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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Fake-news spreader Islamist student Rashid Rizwan maligns government over Ukraine evacuation

Bharat has inadvertently been embroiled in the Ukraine-Russia face-off due to its 20,000 nationals stranded on the war-torn geography, whose evacuation has been successfully carried out on priority by the government. Unfortunately, however, it is the left-liberal and Islamist sections of this country that have exploited this emergency to use it as a ploy against the government. 

While the anti-government media have hand-picked students that can be encouraged to be critical of the government’s efforts, some Islamists from Bharat studying in Ukraine, are also burning their midnight oil to badmouth the country and its administration. 

One such student from Ukraine, identified as Rashid Rizwan recorded and put out a video on social media, expressing his anger at the government for not immediately evacuating him from Ukraine; the video went viral in minutes. Rizwan claimed that some students were stuck near the Ukrainian border for over 10 hours, and no government official connected with them concerning their evacuation process.

Crying in front of the camera he said that he would rather die than be in his present situation. He then trained his guns at the Modi government questioning the credibility of his governance and officials, furthering the propaganda of Bharat’s “failure” in evacuating the students. The opposition parties and the liberal-secular media picked up this video, shared it widely, and published opinion pieces to further their misinformation about the ‘failure’ of the Modi government’s evacuation process. 

However, when we scratch the surface a little, Rashid Rizwan was exposed as a rabid Islamist, a fanatic supporter of rioters and ardent hater of the present Bharatiya government. This is not his first attempt at maligning the country’s image or spewing venom. 

And this is certainly not the first time Rizwan was partaking in frivolous scare-mongering and peddling misinformation through social media; he has a long and disturbing history of such troubling antics. 

Back in 2020, Rashid Rizwan, who according to netizens, is a resident of Gopalganj, Bihar, had shared a disturbing picture of a toddler sitting on the bloodied dead body of his grandfather, who was shot by terrorists holed up in a mosque during a shoot-out with security forces. But Rizwan tried to promulgate the twisted message that Kashmir has become Syria under Modi’s governance, misleading people to believe that the killing was carried out by Bharatiya forces, thereby turning heaven (Kashmir) into hell. 

A screenshot of one of the old tweets put out by the Islamist student shows him protesting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Ukraine, outside his college. This youth has a penchant for slandering his country on foreign soil. The CAA was not only Bharat’s internal issue, it was an Act passed by both Houses of Parliament and the President for the humanitarian cause of granting citizenship to persecuted minority refugees of three neighboring Islamic countries – Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan – where Rizwan’s fanatic co-religionists were suppressing kafirs. 

Rizwan, who demanded to be rescued by the same government he spews venom against day in and out, had also extended his support to Safoora Zargar, accused of inciting violence that led to the anti-Hindu Delhi riots in 2020. There again, he played the minority and victim card by claiming that Zargar, who was booked under UAPA, was arrested for ‘being a Muslim’ and not for delivering hate-filled, violence-inciting speeches. Defending the Islamist rioters who were booked for murdering Hindus, Rizwan claimed that the police had only arrested Muslims. 

Even while in Ukraine, Rizwan, actively propagated misinformation about the nation’s internal matters including the farm laws and after the Modi government rolled back the farm laws, he took to state that not only was this a ‘victory of the farmers’, but of the Shaheen Bagh anti-CAA protestors.

From his past online behaviour, Rizwan has proved enough times that he is a fanatic hater of the Modi government and is blindly committed to not only opposing every action of the government but also slander the same. 

Staying true to his anti-Modi stance, despite the government’s well-executed evacuation of the Bharatiya students stranded in Ukraine through Operation Ganga, Rizwan has tarnished the government on a global stage. Under Operation Ganga numerous flights have flown from Ukraine’s neighbouring countries like Romania and Hungary to bring our stranded nationals home. All our nationals stuck in dangerous areas have now been brought back home, and there was the tragic death of only one student Naveen when he stepped out of his bunker in Kharkhiv to buy supplies.

Our embassy officials in Ukraine have managed to arrange accommodation, food and buses to rescue students stuck in the most dangerous cities like Sumy. This stands in stark contrast to countries like US and Germany who raised their hands and advised their citizens to manage their own way out of Ukraine. Listen to what the parent of a Kashmiri student stuck in Sumy had to say about his son’s evacuation from Sumy –

This is what a respected ex-Army Chief had to say about Operation Ganga –

But the rumor-mongering ilk of brazen Islamists like Rashid Rizwan will be ever-ready to discredit the government. It’s outrageous that such youth will be the future doctors of this country and citizens will put their lives in their hands.

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  1. There are some namak harams like Rashid Rizwan who are born & brought up in India; yet they never hesitate to hurl slurs to India and Indian Govt. irrespective of the contribution their motherland do for them. In fact, they do not consider India as their motherland. But they are coward enough not to disown their Indian citizenship in order to stay in any Islamic country.


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