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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Is Jindal University fast turning into the next JNU?

Jindal University appears to be walking down the JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) path with anti-national as well as anti-Hindu ‘smash Brahmanical patriarchy’ posters and those hailing Communist terrorist Che Guevara coming up in its premises.

In the above video, faculty member Arijeet Ghosh of Jindal Global Law school says he considers Kashmir to be ‘India occupied J&K’. It is these kinds of teachers who seed separatist thoughts among the students who then go on to demand ‘Azadi’.

Readers may recall earlier Jindal Law school had come under fire for including books by Bharat-bashers in its curriculum. These posters that call for ‘Azadi’ appear to be in keeping with what these authors had wanted – seeding secessionist ideas in young minds.

The Jindal Law School curriculum’s social movement course manual had Nitasha Kaul’s “Kashmir: A place of blood and memory” is one of the books students have been asked to read. Kaul is one of those who believes Bharat has no legitimate right over Kashmir. She terms Bharat as an ‘aggressor occupying Kashmir’. It must be pointed out here that Kaul is a supporter of Pakistan. Then there are the likes of Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Jean Dreze, Christopher Jafferlot, and others who keep spewing venom against Bharat.

Not surprisingly, one of the posters wants Kashmir to be ‘liberated’ from ‘fascist’ Bharat. The poster titled “combat Indian colonial propaganda! End the militant occupation of Kashmir” whitewashes the Kashmiri Hindu genocide while demanding ‘freedom’ from Bharat.

PC: Rahul Kaushik Twitter Page

Of course, Jindal seems to be following the path laid out by JNU which is the den of the ‘tukde-tukde’ gang and where Abrahamo-leftists rule the roost. JNU had been in news as early as 1983 for its leftist politics. In 1983, leftist politics on campus became so violent and uncontrollable that the university had to be closed for a year. Even the leftist masters of propaganda will not be able to accuse someone else of the large-scale violence of that period — no other ideologies, especially the nationalist one, had been allowed to enter JNU at the time.

In this violence, teachers who subscribed to the Left ideology were engaged in instigating the students and making plans for them. After this incident, a contingent of paramilitary forces had to be deployed on the campus for a fairly long time.

Anti-nationalism has seeped into the JNU genes. Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Jamia Milia, Jadavpur University are some of the other campuses that are on the secessionist path and need to be thoroughly scrutinized by the central government.

Interestingly, while Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) Chairman Shri Naveen Jindal says that National Flag is the highest and most recognizable symbol of national pride and he always feels proud to fly it, students and faculty of his university are talking the talk and walking down the separatist path.

These posters once again remind us that the Bharatiya education system is doing nothing to imbibe values of patriotism and pride in Bharat’s culture and religion. The rot runs so deep that we find such a questionable curriculum to be a part of almost all universities across the country. This can particularly be noticed in streams such as history and political science.

The distortion of history begins right at the school level. We have also seen how attempts to overhaul the UGC history syllabus had upset a section of academics. There is an urgent need to clean up the education system. Be it private or government-run institutions, course contents need to be one that imbibes a spirit of nationalism and a sense of pride in one’s traditions and culture.

The bane of Bharat has been that academia has been controlled by the left-liberal cabal who have for long created generations of deracinated Bharatiyas. It is time to reclaim pride in Bharatiya values.

(Featured Image Source: ToI)

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  1. So if somebody wants to smash brahminical patriarchy, they’re anti-Hindu? No. Because you know who wants to smash Brahminical Patriarchy? Dalits. Do you know which religion Dalits belong to? Hinduism.

    • “Brahminical Patriarchy” is a dog-whistle term invented to attack Hindu Dharma (our Dharma is not “Hindu-ism”, btw). This idea that Brahmins manipulate and pull the strings of each Hindu community is absurd – it’s similar to the conspiratorial theories of Jews ‘controlling the world’, coined by a similar set of fanatical haters. There are a wide variety of Hindu sampradayas (~ sects) like Gaudiya Vaishnavas, Shaktas, Shaivas, Lingayats, Ravidassis, Warkaris, Nath sampradaya etc – they have their own gurus, deities and traditions – all bound together by common thread of Dharma. Smartas, who worship all principal Hindu deities equally, respect all the other sampradayas and visit all different temples where pujaris may or may not be Brahmins. Yes, Brahmins are often custodians of traditional knowledge and rites, just like traditional artisans tend to be from certain communities. But who is stopping anyone to study any Hindu Dharmic text, or create new Dharmic movements like ISKCON, Chinmaya Misison or Art Of Living did in last 50 years or so?

      Moreover, who dominates political power in Bharat today? It is mostly those labelled OBC or “middle-castes”. SC communities like Jatav or Mahars also have clout. Feudal discrimination in villages, though much reduced compared to 70s-80s, is usually done by powerful clans closest to casteist political outfits like RJD, SP, DMK etc and their Islamist partners. Ask Pasmanda Muslims how they are treated by Ashrafis. Ask Hindu Dalits about who attacks their festivals and grooms their girls? Btw, we are also seeing reverse discrimination i.e. “lower castes” dominating “upper castes” in some areas where the former have numerical superiority.

      If you want to fight ‘patriarchy’, do it separately – there is no such construct as ‘Brahminical patriarchy’, because an OBC or SC community is likely to be as ‘patriarchal’. And the real dangerous patriarchy in the sub-continent is ‘Ashrafi patriarchy’ or ‘Islamic patriarchy’ – which wants Muslim women to be confined to hijab and burqa and live with misogynistic practices like triple talaq, polygamy, halala. But speaking up against that takes guts, which most modern virtue-signaling activists lack.

  2. Jindal University is a private University set up under an Act of Haryana Govt which should cancel it’s University status and debar it from awarding degrees/diplomas which will not be acceptable for any job.


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