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Delhi Riots 2020 – How this sinister anti-Hindu conspiracy was orchestrated and blame deflected on Hindus and Kapil Mishra

Who can forget the infamous Delhi riots, or North-East Delhi riots, that started on 23rd February? Delhi witnessed an unprecedented wave of violence, bloodshed, riots, and property destruction. These riots led to the death of 53 innocents, and the loss of public and private properties worth several crores.

The riots were an outcome of several protests and Shaheen Bagh blockade against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). It was observed how Islamist, Communist, and political forces came together, provoked people, mobilized them, and then directed them to vandalize public property and target Hindus.

However, if you talk about the narrative being spread on this issue, then you will be shocked to the core. It was portrayed that CAA and NRC acts were made to isolate Muslims, and then allegations were made against BJP leader Kapil Mishra, that his speech was instrumental in provoking the people, which led to these riots causing the death of 53 people, where victims were overwhelmingly Muslim.

Well, the truth can’t be silenced by the clamor of the Leftist-Islamist propaganda. The prosecution made startling claims while opposing the bail of seven applicants in a UAPA. It was told to Delhi high court that the main conspirators incited the violence and put the blame on the BJP leader Kapil Mishra, who was not in the picture.

Special public prosecutor Amit Prasad made the submissions before the court and put forth the vital points of conspiracy. He submitted group chat screenshots of 5 members, including Umar Khalid, Dilshad Saifi, Safoora, and Sharjeel Imam, who already knew about the upcoming violence even before Kapil Mishra’s alleged instigation on February 17.

Prasad, also exposed how the Islamist groups blamed Bharat Bandh called by Bhim Army for violence in Delhi, but no such evidence was ever captured to link Bhim Army with the riots. It was submitted that riot orchestrators help meetings on 15th and 16th January and an explosive plan was made during these meetings.

During the first meeting, which happened at Chand Bagh, the rioters were planning to hoard sticks, red chili acid, and stones. It is not difficult to understand the purpose of collating this material for so-called “peaceful protest”. It is clear, that the primary objective of these protests was to create violence.

The conspirators did create a WhatsApp group named “Delhi Protests Support Group (DPSG)“, where they used to have frequent chats about the planning of riots. In one such chat, a person Owais was complaining about the bad planning of violence in his area. He claimed that due to the “irresponsible behavior” of conspirators the local people are being thrown under the bus.

Owais was also asking why people were handed over red chili powder to protestors for attacking the Delhi police. He vented his frustration and said that “because of your fantasies, we the locals of Seelampur and trans-Yamuna are in great trouble. We still have wounds of 1992, 2006, and recent violence against us by the state where none of you stood with us, very very irresponsible behavior.

Delhi Riots
Picture Credit – LawBeatInd

Mr. Anas Tanwir, who is an advocate by profession, agreed with Owais and pleaded “why are you digging our graves”. Another man asked “Ye ladai Hindustan ki Ladai se Musalmaano ki ladayi kyu banti jaa rahi hai?”, to which the documentary filmmaker Rahul Roy termed it a “shift in strategy”.

Isn’t this a clear signal that their initial strategy was to block the roads and the next phase was to provoke Muslims and make this entire movement confrontational?

The public prosecutor stressed how a chat participant admitted that local Muslims will not support the group’s plan to incite violence: He further said that “there is no mincing of words… local people have evidence. And these people have now come up to support the case of the prosecution. It is not that I am reading from my charge sheet. I am reading from their document, pulling out paper from their own book. There is a conspiracy of silence. I will address it separately, how you are masking, covering up, and deflecting. I’ll show from each chat.”

Prosecutor submitted the statement of one witness, who was saying that “ladies and gents were provided with lathis, stones, gravel, and other such material that they could use if needed”. Another witness admitted that speech was made and Muslims were provoked to initiate the violence as the government is against them, and they must shed some blood now.

There was another provoking message in the Chat group, that said “Aag lagwane ki poori tayyari hai” (We are entirely ready to light a fire).

Another chat highlighted how Hindus were the target and the entire conspiracy was funded by terrorists.

However, a few days later another message appeared in the group chat, that was asking Muslims to stop the violence “for now”. Isn’t this a bit strange that they were asking their people to stop violence all of a sudden? Maybe they were terrified by the counter-action of Hindus?

Khalid Saifi, who is currently in jail for his role in the Delhi riots, was sharing his joy when a complaint was filed against Kapil Mishra. On the other hand, Devangana Kalita and Safoora Zargar were involved in the massive mobilization of Muslim crowds. Safoora is the same lady who was arrested and later given bail on the pretext of being pregnant.

Picture Credit – LawBeatInd

Prosecutor Prasad read a statement of one “William” who claimed that 10 buses were arranged, along with 250 women and children were mobilized to go to Jantar Mantar. William met Umar Khalid, who instructed him to educate thousands of Bangladeshi’s about the CAA/NRC and mislead them about the outcomes of these laws.

Several other pieces of evidence were shared, which proved how Jahnvi, Natasha, Tabrez, and Umar Khalid were involved in a larger conspiracy to create violence. The notorious NGO Pinjra Tod was mobilizing the “burqa-clad” women. Do you remember how an international narrative was made around these Burqa-Clad women? Few of them received international fame and awards later.

Owais, who seemed to be the only sane person in the DPSG group, retorted that due to Pinjra Tod’s mob mentality, several people suffered. He exposed how these Islamist and Communists were holding solidarity meetings after the death of Muslims. Later Owais exited the DPSG group.

Conspirators created another WhatsApp group called “Peace committee”, which was formed to engage high-profile celebrities with this movement. However, the so-called peace was indeed a farce group and it had little to care about the Delhi and Delhiites.

Picture Credit – LawBeatInd

Another message revealed the role of the so-called activist and politician Yogendra Yadav, who clearly admitted that he was indeed a part of the meeting of riot conspirators, and he was miffed with someone’s irresponsible behavior. God knows who that person was, and why Yadav was disappointed with that person!

Picture Credit – LawBeatInd

Another heartthrob of the Secular-Liberal-Islamist cabal, Harsh Mandar was also involved with the rioters. He put a message in the group chat, where he was asking others to bring “Non-Muslim” young people to every protest site. Any guesses why he was asking Non-Muslims to join these violent protests?

Picture Credit – LawBeatInd

Well, we can go on and share a plethora of evidence and other stuff about this conspiracy, and unearth this nefarious and cunning plan to burn Delhi during the most awaited visit of USA President Donald Trump and then put the blame on Hindus. The Muslims were mobilized, the media was hired, NGOs were engaged, and International players were brought into malign Hindus and our nation.

But truth has finally come out and it has been proved beyond any doubt that Delhi Riots-2020 was a pre-planned Islamo-leftist conspiracy. It was bolstered and hatched at the behest of Umar Khalid, Khalid Saifi, Devangana Kalita, Natasha Badhwar, Safoora Zargar, and several others, whereas people like Yogendra Yadav, Harsh Mandar, Rahul Roy, Swara Bhaskar, were providing them moral and intellectual support and cover fire all through this conspiracy.

However, these people are just the masks, the actual players must also be booked and penalized so that no one can think of hatching such a conspiracy in the future to demean Hindus and Bharat.

That Bharat’s judiciary also needs to be reformed is amply evident from the manner in which the pro-Bharat law handle LawBeat was pressurized to retract its report of incriminatory WhatsApp messages only because Umar Khalid’s defense was upset with them.

On the other hand, left-liberal legal handles like LiveLaw and Bar&Bench have been presenting a sanitized version of court proceedings as is evident from the above tweet. This highlights why there is an absolute necessity for live broadcasting of court proceedings.

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