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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Must Watch Video On Marxist Violence in Kerala Against RSS: “Never Forget”

In Kerala, 267 people related to the RSS have been murdered in the last 50 years, of which 232 were killed by the CPM. After 2010, sixteen RSS workers were murdered by CPM. The number of injured – with limbs chopped off, blinded, bedridden due to injuries – is almost six times the number of those murdered.

A just released short film by ‘Advaita Films’ coveys the pain and suffering silently endured by Hindus of Kerala who dare to reject the fascist Marxist communist ideology espoused by CPI-M.

One hopes and prays that the political violence that has become routine in Kerala and West Bengal (another state which has been ruled by Communists for 33 years) ends sometime soon, so that people have the right to freely follow whichever social & political ideology appeals to them and which falls within the ambit of the Constitution. Strangely, national media is muted on the ongoing political violence in Kerala and the way it is destroying families.



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