Commissioner. They informed the embassy that these shady characters were invited by someone called  Ashiq Muhammad Nassar. Suspiciously, Nassar was also the chief organizer of the whole program.

Those left out grieved that communist Keralites who have worked with the left politics for years were left out, and young Nassar was entrusted with the whole program. The allegation is that many leading Malayali businessmen in the UK were denied entry to the conference.

The rejects alleged that the entire initiative was part of Vijayan’s conspiracy to make it a Sudapi program. Sudapi is local slang for terrorists associated with the Popular Front of India (PFI) and its political wing Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI). At the conference, Nassar also presented the topic ‘Role of the diaspora in forming the knowledge economy.’

There are well-known Malayali councilors, doctors, and nurses in England. Organizations like the Nair Service Society (NSS), Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (SNDP), Christian Malayali organizations, and journalists associated with leading newspapers have all worked hard to promote our culture among UK Malayalis for decades. As the chief organizer, Nassar declined an invitation to all of them.

Although he is a Malayali, Nassar lived in Saudi Arabia with his parents during childhood and completed his schooling there. He then attended Kunju Musaliar College at Kollam and studied engineering. Although he was not involved in student politics, Nassar befriended former Tourism and Devaswom minister  Kadakampally Surendran’s son while in college.

Surendran was Devadwom minister between 2016 to 2021. He is still remembered for his exceptional ‘contribution’ during the Sabarimala agitation in 2018. Prime Minister Narendra Modi described Surendran as “one of the masterminds” in showering lathis on the devotees. Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman alleged that the Devaswom minister sinned by unleashing the police on devotees of Bhagwan Ayyappa and added that he could not atone for this sin if he does penance (tapas) even for 500 years. His attitude made Surendran a darling of the Marxists and the anti-Hindu radical Islamists.

Earlier, on the day of the Hindu festival of Makar Sankranti, Surendran’s tourism department, from its official Twitter handle, tweeted that beef is a must-try for tourists visiting Kerala. Surendran defended the same and claimed that ‘beef is Kerala’s favorite non-vegetarian cuisine’. His hypocrisy became apparent when the minister diplomatically evaded questions about pork that Muslims consider haram.

In 2019, Surendran and other top Kerala police officers were involved in a honeytrap case. Like many cases involving the sexual promiscuity of Marxists, that case remains unsolved. Last year, Surendran’s wife, Sulekha Surendran, and two of her friends visited Guruvayur Temple amid the ban on entry of devotees over a spike in COVID-19 cases. While other visitors were barely allowed to the temple entrance, these ladies suspiciously entered the temple. What these atheist ladies did inside the temple remains unclear.

During the previous communist regime, Vijayan undertook 14 foreign tours, and Surendran came second with 13. Surendran topped the list regarding reimbursements and took home more than Rs.14.50 lakhs from the state treasury. What Surendran brought back to the coffers is still being debated.

Nassar used his friendship with Surendran’s son and maintained constant touch with top CPM leaders. This comradeship is how he became a member of the Loka Kerala Sabha. The less said about this controversial group of crony capitalists, the better. This year’s special invitee included Italy-based Keralite Anitha Pullayil, an accused in the Monson Mavunkal fake antique dealer scam.

Hindupost had reported that she was the mastermind behind the fake copper plates used to claim that Sabarimala was a ‘Dravidian’ temple.’ The false propaganda was unleashed by the communists/Islamists to disrupt all rituals by claiming that only non-Brahmin pujaris should conduct poojas there.

Recently, Vijayan reasoned that the Kerala government does not bear the expenses for the Loka Kerala Sabha meetings. This is precisely why the involvement of suspicious characters like Nassar and Pullayil is deeply disturbing. Why would they invest time and money in Kerala if they did not harbor ulterior motives? It also points to poor local leadership.

Nassar now lives in Birmingham’s Solihull, England’s ‘mini Pakistan’ and a hub of terrorist activities. While Islam is the fastest-growing religion in Birmingham, local Christians are turning to atheism. It is believed that Muslims are now a majority there, as was evident from the recent attacks on a Hindu temple there.

Many Keralites living there have expressed doubts about Nassar’s activities. The expatriate community has been suspicious since Nassar led a rally of Pakistani and Yemeni nationals in front of the Bharatiya High Commission in London and chanted radical slogans against the Bharatiya government. Why did Vijayan entrust his UK program to such an extremis, and what was discussed behind the closed doors of the so-called conference? Who were the ‘VIP’ Pakistani and Omani invitees?

Incidentally, on Thursday, the Supreme Court postponed the hearing in the SNC Lavalin case against Vijayan by six weeks. After the notice was sent in January 2018, the case was adjourned for a record 32nd time. The original agreement, in that case, was signed by Vijayan way back in 1996 when he was the power minister.

Forget the solicitor general, not even a single senior advocate from the central government appeared for the CBI on Thursday. A new bench will now handle the case that Justice DY Chandrachud will decide after taking over as CJI. Unless the central government (especially the MEA) gets its house in order, Kerala may soon head the Kashmir way.

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