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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Armyman fights to save daughter from Malappuram’s IS-linked Islamic conversion factory

Have you ever heard of Akhila from Kerala? Chances are you have not. Now, have you heard of Najeeb Ahmed- the missing JNU student, whose case has been handed over to CBI, and info about whom can fetch a 10 lakh reward? Chances are you most certainly have. The stark difference in reporting of these two cases tells you all that is wrong with public discourse in Bharat today.

If you switch on the TV, all you hear is the hoopla of ‘Not in my name’. This idea of selective outrage as explained by Swapan Dasgupta in his blog ‘The liberals flaunting ‘Not In My Name’ placards got it wrong’ has its own unique way of looking at things.

The disturbing case of Akhila alias Hadia, a Hindu girl of Kerala who was allegedly forcefully converted to Islam in an Islamic conversion centre in Mallapuram per her retired armyman father, and then married to Shafeen Jahan, could not find a place in the lofty corridors of the MSM. Apart from a few stray reports, the media did not find it significant enough to be reported at the national level unlike the case of Najeed Ahmed.

Akhila was a student of Homeopathy in a college in Salem in Tamil Nadu. Her father had approached the court last year complaining that his daughter, who was doing her internship, had gone missing.

Akhila’s father convinced that marriage conducted to recruit her in ISIS

Ashokan, Akhila’s father, suspects that his daughter has been recruited for IS activities in Syria. She had two fanatic Muslim sisters as roommates and they converted her to Islam and she was taken to Sathya Sarani, which is an organization operated by a Muslim extremist organization, and was kept under illegal detention, the father had alleged in the petition. Hasty efforts were made at Sathya Sarani to get her married to a Muslim urchin of Manjeri to hoodwink the authorities and take her to Syria, the father’s petition had stated.

Considering the petition, the high court had directed the state police chief in August last year to ensure that the woman is not taken out of the country without the court’s permission.

In his petition, Ashokan alleged that his daughter was forcibly converted to Islam and sought the help of the court to find her. Ashokan named two of Akhila’s classmates Jaseena Aboobaker and her sister Faseena – residents of Perinthalmanna – as the persons behind her disappearance from the campus under mysterious circumstances. Ashokhan told the court that they then took Akhila to Sathya Sarani, a Muslim ‘educational and charitable’ organisation which was actually a theological centre for neo converts in Malappuram, where she was kept under illegal detention .

Ashokan said in his petition that Akhila and eight other friends including Jaseena and Faseena were staying in a rented house near their college in Salem. They used to visit her friends’ home in Perinthalmanna during holidays.

He noticed some behavioural changes in her daughter when came home to attend her grandfather’s funeral in December 2015. Ashokan said that Akhila was not ready to perform Hindu rituals. On January 6 next year, Ashokan received a phone call from the father of one of Akhila’s classmate informing him that his daughter was seen wearing veil and that she was converted to Islam.

The news was a shock to Ashokan, who suffered a mild heart attack. Akhila was informed about the health condition of her father, but she was allegedly not willing to visit him at that time. Later, Jaseena told Ashokan’s wife that she would bring Akhila home on a pre-decided date. But, they did not reach home. Ashokan’s family, somehow, managed to contact Akhila, who reportedly told them that she was being forcibly held by people including Jaseena and Aboobacker.

The petitioner had alleged that Sathya Sarani was an illegal Islamic conversion centre run by Popular Front of India, an organisation founded by the leaders of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India. Taking newly converted people to Syria, making them join the terror group ISIS and involving them in terrorist activities was a well-known tactic of Islamic extremist organisations in Kerala, he had claimed.

This is not hard to believe given the way youngsters in Kerala are being lured by ISIS recruiters. The Kerala police are already investigating a case of 21 persons missing from the state. They are believed to have been taken to Afghanistan.

It is widely known that conversion is rampant in the state of Kerala. On 25 June, 2012, Oommen Chandy, then chief minister of Kerala, tabled some numbers in the state Legislature. He said:
– 7,713 people converted to Islam between 2006 and 2012.
– 2,195 Hindu women converted to Islam between 2009 and 2012

According to an intelligence report submitted to the state police chief of Kerala an year ago nearly 6,000 converted to Islam in Kerala in 5 years. Conversions happening in unrecognised Islamic centres in the state could be much higher, fear top government officials.

  • According to an intelligence report, 2 ‘recognised’ religious conversion centres in Kozhikode and Malappuram converted as many as 5,793 people to Islam between 2011 and 2015
  • The report states that almost half of those who converted to Islam are women, and that the majority of these women (76%) are below 35 yrs

Kerala High Court annuls the ‘marriage’

In May this year, The Kerala High Court declared the ‘marriage’ of Akhila and Shafeen Jahan as null and void. The court observed that an important decision like marriage in a woman’s life can only be taken with the active involvement of her parents and the couple who acted as guardians for solemnising the ‘marriage’ had no authority or competence to do so.

“The marriage which is alleged to have been performed is a sham and is of no consequence in the eye of law. It is therefore declared null and void,” the judgment said as per a report in the Times of India.

The court granted the custody of the woman to her parents and directed the police to provide protection to them. Further, the court directed police to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the case as well as about the activities of the organization that allegedly aided in conducting such a marriage.

Sathya Sarani & case of Aparna Vijayan

The name of Sathya Sarani Charitable Trust in Mallapuram had also come up in a similar case last year. News portal NewsMinute had reported then –

“The Kerala State Human Rights Commission on Wednesday asked the police to look into reports of alleged forced conversion of aeronautical engineering student Aparna Vijayan, a native of Thiruvananthapuram.

Based on a complaint filed by her mother Mini Vijayan –a resident of Pangode in the capital city- Chairman Justice JB Koshy ordered the state police to probe into Mini’s claims of her 21-year old daughter being apparently abducted and forced to convert by a ‘mysterious set of people’ hardly a fortnight before her marriage.

Aparna who had joined the aeronautical engineering course at a private college run by the Jewel Education Trust  in Ernakulam – Mini says – was apparently persuaded by her friends to move into a hostel run by a woman named Hasmin.

When Mini went to the hostel on March 30 to help her daughter move back home after completing her course and to prepare for her marriage that was to be held in April, she was supposedly told that none by the name of Aparna resided in the hostel.

It was only later that Mini managed to catch a glimpse of her daughter in CCTV images broadcast by the Theribiyath Islam Sabha Mukthar group based in Kozhikode.

After her parents twice filed a habeas corpus petition, Aparna was produced in the court by one Sumaya on both occasions. The court ruled in Aparna’s favour as she was an adult and chose to go with Sumaya on her own volition.

Mini believes that her daughter now lives at the Sathya Sarani Charitable Trust at Manjeri in Malappuram. The distraught mother pleaded with the authorities to get her daughter transferred to a government-run hostel. According to Mini, if the authorities did not act promptly, her daughter could end up in the hands of the ISIS.”

Sathya Sarani makes no bones about their goals on their website www.sathyasarani.org –

Sathya Sarani

The fact that an Islamist organization intent on Da’awa (Islamic proselytization) has kept a name like “Sathya Sarani” – Sanskrit for ‘path of truth’ – shows the sophisticated deception to attain their goal of converting Hindus to Islam. The real name is also revealed in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the site – Markazul Hidhaya.

The Hinduphobia of these Islamofascists running “Sathya Sarani” is revealed in the abusive epithets they use for their target audience, i.e. Hindus –

“under the grip of man gods…spiritual psychopaths….observe meaningless rites…….people frustrated by the mental chaos and turmoil”

Their website also says that “as per un-official figures, the Muslim population in India is 20%.”

ISIS zone called Gaza in Kasargod where Hindu students are brainwashed

In a recent expose, Times Now had reported from an ISIS zone called Gaza in Kasargod, North Kerala, where even the police fear to tread. The area is named after the Palestinian region of Gaza, a symbol of Islamist resistance, to underline how radicalised the inhabitants have become. A hub of ISIS activity, young Hindus here are being radicalised in coaching centres and tuition classes by committed agents of the Islamic Caliphate.

The mother of an ISIS terror survivor even stated that had she not overheard her daughter on the phone and figured out something was wrong, they could have been in serious trouble.

She was intending to learn Syrian language, adopting the changes from Hinduism to another religion, namely conversion which was an utter shock. She was intending to convert from Hinduism to Islam,” she said

Islamists organize mass protest against High Court ruling, clash with police

With such a dubious conversion factory involved and many legal ways still open to appeal further in the apex court, ‘civil society’ (Islamists) is still rallying in large numbers & almost rioting against this court decision. The police in Kochi had to resort to lathicharge and tear gas shells as the crowd of protestors swelled up and continued their procession towards the Kerala High court and did not recede even after repeated attempts by the police.

The day long protest march was organised by Muslim Ekopana Samithi in Ernakulam district. The protestors laid siege to Banerji road in the city. According to television reports, more than a hundred protesters belonging to various organisations and student groups took part in the protest.

IB hauls Kerala police for shoddy investigation of conversion factory & terror links

Kerala news outlet mathrubhumi.com informs that in a report submitted to the Central Home Ministry, the Intelligence Bureau has accused the state police of overturning the progress made in anti- terror investigations in the state by not investigating the Islamic State (IS) angle in the Akhila conversion case.

IB says that state police ignored two particularly strong links to IS that had come up in the course of the investigation. The first instance was in view of a phone conversation the girl had with her father where she is believed to have said that she wished to join the IS and go abroad. The IB pointed out in its report that the police failed to investigate the source of instigation to join IS.

The intelligence report also accuses the police of having subverted a thorough investigation into Shafin Jahan, who was identified as one of the three IS supporters whose names were revealed by people arrested from the Kanakamala camp at Kannur by the NIA. The police had allegedly dismissed the critical link by reporting that the accused denied the charges when questioned.

The involvement of a woman, Sainaba, with whom Akhila stayed in Kochi has also not been investigated. In a similar case involving a Cherpulassery resident that was registered earlier, it was found that it was Sainaba’s instigation that led to a hasty marriage.

Faux-Liberals tie themselves into knots

The left-liberal brigade has had a predictable response to the whole episode. They have railed against the ‘patriarchal’ ruling of the high court, condemned the HC for giving an official stamp of recognition to idea of Love Jihad ‘manufactured’ by Hindutva groups, and ignored the mountain of evidence staring us in the eye –

  • North Kerala has a serious problem of Islamic radicalization, wherein youth of all religions are being brainwashed to accept IS ideology. 21 youth travelling to join IS in Afghanistan and Syria is no joke.
  • The divisive, bigoted goals of an organization like Sathya Sarini should be anathema to any true liberal. Such organizations are the real flag-bearers of fascism as they want to impose the ‘one true way’ in Bharat. The fact that Islamists have created such an elaborate infrastructure to brainwash and convert Hindu youth should send a chill down our collective spine.
  • How many parents have to suffer before our faux-liberals wake up? Yes, many of these girls are technically adults, but what evil dogma requires a child to completely cut off from her/his parent? If these children were being similarly brainwashed by a Hindu cult, would our liberals have reacted in such a nonchalant fashion?
  • Love Jihad is real. Deal with it. There have been far too many cases all across the country for it to be a random occurrence. Yes, there are genuine cases of inter-faith marriages, but that doesn’t mean we become blind to the existence of a very real Islamist doctrine & radical Muslim mindset which considers non-Muslim women as legitimate targets.

Moreover, why is it mandatory in the so-called ‘progressive’ Kerala society that a woman has to convert to Islam in Hindu-Muslim marriages? Why can’t the girl retain her earlier identity? Isn’t it time for a pan-Bharat law which makes it a serious offence for the perpetrators of forced conversion of women to Islam, whether in guise of marriage or by any other way.

Why are the ‘progressive-liberal’ gang and Kerala CM Pinari Vijayan, who was so vocal in berating an upright officer when an illegal cross was demolished, silent? Doesn’t the plea of a helpless Hindu father count?

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  1. I salute these young souls who accept the Deen of Islam. Islam is the only way to salvation. by worshiping images and idols made out of stones, you will achieve nothing. Please come to Islam and worship the one and only creator Allah. i know people have problem with Islam because of certain Muslims indulging in terrorism, but that should not stop you from soul searching. please stop for a while and think if god you worship are real gods, just look at hanuman or ganesha. the animal faced and odd looking creature can never be a God. God is above its creation. we can not even imagine how he looks like. God is One, the stories of ramayana and mahabharatha are just Epics. worshiping the characters of these epics will not do you any Good…. May Allah bless you and show you the right way that will lead you to success in next life. Aamen

    • By practicing Islam you will only reach heaven after which you will come back to the earth once your karma expires. You will only go through the cycle of life and death. You can reach moksha only through the path of self realization through meditation and knowledge of the Vedas and Upanishads.


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