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Friday, June 9, 2023

Is Love Jihad really happening in Bharat, or is it a hoax?

“Is love jihad really happening in India, or is it a hoax?” This question was raised on the social media platform Quora. A Quora user has given a detailed answer to this question quoting many media reports and news-bytes, which we reproduce in an edited form with some additional incidents below:

Love Jihad is not a myth.

  • Mohammad Shafi from Kerala raped 30 Hindu girls. He had opened fake profile on matrimonial websites posing as a Hindu NRI doctor. He would meet those girls in best hotels, the girls thought he came from abroad to meet them. He watched some old Malayalam movies and made a cruel plan. He used to give them drugged food. When the girls lost consciousness he had sex with them and recorded it, then would blackmail them for money. He exploited 30 girls. He confessed that he considered raping Muslim girls as a sin. He didn’t consider rape of Hindu women as a sin.
  • National level shooter Tara Shahdeo from Ranchi married a Hindu man who was actually Muslim. She was tortured for days when she refused to convert. (This case was widely covered by Bharatiya media)
  • Nashik triple murder– Sangita Deore, her daughter Priti and granddaughter Sidhi were burned alive by her Muslim lover, Jalaluddin Khan

  • Jyotsna was murdered by her lover Afzal Kalam in Ahmedabad.

  • Payal Patel from Ahmedabad was murdered by stalker Majid Khan Pathan.

  • Dalit girl Seema shot dead by her friend’s lover Shahnawaz in Muzaffarnagar, UP, for allegedly advising her friend to avoid seeing the accused.
  • 1992 Ajmer rape case – Forgotten case of Bharat’s Rotherham scandal, where over 100 Hindu girls from all castes were blackmailed, gang raped by Khadims (family servers) of Ajmer Dargah. The town was placed under curfew for few days to avoid communal tension.
  • Riya Gautam – Riya, an aspiring air hostess, was stabbed eight times by stalker Adil Khan near her home. She succumbed to her injuries.
  • Manasi Patra – A deaf and dumb poor Dalit girl from West Bengal is also not safe. There was no coverage in any media. Only a court document from a government website exists. She was raped and murdered by her Muslim stalkers. I thought it was a fake news as not a single Bengali newspaper gave coverage.
  • Saharanpur forced conversion- A Hindu girl’s nude pics recorded on camera by a Muslim man. She was blackmailed and forced into sex, later the boy tried to convert her.
  • Puja Hadapad from Bidar, Karnataka, a Hindu backward caste girl Puja was raped and murdered by Shamsuddin. He used to stalk her. She rejected his advances.

  • Shruti Menon was murdered by her boyfriend Azeem and her mother was also stabbed. Source-The Hindu newspaper.
  • Mou Rajak was a 17 year old Dalit girl. She met a man named Tapas. Tapas was actually a married man with kids. His real name was Iman Ali MondalWhen Mou rejected his sexual advances, Iman Ali killed her with acid. She struggled for days in hospital.
  • Delhi double murder of sisters Poonam and Swati who were murdered by auto-driver Tahir. Poonam had a relationship with Tahir for several monthsShe found out that he was already married. She ended their affair. Tahir killed Poonam in her home. Her younger sister Swati was witness to her sister’s murder. Tahir killed the minor girl also.
  • 13 year old girl was abducted, married, converted by three MuslimsThe girl’s father was driver in Army. The girl became pregnant after gang rape.
  • Aarti Sharma’s throat was slit by her ex-boyfriend Ajmal Shah
  • 14 year old girl Hindu girl was abducted by a Muslim man and forced to marry.
  • Mansi Dixit– A young model in Mumbai met a man Muzammil Sayyed online. He brutally murdered her.
  • Abdul Samad stabbed E. Madhavi when she refused to have relationship with him.
  • Two minor Hindu girls were abducted by Muslim men in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. One girl was rescued.
  • Subhalogna Chakrabarty was shot by her husband Sultan Ali.
  • Shabi tried to kill his Hindu girlfriend in Vellore, Tamil Nadu for refusing to convert to Islam. The girl was seriously injured as he tried to slit her throat with a knife. The girl had asked Shabi to get her parents’ permission for their marriage who objected to the marriage when he approached them.
  • Rita Ahuja (name changed) was strangled to death by her Muslim boyfriend who then took her body at her home and confessed in front of her parents. She and the accused, Shahbad Khan, worked together at a healthcare company.
  • Woman named Kantha and Siraj Pasha had an affair in ChikkamagaluruKarnataka. She was murdered by Siraj Pasha and Mohammed Mousin.
  • Ankita was murdered by her ex-boyfriend Raees, when she denied to marry him.
  • Juhi was murdered by her husband Sajid and his two brothers. The woman who was a Hindu, went against her family to marry Sajid. After marriage, the woman changed her name to Juhi.
  • A Hindu girl was abducted by her Muslim friend Nadeem who gangraped her with his friends.The four men hit her on the head with an iron rod, broke her teeth and pulled out her hair.
  • Shweta Pandey married a Muslim man Sheikh Shahbaz and converted. She was murdered. Police arrested her husband.
  • Gujarat, Ankelshwar town. A Hindu girl Rekha Vasava was in a live-in relationship with her Muslim boyfriend Hanif Pathan Khan in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, who then murdered her.
  • Hindu Girl from Bengal fell in love with a Muslim boy who was actually a human trafficker who used to lure young girls on pretext of marriage and later sold them to brothels. Later, when she realised this, she committed suicide to escape exploitation.
  • On the social media site, accused Sajan Shaikh, 21, had created a profile by the name Rohit Das and claimed he was a college student. After being in touch with a Hindu girl for over six months, he blackmailed her and asked her to escape with him. Girl, when realised his truth confronted him and escaped back to her home city.
  • Hindu girl marries a Hindu man who was actually a Muslim. The Muslim husband’s family poisoned the girl when she refused to convert.. The man was previously married.
  • Taekwondo and Table Tennis player of Kanpur alleged that she was cheated by a Muslim youth who concealed his religion to lure her and then forced her for conversion and marriage.
  • Muslim gangster with fake Hindu identity lived as a tenant with a Brahmin family in Agra, with a fake name Ramu. He wooed a teen girl from the family and ran away with her.
  • Two Muslim boys from Meerut used fake Hindu names and became friends with a Dalit Hindu girl. They met her in a cinema hall and raped her.
  • A Muslim guy used fake Hindu name and had relationship with four girls. He got arrested. These type of cases get coverage if they are from cities, but not in very small towns and villages. National media don’t always report.
  • Nirmala Pathak accused Arif Khan of kidnapping her, raping her and forcing her to convert. He used a fake name Rahul Sharma.
  • A Hindu woman, who hailed from Kolkata was blackmailed to marry Asif from Phulwari Sharif in Patna. She claimed that her husband’s family forced her to live in a madarsa for a month to learn Islam, where she was forced to eat beef.
  • Ranjit Kaur a Sikh girl married a Muslim man Hafeez who converted her to Islam, and then gave talaq to her. He was forced into Nikah halala by Hafiz on pretext of getting back together. Later he denied to accept her back.
  • Jaya Bhandari was forced to convert to Islam and a nikaah was performed at Anwar’s residence. Her in-laws changed her name and forced her to eat beef, besides assaulting her when she refused to pay a dowry of Rs 5 lakh.
  • An NRI Muslim man Safdar Abbas Zaidi was booked by the Rachkonda Police in Hyderabad for cheating and raping a 25-year-old woman after promising to marry her. The victim has also accused him for converting her into Islam when they were in Dubai, saying it was a necessary step towards their marriage.
  • Former Bengal cricketer Eklakh Ahmed’s wife committed suicide in suspicious circumstances. She was a Hindu; converted to Islam after marriage.
  • Khalid Anwar had kept his identity under wraps and introduced himself as ‘Aryan’ before marrying a Hindu girl from Nashik.
  • Mohammad Umardaraz and his family used to torture the Hindu girl whom Umardaraz married whenever she did not observe namaz. Girl told that they fell in love and he didn’t reveal to her parents that he was a Muslim. They got married as per Hindu rituals.
  • Parents of a 15-year-old girl received a “nikahnama” of their daughter. Girl’s father, who works as a labourer, told that her daughter was kidnapped from the area where I used to work, by a Muslim youth and his elder brother.
  • Model Archana Pandey committed suicide and blamed her boyfriend Omar Pathan.

The following cases don’t strictly fall under the category of ‘Love Jihad’ or sexual grooming by Muslim men using deception and/or coercion, but nevertheless show the dangerous fallout of such relationships-

  • Ex-TV producer Suhaib Ilyasi murdered his wife Anju Ilyasi. Anju’s mother revealed that their marriage was not a love marriage but a case of Love Jihad. He forced her to convert and also wear Burqa. He was sentenced to prison for life, but Delhi High Court recently acquitted him.

Every week many cases come out, I can’t keep track of all of them, or spend time investigating whether any of them were ‘fake cases’. When a crime takes place in big cities, it gets some media coverage. But crimes in small villages gets coverage in local media only. I can’t read all Bharatiya languages. So the exact number of cases are far more.

Hindutva groups sometimes harass every Muslim man-Hindu woman couple, irrespective of whether the relationship is between two consenting adults or not. But it is also hard to ignore the fact that while a relation might really be mutually consenting at the outset, it can turn ugly later on when the girl discovers the man’s true identity or has second thoughts and wants to end the relation.

All Muslim men are not bad.  Some Muslim men are wrongly accused of Love Jihad, which gives an excuse to liberals to say ‘Love Jihad is a myth’.

The answer to “What is Love Jihad?” is ambiguous. There are various crimes where Hindu girls become victims and the accused is her Muslim boyfriend or Muslim husband. Some Muslim boys and men use fake Hindu name to start relations with Hindu girls. Some Hindus girls are murdered by their stalker who happened to be Muslim.

But I haven’t seen many cases where Muslim girls were killed by their Hindu boyfriend or Hindu husband or Hindu stalker.

There is obviously an anti-Hindu mindset among some Muslims which we are trying to ignore for the sake of peace, as Hindus by & large try to avoid confrontation or violence. There are some Muslim men who deliberately target Hindu girls and become violent when rejected.

HinduPost Staff Note:

We at HinduPost have also covered around 100 Love Jihad and 70 Rape Jihad cases over the last few years, which represent just the tip of the iceberg as far as this problem goes. To still remain in denial about this evil is wilful ignorance or utter cowardice.

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