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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Constitution & Complexities Of Love Jihad – Part 1, Must listen Interview –

Love Jihad, which can also be called Grooming / Grooming Jihad in broad terms, has made a lot of news, more so in recent times. There is no state in Bharat, which has not seen Hindus converting to Islam on a regular basis. Though conversion to Christianity is also rampant in various belts, there’s a peculiar way Islam (and therefore Muslims), target Hindu girls to increase Muslim population.  This peculiar way is called Love Jihad / Grooming Jihad.

There is no one way or one measure that is used to bring Hindu girls to Muslim fold. While there are various ways that are acted upon, the motivation behind the act/s remain/s exactly the same. While the much blown out case of Hadiya from Kerala is primarily a case of blind proselytism effected systematically via a well-funded organization, but it also ultimately transformed into Love Jihad. The girl was married off quickly to a Muslim after she converted.  On the other hand, mainstream media shoved Athira’s case under the carpet after she chose to come back to Hindu fold, citing that she was unaware of the importance of Hindu Dharma. But Athira’s case also gives valuable insights into how some other religions ‘propagate’ their supremacy to seemingly unaware Hindus, even at the student level.

This mass attempt at proselytizing is rampant in any area that starts to have a minimum base (in terms of number of people and institutions) of certain Abrahamic religions. Recently, NIA submitted its report in closed covers to Apex court hinting that Hindus are being converted ‘systematically’ while the conversion (gharwapasi) to Hindusim statistics are far lower.

I shall be limiting myself to Love Jihad in this article and shall not delve too much into how boys / men are also being targeted for conversion to Islam & Christianity. What makes Love Jihad all the more dangerous is that a Hindu woman who leaves the Hindu fold, or does not convert but marries a Muslim man, ultimately brings up Muslim children while losing many legal rights unless marriage was effected under Special Marriage Act (SMA). With gender ratio already a bit skewed against women (more so among Hindus), this is going to have demo-graphical consequences in under 2 decades.

The first question is – What constitutes Love Jihad? Is it conversion, or fraud? A woman converting by own will and marrying a Muslim does not constitute Love Jihad? Or a woman not converting and marrying a Muslim will not count as Love Jihad?

The answer is fairly simple – any marriage between a Hindu and Muslim, where a partner converts to Islam and / or children are raised as Muslim, should be called Love Jihad. That’s because of two reasons –

  • Demo-graphical repercussions
  • Theological motivation.

Next natural question is – What is meant by theological motivation? Isn’t this assuming that no love can really happen between a Hindu and Muslim?

The truth is, there is no way to check if it was true love or ideological motivation behind choosing a Hindu girl for marriage (and ultimately conversion or having Muslim children through her). That’s simply because of deeply ingrained consequential principles like Apostasy, Blasphemy, conversion of a non-Muslim leads to paradise (jannat), in Islam. We must understand that Islam is not only a personal religion, but also a well conceived supremacist political system. And, one look at regional newspapers gives a firm idea how various Hindu girls who ultimately refuse to convert after falling for a Muslim, get tortured, sometimes even raped and killed. Since the theological sanction is so strong, it is impossible to separate the ‘real love’ cases and it is certain that Love Jihad is being used as a tool to alter demography at a faster pace.

What I have said above shall be clear to a great extent through these 2 interviews mentioned below. Published about a year back, this interview on Love Jihad gave some insights to urban Hindus. Taking this further, we delve into its complexities. The first interview is of a senior lawyer practicing in Delhi, who has seen such cases through many years –

Here is the summarized text of the interview :

Q – Namaskar, Love Jihad is now coming in news more often. You have seen such cases since last 2 decades. What’s the prime motivation / background behind this?

A – If you see basics of Islam, inviting a non-Muslim to Islam is the duty of every Muslim. And if a Muslim successfully brings someone into Muslim fold, he gets the ‘sabab’ of 9 Haj journeys i.e. converting a non-Muslim is a means to get fruit of 9 Haj journeys. Hence, this effort.

There are various motivational tools since very beginning to convert men and women to Islam. There are different pressurizing tactics when it comes to converting men. When it comes to non-Muslim women, the main method used is involving the woman in a love relationship.  And there are various tactics used to achieve this goal. Love Jihad is nothing new, it was always existing. Currently, it is being done systematically and used as a tool for increasing Muslim population. Money and training are integral parts of it.

The Hindus who are uninterested in own culture, who are more greedy are more vulnerable. In Muslim society, there are 2 kinds of people – liberal Muslims and staunch orthodox Muslims. Now interestingly, Love Jihad is popular with both sets of Muslims. Liberal Muslims consider this as a shortcut to get the status of a certified ‘Haji’ just by marrying a Hindu girl and converting her. Even if they remain loyal to that woman, the goal is achieved. This is fairly common in Muslim celebrities.

Now coming to orthodox ordinary Muslims, I personally believe that if any Hindu girl is deliberately targeted by them, there is 90 to 95% chance that she will get trapped, simply because the Muslim boys are trained and supported for it, and also because Hindu society is lousy in interfering in such incidents. Then later, when she realizes that she is actually trapped, she has no way to come back, as her family usually breaks all links with her.

For example – I had this case of a school going girl, she used to go in a rickshaw to school. The rickshaw guy was Muslim. Slowly, that man started talking to her about his ‘love’ for her. But when she kept on avoiding and finally refused, he came to coarse methods like cutting himself with blade to prove that he will die if she rejects him. Finally, she succumbed. Converted and married him. Later, this could not work and she took a talaq (divorce). Then i had asked her what had prompted her to marry him? She had replied that she could not take the blame of somebody’s death.

In many cases, what they do is, they threaten to harm the younger siblings of the girl. Specially, if she has a younger brother, sometimes they resort to getting him beaten to scare the girl. Usually, the girl is forced to come for meeting or so, through these tactics. Since she has seen her brother beaten once, she gets scared and a feeling of sacrifice for her family comes in her, which usually makes her succumb. There are various ways.

Q – Lot of English speaking Hindus are of the opinion that such cases are rare, and girls mostly go by their own choice. What is your response to this?

A – English speaking Hindus have no idea what 2 Muslims who have both married Hindu girls, speak to each other about it. They not only mock this opinion of Hindus, but they also congratulate each other for this feat.

Now, love is possible between any two people. Nobody can deny it. But where there is a conscious effort made by one party to trap the other, that is wrong, and that is not love. When the details of such cases become known to people, family, till that time the girl is already trapped and then she does not support prosecution. Now in this case, girl’s brother was beaten and she was threatened in his name. The girl eventually went away. Her parents claimed that she is now dead for them. Now, she justifies that she came to the Muslim fold in ‘love’. What option does she have now? Even if she says, she was threatened with dire consequences for her brother, these English speaking Hindus will comment that she should have gone to police or so, it is not possible to explain her mental state in that situation.

At that age, children commit suicide for failing in exams. You see, the stress is felt in the mind. At that tender age, children will do what they feel best in that situation.

Regarding the remedies to this problem, it is very difficult to tackle it. We need to educate our daughters that something like this can happen, is happening.

There’s one more thing I would like to share, today, there are Muslim teams that roam around in colonies, parks, just to trap more and more people, even boys. For example, some Hindu boys are exercising in the park or in an open area. These Muslims start talking, ‘oh you are carpenter, Hindu society is ill treating you, I was also a carpenter, I converted to Islam and I became equal’. Things like these are common.

One Brahmin boy came in my contact who was targeted. Now how do they target Brahmins, they can’t say society is treating you badly. What they say is, ‘there are no jobs left for you, Brahmins have no reservations, nothing’. So, as this Brahmin boy told me, I asked him to invite those people to my chamber for a discussion. They even came! Tried to explain me the supremacy of Islam.  So, they can go to any level.

And if they can attempt to target Brahmin boys, Hindu girls are anyway a very soft target for them. So, best is to talk to daughters openly about this issue.

One more thing I would like to say is, If the girl is not listening and wants to go because of whatever reason, just tell her that if in future, she thinks that she has been cheated into the Nikah, she just needs to leave Islam and her marriage will become legally null and void automatically since Nikahnama is an Islamic contract.

Love Jihad is basis of Islam, this will continue. On our behalf, we can make our daughters careful by educating them.

(The identity of the interviewee is not disclosed because of security reasons).

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Garima Aggarwal
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