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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

“Ex-CJI Ranjan Gogoi sold himself for less than a prostitute” – Urdu poet Munawwar Rana

Lucknow-based Urdu poet Munawwar Rana, who had returned his Sahitya Akademi award in 2015 to register his protest over the Dadri incident, has made an extremely distasteful remark about ex-CJI Ranjan Gogoi in relation to the Ram Mandir verdict which was handed down by a 5-judge SC bench led by the ex-CJI last year.

The above video clip from an interview given by Rana was shared on twitter by UP CM’s Communications Advisor, Shalabh Mani Tripathi, with accompanying text, “The one who earned his livelihood through emotions linked to ‘Mother’ turns out to be a jackal in a poet’s garb. See how he talks about women and the highest court of the land. But if you call him a traitor, some will get restless.”

 In the video, Munawaar Rana can be heard saying –

“Ranjan Gogoi sold himself for such a less amount in which you can’t even buy a Hindustani R***di (prostitute)…for a Rajya Sabha membership. And I am sorry to say, but if he had made this decision, good or bad, then he should not have been given the Rajya Sabha membership. This shows that it was not justice, it was fraud.”

‘You are making a serious allegation,’ says the interviewer.

“This is not an allegation, I am stating facts!! When we ask a maulvi to write a tabeez (metal or black cloth pendant worn by Muslims to ward off evil), he doesn’t take money or even drink tea, saying it be can construed as a price..and here you bought a Rajya Sabha seat. What does this mean? Two men got together and made a decision, whereas people were chanting ‘wrong, wrong’ from all sides…but you did not listen.

“The whole world knows this. You can say ‘this is our internal matter’ all you want, but the hatred that it generated in hearts…the respect people had for Hindustan as a country which has given birth to a Mahatma, Sant, Sadhu, Fakir, Sufi in every century, now people think about the same Hindustan that where earlier a Rajya Sabha seat was sold for 1-2 crores, there ‘Justice of India’…which if Badshahat (Muslim monarchy) had existed then it would have earned name for Bahadur Shah Zafar and Akbar..”

After returning his Sahayta Akademi award back in 2015, Munawwar Rana had issued a statement that PM Modi is like an elder brother, and if his elder brother loved him back, he would ‘gladly carry his shoes.’ Rana had claimed that he got a call from PMO requesting him to meet the PM after he returned his award.

Recently, Munawwar Rana had stated, “There is no need for a Hindu CM in a democratic country…If you hand over a state to a staunch Hindu chief minister, you are bent on destroying it.”

In December, after the humanitarian CAA bill granting expedited citizenship to Hindus and other minorities from neighbouring Islamic nations was passed, Rana had tweeted about ‘fighting to the death’. Then in January, Rana’s daughters, Sumaiya and Fauzia, were among those booked for man-handling a lady constable who asked them to disperse as they were holding an illegal Shaheen Bagh-style anti-CAA protest in Lucknow.

When IIT Kanpur administration ordered an investigation into the reading of Pakistani poet Faiz’s poem Hum Dekhenge, which call for a revolution using Quranic metaphors and imagery such as Mohammed’s destruction of ‘idols’ in Kaaba, by anti-CAA protestors on campus, Rana had said, “We cannot allow IIT to take a decision on poetry because IIT can produce one lakh scientists, but those one-lakh scientists put together cannot write an epic like ‘Ramayana’.”

Another example of the kind of Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb or syncretic culture propagated by Munawwar Rana and his ilk was provided in the protests over a Muslim professor being appointed to BHU’s Sanskrit Vidya Dharma Vigyan (SVDV) department where students were justifiably demanding the appointment of a practising Hindu well versed in Vedic traditions. At the time, ‘internationally acclaimed poet’ Munawwar Rana had said

“several Hindu students belonging to the lower castes used to study in a Rae Bareli madarsa, Alamgiri Masjid, in the 1950s as they often failed to get admission in mainstream schools. Hindi was taught as ‘Aa’ (the Hindi alphabet) se Allah and ‘Ra’ se Ram.”

That’s Islamist ‘syncretism’ in a nutshell: subtle denigration of Hindu Dharma and society, exploiting Hindu fault-lines, while projecting Islam as an enlightened, humanitarian force.

Prashant Bhushan’s conviction for contempt of court (he is yet to be sentenced) indicates that the Supreme Court might have finally woken up to the abuse hurled on it over last few years by liberals & secularists after just a few judgements where SC refused to toe their line – 134-year-old Ram Mandir case, Justice BH Loya’s death, Rafale.

Other issues like Article 370 and CAA are currently being heard in SC, but even there threats have been flying thick and fast with likes of Harsh Mander, PB Mehta, Dr. Dr. P.A. Fazal Gafoor either provoking people to ‘hit the streets’ or directly threatening courts with violence.

Now there is news that action might be taken against Swara  Bhasker too for anti-judiciary remarks. One hopes that Munawwar Rana’s disgusting rant against ex-CJI Gogoi is similarly acted upon.

Farce of  Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb & way forward

Another Urdu poet Rahat Indori, who passed away recently after contracting Coronavirus, has also been outed for his anti-Hindu bigotry and crude jibes at Hindu leaders. Both Rana and Indori are exemplars of the Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb fraud. Here are some typical tactics used by these closet Islamists to appear syncretic aka secular –

  • Present different face to Hindu and Muslim audiences – thanks to internet and social media, their heart-felt inner thoughts expressed during private / less publicised performances are now easily available for all to see. Same goes for likes of Shahid Siddiqui (his editorials in Urdu press vs those in English press are a sight to behold) and Mahesh Bhatt (refer his 2013 speech at a Muslim conference in Delhi).
  • Appeals to Hindu ‘generosity, large-heartedness, tolerance’; hark back to an imaginary harmony and amity before British came; talk about shared roots, food and culture as needed. Make some cursory references to Ram, Ramayana, Holi to keep the validation-seeking dhimmi majority fooled. Same tactic was used during Shimla agreement signed after 1971 war where Bharat gave up 93000 Pakistani prisoners of war without any tangible gain.
  • Play the victim card. Employ staggering double standards without batting an eyelid, and paint a picture of global targeting of Muslims without ever acknowledging plight of Hindus in Pakistan & Bangladesh, or harsh reality of sharia law in Muslim world. Expect Indian state to respect ‘Muslim sentiments’ on Rohingyas, Palestine etc, but protest violently if refuge provided to persecuted Hindus. Say ‘terror is no religion’, and ‘saffron terror’ with equal conviction.
  • If all else fails, threaten to burn the nation down or bring it to a standstill, or invite the wrath of the Muslim/Arab world.

This short-video by UpWord shows how many Islamists who actively campaigned for Pakistan in pre-partition era masked themselves as ‘communists’ to brazenly stay on in Bharat. The strategy continues to this day with likes of Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid.

But Hindus have only themselves to blame for allowing the wool to be pulled over their eyes. In our blind pursuit of some ideals floated by the West (which even the West doesn’t follow as diligently as we do!), our elites have forgotten our own history & roots. Indeed, many of them have turned Hindu haters. These elites have drifted far from reality; and sadly, where elites go, nations follow. We must defeat both, the Islamists in sheep’s clothing and deracinated Hindu elites, if we want Bharat to rise as a self-respecting nation. The first step is recognizing the enemy within, and taking active measures to deradicalise and detoxify education and public discourse.

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