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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Hindu man bullied and made to apologize by Indian Muslims for alleged FB comments: Kuwait

A shocking video of a bunch of goons forcing a Hindu man to apologize for allegedly supporting Israel and making ‘anti-Muslim’ comments on Facebook and has come to light from Kuwait. The goons can be seen self-identifying as ‘Indian Muslims’ in the video.

The trigger for this incident was some alleged Facebook comments which the mob apparently deemed anti-Muslim. Although the identity of the man being bullied is not clear from the video, going by the comments made at him, he definitely appears to be Hindu. Astonishingly, this is the second such incident of intimidation of a Hindu in Kuwait within a month. Towards the end of April, Islamists physically assaulted a man named Praveen for praising his country’s Prime Minister on social media!

The Islamist mob first makes the man join his hands as a gesture of apology. They then make him state where he is from (Mumbai) and which country he is presently in (Kuwait). Then a man named Imran says he is also a citizen of Bharat and they (the group of 8-10 men standing in the small room) are ‘proud to be Indian Muslims’. 

He then goes on  a rant saying that while Bharat is struggling with the pandemic, you (the Hindu man) are making comments like ‘puncture putra’ (son of a puncture-repair man), ‘Ahmed putra’ while the same Ahmed (i.e Muslims) is cremating your elderly people back home whom your own people have refused to cremate. But you are living off the Arabs, off the Gulf and making provocative posts against Islam, he adds. Aren’t you ashamed?

All this sounds rich coming from extremists who castigates Hindus as ‘bhakts’, ‘cow piss drinkers’, ‘kafirs bound for hellfire’. Incidentally, fake news about a Muslim performing the last rites of an abandoned Covid-19 deceased Hindu in UP’s Muzaffarnagar had recently gone viral, amplified by ‘journalists’ like ex-NDTV anchor Abhisar Sharma, ED-raided‘s Kashif Kakvi etc. The truth was that both brothers of the dead man conducted his last rites and the Muslim man was just attending. A similar ‘heartwarming’ fake news was peddled last year as well by Times of India.

Going back to the video, the visibly shaken victim begs forgiveness with folded hands. Another man points a finger at him and hurls an expletive.  A light hold on the scruff of his neck adds to the menacing environment. A lecture on the Islamic country that they live in follows where the accuser adds that the Hindu is not being made to cry “Allah o Akbar” and that they (Muslims) ‘never indulge in blaspheming Hindu gods’, as a favor. People here have given you food parcels and humanity is the first religion, the accuser adds. The bodies of your people are rotting in drains, flowing in the Ganga back home, and here you are making ‘I stand with Israel’ posts? We have nothing to do with Israel and Palestine, but humanity is being murdered…at which point the video ends.

Such supremacist indoctrination of the Indian Muslim mind, their identifying with Arabs and the global ummah instead of their own countrymen and ethnicities is one of the fundamental teachings of Islamic mosques/madrassas and organizations like Deoband, JuH, JeI, PFI etc. And the left-liberal media propaganda against Hindus provides such extremists the perfect fodder – the story of dead bodies in Ganga has been repeated incessantly, while the way Covid-19 has ravaged Muslim pockets in Bharat, the dearth of burial space, the series of attacks on health workers and police in Muslim ghettos has been largely downplayed.

Muslim extremists talk of humanity, but don’t say a word when 12-year-old Hindu and Christian girls get abducted in Pakistan for forced conversion and a life of sex slavery. The same Bharat that rescued so many expat Muslims through Vande Bharat missions last year, is now being reviled by these ingrates. They forget how Bharat has provided medical and other professionals to the Arab countries. Indian Muslims benefit from so many government schemes run with mostly Hindu tax-payer money, but you won’t hear them talk about that.

As for the claim that Hindus are treated with respect in the Gulf and Arab countries, well, such claims should be taken with a grain of salt in any Islamic country. Indian Muslim fanatics have launched a targeted campaign to harass and trap Hindus working in the Gulf. The visuals of a burqa-clad woman breaking Sri Ganesha murtis in a Bahrain store hint at the bigotry which lurks behind the facade of modern infrastructure.

Vishnu Dev, a 28-year-old engineer from Kerala working in Saudi Arabia was betrayed by Indian Muslims and jailed for alleged blasphemy over a twitter conversation where a Muslim woman from UK provoked him by abusing Bhagwan Shiva. He was sentenced to 10 years in jail – where did ‘humanity’ disappear then? Or the case of mechanical engineer Akhilesh Pandey (33) from MP, who was sentenced to 15 years in jail and fined Rs 1 crore in UAE last year for alleged blasphemy after a conspiracy hatched by 4 expat Muslims – two Indians, a Pakistani and a Sudanese.

This video appeared online recently and the Bharatiya embassy’s twitter handle was also tagged. However, no action appears to have been initiated against the culprits as yet. It is also not yet clear whether Bharat’s embassy staff were able to locate the victim and speak to him or to ensure his safety. 

Unless action is taken against such Indian Muslim fanatics, the consequences will be pretty hard on millions of Hindus who work in the 50-odd Muslim countries across the world. Islamists upload such videos on social media to send out a warning to Hindus that anything that Muslims deem remotely un-Islamic will be taught a lesson.

Some Muslim immigrants in countries like Kuwait consider the Arabs a superior race and are mentally enslaved and conditioned to think so and no further. Interestingly racist Arabs themselves believe that Indian and sub-continental Muslims belong to a ‘cattle/lesser class’. This is evident from the steady stream of cases emanating from the sexual exploitation and slavery of Muslim women from our part of the world at the hands of some Arabs.

Yet Indian Muslims fall over themselves to prove their loyalty to the Arab world. Let’s not forget the boast made by Delhi Minority Commission chief Zafarul-Islam Khan, “the day Indian Muslims complain to the Arab and Muslim world, you will face an avalanche.” 

Interestingly, Indian Muslims’ fanatical propaganda against Israel is happening at a time when Muslim monarchies themselves are moving closer to Israel.

With no progress or hope in finding a resolution to the Palestinian statehood issue, many Arab states led by UAE have now joined hands and signed the Abraham Accords with Israel that clearly upholds “each state’s right to sovereignty and to live in peace and security”. The Muslim Brotherhood’s covert hand in recent Arab Spring uprisings and their intellectual and ideological ties with many Hamas members has not gone down well with monarchs in the Arab peninsula.  

As if to compensate for the withdrawal of funding for a UN agency catering to Palestinian refugees, the UAE had offered Hamas various infrastructure projects in return for a promise of calm in the region. Hamas, by being aggressive has shattered the tranquility in the region, and as expected the UAE has warned them that its proposed investment stands on hold. 

So in a fast-changing world, who will bring about the change in thinking of the regressive, fanatical and supremacist mindset of the Indian Islamist? Unless the Islamist organizations based in Bharat, which provide the theological base for this extremism, are tackled by governments, things will not change. And unless Hindus organize and educate themselves through new Dharmic organizations, they will keep falling for propaganda and mentally and physically bullied.

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