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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Pakistani Hindus residing in Bharat share their stories at Ananthapuri Hindu Maha Sammelanam

Hindus from Pakistan who now live in Bharat were invited to the just concluded Hindu Maha Sammelanam at Ananthapuri in Kerala. They spoke about their tales of sorrow in both Pakistan and Bharat. The speakers admitted that life is much better here in Bharat than across the border.  

Chidam Kumar Sharma, a civil engineer, came to Bharat from Karachi in 2013. One can start life and career with hard work, but one cannot reach higher positions because someone is a Hindu. Discriminatory laws exist in Pakistan that state that minorities cannot be the head of any company. Madrassas tempt poor Hindu boys, and they convert to Islam. These new converts actively participate in pushing other Hindus to accept Islam. 

Bhura Lal Bhil from Hyderabad in Pakistan now lives in Bharat. Tribal Hindus like Meghwals and Kohlis are bonded laborers of landlords like Vaderas. They have their private jails to punish their bonded labor. Dalit Hindus are not paid and are even chained. Minor girls are threatened that their family members will be killed. Even after converting and bearing four or more children, they are divorced using triple talaq.

Baba Ram Mandir is where Hindus converge in large numbers. It was destroyed on four occasions during Bhura’s young lifetime. Protests led to nothing since Hindus have no value in Pakistan. He said that Hindu dharma is just not allowed to be taught in Pakistan. 

Some parents of minors have all the paperwork regarding the victim’s age. They approached the court since it was deemed illegal to marry a girl until she is 18-years-old. Islamists and kangaroo courts now use a new approach. The victim is sent for medical tests, and if it confirms that she is of menstruating age, she has to continue with her new Islamic family.

When sharia and so-called Pakistani laws conflict, sharia is considered superior. Islamists now arrange a certificate from the doctor that she is a major as per sharia. When the landlords abduct and rape young Hindu girls, goons attack those who protest with rifle butts even as their daughters are raped inside.

No Hindu symbols like a tilak or a bindi are tolerated in Pakistan. Hindu ladies venture outside wearing the burqa, and men use pseudonym Muslim names. Parents themselves name their children Akbar Ram, Ajmal Ram, and Rahim Ram so that they don’t face atrocities.

If they come to know that you are a Hindu in a restaurant, the vessels and the food are thrown away, and Hindus are beaten up and thrown outside. Similar scenes arise when using public transport. Women who wear Bindis are spat upon their faces.

Ajay Ahuja, whose father was a victim of partition, led the team. He is now a social activist who works for the Hindu victims in Pakistan and is based out of Jaipur. He said that four minor Hindu girls are abducted and converted every day in Sindh, and they have data. 

Ajay Ahuja speaks at the Hindu Maha Sammelanam

One thousand three hundred Hindu, Christian, and Sikh girls are forcibly converted to Islam each year in Pakistan. A Pakistan joint parliamentary committee admits that four such atrocities are committed each day in their Islamic country. Not a single daughter has come back. 

Ajay added that tribal and Dalit Hindus account for 80% of the Hindu population in Pakistan, and most are landless. Half of those who live in India have relatives in Pakistan. They will be tortured and will lose their homes.

Those Hindus who migrate to Bharat have to face bureaucratic red tape. Until 2016, there were visa restrictions; migrants could not open bank accounts, were not issued driving licenses, could not run their businesses and were not allowed to move outside the district where they stayed. Those restrictions have come down during Rajnath Singh’s home ministry charge. 

Even after waiting for the 12-year naturalization period, documentation and red tape make it difficult. It takes 15 years for a Hindu immigrant from Pakistan to get Bharatiya citizenship. The CAA bill should ease regulations and become six years. 

Rajnath Singh’s time was the golden era for Hindus from Pakistan, and he was eager to listen to their complaints and issues. Amit Shah wouldn’t find time for them, Ajay added. In 2016, the BJP government introduced the CAA but did not have the mandate in Rajya Sabha, but now they do. 

The only positive is that the whole world knows that there are Hindus in Pakistan and admit that they are victims of atrocities committed by radical Islamists. 

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  1. There is no cure for the Islamic virus spreading unbounded since 7th century. The violent verses in koran, hadiths, Millions of fatwas, against non Muslims, women, etc, issued by retarded mulla-maulana brigade need to be condemned and proscribed. UN should criminalise jihadi attacks and countries should stop taking jihadi cleverly camouflaged as Muslim immigrants. Conversion to islam should be banned as it us the root cause of all violent issues in the world. There are no peaceful solutions. Only diamond can cut diamond.

  2. 🔥🔥Even Ram and Krishna should NOT really be called HINDU Gods❗ RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Yogi Adityanath and Dr Subramanian Swamy are NOT the REAL HINDUs, as they are NOT from the land of River Sindhu, and they also do NOT follow the culture and traditions of the Sindhis, who are the REAL descendants of ORIGINAL HINDUs. So how can they be promoting REAL Hindutva just by calling their ideology as HINDUTVA⁉️ Actually, the people of Pakistan should be known as the HINDUs, irrespective of the religion they follow, as the River SINDHU is located in their country.
    🔥Geographically, Hindus are the people who live in the land around the River SINDHU, which is now in Pakistan. The names of Hind, Hindustan and Hindu are derived from Sindh and Sindhu. So the majority of the people of Bharat are NOT Hindus. They should be called BHARATANs, Bharatiyas or Bharatwasis.
    💥💫How many people know that one meaning of BHARATAN is Bright Jewel or Shining Jewel💫💥⁉️


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