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Saturday, December 9, 2023

The Pulwama Terrorist had a religion – Islam – and his goal was not just Kashmir, but conquest of Bharat

Adil Ahmad Dar, the terrorist belonging to Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed, released a video before his horrific suicide attack in which 44 CRPF soldiers lost their lives.

The full-length video offers important insight into what drives the Islamic terrorists operating in Kashmir today, both local & foreign. This basic knowledge, of what drives those who are willing to die to inflict pain on us, has thus far been kept hidden from the Bharatiya people. Even after Pulwama, our media outlets have either suppressed Dar’s video or are showing a shorter, sanitized version.

After every terror attack on Bharat, we hear commentators, opinion-makers, security analysts and the political class mouth 4 words – “Terror has no religion.” These elites, most of whom subscribe to the Nehruvian ‘Idea of India’, would have us believe that talking about religious motivation of terror is wrong as all ‘religions teach love & peace’, and thinking otherwise makes one a ‘communal bigot’. It’s another matter that when a few Hindus were alleged to be involved in terror, they had no compunction in coining the term ‘Saffron/Hindu terror’.

But when a terrorist tells us exactly why he is willing to blow himself up, it makes sense to listen. Burying our heads in the sand, or buying arguments that sharing the video is equivalent to furthering the terrorist’s propaganda, is living in denial.

So let’s listen to what Adil Ahmad Dar had to say –

A summarized translation is as below –

“I praise you people of Kashmir for fighting this struggle, your name will be written in golden letters in history of Islam. O youth of Kashmir, the enemy doesn’t just threaten your freedom, he targets your iman (faith). He wants to influence you with his tehzeeb (culture) and deprive you of the beautiful Islamic culture. He wants to lure you with materialism, luxury and addictions to drive you away from Islam. Keep your character strong, so that the hoors (gorgeous eternally-virgin maidens) of jannat (paradise) await you.

O, you impure mushrik (non-believers) of Hindustan, listen carefully. You cow-piss drinkers do not stand a chance against us. In the past too we have dealt you impossible blows like IC814 hijacking, Parliament attack, Badami Bagh fidayeen attack, Tanghdar, Nagrota and army camps, Pathankot airbase and Pulwama police lines, destruction of BSF camp near Srinagar airport and several other such attacks with IEDs, snipers etc.

O mushriks, remember that our jihad is a part of the chain leading up to Ghazwatul-Hind (a Hadith, considered shahi or authentic by many, that says Islamic prophet Mohammed prophesized a Muslim invasion and conquest of Bharat during the end times when Dajjal – the Islamic anti-Christ – appears) – you cow-piss drinkers will be unable to stop us. This fire that you have started to oppress Kashmir and the Muslims of Hindustan, the same fire will engulf you in the shape of us mujahideen and it will grind you to dust. I swear on Allah, the minarets of Babri masjid will again echo with cries of ‘Allah-o-Akbar’. The sleeping lions (Muslims) of Hindustan will one day wake up and destroy your shirk (sinful practises like ‘idolatry’) and make you bow down in front of Islam.

After the death of the beloved nephew of our emir (leader i.e. Masood Azhar), and after recent developments in the Babri case, we took it upon ourselves to destroy your happiness – we want to create a funeral atmosphere from your homes to your temples. I have raised the Ummat’s head with pride.”

It is clear that Adil Ahmad Dar considers himself a soldier of Islam – one can debate endlessly whether Dar has misunderstood Islam or not, but for us, the Hindus of Bharat, it is important to know that there exist many-2 Muslims in Pakistan who believe exactly what Dar so proudly professed in the video. Jaish-e-Mohammed is a terror organization fully controlled by Pakistan Army through its ISI spy agency, and Pakistani state (civilian Government & Supreme Court) are complicit in this use of terror as a state policy against Bharat.

The reference to ‘cow-piss drinking’ Hindus, the advice to Muslims of Bharat to avoid being ‘corrupted’ by Hindus (and this is not a reference to the much-touted composite culture, but advice to avoid being ‘lured’ by materialist fruits of development), and the threat to ultimately conquer Bharat as the Ghazwa-e-Hind hadith prophesizes (there is even a terror group in J&K called Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind), the terrorists could not be more explicit about the toxic mix of religious hate & supremacy that drives them.

For the record, the idea of Ghazwa-e-Hind is often discussed on Pakistan TV, and many in Pakistan believe Pakistan was created exactly to fulfil this prophecy.

Instead of acknowledging this Pakistani mindset and countering it, we have studiously refused to listen to what our mortal enemies are openly saying & have on the contrary allowed the same Pakistani mindset to take root within our own country, under the benevolent gaze of the Nehruvian elites, as we have just witnessed in the form of hundreds of traitors found cheering this terror attack on social media.

Confused Hindus who believe that the jihad in Kashmir is all about the right to self-determination, or that separatism in other parts is fuelled by mis-governance or poverty alone, are knowingly or unwittingly aiding #BreakingIndia forces

As J Sai Deepak says in this must-read twitter thread –

“Pakistan sees itself as the successor state of every Muslim invader of Bharat. And there are many who live outside Pakistan, but subscribe to the same idea -“We lorded over Bharat for 800 years & we’ll take it back thru whichever means possible.” The Pakistani mindset, that perceived sense of theological & racial superiority which is deeply ingrained in it, must be shattered in every possible way for good. Only when Bharat deals with Pakistan ruthlessly, it can address the Pakistani mindset wherever it exists & can focus on preparing for the real long-term challenge – China.”

So this terror threat to Bharat emanating from Pakistan very clearly has a religion – Islam. Whether it is the real Islam or a distorted version is pointless, what matters is that our very existence is threatened by a strain of religious bigotry which is nurtured by Pakistan, and which has now spread to parts of Bharat too. The time for self-delusion is long gone.

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