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Sarasvati-Sindhu civlization

The Lost River: archaeology and chronology of the river Sarasvati (Part1)

“You cannot read one article in Bharatiya  press without the word ‘mythical ‘being attributed to the Sarasvati and it has even become so cliched!  The River Sarasvati   is not mythical as per Bharatiya literature. So, it’s a completely unjustified controversy,” says Michel Daninio, Indic studies scholar and author, The Lost River: On the Trail of the Sarasvati

What Reich’s study says and doesn’t about how Bharatiyas came to be

In the 1850s, Max Müller – a German orientalist who lived in Britain most of his life – introduced the notion of an Aryan race...

Harappan people ate high protein laddoos: Study

People living during the Harappan civilization around 4,000 years ago, have been found consuming high-protein, multigrain 'laddoos', according to a study. The scientific study of...

The Aryan Invasion Myth: How 21st Century Science Debunks 19th Century Indology

The Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) needs no introduction. It is the bedrock upon which Bharat's history has been written. Its central thesis has three...

Rabid Hindu hater Kancha Ilaiah attempts to Christianize ancient Bharatiya civilization

Christian convert Kancha Ilaiah has come up with an illogical theory regarding the Sindu-Sarasvati Civilization (SSC). An old interview of Ilaiah shows him crediting...

6000-year-old Rakhigarhi: Burials were done in Rig Vedic fashion, DNA study finds no Central Asian trace

New findings from the 6000 year old Rakhigarhi site of the Sindhu-Saraswati civilization (also called as Indus Valley civilization by Western Indologists), have shown...

Ancient Architecture of Bharat

It is a general misconception among many (including certain Hindus)  that the ancient  Bharatiya architecture, infrastructure etc were poor compared to other contemporary ancient ...

9 cultural continuities of ancient Hindu traditions from Harappan era

In this post we shall be highlighting few of the many cultural continuities from the bronze age Harappan or Sarasvati-Sindhu valley civilization (SSVC) down...

On antiquity of an ancient Hindu practice : Worship of Yakshas and trees

It is needless to mention that the Hindus revere and worship many kinds of trees and plants. In this post we shall highlight the...

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