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Monday, May 29, 2023

Monson Mavunkal saga – how Communists tried to distort Hindu identity of Sabarimala

In Kerala, the arrest of a fraudster named Monson Mavunkal sheds light on a conspiracy to destroy the Hindu traditions and rituals at Sabarimala Temple using counterfeit documents. To achieve their evil goals, there was complicity between government employees, left-leaning media and more importantly, their CPM paymasters who are in power since 2016. 

Monson was arrested by the local Crime Branch last month. Among ‘valuables’ confiscated there was a chalice that Mohammed used, two of the 30 coins that Judas received for deceiving Jesus, a piece of clothing that Jesus had worn, the throne of Tipu Sultan and much more. Needless to say, even the elephant tusks that he flaunted, were fake.

Anitha Pullayil, the CPM and Pinarayi Vijayan

In all the hype, a real fraudster named Anitha Pullayil has been pushed to the background. She is reportedly the real link between politicians, top police officials and Monson. She claims to represent an unknown NGO called Pravasi Malayali Federation and it appears that she is close to CM Pinarayi Vijayan. 

Anitha Pullayil with PK Sreemathy Ex MP Kannur District and with Pinarayi Vijayan

Married to an Italian and based out of Italy, she visited Kerala several times in the past 3 years. How she managed to become a Kerala government-nominated member of Loka Kerala Sabha is something that Vijayan will now have to answer. 

Fake Copper inscriptions on Sabarimala

Reports surfaced about a mid-1600 era copper plate inscription regarding Sabarimala temple in Monson’s possession. It was purportedly documented by the Pandalam Kingdom who were in charge of the Sabarimala temple back then.

In 2017, Communist ‘historians’ studied those plates and declared them as genuine and leftist media ran the fake news. They claimed that as per the copper plates, Sabarimala was a ‘Dravidian’ temple and that all rituals there should be conducted by non-Brahmin pujaris.

This was used by the Pinarayi Vijayan government to foment trouble among Hindus. Had the Hindus fallen for that trap, we would have lost Sabarimala forever. The copper plate that was shown on TV was too thin and there was a round seal engraved on it. Round seals came much later with the advent of the British and the quality of the copper hinted the inscriptions were fake. 

The Pandalam royal family, trustees of the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple and the BJP want an investigation into the authenticity of those copper plates by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and an investigation into the conspiracy by a central agency.

Though the CPM denies any role, they refuse to transfer the case from the state crime branch.

Historians’ and the media

CPM is now in its face-saving mode with left-leaning ‘historians’ who inspected the copper plates in 2017, scrambling to claim innocence. It will be a hard task considering the proof that is now available. Their justifications make a mockery of not just themselves but the whole profession of state-sponsored ‘historical research.’ 

In 2016, when the communists came to power in Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan roped in prominent ‘historian’ Romila Thapar and local leftist ‘historians’ M R Raghava Varier and K N Panikker for a session on ‘Indian History.’

Pinarayi Vijayan, Romila Thapar & M R Raghava Varier in 2016

History was not discussed but they ranted at length on Dalits and secularism. Romila even said that the ‘history’ that she had written (concocted) over time was being destroyed by the central government.

These historians were to create fissures amongst Hindus using fabricated evidence. E Santhosh, a researcher joined this team. Both Santhosh & Varier are paid for by citizens since both are state government employees and are considered leading ‘historians’ of Kerala. Varier was made the Director-General of the Centre for Heritage Studies in 2018. At 85, Varier now stands disgraced not just among Hindus but also in academic circles. 

Eminent ‘historians’ – M R Raghava Varier & E Santhosh

Varier studied the inscriptions on the copper plate and claimed that it was prepared in 1668 since the script matched Brahmi, which was used back then. He added that it is the only authentic document regarding traditions and rituals at Sabarimala since it was 351 years old. Varier floated the false propaganda that during that period, Sabarimala was a ‘Dravidian place of worship’.

His colleague, E Santhosh took it from there and wrote at length on the same Dravidian propaganda. He conducted and attended numerous seminars and symposiums and spread the same fake theory. He now says that a stranger that he met at Trichur Coin Club showed him the plates and he merely translated the inscriptions.

2017 Sabarimala Agitation

Attempts to defile Hindu temples like Sabarimala & Guruvayur by communists, the church & Islamist elements with help from sections of the judiciary are well documented. The latest revelations indicate that the CPM conspired with local media channels that include Kairali TV & 24 News to spread false information. The plan was to divide the Hindu society using the long-defunct Dravidian vs Aryan theory.

Leftist media including Deshabhimani newspaper, Kairali TV & 24 News ran the fake stories and Sahin Antony from 24 news aired the news from Monson’s ‘museum.’ They forgot their dharma as journalists and without authentication, ran the news hollering the same Dravidian theory. 

Videos have now sprung up on social media that show Sahin enjoying his daughter’s birthday party at Monson’s place. Sahin cut the cake and ignoring the small child tried to feed Monson first. Sahin’s wife, a CPM activist, tried to gloss over the incident, but the deep complicity and total lack of morals was evident.

Corruption in police force

Even after ample proof surfaced, the communist regime is reluctant to order a comprehensive inquiry since they are afraid of their skeletons tumbling out. Local police, who some Keralites consider the ‘best in the world’, have lost their sheen since it became clear that their top officials were attending parties hosted by Monson after dusk and admitting that they were good family friends. A few rotten apples have tarnished an entire force. Videos also show Monson negotiating deals with police personnel.

This, in spite of intelligence reports that suggested he was a fraud. They were also providing him protection since at least mid-2019 and Monson was using their physical presence and videos with these officers to defraud his ‘clients.’

Ex DGP Loknath Behera, ADGP Manoj Abraham & Monson Mavungal at his Museum of fraud antiques

Monson swindled dozens of rich Keralites promising then lucrative ‘deals’ and fake artifacts. Deals made with someone who was a helper in a church, only to marry a Christian nun who worked there and to abscond with her, sound fishy. It points to an urge to make a quick buck through all means possible bereft of ethical values and shows they had crores to spare. 

It is alleged that transactions worth crores both in cash and kind have transferred hands. This is just the tip of the iceberg since people who were duped had mostly invested black money and are unlikely to complaint.

A thorough CBI probe is necessary to get to the bottom of yet another scandal unfolding in the Communist utopia of Kerala. 

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