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Monday, August 15, 2022

Muslim husband forcing Hindu wife to convert, eat meat – Gujarat

Another case of Love Jihad has been reported, this time from Vapi, Gujarat. As per a report in The Pioneer newspaper –

“In a case fit into the term ‘Love Jihad’ coined by several organisations, a Hindu girl, who married in South Gujarat town Vapi, filed a complaint against his Muslim husband and in-laws for forcing to change her faith.

After falling in love with Imaran, the girl got married him in March 2016 in Surat and in February 2017 they shifted to Vapi where she gave birth to a child.

According to complainant, her husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law and other relatives of Imaran used to force her not only to change her faith but also put pressure to eat meat and fish which she never had in entire life.

‘‘When I denied accepting their religion and food, they started harassing me physically as well as mentally. Finally, I decided to leave their home and went to my parents’ place along with the child, said the complainant.On the basis of the complaint, the police has filed a case against her husband and five others and initiated investigation.”

Editor’s Note

There are 4 different observations that arise from this case. First, the muted media coverage (no other English news organization seems to have reported this apart from The Pioneer). Imagine the national outcry if it had turned out that a Hindu husband was persecuting his Muslim wife in this manner! Newshounds would have dug out that man and his entire family’s history by now, made some connection to RSS/Sangh organizations, questioned police inaction, spoken of ‘rising intolerance’ and what not by now.

Second, it would appear that the marriage in this case was conducted under Special Marriage Act, because if it had occurred under Muslim Personal Law, the girl would have been converted before marriage. So at least the girl in question has more rights as far as child custody, alimony etc are concerned. But it is a chilling reminder that just awareness of legal position and marrying as an equal under Special Marriage Act was not enough to prevent her subsequent torture.

Third, it is noteworthy that this incident of Love Jihad and blatant persecution of a Hindu woman occurred in Gujarat – a ‘staunchly communal’ state which, as per seculars, is a hell-hole for Muslims who are too scared to even breath there. But whether it is Gujarat, or UP, or Karnataka, these incidents keep occurring – just last year we had seen a case where a Hindu girl committed suicide as her Muslim lover captured their intimate moments and started blackmailing her. The bottom-line is that Hindus remain targets for Muslim supremacists, irrespective of the demography in a certain area or the political party in power.

Finally, Love Jihad is spoken of in hush-hush tones in Bharat, and many urbanites consider it beneath their dignity to discuss a phenomenon which they are convinced is just a ‘Hindutva hate-mongering creation.’ Even the now supposedly RW icon Arnab Goswami had conducted an entire debate on #LoveJihadMyth in 2014!

The delusions of our elites notwithstanding, the grim reality is that Love Jihad is no myth; it exists in various shapes and forms – from Muslim youth assuming fake identities to lure girls from other communities, to Muslim boyfriends converting young girls through organized religious brainwashing, to outright fraud to lure girls on matrimonial sites, to sexual grooming of vulnerable non-Muslim minors, to befriending mature Hindu women through social media sites and then sexually assaulting them with intent to blackmail, to what happened in this case – pretending to be ‘secular-minded’ before marriage and showing true colors later.

It is the duty of each Hindu parent to understand the true nature of this threat and ensure that their children are prepared. The steps outlined in this article will go a long way in saving our girls from this trap.

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  1. There are many cases Now muslim use these love affair or called as soft Jihad. Its all planned as now a day there is nothing called true love.

  2. We Hindus are in a precarious situation in this Hindu country.!! Apart from the attacks of Muslims we are forced to face HINDU “sickulars” .This country is going to be divided again and again unless HINDUS are a vote bank ,that will never happens !! Each and every Hindu should think of saving himsef/herself and the nation.The secularism and tolerance towards minority WILL END when Hindus become a minority.Now all Muslims and some Hindus are on the job of making HINDU a minority religion.The love jihad is a part. Foreign NGO funds are flowing towards these agents of conversion.Govt should BAN all types of conversions by law to save this nation and also introduce UCC..The people who are not agreeing can go out of this country.WILL ANY GOVT DO IT ??????


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