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Monday, April 22, 2024

Hathras victim must get justice, but this selective action on crimes, even by BJP, must end

After complete radio silence on a series of sexual assault and murder cases which didn’t suit their narrative, the left-liberal ecosystem has once again gotten activated over a case from Hathras, UP.

The last time one saw such frenzied activity among the English-speaking elites and their global counterparts over a murderous crime was when they covered the Unnao case last December.

Hathras case – brutal physical attack on 19-year-old

The facts of the Hathras case that have emerged till now – on 14th September, a Dalit girl who had gone to collect fodder from the fields along with her mother was brutally attacked by one Sandeep who strangled her. On the same day, her brother lodged a police complaint under IPS sections 307 (attempt to murder) and ST/SC Act against Sandeep. The girl was referred to Aligarh Medical College in critical condition. Sandeep was arrested by police on the 19th.

On 22nd, the girl gave a statement to a lady officer naming 3 others and alleging that she was gang-raped. IPC section 376 D (charges for gang-rape) were added to the FIR. All the other accused were arrested by 26 Sept. On 28th, the victim was shifted to Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital, where she succumbed the very next day.

The girl’s body was brought back from Delhi to Hathras on Tuesday night, and early today she was cremated by her uncle in their native village Boolgarhi in Hathras where the brutal attack took place, at the insistence of local administration and police. The family reportedly wanted to wait for more relatives to arrive and conduct the cremation during daytime, but local administration and police feared a law & order problem and pushed for an early cremation.

The body was not allowed to be taken to the victim’s home, as per the mother’s distressing video testimony, which was clearly insensitive on part of the administration. The DM (District Magistrate) and Hathras police have given their own version of events, stating that the cremation was carried out with consent of the victim’s father and brother and by family members..

Such hush-2 cremations amid tight security are not uncommon in sensitive cases, as the administration knows all too well how emotions can run high and be exploited by trouble-makers. Even Nirbhaya’s cremation in 2012 was kept secret and conducted in wee hours. Whoever from the local administration did not allow the body to be placed in the victim’s home needs to be hauled up, but this cremation is now being used to whip up caste frenzy by Lutyens’ elites desperate to shame all Hindus over this cime.

Medical examination of the victim has found no evidence of rape. These findings and other forensic evidence has now been sent to the forensic science lab in Agra for further examination. Another allegation that has been repeated in frenzied reporting of this case is that the victim’s tongue was cut off by the perpetrators to ‘prevent her from telling anyone’. However, the police based on medical examination have clarified that the girl’s tongue was not cut off, but got injured when it came between her teeth as she was strangulated.

Media sensationalism

The one thing that can be said about Hindi-language newspapers like Dainik Jagran etc. thus far is that they don’t bury ‘communal/sensitive’ news (aka, attacks on Hindus by minorities) to the same extent that English-language media does.

But when a case like Hathras gets so much attention, from not just politicians but even international Western media and Bollywood celebrities like Akshay Kumar, Farhan Akhtar etc., it is hard for even the Dainik Jagrans to not get carried away.

So apart from liberally calling this Nirbhaya-2 and whatnot, headlines about this case now contain the keyword ‘gangrape’, even though the inside copy of the same article talks about medical examination not finding evidence of rape and warns against politicization and herd mentality in reporting of the case!

Sample this Dainik Jagran article by journalist Ali Abbas which mentions the words ‘samuhik dushkarm‘ (gangrape) 9 times in a short article about the medical evidence in the Hathras case being sent to Forensic Laboratory, Agra. The article neatly sidesteps telling the reader that initial medical examination found no evidence of rape! Rana Ayyub would be proud of Abbas’ effort here.

This matrix developed by HinduPost few years back, shows what drives the intensity and depth of media coverage of crimes in Bharat –

* Minority here refers to Muslims and Christians

A totally misleading headline in this News18 Hindi article claims that “Safdaurjung hospital’s report confirms victim family’s accusations in Hathras case”, giving the impression to the reader that gang-rape was confirmed by the Delhi hospital. But the actual content of the article says no such thing – it reports a statement by Safdarjung Hospital’s media spokesperson Poonam Dhanda that the “victim died due to wounds in the neck and spinal column. Infection had spread in the body, her limbs had stopped functioning and she was taken for neuro-surgery but died the next day”. Using the spread of infection in the body as conclusive proof about poor treatment, the article goes on to claim that this proves the victim’s family’s allegations.

But even this bias and sensationalism in covering the Hathras incident is not enough for LW propaganda outlet NewsLaundry which claims media is ‘underplaying’ the case.

One simple way to judge whether an incident is being politicized and could be spun to suit anti-Hindu agendas is whether Western media is activated or not. The Hathras case easily passes that smell test.

Do note the gratuitous mention of pet hobbyhorses of Western media when it comes to any reporting about Bharat – ‘Dalits, discrimination, frequency of rape’. But will you see an NYT or BBC story on a rape incident in US mention at the outset that USA sees over 275 reported rapes every day (for a country which has 1/4th the population of Bharat)?

Justice must be served, without bias

That police in Bharat is poorly trained and equipped is an established fact. Police reform is a long-pending item, just like reform of other institutions like bureaucracy and judiciary. There is every chance that police did not show the required empathy to the Hathras victim’s family, that they were slow in taking action – ordinary Hindus, of all backgrounds, fail to get prompt response from police. We are currently witnessing how a series of attacks and arson in temples is being shrugged off by the AP Govt. and ignored by large sections of national MSM, whereas a broken church window in Delhi 2015 was enough to activate the country’s Home Minister and made international news.

It is also clear that the Hathras victim was brutally attacked and left for dead. What drove her attacker(s) will only be established after investigation by an SIT which has been set up by the UP CM, although one accused’s family has claimed that an old family feud lies behind the case. Mother one of the accused has claimed that the victim’s grandfather had framed two of the accused on a false SC/ST Act case two decades back.

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, or SC/ST Act as it is commonly known, is a strict law drafted to protect under-privileged sections of society which has provision of immediate arrest and non-anticipatory bail. But like all other social justice laws in Bharat like reservations quota, this too has seen fair share of misuse due to incitement by vested interests.

The media has descended like a pack of wolves in the Hathras case, and are clearly manipulating the grieving family to peddle their agenda. Sample this interview of the father by Barkha Dutt’s Mojo outlet where the shocked man who is barely audible is saying that “..Baba (uncle)….” to the question on who conducted the last rites, when someone from behind prompts “tala mar diya tha” i.e. we were locked). The next question is “Who locked you?” The old man pauses to think, when the same voice from behind prompts – “police wale.”

In another interview by CNN-News18, the victim’s bhabhi (sister-in-law) says that “no member of the family was present during the cremation…papa (father) was just lying on a charpoy and was in no state to talk, forget going anywhere.” When asked if she has seen the video and whether she is sure the people seen in it are not all related to the family, she says, “No, they are not related. I have seen the video and their faces are also not clear, maybe (someone interjects from behind), they were not from our family”. But even NDTV has been forced to admit that the victim’s baba (uncle) was present at the cremation.

And lest you are thinking that such outrage by media and celebrities is for the greater good as it at least brings attention to our law & order issues, do cast a glance at a sample of cases which this same lobby has turned a blind eye to, and which only ‘communal’ outlets like HinduPost and others have been reporting and tracking

1.) 27 September, Badaun: An already married Muslim youth Asif assumed a fake Hindu identity to lure a Dalit girl Neha into a relationship and married her. Once Neha found his true identity and confronted him, he first raped her and then shot her dead.

2.) 23 September, Sonbhadra: Priya Soni was beheaded by her husband Ajaz Ahmed whom she had married just couple of months ago under the Special Marriage Act, after she refused to convert to Islam.

3.) 28 Aug, Lakhimpur Kheri: Tailor Mohammed Dilshad raped and murdered a Dalit girl who had stepped out from home to fill an online scholarship form for Class XII exams.

4.) 3 March 2018, Chatra:  Three brothers Saddam, Shahid and Ishrar Alam, gang-raped and then poured kerosene on a 15-year-old Hindu girl and burnt her alive. Police failed to arrange an ambulance and the girl died while being taken to hospital in a private vehicle.

5.) 22 Nov 2019, Sambhal: A minor girl was raped by neighbour Zeeshan, and when the girl’s mother protested Zeeshan returned and set the girl on fire. She was rushed to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi but passed away, just like the Hathras victim did. The only difference – there was no activist crowd outside the hospital demanding justice for the Sambhal victim, no media teams descending to her native village to interview her family, no secular politicians demanding justice.

The list of such cases are endless. You can refer to the Hindu human rights tracker maintained by HinduPost, or just glance at Swarajya journalist Swati Goel Sharma’s twitter timeline.

But the net result of this selective reporting and outrage by media-activist-celebrity cabal is that all governments, BJP ones included, now have a two-tier system for dispensing ‘justice’ – discrimination among victims based on the kind of coverage their case gets has become the norm. Instead of treating all citizens equally, we have now institutionalised a system wherein certain victims are given preferential treatment.

PM Modi called UP CM Yogi Adityanath and directed strict action against culprits. It did not go amiss on social media that no such calls were made even for egregious cases of crimes against Hindus, such as the Palghar sadhu lynching. But then again, maybe this is the price we pay for a fractious multi-party democracy where our elites have promoted an ‘Idea of India’ that pits groups of Hindus against each other and privileges minorities. PM Modi and CM Yogi are all too aware of the political vultures hovering overhead, and the phalanx of BreakingIndia forces who support such politics.

It has emerged that the Hathras victim’s family will get Rs 25 lakh, a house, govt. job for one member as compensation, while a 3-member SIT led by UP Home Secretary will submit its probe report in 7 days and the accused will be tried in a fast-track court. But the old, jobless parents of Naina Kaur murdered by her stalker Sheru Khan in front of their eyes got zero compensation; family of Dalit man Loten Nishad shot dead by a Tablighi Jamaat supporter did not did get the full Rs. 5 lakh promised to them, and neither was NSA (National Security Act) invoked against the two accused who are already out on bail.


More than anything else right now, Bharat needs bureaucratic, police, judicial and political/legal reforms. Our State suffers from a deep-rooted self-alienation due to which it remains apathetic to the needs and aspirations of the majority citizens, and instead panders in a reactive, adhoc manner to agendas set by our colonised elite and their Western partners.

The Hathras victim must get justice, but so must the scores of other Hindus who die painful, unmourned deaths.


1 Oct, 10:40 AM – Earlier it was reported that the victim’s father was present at the cremation. It was actually an elderly uncle who is seen in the cremation video paying his respects. Also, the victim’s family has claimed that the body was not allowed to be brought home before cremation. The authorities have issued clarification that the cremation was carried out with consent of victim’s father & brother and by family members. The story has been updated accordingly.

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