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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Mewati Cow Smugglers Rain Bullets on Haryana Police, Manage to Flee

Cow smugglers fought a pitched battle with police for around 1 hour yesterday in Kharkhari village, district Mewat Haryana. The smugglers rained 35 rounds on police who responded with 13 rounds. No police personnel was injured, but a police vehicle was destroyed. All smugglers managed to flee.

Police had received information that cow smugglers were loading cattle into a Tata 407 truck near Kharkhari village. When a police team accompanied by Gau Raksha Dal (cow protection volunteers) reached the spot, the smugglers first rammed their vehicle into the police jeep before opening fire on police.

During the shootout, all smugglers managed to escape. Police has impounded the Tata 407 truck and recovered 7 cattle. They have lodged a case against 8 accused – Shahid (aka Advani), Habib (aka Amitabh), Shaukat, Shahid, Amjad, Inna, Jallu (aka Jalaluddin), Fakru – under attempt to murder and other acts of the Haryana Gauvansh Samvardhan & Sanrakshan Act, which prohibits cow slaughter, cow smuggling and transportation of cows for trafficking. 

The Nuh police station in-charge said that all 8 accused will soon be arrested.

One trafficker arrested, 2 escape in another incident

In a separate incident from Rewari, Haryana, police impounded two trucks on the Delhi-Jaipur national highway near Bhoodla village, in which 43 cattle were stuffed. Kasaula Police were tipped off about the two trucks which were coming to Mewat from Jaipur and that contained 26 cows and 17 calves. After organizing checkpoints, police intercepted the two trucks late at night – two smugglers managed to escape but one was captured.

3 calves were found dead in the truck. The remaining cows and calves have been sent to a gaushala.


Attacks on police rising in West UP, Haryana, Rajasthan belt

Such ferocious attacks on police by armed Muslim cattle smugglers, and in some cases entire Muslim dominated villages when police conducts raids for various reasons, is increasing in frequency in a region centred at Mewat (Haryana) which extends into Meerut, Muzaffarnagar district (West UP), and Alwar in Rajasthan.

Here is a partial listing of some recent incidents –

Oct 2017 – Mewati Cattle Smugglers Fire 60 Rounds at Police, After Police is Tipped-Off By Gau Rakshaks

July 2017 – Mewat Cow Smugglers open fire at Haryana Police, two constables wounded

June 2017 – Illegal cow slaughter rampant in Muzaffarnagar, UP; Police routinely attacked

Other notable points about this whole episode, which will be barely covered by national media unlike death of a Muslim ‘cattle trader’ at hand of Hindus, are –

1.) These cattle smuggling gangs are hardened criminals who brook no opposition, unlike the mainstream narrative about those in the beef trade being innocent victims of Hindutva politics.

2.) Gau Raksha dals usually tip off the police when they receive information about illegal transport of cattle. In any other context, such community watchdog kind of support for police would receive wide applause – but since the issue here involves Hindu sentiments, the left-liberals brush all gau rakshaks as ‘violent vigilantes’. Sadly, even some stalwart Hindutva politicians have fallen for this ruse and thrown gau rakshaks under the bus.

3.) Many Muslim criminals maintain a Hindu identity – for eg. Shahid (aka Advani), Habib (aka Amitabh) – to avoid detection and monitoring. A similar approach is employed in Love Jihad / sexual grooming cases where Muslim youth assume a fake Hindu identity to fool Hindu girls. This deceit is doctrinally sanctioned under the Islamic concept of taqiyyawhich allows Muslims to lie and practise deceit, especially in dar al-Harb (the realm of war), i.e. when they are living in a non-Islamic country.

(We thank @DivyaSoti for sharing the original news article)

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