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Friday, April 12, 2024

Dangerous communal agenda and racial bias – Before Arbaaz, 4 Hindu boys and 2 Muslim girls were killed in Karnataka

A Muslim youth Arbaz was found dead near the railway tracks in Karnataka on September 28. The police investigation is ongoing. If Arbaaz was murdered then his killers should be arrested and be given strict punishment according to law, even if they are Sri Ram Sena activists as is being alleged.

Now there are some leftists and Muslim activists who sleep peacefully when Hindu boys are killed in Karnataka by the family of Muslim girls, but when they see any Muslim victim, their secularism wakes up. Suddenly they realize ‘Muslims are under threat’, how ‘Hindutva is more dangerous than the Taliban’, how the ‘majority of Hindus are communal’.

Mahesh Koli

14-year-old Mahesh Kolli’s nose and genitals were chopped off by Tarabi and Mehboobsab, the mother of a Muslim school girl and her friend, as he was speaking to the girl. The majority of Dalit activists, Muslim activists, secular activists did not utter a word of condemnation, as if speaking against it was Islamophobia, or they just don’t care. 


Imagine the outrage if his name was Mohsin Khan instead of Mahesh Kolli. He belonged to the Bedar tribe. What is the mysterious reason that they did not speak for Mahesh Kolli? 

Is it because Mahesh did not have a fair complexion like Arbaaz? In that case, they are racists.


Now lets look at some selective tweets on Muslim victims, interspersed with details of some more Hindu victims.

1- Dr. Meena Kandasamy tweeted– “To establish a Hindu majoritarian terrorist nation, they don’t have to rename India or change the flag. That kind of ceremonial changeover will happen in due course of time. Until then, this killing of Muslims, is the proof that Hindu Rashtra is already here”

2- Sania Ahmad tweets mostly for Muslim victims only and tweeted for Arbaz too.

K Lakshmipathy

This case was widely shared on twitter, along with the murder of Delhi’s Rahul Rajput which happened around the same time. It’s quite likely that those who are trying to create a panic-like situation over Arbaaz’s death were aware of the murder of K Lakshmipathy by Nizamuddin and others, as he married Nizamuddin’s daughter.

But speaking about Lakshmipathi’s death doesn’t suit their agenda. If they are truly secular, then why not speak for him? As he is Kannadiga? Or because he was a factory laborer? 


3- Congress politician Salman Nizami was maybe not aware of other cases, as his followers don’t tag him on those, but he also tweeted for Arbaaz.

4- Suchitra Vijayan tweeted “This not a “hate crime”, it’s a premeditated act of terror.”

5- Sidrah | سِدرَة – account with above 23 thousand followers tweeted “the barbarians who decapitated Arbaaz are not fringe. they are one of you.”

Reshma Banu and K Nagaraj – beaten to death 


This case was widely covered by media, but intentionally ignored due to communal bias. Police arrested Babu Saheb and his four sons Razak, Aran, Shabbir and Ibrahim. Both Reshma and Banu were 22-years-old. K Nagaraj did not have fair complexion like Arbaaz. Is it possible that due to racism, they did not tweet for him?


6- AP photojournalist Altaf Qadri quote tweeted another tweet to say: “Result of relentless “Love Jihad” bogey by Indian politicians backed up by dozens of media outlets 24×7.”

7- AISA (student body of Communist party CPI-ML) Kawalpreet Kaur tweeted heavily communal agenda, which can incite Muslims. ” The price for interfaith love in this country. The price for being from Muslim community in this country. “My brother was getting death threats from Ram Sena. They warned my brother and said: ‘Leave her or else we will kill you.'”

Basavaraj Madivalapaa Badiger & Davalbi Bandagisab Tambad

This double murder was given coverage in most media. And media did not censor, and accepted the communal hate behind the murder. The boy was a SC Hindu (Dalit) and girl was Muslim.

Those who cry for Muslim victims and Dalit victims won’t cry here. If Arbaaz is Muslim, then Reshma Banu and Davalbi Bandagisab Tambad are also Muslim. Or they don’t care for the lives of Reshma Banu and Davalbi? They have only one reply when they will be questioned- “You are anti-Muslim, you are spreading communal hatred”. The so-called ‘RW Hindu trolls’ are at least clear about their beliefs, but the leftists and Muslims pretend to be secular and behave in a communal way.


8- Journalist Sohini remembered Rizwanur’s case and how similar it was- “This happened back in 2006-07 in secular haven West Bengal Rizwanur. Remember Rizwanur? His girlfriend was the daughter of the Lux Cozi brand empire. He was found dead near a railway track (To the credit of Calcutta society and media, it was BIG news for months.)”

But one year after Rizwanur Rehman’s death, a Hindu man was beheaded in the same West Bengal. Obviously, such cases should be forgotten as per Sohini, or she doesn’t know about those as Kolkata intellectuals did not protest against the Murshidabad case and the murder was forgotten.

Source: Outlook, 2008 –

Someone should remind Sohini of Shailendra Prasad’s beheading.

The cases I have mentioned above are mostly only for Karnataka. Other than K Lakshmipathi, most boys killed for having affairs with Muslim girls were from SC/ST community. 

Hindus are more likely to get killed in inter-faith relationships (and those are truly inter-faith because there is no pressure to convert, or deceit like faking a Muslim identity to lure the girl), but still, the leftist accounts, anti-Hindu accounts, Muslim accounts, trend successfully for Muslim victims and international media falls for them.

This kind of communal bias by people with Hindu names, can further anger and instigate ordinary Muslims. If Muslims are aware of all cases, then they might understand that this happens more on their side, but if they don’t follow or believe the right-wing Hindu accounts, but trust the “fake secular” people, they will think only Muslims are killed for inter-faith relationships in Karnataka and the rest of the country.

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