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Friday, September 24, 2021

Bahrain woman destroys Ganapati murtis in a store; time for Muslim countries to introspect

A video featuring a burqa-clad woman smashing murtis of Sri Ganesha in a Bahrain store had gone viral on social media over the weekend stirring a massive controversy.

In the said video, two burqa-clad women were seen walking around a store at Juffair, Bahrain. Some murtis of Ganapati were placed on one of the shelves, one of the women then went on to grab the murtis and smashed them on the floor one by one. Screaming in Arabic, she said, “This a Muslim country, right?” Clearly, she was agitated with the presence of the murtis of the Hindu deity in Islamic Bahrain.

The disturbing visuals went viral on the internet evoking varied reactions from social media users. What shocked us more than the degeneracy of the burkha-clad woman who destroyed the Ganapati vigrahas, was the fact that there were countless Islamists who openly praised the act as one in keeping with tenets of Islam. These Islamists were from different countries ranging from regressive Islamic nations to the so-called progressive Western countries. Most of the hate-filled tweets, celebrating the act were taken down by Twitter or deleted by the user themselves.


There was also a huge uproar from Hindus worldwide who were outraged at the depravity being showcased in full public view, in a country where Bharatiyas form the biggest expatriate group. It is understandable that the murtis were kept for sale ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi to cater to the Hindu diaspora in Bahrain.

On Sunday, August 16th, Bahrain police summoned the 54-year-old accused woman after a video showing her  “intentionally damaging a shop… and breaking religious idols” in the Juffair area in the capital Manama went viral on social media, informed the country’s internal ministry. The statement also mentioned that the woman had admitted to crushing the ‘idols’ and would be tried in court.

While we appreciate the swift action taken by Bahrain administration, we cannot overlook the mindset of the people in any Islamic country, whether it is an impoverished Pakistan or the prosperous Middle-East. It also remains to be seen if any deterrent punishment is indeed handed down to the accused woman, or she is let off with a minor slap on the wrist – remember, Vishnu Dev from Kerala is in a Saudi jail serving a 10-year sentence for merely responding to a slur against Bhagwan Shiva by a Muslim woman on twitter.

The Islamic supremacist attitude has plagued Muslims countries and even the royals are not free of it.

Back in April this year, Princess Hend Al Qassimi of the UAE had come down heavily on Hindus who had finally decided to speak up against the bigotry of Islamists. Princess Hend put out a strong message that suggested that she would stop Bharatiya Hindus from working in the UAE if the criticism of Islamists continued.

“I have never heard an Indian attack an Arab or a Muslim before but now I have reported just one person but you can see my timeline is full of people insulting the Arabs, Muslims. This is so un-Indian…. Is India trying to force us to pick and choose, who to allow in the Emirates – only the Muslim and the Christian? This isn’t how we were raised. To us, they are all Indians we don’t put them in any category – like we will work with them only because they are Indian Muslim.”

“Taking inspiration from what the Union Minister from India has said, I think we in the Middle East should now start treating our minorities (Hindus) from India the same way Muslims are being treated in India. We should make it ‘heaven’ for them.” tweeted UAE businesswoman, Noora Al Ghurair after being triggered by Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’s statement that Bharat was still heaven for Muslims.

These princesses and businesswomen seem to have forgotten that in Bharat, Muslims have been found blocking roads to offer namaz, flouting government-issued health advisories and rioting over Facebook posts. Will they be able to cite any such behavior by the Hindus, let alone in the UAE, but anywhere in the world?

The likes of Princess Hend or businesswoman Noora should rather start campaigning against the subjugation of non-Muslims in every single country where the Muslims form the majority. Their own tweets highlight their fascist mindset where they boast about their supremacy by threatening to throw the Hindus out of jobs or their country.

They must start by censoring the objectionable and obnoxious attitude they display on social media, and then proceed towards preaching tolerance to the general public in Islamic countries and Muslim-dominated countries. Maybe then shameful manifestations of bigotry such as the one displayed by the 54-year-old woman getting irritated at the mere sight of a Hindu Devata and vandalizing shops with fanatic zeal for the world to see, will not be repeated.

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