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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Constitution & Complexities Of Love Jihad – Part 2, Must listen Interview –

We recently published Part 1 about what constitutes Love Jihad, the complex pressure tactics used and prime motivation behind bringing Hindu girls into Muslim fold.

This part deals with interview of an ex-Muslim, who is now a devoted Hindu since few years, and explains about Muslim culture, their day to day living and what makes them fearless while using pressure and other tactics in things like Love Jihad / Grooming Jihad. I had interviewed this ex-Muslim earlier on the struggles after Gharwapasi (conversion back to Hindu Dharma) and community issues on both sides.

Here is the audio interview :


Below is the summarized text of interview –

Q= Why is it seen that Muslim boys often get more involved in aggression, sex, crimes etc? What are the reasons, what do you think?

A= Actually, it has to do with their eating habits and lifestyle. Now, Muslims eat meat everyday. Their blood pressures is always high because of this and mind is aggressive. Also, if you see, when their festivals come, like Bakri Eid, even a 2 or 3 year old child is, many times made to kept his hand on the goat that is being slaughtered by elders of the house. Now the goat wriggles and cries, blood spurts out too. All this makes the Muslim children fearless.

Q = But Hindus also eat meat, what’s the difference?

A = Hindus eat meat some times, these people eat meat every single day, in most meals. They mix vegetables in meat, that’s the meal.  See, Muslims eat different kinds of meat – like feet of goats, buffaloes. These people also eat meat of partridge, quail which keeps them warm and aggressive. Like, when the men turn older, they consume even pigeon meat. They wish to keep fit and sexually active till long, even at 80 years of age.

They cut the foreskins of their 2 year old boys or even younger, which affects the children psychologically. This removes fear from the minds of children.

Q = When we come to Love Jihad, why is it so commonly seen that Muslims want to get Hindu girls in their families?

A = As per Quran and Hadiths, if you get a non -Muslim into Muslim fold, jannat (paradise) is ensured. Marrying and converting a Hindu girl is a short cut to paradise (jannat). Children too will be Muslim. Even at the celebrity level, Hindu women married to Muslim men keep Islamic names of their children, like Kareena Kapoor. So you can imagine what may be happening at lower levels of society.

Q = In Hindu Dharma, we have concepts like Brahmacharya, Vaanprastha etc, which teach to imbibe self control at certain ages. Does Islam has anything like such concepts?

A = Muslims have no idea about Brahmacharya, an 11 year old boy can get married if he wants, a 100 year old can get married if he wants. See, Ayesha got married to Huzoor (PBUH) when she was 6 and he was 52. So, whatever Huzoor did, doing all that is pious for all Muslims. Marriage at any age is permissible, there are hardly any restrictions.

Q= A lot of Hindus get converted because of various reasons – debt, love, marriage et all. You have seen both the cultures closely. How is it possible to save our children from converting to other religions / Islam?

A = These people start teaching their texts to their children at an early age. We must tell our children to read Geeta or any of our texts, few shlokas every day. Both at morning and at night time. People who read Vedas do sandhya every morning and evening. Similarly, others need to chant and read texts, this will also increase self confidence and decision taking ability. I do meditation at 4 am for an hour everyday. My children also do it. This goes a long way in clearing doubts and our children will be saved from religious conversion. It is important to take out 10 minutes for Dharma and religion. It also takes fear away.

(For details, please listen to the audio interview. The identity of the interviewee is not disclosed because of security reasons).


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