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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Anti-Hindu violence spreads in UK, Durga Bhawan temple attacked in Birmingham

Emboldened by UK police & authorities weak response to the weeks-long anti-Hindu violence in Leicester, and the tacit support of British MPs like Claudia Webbe and mainstream media like Guardian and BBC, British Islamists are now targeting Hindus in other UK towns.

On September 20, a mob of around 200 masked Islamists circled Durga Bhawan temple located on Spon Lane in Smethwick town near to Birmingham, after a call for “peaceful protests” was made on social media. The mob shouting the Islamic war cry ‘Nar-e-Takbeer, Allah-o-Akbar’ came right up to the fence of the Hindu temple, with a couple of them climbing on the fence and making obscene gestures and hurling abuses at Hindus inside. A Sky News reporter said a bottle was thrown, and one video clip shows what seems like a round being fired by the police to control the unruly mob.

As per one report, “Islamists were seen hurling abuses toward the Hindus inside the Hindu temple premises. They were chanting Allah-Hu-Akbar, and some of them climbed the fence wall as well. There were Police present at the scene, but in the video, it was evident that the number of Police Personnel was far less and not adequately equipped to handle a 200-strong mob of Islamists. The majority of the Islamists were masked in the video. Towards the end of the video, Police were seen making announcements asking the mob to move back. Some Police officials equipped with batons were seen approaching the temple to control the mob.”

The reason for this protest was said to be an already-postponed event of Sadhvi Ritambhara at the Durga Bhawan temple. Her team had announced that the UK trip stood postponed owing to her poor health on September 16 itself. But that was always just an excuse. For the Islamists, the real reason was another show of strength after the shocking anti-Hindu violence that has rocked Leicester.

HinduPost has compiled multiple video clips of this latest Islamist attack into one video –

After Hindus took out a peaceful protest march on September 17, following over 2 weeks of Islamist attacks on Hindus and dozens of properties, Islamists had claimed that the march was ‘provocative’ because Hindus passed through a ‘Muslim area’ and that too near a mosque! Well, yesterday’s events at Birmingham show what real provocation looks like. But Islamists are experts at playing victim and spreading false propaganda to veil their hate for the ‘disbelievers’, especially the ‘idol worshipping’ Hindus.

At the 2:00 minute mark of the video above, a young masked Islamist issues a chilling threat, “RSS, BJP Hindutva supporters are not welcome in Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham…anywhere in the UK. None of your speakers, anyone that you call…we are going to turn up for all of them. So stop organizing this b***t. We are here now, outside the mandir. It’s a peaceful protest (sic), but we just want to let you know that if you turn up, we are all gonna be here. Even the speaker’s cancelled…look how many men have turned up.”

Then the masked man slyly tries to divide the Hindu community, saying, “We have no issue with Hindus that are from Britain..we grew up with them. But the rest of you RSS/BJP freshies, if you come here, you are going to be met by us every single time..just give us a time and place and we are there”. He ends his veiled threat by wagging his finger menacingly.

This is how Islamists establish their dominance and implement no-go sharia zones. As their strength increases, they gradually increase their demands from non-Muslims – psychologically manipulating the other side by appearing to be brotherly towards the ‘good’ non-Muslim and attacking the ‘bad’ non-Muslim. The odd Muslim who raises a voice against the Islamist bigots is also quickly shut down by branding him/her a munafiq (hypocrite, outward Muslim). Over time, more and more concessions are extracted for peaceful co-existence.

Imagine if British Hindus were to threaten violence against UK visits by Muslim clerics of Jamaat-e-Islami, Tablighi Jamaat, Tehreek-e-Labbaik or leaders of mainstream Pakistani parties like PML-N, PTI, PPP? Such a demand would actually be justified, as Muslim clerics openly spew venom against Hindus and other minorities like Shias and Ahmadis in Pakistan, and the Pakistani state’s horrific track record of persecuting their Hindu minority and sponsoring terror in the entire subcontinent is well documented. But wouldn’t such demands be dismissed outright by British and Indian liberals as anti-free speech?

Yet, when Islamists are openly threatening that they will not allow anyone from BJP – Bharat’s ruling party with a comfortable majority in Parliament – not one UK politicians or mainstream media outlet has openly critiqued the British Muslim community for such extremist acts and demands. Is the UK telling Bharat that its elected representatives and members of arguably the world’s largest voluntary organization RSS are persona non grata there?

Islamists claim that they gathered in Birmingham to protest an event involving a ‘hate speaker’; but the truth is that some of the people driving this Islamist mobilization in UK like Mohammad Hijab, Ali Dawah, Majid Freeman are known hate mongers and terror apologists! Such hypocrisy and double standards are standard operating procedure for Islamists and other Abrahamic supremacists.

The protest poster that circulated on social media in the run up to this attack has flags of different Muslim countries and calls on Muslim from all backgrounds to “stand up against these Hindus that are attacking innocent Muslims”. So much for the lame excuse that the mob had gathered to oppose Sadhvi Ritambhara’s event at the mandir.

The poster also refers to the Durga Bhawan temple as ‘Durga BJP/RSS Hindu Centre’. This provides another clue into the Islamist mindset – RSS/BJP/Hindutva are just the superficial objects of hate, what really offends them is anything Hindu, especially temples, because ultimately it symbolizes ‘shirk/kafir/mushrik’ to them.

The hate-campaign against British Hindus doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. As the Friends of India Society International UK ( twitter handle warned, “More targeted hate against Hindus planned in the days ahead. Communal Harmony isn’t their aim clearly. Nottingham next.”

Will the UK act to end this harassment, or will they allow the Islamist cauldron to keep simmering as a warning to Bharat and Hindus, just like they allowed the unacceptable vandalism and violence outside the Indian High Commission in London in 2019?

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  1. Really pessimistic view I must say.
    Look at Russia China and India and Iran
    The world is full of these unjust politicians and their political system. In name of police deployments and army deployments, they are crushing humans at home and outside .
    The UK police is not a puppet of the politicians, I’m proud of this fact.
    If people have participated in a mob to threaten the other side of the conflict, they will be punished. Just that you say I am Hindu , won’t get you sympathy.
    Now that the Indian Hindu militancy view of exported into Uk from the political gods of India , we all are going to suffer unless we keep the house in order through Gandhis non violent means and principles something that Gandhi learnt from British culture and applied to the British rulers .

    • Gandhi learnt his non-violent methods from the British colonial rulers, and applied it back on the British? Wow, that is one unique take. You should read “Legacy of Violence: A History of the British Empire” by Caroline Elkins, it might help take off the sepoy glasses which are currently coloring your worldview. And it is primarily because of selfish ‘Hindus’ like you that the ongoing slow genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan and various parts of Bharat doesn’t get heard.

  2. Please do not get too excited too early.
    This is not India where police or the law enforcement agencies take action based on any pre conceived notion. They have a different way to deal with disturbances . They do not seek mileage out of public disorder and the last thing they would want is Indian political culture or Pakistani political culture for that sake to be exported to Uk. Uk is a free country and it values every single life of human . The police is independent and they believe in non violent ways to deal with disturbances . Watch out the latest statement of the Home Secretary

    • Yes, we have already seen the after-effects of the UK Police’s “non-violent” way of dealing with things… 3 Hindus injured, including a woman punched on the nose, at least 50 Hindu homes and cars vandalized, people terrorized and their sacred spots desecrated. We also saw how UK police ‘dealt with’ violence and vandalism outside Indian High Commission in 2019. As well as how they ‘handled’ the grooming gangs which exploited 1000s of poor White girls all over UK for decades. Some may call it karma for British colonialism, but we hope that UK wakes up just like France and some other European nations are doing. As for Indian Police, we are well aware of the pre-conceived ‘secular’ notions and imperatives under which it functions and we have seen how Hindus have been left at the mercy of Islamist killers and rapists in West Bengal. That too must and will change with time. As for Pakistani culture, abducting raping and trafficking minor Hindu and Christian girls is an institutionalized practice that Pakistani police, ISI, judiciary are all a part of, so yeah, the world will one day rise to end that modern-day Nazi Islamofascist state as well.

  3. United Kingdom… Look at your future. You have upbrought something that you will repent. Today it’s Hindus, tomorrow it will be you. Remember Belgium parliament??

  4. There is nothing to celebrate for white cristians seeing attack on Hindus by jihadis, once Muslim population increase they will start attacking white cristians and reduce them to dhimmi in their own land.

  5. That’s were we are lacking. We need all major faces from all over the world to talk in favor of us including politicians, celebs, intellectuals… We need a Big ecosystem. Lets not be China who is alone as it didnt create an ecosystem against US and west

  6. The apathy of British Police towards Hindu community and its inaction to neutralize Muslim mobs from waging violence against the Hindus have emboldened these Jihadist Muslims to fan the terror tactics so that the Hindus, who are naturally shy of violence (Remember it is the Muslims who attacked Hindus first in Leicester and drew the “First Blood”) flee and settle elsewhere whereupon the Muslims will occupy the vaccant site. Muslims are not allowing Hindus to march a peaceful procession down the street as it passes by the side of a Mosque. Is the road a private property of the Mosque? They’ve developed masterplan to incite communal violence (anti-Hindu) in different cities of UK where many Asians live and work. The British Police stay inert as if it is a Hindu-Muslim crisis, so why should we intervene? But Britons forget that Muslims do not tolerate any non-Muslims, not even Christians. A similar incident happened during the last Easter Holidays in Sweden when the Muslims blocked an Easter procession as the road is passing thru a Muslim area! When the Swedish police arrived at the site, the Muslims pelted stones at them, broke the police vans and set them on fire! We’ve witnessed this in TV News bulletin.
    So what is happening in the case of the Hindus will be occurred in the case of Christians also in days to come. It is not whether but when.

  7. I’m waiting with baited breath to hear what Ms. Vasundhara Sirnate has to say about this attack? She seemed very riled up by Hindus marching through what she called a “Muslim area”. What about this? Muslims climbing up walls of mandir, encircling it? If there is anything called a Hindu area, this would be it, no? So will Ms. Sirnate say something now? It is Hindus like that who always put Hindu Samaj on backfoot, even when they are only reacting to weeks of provocations.

  8. So terrible and frightening!! Have not seen this kind of thing happen before. Is this the new normal for Hindus in UK? To be hunted, to have mandirs desecrated by Islamists? I shudder to think what the Hindus there are going through.


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