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Thursday, December 9, 2021

When do JNU & Jamia protest and when do they celebrate?

Since its inception in 1969, this august institution called JNU, named after our first Prime Minister, has had a leftist leaning and has been a mute spectator to the Tiananmen Square massacre where Communist China’s tank mowed down students who were staging peaceful protests for freedom against the Communist government in 1989.

The same JNU maintained a deafening silence when on the chilling night of 19th January in the Kashmir valley, a diktat was issued from the mosques in the valley to eliminate all Hindus from Kashmir. What followed was the biggest genocide of Hindus, where over five lakh hindus were forced to flee from their homes by JKLF’s Yasin Malik, Maqbool Bhatt & company and the then Chief Minister of J&K Farooq Abdullah abdicated his responsibility and chose to look the other way.

Liberal voices and Lutyens’ media, who are so vociferous today agitating against CAA and NRC were mute spectators then. However, when Afzal Guru’s death sentence was pronounced, the whole of Jawaharlal University saw violent protests and pro-Pakistan slogans. The students of Jawaharlal University staged anti-Bharat protests against the hanging of a person who launched an attack on our Parliament which is the temple, mosque, church, gurudwara of our democracy.

When do these premier institutes of our country celebrate?

They celebrate when 76 CRPF jawans are martyred in a naxalite attack in Dantewada. Anti-nationalism has been the epitome and the basis of JNU politics since the time of its inception because of it being Left-leaning but the same leftists had their tongues tied when their own communist regime in China buttressed and tank-rolled the protesting students in Tiananmen Square.

The protests at Shaheen Bagh by children and women are politically instigated and the opposition has stooped to such a low that they are using children for fodder. The women and children who are protesting don’t even know what they are protesting about. No Bharatiya citizen is being effected by CAA which aims to provide citizenship to persecuted minorities from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

No Bharatiya citizen is affected by CAA and no one’s citizenship is being taken away. Hindus, Christians, Jains, Parsis, Sikhs and Buddhist, who were persecuted in Islamic countries (which have declared Islam as their State religion) and sought shelter in Bharat, have been given Bharatiya citizenship.

Even the late Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi in a BBC interview strongly advocated the return of illegal migrants. Mamta Banerjee also endorsed the same line in parliament in 2005 and Shri Manmohan Singh, our former PM, strongly urged the then Home Minister Shri L K Advani to grant citizenship to persecuted minorities from Bangladesh, in his address to the Upper house in 2003.

The indoctrination of children and weaponizing and using them for political gains and protests is the ultimate nemesis which all opposition and religious hardliners can get into. Their frustration is complete and absolute and it manifests itself in innocent children being used as political tools.

That is deplorable and disgusting and shows the anti-nationalism of the opposition in opposing a law which they endorsed while in opposition . The frustration of the opposition and their exposure is complete and evident when innocent children are being used as tools to further their ludicrous cause.

The nation is bound to see through this blatantly hypocritical narrative being played out by the frustrated who oppose our country and its character.

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Aman Gupta
Political Editor, Samast Bharat magazine


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