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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Lulu group, a Periyarist gang helps men sexually exploit women in the name of feminism

In a damning expose, a Periyarist feminist has revealed how women, even married ones, are sexually exploited by Periyarists in the name of feminism and sexual freedom. She has alleged that despite filing complaints police aren’t forthcoming in looking into the issue. She has taken the name of prominent Dravidian leaders in encouraging this exploitation and acting innocent when confronted.

Yuma Jahara, a woman who goes by the name France Thamizhachi in social media circles, identifies herself as a Periyarist. She claims to have been part of Periyarist circles where women are sexually exploited by prominent people of Periyarist organisations. She has been exposing how women are brainwashed by Periyarists in the name of women’s rights and freedom to have extra marital affairs with them. She explains how a woman named Lulu, running Facebook and WhatsApp groups for ‘sexually unsatisfied’ women.

Lulu Deva Jamla, a native of Kanyakumari and a resident of Australia allegedly lures women, predominantly married ones, into these groups and brainwashes them that it is not wrong to have sex with other men out of marriage. The Commune which reported about the sex racket says, Lulu’s husband Moses was with MDMK, a Dravidian party started by ex-DMK leader Vaiko. Lulu is said to have written books on her sex life and is trying to establish herself as a writer.

Lulu with another man in the first two pictures and a girls party in the last picture

Having been a part of Lulu’s groups, Thamizhachi describes her as a blackmailer who uses intimate pictures of men to threaten them. “Women in the group are made to believe that they would be able to get orgasms by having affairs with other men, which Lulu herself supplies”, Thamizhachi says in an interview. By sharing her ‘experience’ with the women in “Lulu group”, she encouraged them to indulge in infidelity. Young unmarried women were also lured into the group on the pretext that it was a women only group.

Periyarist sexual exploitation
Lulu’s FB post says “Who told you’ll get AIDS if you are with more than one man simultaneously? I was with 5 men just now and no such disease has struck me. It is a rumor spread by RSS. This is Periyar’s land”

They were allegedly made to share their nude pictures. Lulu also posted live sessions of explicit content. She convinced them that like how brain, an organ of the body can be used to earn money, other parts of body can also be used for the same purpose. Thamizhachi alleges that Periyar Saravanan ex-functionary of Tamilar Vazhvurimai Party is an acquaintance of Lulu and that she had shared intimate pictures of women in Lulu group with Periyar Saravanan. He has been accused of using the videos and pictures posted by the women to exploit them sexually and monetarily.

Some other Dravidian ideologues and communists are also said to be part of this group. Lulu is said to have encouraged a 24 year old woman to have an illicit affair with Periyar Saravanan and even get paid for it. She justified using a woman’s body to seek pleasure and satisfy man’s pleasure and earn through it. As the young woman is married it wrecked havoc in her family life. Audio files of Periyar Saravanan lewdly speaking to the concerned woman were shared in social media.

Thamizhachi reached out to Periyarist leaders at first, like Kolathur Mani, President of Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam. But instead of inquiring and taking action on Periyar Saravanan, they started a smear campaign against Thamizhachi. They also tried to block her social media pages, interviews in youtube, etc to stop her. She has filed a police complaint and submitted relevant documents to prive that Periyarist groups are sexually exploiting women. She says one person has been arrested in this regard. But no information has so far been reported by media about any of this.

This LuLu group has not only been destroying the lives of women who do not know what they are upto, but school girls as well by taking this so-called sexual freedom concept to them. A woman who had been a close ‘associate’ of Periyar Saravanan says in a video that she’ll distribute books like Why Women Were Enslaved, a book written by EV Ramasamy that encourages promiscuity.

In the same video she advises girls to be with a man for 4 days, cut ties with him and find another man and do the same with him. It should be noted that Periyarist organisations distributed the same book in government schools to spread this disgusting ideology among impressionable young girls. Thamizhachi isn’t a saint herself and is alleged to be a lesbian.

Periyarists whose only job is to peddle propaganda that Hindu Dharma is anti-women have been trying to muzzle Thamizhachi and denying justice to the women who were affected by Periyarists. Prominent Periyarists and rights activists like Suba.Veerapandian, Evidence Kathir, Dr.Shalini, Sundaravalli, etc are not only trying to bury this issue but claim it as a conspiracy hatched by RSS and BJP to defeat Dravidian idealogy.

They claim Tamil Nadu is the safest state for women and leads in empowering women and abuse UP, Bihar, MP states using the gau mutra jibe every other day. But this issue reveals what really goes on in the name of women empowerment and freedom behind the Periyarism veil.

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