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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Hindustan Times spins news of man hacking 2 tribal women over cow slaughter in Assam

A Muslim man was arrested for assaulting and grievously injuring two tribal women who objected to his slaughtering a cow in Biswanath district of Assam.

According to reports, Ahmed Ali was slaughtering a cow at his house in Diringpathar village close to the border with Arunachal Pradesh. The inhabitants of the village are predominantly Muslims and tribals. Police said a group of non-Muslims, including the two tribal women, came to Ali’s house and told him to stop slicing the animal. Enraged, Ali allegedly charged at the women with his machete and injured two women, identified as Bodheswari Goswami, 40, and Bhanti Mallick, 42.

Amhed Ali fled the scene after attacking the women before other villages could gather at the place. “However, prompt action by the police prevented the situation from getting out of hand,” the district’s Additional Deputy Commissioner Asitakshya Chakraborty said.

The two women were rushed to the civil hospital in Biswanath Chariali town. Bhanti Mallick, who sustained injuries to her head, was later shifted to Tezpur Medical College and Hospital.

“We arrested the accused for assaulting the women from a nearby village in Balisang area around 11 am. The law will take its course,” Diganta Choudhury, the district’s Superintendent of Police said.

Media coverage

Hindustan Times has published a brief report on this incident, and none of the main TV channels seems to have picked it up. Maybe it is the same ‘tyranny of distance’ that Rajdeep Sardesai alluded to when probed about non-coverage of 2012 Assam riots under Congress’ watch, that has prevented Delhi media from covering this incident.

No media has bothered to visit the two ladies who were attacked with a machete, unlike families of Junaid Khan and Mohammed Akhlaq who received unprecedented media attention after their unfortunate murders.

But what is interesting is that even in their minimal report of this brutal crime, Hindustan Times manages to peddle their anti-Hindu agenda by –

1.) Taking a jibe at BJP by dragging in a random incident of a bull dying because it was allegedly beaten with sticks by family members of a BJP worker – no reference of this news has been given, readers are being asked to take the HT reporter’s word.

2.) Trying to balance the issue, by mentioning the death of a Muslim in Rajasthan at hands of alleged gau rakshaks. Notice how news reports of alleged cow vigilante violence never talk about rampant cow smuggling across the country and attacks on police by armed cattle traffickers. Another favorite of MSM journalists is talking about how “cow protection laws have been ramped-up in BJP-ruled states since NDA came to power.” This assertion glosses over the fact that cow protection laws have existed in 24 out of 29 states of Bharat long before NDA came to power for the first time in 1998, or BJP came to power in most states.

 3.) Outright lying by claiming that  “cow slaughter is legal in Assam”. 

According toThe Assam Cattle Preservation Act, 1950 – “Slaughter of all cattle, including bulls, bullocks, cows, calves, male and female buffaloes and buffalo calves is prohibited. Slaughter of all is cattle is allowed on obtaining a “fit-for-slaughter” certificate, to be given if cattle is over 15 years of age or has become permanently incapacitated for work or breeding due to injury, deformity or any incurable disease. Anyone violating the law can be punished with imprisonment up to maximum of 6 months or fine of up to ₹1,000 or both. The crime is treated as a cognizable offence.”

Hindustan times spin in article about Muslim man attacking two tribal women 

Amazingly, the same Hindustan Times article goes on to talk about a recent arrest made under the Assam Cattle Preservation Act of 1950 and decries the arrest as the “first such instance.” So the earlier claim that “cow slaughter is legal in Assam” was not made out of ignorance. And the reporter Rahul Karmakar appears to be unhappy that the police is finally acting as per the law!

One wonders about the editing process at HT that two such contradictory statements within the same 403 word article were not caught. Further, the HT article devotes just 205 words out of total 403 towards reporting the murderous attack on two women, and 198 words (almost 50%) are spent on talking about cow vigilantes, NDA, BJP etc.

People like Bodheswari Goswami and Bhanti Mallick are children of a lesser God for our left-liberal media and intelligentsia. And however much the PM tries to appease this liberal lynch mob, they will not rest until he is defeated in 2019 and/or the Hindu voice is banished from the public square.

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